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Demystifying artificial intelligence in B2B marketing

Sun, 30 Apr 2017 12:56:00 +0000

Title:  Demystifying artificial intelligence in B2B marketing What AI means for you, your department and your business 199,00 € What AI means for you, your department and your business The advent of artificial intelligence is worrying for some and exciting for others. But what does it actually mean, particularly in the context of B2B marketing? This guide takes the mystery out of AI, explaining its specific meaning, what the term includes, and what its rise means for marketers now and in the future. License billing type:  Prepaid In this report, you'll learn: The meaning and history of AI, including why it's come to the fore now.What AI means for you and your team, including changing skillset requirements.The opportunities and challenges AI presents for B2B marketers.What the AI landscape currently looks like, and how it's likely to evolve. This comprehensive guide includes:Insight from AI experts across the spectrumClear definitions and examples of terms including AI, machine learning and natural language processing A visual map of the AI landscape A step-by-step guide to actions you can take in future.  Uncovering the secrets of high-growth tech brands Learn from the best and unlock growth in your tech business Unleash the power of programmatic in B2B Understand what programmatic is, how it's best used in B2B, and learn the steps you can take to make the most of its potential “There are many tools delivering solutions and solving problems that many people are surprised AI technology can do” Contents1 – Introduction2 – The experts3 – What is AI4 – What does it mean for you?5 – The AI landscape in 2017 6 – Conclusion: Key takeaways, and what you should do next  Marketing technology Data Premium content type:  Best Practice Guide United Kingdom 0 No votes yet Product origin:  United Kingdom [...]

CXcellence: How to achieve CX success in B2B

Thu, 03 Nov 2016 12:44:00 +0000

Title:  CXcellence: How to achieve CX success in B2B When does customer experience matter most? And what can you do to deliver an exceptional customer experience throughout the customer journey? We asked the people who really count: B2B buyers. 199,00 € Discover what buyers really think of B2B CX  The customer experience (CX) is something B2B brands can no longer afford to ignore. In fact, successful CX is becoming a defining element of successful marketing. License billing type:  Prepaid For this research project, we surveyed big-ticket B2B buyers alongside B2B marketers to find out exactly when CX matters most, and where your focus should really be. The findings were eye-opening.Download your copy of this report to get your clearest picture ever of:When CX matters most in the buyer journey.Which CX factors are the most influential in buyers' decision-making.This unique research report brings you so much CX insight and inside knowledge, including:Why you need to be in the buyer’s shortlist from day one.How Google search still matches word-of-mouth as your most important starting point in the CX journey.The crucial reason why 82% of buyers will choose your brand over your competitors'.The one marketing channel you need to focus on above all others to get on your buyers’ shortlists.Why CX outranks both price and product as a purchase driver.Which is the single most influential experience for buyers in the pre-sale process.Which CX trait is the most important of all when it comes to winning business.The true impact of poor CX on brand reputation and referrals.Why delivering on your promises should be your CX obsession.Why you are wasting your time doing customer surveys (unless you make one important change).This 35-page report includes:A summary breakdown of all our B2B buyer research findings.Benchmarking research into how your B2B peers perceive and approach the key aspects of CX.Eight key steps to effective, profitable CX with related tips and tactics.A CX checklist to share with all your customer journey stakeholders.The nine unbreakable rules for delivering CX management success.  This report was produced in partnership with Circle Research, the B2B market research specialist. B2B Marketing Q3 16/17 This quarter’s essential reads neatly collected in one handy download "The leading B2B brands of the future will be those who take CX seriously and provide consistent and connected brand experiences" Contents 1 – Introduction2 – The pre-sale customer experience 3 – How does experience drive the purchase decision?4 – The post-sale customer experience 5 – How to achieve CXcellence6 – Which brands deliver the best experiences?7 – Andrew Dalglish, Circle Research – CX: From insight to action */ */ Customer experience Premium content type:  Benchmarking Report United Kingdom 0 No votes yet Product origin:  United Kingdom [...]

