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Updated: 2012-10-23T12:57:04-07:00


Global cloud computing market revenues reached $180 billion in the past year


"The global cloud computing market is now worth $180 billion in vendor revenues with the market still growing by 24% annually, according to the latest note from Synergy Research." - The industry is put into six different buckets. Infrastructure...

Why students opt for Cheap Assignment Help Service ?


Having sleepless nights regarding the high costs of your higher education? Are you unable to bear the high costs of your Assignment help service in foreign universities? Do not worry further! Our Cheap Assignment Help Serviceis going to solve all your financial...

What are the Advantages of Going Global for Business!!


Many small businesses want to expand globally the reason for any business to expand is to increase the profits and sales loop. When you expand your business, then the probability of increasing sales goes up as you open up your business market to consumers all...

Managing risk in today's bridging market


Although the mortgage market has had an unsettled year so far, we are seeing a rise in bridging loan volumes, with gross annual bridging lending in the UK increasing to ?4.6bn in April. The size of the typical bridging loan has also continued to grow over recent...

Round Rubber Drive Belts


In power application like live rollers conveyors and cranes, round rubber drive belts are used to produce power transmission. Round belts are most used in industrial machines like cranes and live rollers. Get strong and high quality drive belts at the superiorbands...