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644. Recent Life


This past weekend was pretty eventful and a lot of fun! Anouk came to visit Toronto for a few days. Last time we saw each other was during our Rockies Roadtrip. We always have a great time together and I really do hope to visit her sometime this year in Luxembourg! I'm way overdue for a trip there. On Friday she arrived and we met for a prawn spaghattini lunch at Cactus Club which is like our tradition now. Then in the evening we went out together (her and my boyfriend - it was their first time meeting after hearing a lot about each other over the months) for dinner and Pravda. It was so much fun and one of my favourite times at Pravda! On Saturday I met up with her again where we just had a relaxing day eating and lounging around. Then Sunday we went for afternoon tea at the Windsor Arms Hotel. Then I met my boyfriend to celebrate our '6 month anniversary' that night and Monday as well. I guess it is technically a milestone but every day feels like it. This past half year has flown by the fastest. It only feels like a few short months since we met but also that we knew each other a lot longer than that. It has been the best months of my life so far and I'm so excited for our future together!So here are the photos from the weekend and also some random ones prior to then (as I am quite behind on my blog as usual): Last night we went to watch A Quiet Place. I had been very excited for this movie since I love horror/thriller movies, and it's rare for those types to be so well-rated. It was really good - a unique story and quite suspenseful. Most of the movie is silent. I didn't find it as scary as I hoped it would be but I jumped at a few parts when there was a sudden loud sound. An extremely embarrassing moment for me was when I forgot to turn off an alarm on my phone and it went off during a silent part - and my ringtone is Despacito!! hahaha.My sleep schedule has been becoming slightly more "normal" in the recent weeks which means I'm able to wake up in time for breakfast more often now. So this was Friday afternoon right after Anouk arrived. We went for lunch at Cactus Club. We both love the prawn spaghattini and order it every time. During our trip to the Rockies last year we visited pretty much all the Cactus Club locations on the west coast so it felt right to go there again hahah. Looking back on these photos now makes me want to go back and relive that weekend..Then at night for dinner we went with my boyfriend to Carisma for dinner where Anouk and I ordered the same dish we had for lunch. This one was so delicious! Afterwards we spent the rest of the night at Pravda:Breakfast at Sunset Grill the morning afterWe stopped by Louis Vuitton where I discovered this Damier Cobalt Keepall!!! It's so beautiful. I can't really capture the colour in a photograph but it's like a dark navy blue (which is my favourite colour). After a quick walk around Eaton Centre we went for tea at the King Edward Hotel. Then dinner a few hours later at Earls, which is another one of our usual places (that we visited all the locations of in the Rockies) The next afternoon - tea at the Windsor Arms Hotel! Finally, our dinner at Scaramouche! It was my first time here. It's located a bit outside of downtown, inside a residential apartment which I didn't know before. It was really nice and cozy inside. The food was really good and I loved everything. This was the smoked salmon amuse bouche. For the appetizer we got the crab ravioli. I got the venison as my main. & dessert was the apple and sage cheesecake. FACEBOOK | TWITTER | INSTAGRAM | BLOGLOVIN'[...]

643. Birthday Weekend


My birthday was last week and it was the best birthday I ever had! I never used to celebrate it in the past and especially not for several days in a row. It was a great weekend not just because it was my birthday but mainly because I got to spend it with my best friends, family and of course my boyfriend all weekend.Friday: Kiin & PravdaSaturday: ROM, Colette Grand Cafe, LadureeSunday: Cafe CancanMonday: Canoe for lunch & back to Canoe for dinnerYes, I had the same dessert twice that day! I am really happy with everyone in my life right now, which made my birthday this year extra special ❤ ❤ ❤ FACEBOOK | TWITTER | INSTAGRAM | BLOGLOVIN'[...]

