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User-submitted links and diaries of interest, from Little Green Footballs

Last Build Date: Wed, 09 Nov 2016 13:06:29 PST

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My Advice to Democrats: It's Time to Start Acting Like Republicans

Wed, 09 Nov 2016 13:06:29 PST

Direct link to article... []Like so many of you today I woke up in absolute shock at what happened last night and also full of worry for my black and brown brothers and sisters, LGBT brothers and sisters, military brothers and sisters, and the state of our nation overall. My mourning is over. It’s time to move forward and continue the fight. With this in mind I urge my fellow Democrats, progressives and liberals to reflect about what happened, learn from it, and move forward with a new plan of attack. Complaining about the results will not do us any good and will not advance our beliefs that we’ve fought so hard for. It is time to begin acting like Republicans. No, I do not mean from a policy standpoint, or the identity politics, or the xenophobia. But it is time to accept the fact that the Republican Party’s strategy of obstruction and demonization, the strategy of endless investigations and conspiracy theories, the strategy of constant victimization, has resulted in wave elections in 3 of the last 4 election cycles. This is undeniable fact, and it is time to take note that the strategy is working. I urge the Democrats in Congress to obstruct at every chance possible. I don’t care if they propose an infrastructure bill with everything you’ve ever wanted. Block it. Complain that it raises taxes even if it doesn’t. Say that it’s not enough funding and if they propose more say that it’s too much. When it fails to pass, blame the Republicans for not reaching across the aisle. Provide a united front and never give an inch. Oh, you want to defund Planned Parenthood? Fine, we’ll shut down the government. You want to confirm judges? Automatic holds. If they repeal Obamacare, do not vote for the replacement. When health insurance premiums go up (as they always do), blame the Republicans. When they offer to fix it, vote against it and tell them you will only accept universal healthcare. The old guard is done and the Democrats need to find new leadership. I hesitate to say this because I have friends in leadership roles throughout the Democratic apparatus. Their leadership has failed and it’s time to move on. The folks running major operations for the Democrats -- the DNC, the DCCC, the DSCC, Priorities USA, the Clinton campaign -- have had multiple cycles in leadership and you’ve not just failed, but you’ve failed spectacularly. I urge Democrats to move on from the same pollsters, the same consultants, the same people in leadership that we’ve had for the past 20 years. Think about Obama’s PAC, OFA and you think of a relentless ground game and conversation changing advertisements. Quick, name one thing that Priorities did this cycle that was effective. Name one thing the DNC did this cycle that was effective. It is time for new leadership at the top. I believe that Democrats are on the right side of history and on the right side of policy. Our message is not getting through. I remember a quote from a comedian (I believe Patton Oswalt, but not sure) who said if you tell a joke, even if you think it’s the funniest one you’ve ever told, and the audience doesn’t laugh, then it’s your fault and not theirs. Too many comedians blame the audience for not laughing when it’s just your fault for not delivering the joke well, having the wrong take on the subject, or it just not being funny. If a joke bombs but you believe in it, then you need to work on it. Democrats, do not blame the audience. Yes, it’s incredible that Donald Trump was elected president but this is our fault, not theirs. We are not delivering our message in the right way, we are going about it wrong, or we have the wrong message altogether. It’s time to call out conservative media bias. Jeff Zucker at CNN said the other day that he hired his pack of lying Trump surrogates because he had a responsibility to provide the 14 million Trump primary voters with a voice. Bull ----. You owe your viewers the truth, and Jeffrey Lord telling Bakhari Sellers that he should apologize for slavery is not the truth[...]

Donald Trump: Too Extreme For Fascists, Too Unrealistic For NAZIs

Fri, 11 Dec 2015 11:59:04 PST

Direct link to article... []


Donald Trump's recent "plan" to ban all Muslims from entering the US has now been criticized by noted Fascist and leader of France's extreme far-right National Front party, Marine Le Pen:

Asked in a television interview about Trump's proposal to ban all Muslims from entering the United States, Le Pen said the idea was too much.

“Seriously, have you ever heard me say something like that?" asked Le Pen, who has been accused of encouraging Islamophobia in France. “I defend all the French people in France, regardless of their origin, regardless of their religion.”

