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B2B marketing strategist Ardath Albee works with clients to create eMarketing Strategies that use multi-channel contagious content marketing platforms to turn prospects into buyers.

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How Did Buyers Get Here?


I interview a lot of people during buyer persona projects. This includes representatives from product development, customer service, sales teams, marketing professionals of various flavors, and, of course, customers and prospects. The thing that continues to astound me during internal interviews is the lack of knowledge about how buyers get here. In other words, how buyers become customers. Each of...

Are Salespeople Screwing Up B2B Marketing Performance?


I sat pondering another in a burst of self-serving emails sent last week by salespeople who obviously lack any discipline in prospect research or the energy needed to attempt meaningful personalization. As one of the emails was from a company I'd thought "got it," it occurred to me that the salesperson just screwed up my perception of the company they...

B2B Marketers Must Stay In the Game to Prove Business Impact


I was reading an interview with Laura Ramos, VP and Principal Analyst with Forrester, and a couple of things she said caught my eye: “The ideal model for understanding how B2B buyers buy is a life cycle, not a funnel.” “When your sales involve multiple buyers in a complex, highly considered process, and when there is a distinct hand-off from...

Is Your B2B Content Just a Pit Stop?


B2B marketers have taken up the challenge to create great content. They're investing time, effort and money into content marketing. People are reading their content. But, effectiveness remains elusive. Only 9% strongly agree with the statement: "I know our digital marketing is working." That's only 92 of over 1,000 marketers. Yet, 93% of B2B marketers use content marketing. Does this...

Why B2B Marketers Need a Ping-Pong Plan


Let's say that the above is representative of a B2B buying process. Yep, it gets a little messy. All the people involved, the back and forth. The side discussions that you're not part of as you're returning a lob from a different contact. The bystanders who are observing your every smash and volley. I've been working on scenario planning in...

Why "Who" Sends B2B Nurturing Emails Matters


A lot of marketing emails used in B2B nurturing programs don't have a live person tied to them. Signature lines that reference Your [Company] Team, or no signature at all are the norm. This bothers me. Not only is it impersonal from companies that are trying to prove to you that they're putting your needs first, but it represents a...

Is Your B2B Content Stuck in Purgatory?


One of the challenges I've had a number of conversations about recently has been the ability of B2B content to attract the right audience. Much of the content created by B2B companies gets a limited amount of pageviews, social shares or direct passalong. There can be many reasons for this, but for the purpose of this post, we'll assume that...

Getting Content Caught by the B2B Buyer's Filter


There's so much information available today that we've been left no choice but to filter the fire hose. I use Google Alerts, see mostly what people I'm connected to post on LinkedIn, belong to specific groups on LinkedIn based on relevance, use longer-tail keyword phrases to find specific information, have a specific group of people I monitor on Twitter because...

Your Marketing Bucket is Leaking


I saw a post the other day where the author recommended that marketers create a marketing persona and a social media persona - like these are two separate things. I've heard marketing teams talk about social media as an aside. I hear SEO bandied about in relation to getting found, but without a mention of the content that's being published....

B2B Content for Customer Retention Tells a Different Story


I'm starting to see customer retention, up sell and cross sell getting a bit more attention from B2B marketers these days. From account-based marketing programs to targeted microsites and nurturing programs, marketers are finally looking to increase the value of their existing customer portfolios. And I like where they're looking. The challenge is that customer marketing is a very different...