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B2B marketing strategist Ardath Albee works with clients to create eMarketing Strategies that use multi-channel contagious content marketing platforms to turn prospects into buyers.

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How Does Your B2B Brand Reflect On Your Buyers?


I've been reading a lot of posts lately about making emotional connections with B2B buyers, along with reminders not to forget their personal side. But this doesn't mean to start looking at them as B2C consumers - even though they are when they're away from the office. In professional mode, "personal" is a bit different. And for all of you...

Is Social Selling in Need of Sales Enablement?


In my last post I wrote about some of the ways Marketers could benefit from LinkedIn in relation to the report Jill Konrath and I released recently, Cracking the LinkedIn Sales Code. Today, I’d like to write about some opportunities that surfaced during our analysis of the data that point to the need for sales enablement that can help your...

Cracking the Code on LinkedIn is For Marketers Too


Jill Konrath and I recently released a report, Cracking the LinkedIn Sales Code, that details what we learned from a survey of 3,094 salespeople about their use of LinkedIn as a sales tool. As a marketing professional, I found the responses fascinating and began thinking about how the data crosses boundaries to inform the marketing side. In the report, we...

The Painful Reality of Social Spam


I've been writing a series of posts lately trying to dispel B2B Marketing Buzzwords. This isn't exactly a buzzword, but it's becoming a problem and should be a source of embarassment for those who do it. Yes, this is a rant. You've been forewarned... You know who I'm talking about? People who are abusing the InMail feature of LinkedIn to...

Marketing Beyond the Chit Chat in Social Media


I was just reading a post written by Margie Clayman, Myth: Marketing consists of just talking to people (or what is social media marketing?). Margie asked her community the question What is marketing? to begin to get at the premise for social media marketing beyond those vague terms of "engagement" and questioning how just "talking to people" (if that's the...

Relevance is Not an Option


B2B marketers are focused on lead generation more than they are on lead nurturing. The problem is that without the nurturing, generating leads is merely an exercise in trying to scrape the 10% who may be ready to buy and then dumping the rest into an afterthought category. Likewise, 78% of marketers say that they're ramping up their social media...

The Biggest Question When Using B2B Social Media


Sometimes I become a bit skeptical when I see the huge uptake in social media by B2B marketers. In fact, recent research by Junta42 and Marketing Profs finds that use of social media is the top B2B tactic in use as identified by 79% of 985 marketers. Unfortunately, only 31% of those marketers said they found it effective. In a...

Writing is a Critical B2B Marketing Skill


I was reading an article written by Denny Hatch (a long-time copywriting expert) discussing why professional copywriting is critical for marketing where he shared this story he recalled: "What do you do?" a guy at a cocktail party was asked. "I'm a brain surgeon," was the reply. "What do you do?" "I'm a writer." "Ah," said the brain surgeon. "I've...

B2B Lead Nurturing and Social Media


I'm hearing a lot of questions and conversations about Social Media as something that's a stand alone from lead nurturing and demand gen. I'm getting really irritated by all the people who say they can't 100% prove it works so therefore ROI doesn't exist.The basic contention being that there's a lot of activity going on, but not many results to...

How to Get More Social on Twitter


For some B2B marketers, Twitter isn't intuitive. I could come up with a list of reasons why not, but you can probably do that on your own. The thing is that many B2B companies want to establish a social media presence. They want to get their companies on the social media map so they don't miss an opportunity. The kicker...