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B2B marketing strategist Ardath Albee works with clients to create eMarketing Strategies that use multi-channel contagious content marketing platforms to turn prospects into buyers.

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Design B2B Marketing Content in Pursuit of Inquiry


In writing my new book, Digital Relevance, I spent a lot of time thinking about how a digital approach changes a lot of things, including the opportunity we have to become more relevant to our audiences. An obvious line of thought, given the title of the book, right? But here's the thing. Most marketers have gotten so tied around the...

B2B Marketing Content Must Address "Soft" Factors


For some reason, in B2B content marketing, we seem to forget about the "whole" buyer. More and more marketers are embracing buyer personas and the idea of becoming customer centric, but we often only focus on the business side of the buyer, as if they walk into the office and leave the rest of themselves outside. In the personas I...

Cut Through the Red Tape of Consensus for B2B Buying Decisions


This headline caught my eye - 53 Percent of B2B Fortune 500 Companies Use Marketing Automation - so I clicked through to read it. Mathew Sweezey wrote the post based on his research into the State of Demand Generation. Mathew presents three reasons for why this increase in the use of marketing automation foretells good things for the industry and...

Manipulating B2B Personas is a Bad Move


Over the last three years, I've helped more than a dozen clients develop 75+ personas. Considering I work mainly for tech companies, and no two of those personas are interchangeable (believe me, I've tried) this is an example of the depth that needs to be achieved to create active personas that contribute to the development of specific messaging that will...

Even ONE B2B Persona Can Bring Benefits


Last week, Steve Rayson wrote a blog post over on Anders Pink, B2B Buyer Personas - A Waste of Time? I'm honored that he wrote about a post I published and shared a few metrics I'd not seen. Steve's blog post is solid and pulls in other research and points to be considered - you should go read it. But...

Take a Collective Approach to B2B Personas


My friend and colleague, Carlos Hidalgo's blog post, Why Buyer Personas are a Potential Obstacle to Demand Generation Success, got me going this morning. He makes some excellent points and I'd like to add a few of my own. I agree quite a bit with his assertion: "The Product Marketing team begins to create this persona and lo and behold,...

Getting Content Caught by the B2B Buyer's Filter


There's so much information available today that we've been left no choice but to filter the fire hose. I use Google Alerts, see mostly what people I'm connected to post on LinkedIn, belong to specific groups on LinkedIn based on relevance, use longer-tail keyword phrases to find specific information, have a specific group of people I monitor on Twitter because...

Are B2B Marketing Priorities Out of Whack?


A few months prior to Content Marketing World, I ran an online survey to help direct the session I created on Customer Retention. I'm compiling an eBook with insights, but in the meantime, I wanted to discuss B2B marketing priorities. Below is a summary of how marketers ranked 11 different priorities: As you can see, I've highlighted three of them....

Is Social Selling in Need of Sales Enablement?


In my last post I wrote about some of the ways Marketers could benefit from LinkedIn in relation to the report Jill Konrath and I released recently, Cracking the LinkedIn Sales Code. Today, I’d like to write about some opportunities that surfaced during our analysis of the data that point to the need for sales enablement that can help your...

B2B Buyer Personas Don't Belong in the Closet


Many of the projects I do for companies start with buyer personas. After all, it's a logical place to start as it's next to impossible to develop a content strategy without a keen understanding of the people involved in buying complex B2B product offerings. But I'm noticing a trend I hadn't foreseen. Marketers are keeping buyer personas in the closet....