And the Chairman of the American NAZI Party:

Donald Trump’s plan to ban Muslim immigration has drawn rave reviews from America’s most prominent white nationalists, but at least one prominent racist, who has spoken favorably of Trump in the past, is throwing cold water on the idea: the chairman of the American Nazi Party.

Rocky Suhayda, who runs the American Nazi Party said he didn’t see how Trump would be able to implement any of his plans, saying he would be blocked after every turn.


He then got to the point, Trump’s plan would never happen.

“Unless Trump plans on ruling by Presidential Decree, I don’t see how he would implement ANY of his ‘plans,’ the rest of the sold out ‘mainstream’ political whores would block his every move,” he said.

Ladies and Gentleman, the frontrunner for the Republican party's presidential nomination -- the flag bearer and face of the entire conservative movement -- is now too outlandish for NAZI's and Fascists

When Americans Punished Americans For Waterboarding

Mon, 23 Nov 2015 07:08:43 PST

Direct link to article... []


Over the last several days the topic of American torture policy has heated up once again. On Sunday, the Republican presidential frontrunner, Donald Trump, said he would “absolutely bring back” torture while Ben Carson said the only reason we aren’t currently waterboarding is because of “political correctness.”

The torture argument has always been missing a certain perspective. I have seen opponents of American torture policy bring up that Americans have prosecuted foreign fighters for waterboarding and torture in the past, but my question was, how have Americans handled Americans who have been caught waterboarding their enemies, even if it took place on the battlefield?

Americans have punished and court martialed Americans for waterboarding and torture on numerous occasions in the past.

For instance, Vietnam (Photo above):

On Jan. 21, 1968, The Washington Post ran a front-page photo of a U.S. soldier supervising the waterboarding of a captured North Vietnamese soldier. The caption said the technique induced "a flooding sense of suffocation and drowning, meant to make him talk." The picture led to an Army investigation and, two months later, the court martial of the soldier.

And the Philippines (emphasis added):

The trial lasted a week. When Ealdama testified about his experience—“My stomach and throat pained me, and also the nose where they passed the salt water through”—Glenn interrupted, trying to minimize the man’s suffering by claiming (incorrectly) that Ealdama had stated that he had experienced pain only “as [the water] passed through.” Glenn defended his innocence by defending the water cure itself. He maintained that the torture of Ealdama was “a legitimate exercise of force under the laws of war,” being “justified by military necessity.”


Found guilty, Glenn was sentenced to a one-month suspension and a fifty-dollar fine. “The court is thus lenient,” the sentence read, “on account of the circumstances as shown in evidence.” (Glenn retired from the Army, in 1919, as a brigadier general.)

Precedent was set long ago on this issue -- America does not torture and we will punish those who do -- even if they are Americans and even if they are in danger. When republican candidates for the office of President attempt to justify their desire to torture prisoners because of imminent danger, remember that soldier in Vietnam – on the battlefield, and facing imminent danger – who was court martialed for waterboarding. There was no excuse good enough to justify his actions. It was torture and America does not torture.

French President: 30,000 Syrian Refugees Still Welcome In France

Wed, 18 Nov 2015 08:25:53 PST

Direct link to article... []


Bravo Mssr. Hollande:

French President François Hollande said Wednesday that he remains committed to taking in refugees following a wave of deadly attacks in Paris that killed at least 129 people last week.

"Some have wanted to link the influx of refugees to Friday's acts of terror," Hollande said in a speech to French mayors. But "30,000 refugees will be welcomed in the next two years."

Hollande expressed his gratitude to mayors who have welcomed refugees from the "jungle" of Calais, a town on the western coast of France where thousands of refugees are encamped and living in squalor.

He said France has a simultaneous duty to ensure "humanity for refugees and protection of the French people."

"I know your worries," Hollande said. "We also have to verify people who are coming onto the European territory and into France to make sure there are zero risks for our country. So we will be executing necessary verification before accepting any refugees onto our soil."

He added that asylum laws allow France to accept or deny people seeking asylum based on the threat level they pose. "That's how we will ensure the security of France while staying true to our values," he said.

And now compare that to "tough guy" Chris Christie:

I don't think orphans under five are being, you know, should be admitted into the United States at this point.

