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B2B marketing strategist Ardath Albee works with clients to create eMarketing Strategies that use multi-channel contagious content marketing platforms to turn prospects into buyers.

Updated: 2014-04-24T09:43:52-07:00


Curiosity and Context: Keys to Engagement for B2B Buyers


Many B2B marketers have jumped on the bandwagon about answering their buyers and customers' questions. There's a bit more strategy involved to do so in a way that drives momentum, but what I'm not seeing is marketers attempting to promote the curiosity that motivates their buyers to ask the questions they haven't thought of yet. Campaigns are dead. Even Forrester...

Cut Through the Red Tape of Consensus for B2B Buying Decisions


This headline caught my eye - 53 Percent of B2B Fortune 500 Companies Use Marketing Automation - so I clicked through to read it. Mathew Sweezey wrote the post based on his research into the State of Demand Generation. Mathew presents three reasons for why this increase in the use of marketing automation foretells good things for the industry and...

Why B2B Marketers Need a Ping-Pong Plan


Let's say that the above is representative of a B2B buying process. Yep, it gets a little messy. All the people involved, the back and forth. The side discussions that you're not part of as you're returning a lob from a different contact. The bystanders who are observing your every smash and volley. I've been working on scenario planning in...

Why "Who" Sends B2B Nurturing Emails Matters


A lot of marketing emails used in B2B nurturing programs don't have a live person tied to them. Signature lines that reference Your [Company] Team, or no signature at all are the norm. This bothers me. Not only is it impersonal from companies that are trying to prove to you that they're putting your needs first, but it represents a...

Is Your B2B Content Stuck in Purgatory?


One of the challenges I've had a number of conversations about recently has been the ability of B2B content to attract the right audience. Much of the content created by B2B companies gets a limited amount of pageviews, social shares or direct passalong. There can be many reasons for this, but for the purpose of this post, we'll assume that...

The Power of Positioning in B2B Content Strategy


Brand positioning is becoming critical as more B2B marketers turn to content marketing across a range of channels to cultivate standoffish, self-service buyers. Your corporate positioning should be used as the backbone for your content strategy. This is what will hold it all together to ensure consistency and keep your storylines on track—no matter the channel in use. The problem...

Why Marketers Must Care After the Handoff


I'm still speaking with a lot of B2B marketers who draw a hard line in the sand at the sales handoff. Each time I hear the disinterest and see them disengage, I cringe a bit. Well, a lot. Comments vary, but often include flavors of: It's not my job. Our sales team is dysfunctional. They can write their own emails....

Taking on B2B Marketing Buzzword: Conversation


Everywhere I look, I see B2B marketing that spouts "join the conversation," "get in the conversation," and other references to the word that skew it's meaning into the equivalent of "talk to the hand." In my last post, I wrote about debunking the B2B buzzword, engagement. In the same vein, I'm wondering what the heck happened to the art of...

Content Curation Sneaks Up on Marketers


I've read a lot of articles and blog posts about content curation. I have to say that I've been outspoken about not being a fan. Mostly, my reaction is related to the ridiculous notion that a company can become a thought leader through curation alone. Eric Wittlake wrote recently about that with his post, Three Reasons Content Curation is Overated,...

B2B Content Strategy Should Never Be a Wallflower


A B2B content marketing strategy should never be contained in a silo. First of all, to be literal, a silo is a dugout, cave or shelter for grain. Secondly, it denotes walls and barriers that keep its contents apart from everything else. A B2B content marketing strategy must lead somewhere. It should be based on a continuum that matches the...