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B2B marketing strategist Ardath Albee works with clients to create eMarketing Strategies that use multi-channel contagious content marketing platforms to turn prospects into buyers.

Updated: 2013-06-22T15:18:31-07:00


4 Content Marketing Conundrums


I see a lot of stuff said about content that makes me wonder. There's so much noise about content marketing that it's hard to know what to believe. Some of it looks good on the surface, but when you start to dig in it doesn't. Some of it holds up. Do marketers take the time to find out which is...

B2B Marketing: Evolving or Stuck in the Mud?


There are a few things bugging me that I'd like to air out. Over the last few months, I've seen and experienced some things that make me wonder if B2B marketing is evolving or stuck in the mud and applying old thinking that no longer works in a new context. Here are some examples: Marketing speakers who still lead with...

Why I Use Mind Maps for Content Marketing Projects


I'm often asked how I manage all the details of complex content marketing projects. My favorite tool for this is Mind Maps. Specifically, I use MindJet. I whipped up a simple example to show you: If I was doing this for real, I'd have the persona where it says Content Map Example. I build my content flows based on questions...

When Best Practices May Not Be Best


Many companies are obsessed with learing about best practices for their industry and creating a roadmap that mirrors those practices within their own strategies. We look to analysts, the tier 1 companies within our industries, vendors who solve problems we struggle with and whoever is getting the most media coverage on a subject we want to own. Based upon what...

Stop the PR Madness


In case the title isn't fair enough warning - this is a rant I kept hoping I wouldn't have to write, but I'm about fed up with the PR madness. Before I start, there are a number of PR people who do GET it and we have nice, respectful relationships. I appreciate them and help them whenever I can. You...

How to Get UnLinked on LinkedIn


LinkedIn can be a very valuable tool for B2B professionals to meet colleagues they'd never otherwise have access to, network with those they don't see very often and engage in conversations on topics of interest. It's also one heck of a community for getting to know your prospects and customers. LinkedIn can also expose a lack of integrity and authenticity...

Why Sales and Marketing Alignment is Like Golf


Last night my husband and I watched our DVR recording of The Haney Project's new season featuring Ray Romano. In this series Ray Romano is seeking the help of golf coach Hank Haney to break through his lowest score to date of 80. I used to play a lot of golf. I was never great at it, but I love...

Social Media should be like Smile & Move


There are countless guides on how to get a gazillion followers on Twitter, how to optimize your personal brand on LinkedIn, how to blog with the best of them, etc. But, I'm constantly amazed that many folks employing these social media tactics have truly forgotten the meaning and purpose of a conversation. Somewhere along the line, it feels like we've...

What do your partnerships say about you?


I love Wired magazine. The articles are insightful and meaty and expose me to new ideas and thinking. So, imagine my surprise when I received my latest issue bound with a copy of Fashion Rocks magazine. Say what? What's funny, is that I was excited when I realized there was an additional magazine in the plastic envelope. I expected it...

Be a Marketing Explorer


When's the last time you went out and looked for a new marketing idea? No, not a twist on something you've done, but something totally new and different - even if you didn't use it? As we approach Independence Day I thought I'd challenge each of us to think about marketing in some new ways - come up with some...