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B2B marketing strategist Ardath Albee works with clients to create eMarketing Strategies that use multi-channel contagious content marketing platforms to turn prospects into buyers.

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Content Marketing Should Never Be Advertising


The rise of the term Native Advertising seems to be causing quite a stir. This may very well be in creating a label that's inherently in conflict with itself. The main problem is with the word "Advertising." However, the concept of "Native" is headed in the right direction in regards to addressing context for audiences, rather than the unwanted interruption...

How to Get More Social on Twitter


For some B2B marketers, Twitter isn't intuitive. I could come up with a list of reasons why not, but you can probably do that on your own. The thing is that many B2B companies want to establish a social media presence. They want to get their companies on the social media map so they don't miss an opportunity. The kicker...

5 Things to Consider BEFORE Using Social Media


Many companies I work with today are enthusiastic about diving into social media. It's shiny object syndrome at its finest. The problem I find most prevalent is that companies have no realistic idea about what it takes to launch and support a social media program. It takes a lot more than creating an account and setting up a profile with...

How to Get UnLinked on LinkedIn


LinkedIn can be a very valuable tool for B2B professionals to meet colleagues they'd never otherwise have access to, network with those they don't see very often and engage in conversations on topics of interest. It's also one heck of a community for getting to know your prospects and customers. LinkedIn can also expose a lack of integrity and authenticity...

The Impact of Social on B2B Brand Personality


One of the things made noticeable through social media participation is the personality of a previously impersonal B2B brand. Whether or not the company has individuals participating on their behalf or flies under the avatar of a company logo, the audience has greater access to what makes the company tick. In other words, personality shines through. So, what happens when...

B2B Marketing Zone Launches


Tony Karrer (Browse My Stuff) and Tom Pick (WebMarketCentral) have created and launched the B2B Marketing Zone as a filter to aggregate content for us in one spot. Similar to the idea of The Customer Collective for sales and marketing professionals and My Venture Pad aimed at SMBs and Junta42 for content marketing, this site focuses on a niche. I'm...

Working Smarter Network Created for Entrepreneurs


The folks over at Working Smarter have developed a consortium of expertise blogs to provide business people with access to a variety of information to help them accelerate their business success. Paul Stannard, CEO of explains, "There are dozens of sites, in addition to our own devoted to providing valuable business and marketing information. The problem is that most...

B2B Needs Personality to Go Social


There've been a number of posts recently about strategy for social media. Beth Harte wrote a great one about companies who say they can't begin "socializing" until they can figure out how to prove ROI. Jason Baer wrote about the 7 must-haves in your social media strategy. Chris Brogan is prolific about the subject. For B2B companies, it can be...

The Customer Collective Gives Back


Many of you may know that I participate on The Customer Collective - a social networking community for marketing and sales experts. I'm in terrific company with many of the top sales and marketing experts, including: Jill Konrath Jonathan Farrington Colleen Francis Paul McCord Elana Anderson Brian Carroll Leslie Buterin Greg Verdino and so many more BusinessWeek – in partnership...

Is Your Corporate Blog Boring?


It's sad to read a headline like this one, but not unexpected. Readers bored rigid by corporate blogs, finds study. Yes, it's a real article. It's based on a research study conducted by Forrester Research. In 2006, 36 companies were promoting corporate blogs on their public websites. In 2007, that number dropped to 19. "Of 90 enterprise-sized companies with corporate...