Attention Conservatives: Calling Them "Islamic Terrorists" Gives Them Legitimacy

Mon, 16 Nov 2015 11:03:27 PST

Direct link to article... [] Following the most recent democratic debate, the right wing condemned Hillary Clinton for refusing to use the term "Radical Islam" when talking about acts of terror overseas. This is standard practice for the right-wing, who for some reason have become obsessed with labeling these acts of terror as "Islamic Terror." Hillary's argument, that we aren't at war with Islam but are at war with jihadists, was the same argument made by President George W. Bush in the aftermath of 9/11. I personally don't even agree with using the term "jihadist" as I feel that gives too much credibility to these monsters. They're not jihadists, they're lunatics. The only way to delegitimize the actions of these monsters is to take away their religious authority. What the right-wing doesn't seem to understand is that by referring to these monsters as "Islamists" they are doing more to legitimize their efforts than anything Obama has ever done. All Muslims need to realize that what ISIS are doing in the name of Islam is more of an insult to Islam that any cartoon anyone can draw.— Iyad El-Baghdadi (@iyad_elbaghdadi) November 16, 2015 They are no more a "Muslim" or "Islamic" than the KKK is Christian. Recently people have begun to refer to ISIS by a different name. DAESH. What does this mean and why are we using it? According to Arabic translator Alice Guthrie, "D.A.E.SH is a transliteration of the Arabic acronym formed of the same words that make up I.S.I.S in English: 'Islamic State in Iraq and Syria', or 'al-dowla al-islaamiyya fii-il-i'raaq wa-ash-shaam'." It is a term that most Arab states and many European governments use to refer to the Islamic State or ISIS. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry often uses the term, too. [...] Depending on how it is conjugated in Arabic, the word can mean "to trample down and crush." But it can also mean "a bigot." ISIS has reportedly threatened to cut out the tongues of anyone it hears using the term. "It's a derogatory term and not someting people should use even if you dislike them," said Evan Kohlmann, a national security analyst at Flashpoint and a contributor to NBC News. "It would be like referring to Germans as 'Huns.'" [...] Using "Islamic" and "State" together offers legitimacy to the group, some believe, and referring to it as ISIS — short for Islamic State in Iraq and Syria — brings Syria into play. That's why Guthrie believes ISIS hates the term more than any conjugation issue. "They hear it, quite rightly, as a challenge to their legitimacy: a dismissal of their aspirations to define Islamic practice, to be 'a state for all Muslims' and — crucially — as a refusal to acknowledge and address them as such." The more ironic twist to this is when I hear conservatives claiming that "liberals" don't want to refer to them as "Islamic terrorists" because they're worried about offending Muslims -- when the truth is that refusing to refer to terrorists as Muslims is far more insulting to our real enemies.[...]

The Gloves Are Off - Trump's Unhinged Attacks On Carson

Fri, 13 Nov 2015 11:06:51 PST

Direct link to article... []

Alternate headline: Get your popcorn ready, sit back, and watch the insanity that passes for GOP presidential politics

Donald Trump just released quite the video attacking his closest rival for the driver's seat in the clown car, Ben Carson. I really don't know how to describe it. Unhinged? Insane? Just plain mean? Judge for yourself (sorry for the click through -- if anyone knows how to embed instagram videos into a post please let me know)

And yesterday, Donald Trump at a rally in Iowa launched vicious attacks against Carson, by questioning his religious authenticity, calling him pathological, comparing him to a child molester, and by reenacting Carson's knife attack on his mother on stage.

Trump said Carson has a "pathological disease" with no cure, comparing it to the incurable mental conditions of child molesters.

"A child molester, there's no cure for that," Trump said. "If you're a child molester, there's no cure. They can't stop you. Pathological? There's no cure."

With his voice growing louder and louder, Trump questioned what sort of person would attack his mother. He questioned how a belt buckle could stop a blade, stepping away from the podium to demonstrate how such an attack might happen and how his own belt buckle wouldn't stay in place long enough to stop a knife.

"Anybody have a knife?" Trump asked the audience, which was screened by Secret Service agents who began protecting him this week. "You want to try it on me?"

Florida Tea Partiers Plan To Arrest -- And Possibly Execute -- President Obama And Other Officials

Fri, 23 Oct 2015 10:08:02 PDT

Direct link to article... []

Insanity here knows no bounds. Apparently these tea partiers believe they can set up a secret vigilante court, which answers to no one, has no jurisdiction limits, and has the power to arrest any officials without oversight.

