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B2B marketing strategist Ardath Albee works with clients to create eMarketing Strategies that use multi-channel contagious content marketing platforms to turn prospects into buyers.

Updated: 2014-09-03T09:28:29-07:00


How Did Buyers Get Here?


I interview a lot of people during buyer persona projects. This includes representatives from product development, customer service, sales teams, marketing professionals of various flavors, and, of course, customers and prospects. The thing that continues to astound me during internal interviews is the lack of knowledge about how buyers get here. In other words, how buyers become customers. Each of...

B2B Marketing Content Must Address "Soft" Factors


For some reason, in B2B content marketing, we seem to forget about the "whole" buyer. More and more marketers are embracing buyer personas and the idea of becoming customer centric, but we often only focus on the business side of the buyer, as if they walk into the office and leave the rest of themselves outside. In the personas I...

Product is Not the Hero of a B2B Company's Story


Despite the shift in the B2B buyer landscape that puts them squarely in the power position, I still hear marketers insist that the product is the hero of the story. Well, I'll just rip the bandaid off and say it straight up - You Are Wrong. As a level set for this post: The hero of the story is the...

Is Your B2B Content Just a Pit Stop?


B2B marketers have taken up the challenge to create great content. They're investing time, effort and money into content marketing. People are reading their content. But, effectiveness remains elusive. Only 9% strongly agree with the statement: "I know our digital marketing is working." That's only 92 of over 1,000 marketers. Yet, 93% of B2B marketers use content marketing. Does this...

Are Your B2B Buyers More Evolved than Your Content?


The noise online is deafening. But there is also a lot of really great content available on nearly every subject imaginable - from addressing simple ideas to the highly complex. There's a lot of research that shows the first stop for B2B buyers with the need to solve a problem is search. With nearly unlimited search results for any query,...

Your Marketing Bucket is Leaking


I saw a post the other day where the author recommended that marketers create a marketing persona and a social media persona - like these are two separate things. I've heard marketing teams talk about social media as an aside. I hear SEO bandied about in relation to getting found, but without a mention of the content that's being published....

Use Content Strategy to Break Into a New Market


I've been on a number of calls recently with companies that want to break into a new market. They think that content marketing may be the key, but are uncertain if they're right, as well as how to approach this new direction. Content Marketing is definitely a key strategy. In fact, I'm not quite sure how a company would go...

The Cost of Misaligned B2B Marketing


When alignment is discussed in marketing, the usual application is to sales and marketing alignment. This has been an ongoing conversation for nearly as long as I can remember. And I've been in the business environment for quite a while. The issue that comes up for me is that there are some alignment issues before we can even get to...

The Power of Positioning in B2B Content Strategy


Brand positioning is becoming critical as more B2B marketers turn to content marketing across a range of channels to cultivate standoffish, self-service buyers. Your corporate positioning should be used as the backbone for your content strategy. This is what will hold it all together to ensure consistency and keep your storylines on track—no matter the channel in use. The problem...

Content Marketing Requires More Than Content


Lately, I've been receiving calls from B2B sales executives in search of how to use content to drive pipeline momentum. Many of their companies have marketing teams that are doing good work. Their websites include customer-centric content, they have active blogs with posts contributed from across the enterprise, their social media accounts show a good ratio of other people's content...