High Performance B2B Marketing

Mon, 06 Jun 2016 09:00:00 +0000

Title:  High performance B2B marketing What can you learn from the priorities and marketing approaches of the B2B sector's top performers? 199,00 € What can you learn from the priorities and marketing approaches of the B2B sector’s top performers? We've gone back to basics to identify the key things that should be at the heart of everything B2B marketers do. Through detailed benchmarking research, we’ve broken down the core behaviours and priorities of the top tier of B2B marketing performers, to illustrate what high performance B2B marketing really looks like. License billing type:  Prepaid This unique new benchmarking report reveals:The truth about B2B marketing success – what the top performing third of marketers knowWhich single activity is twice as likely to be a priority for high performing B2B marketersWhich factor 97 per cent of high performing marketers rate as the most important to their success.Read this report to:Discover what high performance B2B marketing actually looks likeLearn what 59 per cent of high performers believe in (compared to just 27 per cent of the rest)Learn where the biggest ‘approach’ gap lies between average and high performance marketing – a gap of over 35 per cent.A plan for successThe report also includes a headline action plan to help you turn insight into actions and focus your effort where it really matters.  This report was produced in partnership with Circle Research, the B2B market research specialist. TEMPLATE: Client/customer case study Draw up case studies that reflect you best work TEMPLATE: Agency brief Produce a brief that will give your agency the best chance of success "We are looking at what the best-performing third of the market is doing differently from the rest" Contents 1 – Introduction2 – What is high performance B2B marketing?3 – The four pillars of marketing4 – The best versus the rest 5 – The findings in detail6 – Your action plan   Marketing department Premium content type:  Benchmarking Report United Kingdom 0 No votes yet Product origin:  United Kingdom English, US [...]

Data Skills Benchmarking Report 2016-17

Mon, 29 Feb 2016 10:59:00 +0000

Title:  Data Skills Benchmarking Report Data now dominates the agenda of many B2B marketers. But do marketers really have the right skills to use data to its full potential? In this brand new research project we surveyed over 200 B2B marketers to find out. 199,00 € Make sure your data skills are up to scratch with this new, in-depth report Data now purveys the day-to-day of almost every B2B marketer, and those who ignore the growing importance of its role are likely to be left behind. But many marketers also lack the right skills. So, rather than focus on the fact marketers are struggling with data, we wanted to pinpoint exactly what they're struggling with. License billing type:  Prepaid We designed this research project to find out where the challenges really lie. We listed 10 data skills - ranging from segmentation to visualisation - and asked over 200 B2B specialists to rate their own level of expertise against each one, then their team's and finally their company's.The results offer unprecedented insight into the state of data within B2B, and should give marketers, their teams and their organisations something concrete to aim for in the months (and years) ahead. This report will help you: Evaluate the use of data within your team and organisation. Understand how your own data skills fare compared to your peers. Take action to make sure your use of data is effective.Plan for your future development and that of your team.Drive change within your organisation.  This report was produced in partnership with Circle Research, the B2B market research specialist. Download summary Introduction to predictive analytics Understand what predictive analytics can do, whether it's right for you and how to get started Marketing Automation Benchmarking Report 2015 The go-to guide for marketers who are implementing MA "Data is everyone's problem, and marketing should be the first to say so" Contents IntroductionAnalysis ConclusionHow to achieve data success Agency comment Agencies in detail Data Premium content type:  Benchmarking Report United Kingdom 0 No votes yet Product origin:  United Kingdom [...]