Wingnuts being wingnuts, right? Keep in mind, these folks are elected officials


The Sarasota County charter review board typically proposes minor changes to the county charter when they meet three times a year, but critics say two of its members -- Pat Wayman and Steven R. Fields -- have been using their positions to usurp authority from other elected officials, reported the Sarasota Herald-Tribune.

The pair have voted to establish a "people's common law grand jury," which sovereign citizens and other anti-government extremists have proposed to investigate and prosecute government officials for treason -- which, as they frequently point out, carries a potential death penalty.


Tea Party activists have been trying to set up common law grand juries, which don't actually carry any legal authority, for years in hopes of convicting -- and hanging -- President Barack Obama for treason.

Dowdell, state coordinator of the right-wing National Liberty Alliance, claims a common law grand jury was already operating in Manatee County, Florida, but he offered no proof.

"I can't talk about it," he said. "Everything is secret. In order to keep innocents who may be investigated from being damaged, whatever a grand jury does is secret."

The Sarasota Herald Tribune also reported:

A group of speakers explained what it means -- that everyday citizens could, on their own, indict government officials for corruption without any official assistance or oversight -- even though the concept would violate state law.

One man, Mike Bolam, ended his presentation to the board with a veiled threat: "Take a look at the French Revolution and what took place there."

PPP: 30% Of GOP Say Islam Should Be Illegal -- 21% Not Sure

Tue, 22 Sep 2015 09:00:47 PDT

Direct link to article... []

New poll from Public Policy Polling shows that a majority of the "strict constitutionalist" party, the GOP, either believe that the world's second most common religion should BE ILLEGAL, or aren't sure whether or not it should be legal.

Ladies and gentleman, your 2015 Republican:

From PPP:

Trump's probably not hurting himself too much with his negativity toward Muslims either- only 49% of Republicans think the religion of Islam should even be legal in the United States with 30% saying it shouldn't be and 21% not sure. Among Trump voters there is almost even division with 38% thinking Islam should be allowed and 36% that it should not.

Conservatives Called Obama "Vindictive," But Now They're Praising Trump

Fri, 28 Aug 2015 10:24:32 PDT

Direct link to article... [] When Jorge Ramos was kicked out of the Trump event two days ago, Conservative media immediately circled the wagons, denouncing Ramos as a "heckler" and "activist"...certainly not a reporter. The standing ovation given to Trump by those on the right for sending Ramos "back to Univision" was silly and so I thought to myself, "how did they react when Obama did the same thing? How did they react when he didn't even go anywhere as far as Trump did (the Major Garrett/Iran episode when the nuclear deal was first announced)?" Well...they acted about as you would expect. Like the hypocritical false victims that they are: HotAir on Obama kicking the Washington Times off of his campaign plane in 2008: it just looks like vindictiveness, and perhaps even worse. Obama and his supporters have gotten vicious with reporters who ask questions and do research that put Obama in a bad light, and this adds to the general pattern we've seen since the primaries. HotAir on Trump: When reporters first started huffing about this on Twitter, it sounded as though Trump had booted this guy out of the room for doing nothing more than asking him a question he didn't care for, an ominous sign from a would-be president who's building a reputation for holding grudges. But that's not what happened. Ramos, true to form, simply stood up and started grandstanding about deportation as Trump tried to call on another reporter. He's the most shameless amnesty shill in American media and makes no apologies for it; his advice to colleagues in journalism is "Don't be neutral. Neutrality is for referees in a football game." In perhaps the most stunning example of this sick hypocrisy, here's Fox News and an article titled "Major Garrett Dares To Ask Obama About Americans Still Held In Iran And Liberal Media Freaks Out": That's the bizarre disconnect encountered by CBS News Chief White House Correspondent Major Garrett when he interrupted the Obama Iran deal press conference with, well, journalism. Garrett stood up and asked Obama, "why you are content" to leave those four people behind in Iran, unaided by American diplomacy?You would think Garrett dropped the "N" word. So Fox was probably equally outraged at the treatment of Trump towards Ramos, right? Here's the Fox News article written by Howard Kurtz titled, "Why Jorge Ramos Crossed The Line In Confronting Donald Trump:" If Jorge Ramos looked like an activist disrupting an event the other night, perhaps that is no accident. The Univision anchor has devoted much of his career to crusading on the issue of illegal immigration. And he clearly wanted to force a confrontation at Donald Trump's Iowa news conference. Anyone who buys Ramos' claim that he was just a reporter trying to ask a question hasn't watched the tape carefully enough. In October of 2014, Democratic Senate candidate Jeanne Shaheen kicked Breitbart's Matthew Doyle out of a campaign event. Here's how he reported on that: It is highly unusual for a political campaign of either political party to kick a congressionally credentialed reporter out of an open press campaign event. It is normal for campaigns to ask partisan political operatives, like media trackers-people who work for campaigns or other political operations filming footage and gathering other information on their political opponents to be used against them-to leave, but reporters are a different story. And Breitbart writes on Ramos in an article titled "Jorge Ramos Is A Ridiculous Activist:" The mainstream media is circling the wagons right now, defending Univision and Fusion anchor Jorge Ramos for heckling Republican presidential contender Donald Trump at an Iowa press conference Tuesday night. Calling him the Spanish-language Walter Cronkite, the destination press is doing everything in its power to present Ra[...]

