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Nitrogen Tire Inflation Information

The Get Nitrogen Institute provides consumers, over-the-road truckers, fleet managers and others information about using nitrogen in tires.


Find out who sells nitrogen for tire inflation
The Get Nitrogen Institute provides a friendly nitrogen location finder

How much would you save if you used nitrogen
The Get Nitrogen Institute provides an nitrogen savings calculator

Discovery Channel Video about Nitrogen tire inflation
The Discovery channel has produced an interesting video about nitrogen as it relates to tire inflation.

Other Videos about Nitrogen tire inflation
Consumer Tire and WCCO excerpt videos about nitrogen tire inflation.

News Stories about Nitrogen
The Get Nitrogen Institute has rated a variety of news articles about nitrogen.

Nitrogen In Your Tires: Safety First
You and your family will be safer when you're riding on nitrogen.

Nitrogen Takes You Farther
Better gas mileage is just one economic benefit of using nitrogen.

Nitrogen in tires is good for the environment
You can make our world a better, safer place by filling your tires with nitrogen

Frequently asked Nitrogen Question
Get your questions answered with the facts about nitrogen tire inflation

Why Nitrogen?
Find out why you should you use Nitrogen in your vehicle tires.

Nitrogen in tires is good for the fleet and truck industry
Extending tire life is just one benefit of nitrogen tire inflation.

Nitrogen in tires supported by science
Learn more about the science of nitrogen tire inflation and research supporting it's use.