Unlock your storytelling potential

Wed, 03 Feb 2016 10:00:00 +0000

Title:  Unlock your storytelling potential Storytelling is sometimes neglected in B2B marketing, but it shouldn't be – it can be a highly effective tool. This guide contains everything you need to start telling compelling stories to engage your audience like never before  129,00 € Defeat the most stubborn writer's block with this comprehensive guide to storytelling  This best practice guide, produced in partnership with marketing consultant and B2B trainer Joshua Morse, is a complete resource for any B2B marketer looking to fulfil their storytelling potential. It contains in-depth advice and practical examples that will help B2B marketers from all sectors find and tell the stories that will capture the attention of their audience. License billing type:  Prepaid This guide will help you: Find your stories, establish what matters, and target the right audience. Come up with creative ways to build interest. Write arresting headlines that will pull readers in. Structure your stories and bring them to life.  Beginner’s Guide to Content Marketing This introductory guide will lead you step-by-step through creating and rolling out a winning content marketing strategy Harnessing the power of influencer marketing in B2B Identify, engage with and collaborate with powerful influencers to extend the reach and authority of your brand "The biggest hurdle we B2B marketers often face is convincing ourselves we have a story worth telling. The fact is we all do. Behind every brand, product and idea is a story." Contents 1 – Introduction 2 – Four important stories to tell 3 – Nine ways to build interest 4 – Three types of title 5 – Facts, fibs and frauds 6 – Structuring your story 7 – Key takeaways  Content marketing PR Strategy Premium content type:  Best Practice Guide United Kingdom 0 No votes yet Product origin:  United Kingdom [...]

Training Landing

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Header:  Accelerate your career. Empower your team. Transform your marketing. Testimonials:  B2B Marketing has helped us change the game. It’s like being given a shot of ideas and inspiration. And it’s all real-life stuff that we can take away and deploy. Head of Field Marketing Access Group I thoroughly enjoyed the course and found that it has given me several tools and copywriting approaches to take forward into my work.  Marketing assistant Belzona Excellent food for thought and bringing together of ideas into a conducive process. Head of Marketing MPP Global Solutions Lots of relevant content to get my job done. Would definitely recommend! Marketing executive Redweb Really useful and engaging content, learned a lot! Public Sector Marketing Manager Telefónica Really enjoyed. It has been engaging and informative: good overview, organisation, venue and courses. Client Services Director CIB comms Good, very good. Practical plus branches out into useful other areas Marketing Executive The training is very interactive, engaging and had the flexibility to be tailored as the course is being delivered to work examples in your own industry Marketing Manager Innospec Great way to break the cycle of 'traditional' marketing, thinking about the client first, and very useful in terms of getting me thinking in the right direction for my marketing plan. Marketing Executive KPMG Great. Lots of insight and practical application ideas. Enterprise Marketing Manager Telefónica Great tips and hints for advertising and better positioning myself and my organisation on LinkedIn. Head of Marketing Communications BSI Really great course - I've come away with so many ideas and action points, some easy and some other longer term. Group Marketing Manager Bauer Media Really enjoyed it. Has helped solidify and refine my thinking. Would like my team to attend this course as it is very relevant to our business and our clients' business! Really well structured and delivered. Client Services Director JRC Very insightful training, great for developing strategic plans. Marketing Director Now Interact I'd absolutely recommend this course to a colleague. Well structured, great content and interesting concepts. Head of Design Clear Channel Fabulous, clearly defined agenda, with tons of relevant examples. The trainer was excellent at helping put all the examples in context for each of the delegates to see how information is relevant across all B2B marketers. Marketing Manager Innospec Great! Exactly what I was looking for. Marketing Manager POQ Commerce B2B marketing training courses for marketers and teams who are aiming for the top Paragraph Training:  Download our full training programme and brochure Upcoming face-to-face training courses Paragraph Certificates:  Download the full Certificates programme to find out more Professional accreditation that makes your skills stand [...]