Republicans Sneer At Obama's Perceived "Narcissism" -- So Of Course Trump Is Their Frontrunner

Thu, 27 Aug 2015 17:02:13 PDT

Direct link to article... [] The conservative love for Donald Trump is puzzling on many levels, but the incredible hypocrisy shown in denigrating President Obama as the "narcissist-in-chief" while embracing Trump as the standard bearer is utterly staggering. What's really been bugging me is the sneering criticism President Obama has received from the right - not always the "far" right either - for his perceived "narcissism." I've been wanting to write a page on this for several days, but just haven't been able to think of a clear way to make the point. I guess the best way is to show the disgust conservatives have shown with Obama's perceived "narcissism" -- while completely ignoring actual narcissism for their current frontrunner In 2014, Charles Krauthammer criticized the president on the Hugh Hewitt show, as reported by Politico: Conservative columnist -- and former psychiatrist -- Charles Krauthammer took time Monday for presidential couch analysis, saying President Barack Obama is not manic but, rather, a narcissist who "talks like the emperor, Napoleon." "So I decided when I left psychiatry never to use my authority. But let me just say as a layman, without invoking any expertise, Obama is clearly a narcissist in the non-scientific use of the word. He is so self-involved, you see it from his rise," Krauthammer said Monday on "The Hugh Hewitt Show," according to a transcript. Here's an entire segment of the Rush Limbaugh show titled, "Iran Deal Is All About Obama's Narcissism," from just 5 months ago: The Iranians know this guy better than he knows himself. They know he cannot ever admit error. He's a narcissist. It's impossible. In his own mind he can't ever be wrong. In his own mind he cannot ever have screwed up. In his own mind he cannot ever have made a mistake. And so no matter what happens, no matter what happens to this deal, if it continues to get torn apart, Obama will do anything, any concession to keep it alive because he can never arrive at the point where he would have to admit that it's a bad thing to have done. And as evidence of this "narcissism," they point to how many times he used the words "I" in speeches: Here's George Will: "I," said the president, who is inordinately fond of the first-person singular pronoun, "want to disabuse people of this notion that somehow we enjoy meddling in the private sector." He said that in March, when the government already owned 80 percent of AIG, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. "When a difficult decision has to be made on matters like where to open a new plant or what type of new car to make, the new GM, not the United States government, will make that decision." Krauthammer again: I mean, count the number of times he uses the word I in any speech, and compare that to any other president. Remember when he announced the killing of bin Laden? That speech I believe had 29 references to I - on my command, I ordered, as commander-in-chief, I was then told, I this. You'd think he'd pulled the trigger out there in Abbottabad. How about a Daily Caller article criticizing Obama as "narcissist-in-chief?" But one thing that has bothered me is the president's narcissism. Indeed, perhaps not surprisingly for a man whose principal accomplishment before becoming president was to write two autobiographies, Obama has seemed to spend an inordinate amount of time talking about himself on these trips. And it's not just Obama, but the First Lady, too. ...and now Donald Trump is leading - or more appropriately crushing the competition - in the Republican primary. They are truly a remarkable bunch.[...]

Why Is Fox News Denying Racism Was Motive In Charleston?