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Research and reports Discover what the world's best B2B marketers are thinking and doing, then turn insight into game-changing results. Events Be part of the industry's leading annual events and get on top of the latest thinking and hottest topics. Qualifications and training Expert, B2B-focused skills training for you and your marketing team, face-to-face or on-demand. Leaders Programme A unique and stimulating environment for networking and ideas sharing with senior figures in the B2B space. Hero:  Growth-engine rocket fuel Hero status building strategies A powerline of ideas and insight for B2B marketers Over 200,000 marketers from across the globe use our resources to help transform their results. Sign up for free Logo image:  Testimonials:  "B2B Marketing has helped us change the game. It’s like being given a shot of ideas and inspiration. And it’s all real life stuff that we can take away and deploy." Paul De'Ath Head of Field - Marketing Access Group "Their really high-calibre reports provide valuable and usable insights. I'd recommend membership on the strengths of these resources alone.” Associate Director Ernst & Young “It's refreshing to have content focused specifically on the B2B sector. I’ve have found the resources and events extremely beneficial in my current role." Client Services Director Really B2B "B2B Marketing membership is a time efficiency enabler. It's helped me keep abreast of new marketing techniques and learn from real-life industry best practices." Senior Director Channel Marketing, Kaspersky Lab "B2B Marketing's research, reports, training and events are essential parts of our toolkit to drive marketing performance." Marketing Director Experian "From the quality of content, to takeaways from each event, I consider B2B Marketing a first call resource, while I've grown my network through their excellent events." Global Head of Marketing Thompson Reuters "Our relationship with B2B Marketing has been really fruitful: great training; brilliant B2B Leaders Forum... I'm looking forward to our longer-term relationship with them" Director of Commercial Marketing & Research ITV "Having access to best practice examples of theory in action and the opportunity to network with peers is invaluable. B2B Marketing brings our profession's news / trends / successes to life." Marketing Leader IBM Links:  [...]

Social Media Benchmarking Report 2015

Mon, 31 Aug 2015 23:00:00 +0000

Title:  Social Media Benchmarking Report 2015 B2B Marketing’s fourth Social Media Benchmarking Report reveals the most notable social trends in B2B marketing in 2015 199,00 € The Social Media Benchmarking Report 2015 takes an in-depth look at some of the major social media trends within B2B organisations. The Social Media Benchmarking Report 2015 takes an in-depth look at some of the major social media trends within B2B organisations. It is based on an exclusive research project, carried out in partnership with Circle Research in July 2015. The analysis was written by Jessica McGreal, digital content manager at B2B Marketing. It is divided into seven sections, covering a number of aspects including platforms, activity and culture, among others. License billing type:  Prepaid This Benchmarking Report was produced in partnership with Circle Research.  This research will help you: Benchmark your current social media activity – and make sure you’re ahead of the game.Improve your social media presence – from choosing the best networks for your brand to adapting your strategy to match different networks’ strengths.Plan for the future - make sure you are prepared for the challenges brought by the rapid evolution of social media in B2B.This report was produced in partnership with Circle Research, the B2B market research specialist.  Download summary TEMPLATE: B2B social media strategy Produce a social media strategy that fits your brand and wider objectives Social Media Benchmarking Report 2014 This Social Media Benchmarking Report highlights the key trends and activities in B2B organisations, based on an exclusive research project "Over the last 12 months, interactions have overtaken website visitors as the most popular way to evaluate the success of social media marketing." Section 1 – IntroductionSection 2 – Current trends in social mediaSection 3 – Partner commentSection 4 – Partner showcaseSection 5 – About Circle Research and B2B Marketing. Social Premium content type:  Benchmarking Report United Kingdom 0 No votes yet Product origin:  United Kingdom [...]