Fri, 19 Jun 2015 12:52:17 PDT

Direct link to article... []

In the hours and days following the shooting in Charleston, Fox News pundits, nearly in unison, rushed to deny that racism played any role in the act of terrorism.


Fox's Steve Doocy called it "extraordinary" that this would be classified as a hate crime. Fox's Martha MacCallum suggested that "diversity" was a contributing factor to the shooting. Brian Kilmeade asked if it was the shooters hatred of Christian churches that led to the shooting.

Larry Wilmore on The Nightly Show went after this far better than I ever could

I can't really wrap my head around the motivation here. Why is Fox News, and therefore right wing America, so worried that this shooting was racially motivated?

Clown Car Express: Santorum Says Climate Change Scientists Are Just Like Flat-Earthers

Fri, 29 May 2015 07:14:16 PDT

Direct link to article... []

GOP Presidential candidate Rick Santorum is not the first person to do so, but during his first official even in Iowa he compared scientists convinced that the climate is changing to people who once believed the world was flat:

One man stood up during the event's Q&A portion, expressing concern about climate change. Addressing it, the audience member said, should be an imperative to Christians commanded by the Bible to be stewards of the Earth.

"I always have problems when people come up and say the science is settled," said Santorum, winner of the 2012 Iowa caucuses. "That's what they said about the world being flat. When someone says the science is settled you're not a scientist, because scientists never say the science is settled."

Some might say that those who once denied the spherical shape, or scientifically proven fact, that the Earth is round are much more like those who deny the scientifically proven fact that man is the cause of climate change....but that may take some thought and introspection I suppose

Bigoted FL GOP Proposes "Religious Exemption" Law For Adoptions

Mon, 23 Mar 2015 08:22:02 PDT

Direct link to article... []

The state of Florida has finally taken steps to strike down its unconstitutional gay adoption ban, so hateful, bigoted, spiteful Florida Republicans are doing what hateful, bigoted, spiteful people do -- working to institutionalize hate, bigotry and spite:


On Thursday, the House Health & Human Services Committee approved a plan "to allow private child-placing agencies to object to performing, assisting in, recommending, consenting to, or participating in the placement of a child if a placement violates the agency's written religious or moral convictions or policies." Twelve Republicans voted for, six Democrats against.

In addition, the proposal specifically states any agency that denies placing a child in a home on religious or moral grounds is protected from losing its license, public grants or contracts and the ability to participate in government programs. Similar proposals have been introduced in the Michigan and Alabama houses.

Yes, these Republicans believe that children are better off in an orphanage than living in a home with a couple who loves them. This is what happens when you don't show up to vote.

Equality Florida noted:

Families could be excluded for racial, religious, political, gender, sexual orientation or marital status reasons, among others.

Our National Nightmare Of Healthy School Lunches May Finally Be At An End

Tue, 30 Dec 2014 19:34:07 PST

Direct link to article... []

Of all the idiotic outrageous outrages out there, I think this one chaps my hide more than any of the others. I think the reason why is that there is absolutely no reason for it other than pure irrational hatred for our President.

I know that we're all familiar with the military leaders who have called our children "too fat to fight." There's the economic impact of obesity rates. And then there's the fact that the First Lady's "Let's Move" campaign is actually showing positive results.

But that doesn't matter to today's GOP. Any and everything that the Obama's put forward policy wise must be opposed and the fight for healthier children is no exception:

As the opening bell sounds for the 114th Congress, don't be surprised to see GOP lawmakers take on school nutrition. The $1.1 trillion omnibus this month included provisions to allow states more flexibility to exempt schools from the Department of Agriculture's whole-grain standards if they can show hardship and to halt future sodium restrictions

But that was only the opening salvo in the long-running fight over new reforms championed by first lady Michelle Obama.

Rep. Robert Aderholt (R-Ala.), chairman of the House Appropriations Agriculture Subcommittee, has been leading the charge on school lunch, along with Sen. John Hoeven (R-N.D.), a key member of the Senate Appropriations Agriculture Subcommittee. But their cause is about to be picked up by the House Education and Workforce Committee, chaired by Rep. John Kline (R-Minn.), and the Senate Agriculture Committee, chaired by Sen. Pat Roberts (R-Kan.), as they begin work to reauthorize the law governing school nutrition programs.

Yes, today's GOP -- the most do-nothing bunch of representatives we've ever had in Congress -- have decided to band together in the fight for fatter children. If it wasn't so sad and pathetic it would be absolutely hilarious.

Author Of GOP Autopsy: Obama Is A Socialist

Sat, 23 Mar 2013 09:50:06 PDT

Direct link to article... []

The Hill:

Leading Republicans called on their party to adopt a more inclusive tone Monday — but in doing so one used some controversial rhetoric to describe President Obama, calling him a "socialist."

Republican National Committeeman Henry Barbour, a top GOP strategist and one of the authors of the Republican National Committee's detailed plan to help the party reboot, used the term about the president during a conversation with The Hill about the GOP's need to improve its primary process.

"If we want to focus on a handful of issues and try to impact some primaries and lose the generals, that's really not going to effect public policy. We all want to make America strong economically and militarily and every other way but you can't do that if you're not in office," Barbour told The Hill. "We've got a socialist in office right now — how's that working for us?"

The number 2 "recommendation" from the autopsy:

The Republican Party needs to stop talking to itself. We have become expert in how to provide ideological reinforcement to like-minded people, but devastatingly we have lost the ability to be persuasive with, or welcoming to, those who do not agree with us on every issue

More of an observation than a recommendation, but that's neither here nor there.

Wonder if Barbour actually read the report he helped to author?

Take A Tour Of Marco Rubio's $675,000 'Working Class' Home

Wed, 13 Feb 2013 12:49:35 PST

Direct link to article... []

While Sen. Rubio's lip smacking and water gulping is getting the bulk of the coverage one line from his SOTU response stood out to me more than others. Below is the text of Rubio's claim of living in the same "working class neighborhood" that he grew up in.

Tampa Bay Times

Mr. President, I still live in the same working class neighborhood I grew up in. My neighbors aren’t millionaires. They’re retirees who depend on Social Security and Medicare. They’re workers who have to get up early tomorrow morning and go to work to pay the bills. They’re immigrants, who came here because they were stuck in poverty in countries where the government dominated the economy."---Marco Rubio, Feb. 12, 2013.

One thing I'll say about Marco....he's got some serious onions. For those of you who don't know this is the same guy who had to answer for charging up to $5,000 to his state party credit card for new flooring in this "working class" home. Seriously I could not believe he brought this up. Here's his so called "working class" home that he recently put on the market for $675k. He put this on the market because he plans to permanently move his family out of the state he represents and to Washington DC, but I digress.


That working class neighborhood line jumped out at Jose Lambiet, whose Gossip Extra site offers a tour of Rubio's for-sale home, courtesy of MLS photos.

Marco Rubio: Tea Party Darling, Hope Of The Republican Party, Climate Change Denier

Sun, 10 Feb 2013 14:39:30 PST

Direct link to article... []Republican Senator Marco Rubio's (Member of the Senate Committee On Commerce, Science, & Transportation) recent comments about climate change have slid under the radar and they shouldn't. For a guy that represents a state with 1,197 miles of coastline to just throw up his hands and say there's nothing we can do anyway is quite embarrassing for any Floridian. As the article below cites, current projections show that in the next 100 years some of the most beautiful parts of the state he represents, the Florida Keys, will be completely underwater if nothing is done. Second, that someone who denies all science pointing to man's role in this sits on the Commerce, Science and Technology Committee is an absolute outrage. It goes to show what happens any time you vote for any Republican. Doesn't matter how rational or reasonable the guy you are voting for may be (and there are precious few of those left in the GOP), a vote for any Republican is a vote against facts, truth, and science. But, I think there is a larger fundamental issue here - it shows just how ridiculous the GOP talk of "rebranding" really is. I don't think Sen. Rubio really believes that man has absolutely nothing to do with the temperatures we are seeing, the rapid fire storms of the century, or the melting of the polar ice caps. As the article below points out, in his early career he embraced capping carbon emissions and alternative energy technology. I highly doubt that he truly is a young Earther. But I do believe that he knows his political career as a Republican would be completely over if he acknowledged that the universe we live in is billions of years old or that there are steps that can be taken to curb climate change. He needs the rubes to make phone calls, donate money and knock on doors for him in 2016. The Republican base is made up of people who refuse to acknowledge science - whether it's because of their religion, their hatred of Al Gore, or just willful ignorance - no Republican can move up the ladder without catering to those folks. How can you rebrand when that would mean you lose your entire base? You can't, and the Republican Party knows it. Tampa Bay Times While much of the Washington news media were fawning over Sen. Marco Rubio's knowledge of rap music (Tupac over Biggie, he says), his remarks questioning global warming at an event Tuesday drew more serious discussion. "First of all, the climate is always changing. That's not the fundamental question," Rubio said when asked at a BuzzFeed event if global warming is a threat to Florida. "The fundamental question is whether man-made activity is what's contributing most to it. I understand that people say there is a significant scientific consensus on that issue, but I've actually seen reasonable debate on that principle." Rubio, a member of the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee, went on to question if government could do anything to address the issue, whether it would be too costly or ineffective if other countries do not do the same. "The United States is a country; it's not a planet," he said. Phil Plait, an astronomer and author, rebutted Rubio in Slate, saying there is no debate among the scientific community. "The truth is, our poles are melting. Nine of the hottest years on record have been in the past decade. Even a study funded by the oil magnate Koch Brothers found the Earth is warming up," he wrote. "So, oddly enough, I take exception to what Senator Rubio said. There is no longer reasonable debate. All we see is denial. And the time for debate is long since[...]