NEWS: Marketers failing to protect their digital marketing assets

Thu, 29 Jan 2015 17:14:20 +0000

Topics:  Demand generation Featured image:  Legacy NID:  31434 Legacy URL:  news/archive/news-marketers-failing-protect-their-digital-marketing-assets Legacy Body:  Less than half of marketers have security in place to protect their digital marketing assets, according to new research by North Plains.The study also revealed that brands are relying on email, FTPs and shared web drives to send important assets. Seventy per cent of companies use email to share assets with third parties, 65 per cent use FTPs and 46 per cent use web drives, such as Dropbox.Over half say that digital asset management is either ‘extremely important’ or ‘very important’ to them. Over 40 per cent of the marketers surveyed said they were researching digital asset management systems at the moment, and over 50 per cent are planning to upgrade exisiting systems in the future.Meanwhile, 43 per cent of marketers said they were keen to improve their digital asset mangement by making it easier to find assets. This was followed by better control over assets, internally and externally, (30 per cent), giving other people in the organisation better access to digital assets (27 per cent) and more efficient distribution of assets to multiple locations (19 per cent).Mark Finch, general manager EMEA at North Plains, said: “The research bears out what we’ve been hearing from the market some time: organisations may still be overly reliant on email and other processes that simply aren’t designed for or able to provide efficient asset management, but these organisations are also aware of that fact and are seeking to change. Given the fact that most of these organisations are now heavily dependent on digital assets, the volume and diversity of which continues to explode, this is no surprise to us.”  Legacy Homepage Summary:  Less than half of marketers have security in place to protect their digital marketing assets Legacy Author UID:  21415 Roles Allowed Ungated Access:  anonymous user Free content type:  News Legacy YouTube link: Legacy video: Market:  United Kingdom Article rating:  0 No votes yet [...]

How technology is transforming marketing

Wed, 07 Jan 2015 14:29:00 +0000

Topics:  Demand generation What technologies should B2B marketers pay close attention to? It’s a question that often means considering how the B2C space is currently leveraging technologies, as many will be deployable across B2B marketing campaigns.The number of new technologies that will have an impact on all B2B marketers can be bewildering, but three in particular standout as having the potential to be the most disruptive: beacons, wearables and the internet of things (IoT).David Isaacson, senior strategist at Omobono, says: “New technologies with the ability to interrupt behaviours are the perfect mechanic to reach and engage audiences, catching them off-guard with targeted marketing materials. We must redefine the value proposition and be clear what we are offering to ensure the interruption is something of genuine value.”Dan Kirby, CEO at Techdept, agrees: “There is a paradigm shift in marketing – as the world moves to become more and more digital, a ‘third industrial revolution’. This is being seen more in the B2C space, but will equally apply to B2B – the smart B2B marketers will start preparing now. You know how Amazon anticipates what you’d like, recommends products to you, then delivers them seamlessly at a great price? That’s how B2B sales will become – easier to spend money.”For the B2B sector beacons, wearable devices and the IoT present a number of key opportunities to develop closer commercial relationships with customers and partners in the supply chain. Beacons and the IoT offer new rich data environments within which wearable devices can pull and push information to and from the B2B marketer.Live environmentsWithin the B2B marketing sector, events offer an insight into how beacon technologies could disrupt how marketers connect with their customers. Beacon technology has recently had its profile raised thanks to Apple with its branded iBeacon tech. In essence, beacons allow messages to be sent to any smartphone that has Bluetooth Low Energy built in. Until now, GPS and wi-fi have been used to pinpoint the location of a phone. Beacons are much more accurate and are able to deliver targeted messages to individual handsets.For B2B marketers, beacons in an events setting offer a new communications option. Delegates walking past a stand could be contacted with relevant sales messages delivered by beacon technology. Delegates will also be able to gain product and service information before making personal contact with a sales representative, taking the pressure off attendees to instantly engage with the businesses at the event.B2B marketers can leverage beacon technology to deliver what has been called the ‘age of context’ where smartphone-equipped customers can be directly targeted. Vendors such as Estimote, Swirl and Loopd all offer marketers the chance to make more personal connections.Innovative uses of this technology include Grolsch, which included beacons in beer bottle caps that unlocked a movie, Nivea promoting child safety with proximity alerts on beach locations, Virgin Atlantic using beacons to prepare boarding passes and American Airlines using beacons to communicate seat updates.Howard Simms, co-founder and director of mobile app developer Apadmi said: “iBeacons can prove highly useful for B2B marketers in various settings. At events and exhibitions, for example, iBeacon technology can allow marketers to track and analyse the footfall of delegates and even help attract and direct people to specific stands. Event organisers are able to analyse delegate flows around the exhibition, share information with exhibitors, and gain  insight into which exhibits have been the most popular – all valuable insights for a marketer.”Beacon technology then transforms an event environment or any[...]