Get Baker Acted, Keep Your Gun

Thu, 07 Feb 2013 07:36:54 PST

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Tampa Bay Times

TAMPA — John Judd Thomas came to the attention of law enforcement last March, when he fired six shots from a 45-caliber handgun in his Seminole Heights home.

The 76-year-old, who told police he has been diagnosed with schizophrenia, said he was shooting at "rats as big as squirrels.'' He seemed "mentally unstable," officers said, telling them he "could shoot a cop with all he has been through lately."

Police held Thomas under the Baker Act, a state law that allows for the temporary detainment of someone who may be a danger to themselves or others. They took two of his guns and drove him to a mental health center in east Tampa.

On Wednesday, Thomas went to the Hillsborough Circuit courthouse to get his guns back. He had filed a petition and, according to Hillsborough County rules, needed only a judge's okay.

"I don't see any reason why they wouldn't," he told a reporter.

He was right. After a hearing that lasted about five minutes, Administrative Judge Claudia Isom said Thomas could have his guns.

Two other men who had been detained under the Baker Act also got their guns back Wednesday after quick hearings. Like Thomas, they have no felony record. None of their guns was used in a crime. None had ever been involuntarily held for mental health treatment longer than 72 hours, the maximum duration of a Baker Act detainment.

Matt Drudge - No Longer Holding Back

Wed, 12 Dec 2012 11:49:24 PST

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Here's a screen shot of the current main headline on Drudge

And here's the story the headline links to:


It's a pretty standard movie review. Not sure why Drudge decided to write the N word over and over and over again....and put it in quotes under a picture of a pretty wasted looking Quentin Tarrantino. I think it's pretty reasonable to believe the headline, suggesting a direct quote, and then the picture suggest that Quentin Tarrantino went on a Michael Richards-style rant.....only there's nothing like that in the story. Here's the part of the review that deals with the use of the N word:

Quite naturally, given the historical setting, the N-word gets a heavy workout, by whites and blacks alike. But much more forceful is the cruelty dispensed by the Southern whites, both as punishment and whim; attack dogs are unleashed on one man, Mandingo fighters (in an homage to the unforgettable 1975 Mandingo) battle to the death in a beautifully appointed drawing room for the wealthy's amusement, a woman is locked naked in a metal 'hot box,' genital mutilation is arranged for a man and much more

That's it. Actually, it's just that first half sentence.

Also, notice the sub headers at the top. A "flashback" to Spike Lee using the N-word and maybe kinda sorta making an anti-semitic remark. Jaime Foxx saying that he was called the N-word as a kid (Is that really worthy of a headline???)

I guess I saw this and was just shocked. I know I shouldn't be, but I was.

It actually kind of reminds me of the break with historical accuracies in Inglorious Basterds. Tarrantino killed Hitler in that movie because he just wanted to kill Hitler. Looks like Drudge just wanted to see how many times he could drop the N-bomb on the most visited right wing blog on the internet.

In my opinion this is race baiting at it's worst. It's insulting, offensive, unhinged, gratuitous lunacy.