642. Recent Life


My birthday is coming up in a few days. I didn't celebrate much in recent years (with the exception of last year) but this year I do have a few plans and several birthday dinners! For the first, I went with my mom and sister for dinner at Byblos (yes - I went last week as well!). This time I knew better on which dishes to order and we also took some recommendations from my sister's boss as it's one of his favourite restaurants. We were one of the first to arrive and stayed for three hours..We got the Spanish Octopus, Sabzi Qatayef and Black Truffle Pide to start. All of them were really good. I really liked the smokey seasoning on the octopus. The Sabzi Qatayef was similar to empanadas. They were filled with really tender braised oxtail, topped with jalapeno schug and sheep's yogurt. The pide had buffalo mozzarella, halloumi, creme fraiche and of course black truffle. I think I'd love all their pides.This was the Roasted Lamb Shoulder. It comes like this and you make your own wrap. We also got the Crispy Hand-Rolled Couscous mixed with collards and halloumi.Finally for dessert...the Pavlova and Pistachio Ice Cream bar. The pavlova was like a shell of lemon meringue which is cracked open to reveal a strawberry sorbet, white chocolate, milk crumble cake-thing. I recently got this book about Alibaba and Jack Ma's life. I've always been fascinated by him and the company. It's very interesting so far. Some parts are pretty inspirational and I also got emotional at some parts lol. Now I also ordered a few more books related to Alibaba which are on the way...FACEBOOK | TWITTER | INSTAGRAM | BLOGLOVIN'[...]

641. Mount Huangshan


Visiting Huangshan was one of the most memorable experiences of my Asia trip/life but I put off making this post because I knew my photos wouldn't do the place justice at all. It was one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen, from the views driving around the mountain range to the cable car ride where being surrounded by all the enormous mountains provided me an indescribable feeling. I love travelling to these types of places. Being so deep in nature and feeling very disconnected with the rest of the world. The views from hiking around the mountain were spectacular. & as the fog rolled in it created a perfect atmosphere. On the drive up. You can see the road hanging off on the side of the mountain. We drove there on a tour bus, then another smaller tour bus (that goes on the more narrow and windy roads), then the cable car to the top of the mountain. Or almost at the top.The views are 8728734209x better in person than in my photos. Everyone in the cable car just stared in awe at our surroundings..and taking nonstop photos. The fog rolled in just as we were leaving.FACEBOOK | TWITTER | INSTAGRAM | BLOGLOVIN'[...]

640. Recent Life


I don't think I was as successful with taking more non-food photos this time around, as that's what this post will mostly consist of. Some random photos taken in the past few weeks:Dinner last night at Figo. I really liked the interiors in there. For appetizers we got the fried calamari and zucchini fritti. I loved the zucchini was my first time ever having them. They were pretty filling though. I got my usual margherita pizza (this is the only pizza I order any time I order pizza lol) & the Pom Fizz cocktail. My boyfriend got the Despacito (which is pretty fitting since that was his nickname for a long time..hahahh. I'm also listening to the song while I make this post.) For dessert we got the Chocolate Almond Torta which I thought would taste like a Torta Caprese but unfortunately it didn't. We probably shouldn't have ordered it since we were already extremely full from the food. I managed to find Hennessy (my dog) a new Dog Perignon toy! He had one many years ago but it got destroyed..& I've been wanting a replacement ever since.Dinner at Zakkushi, a Japanese yakitori izakaya. You order per skewer. I liked the concept and atmosphere in there (it felt pretty authentic) but the food was just ok. My favourite was the carbonara udon. I was pretty disappointed by the takoyaki and dessert though. Lunch with my mom at Dagu Rice Noodle. This place doesn't have really good reviews but we really liked it. We both got the tomato "Crossing the Bridge" noodles. The broth was delicious and flavourful. This was my second time having Crossing the Bridge noodles. If you are interested in the origins/story behind the name, I posted about it here last time (scroll down). My boyfriend recommended Money Heist to me, and I watched the entire series within 3-4 days. It's sooooo good and addictive!! I highly recommend it. It's in Spanish though but comes with subtitles on Netflix. Dinner at Byblos. I really loved this place. When choosing a restaurant for that night I wanted to try something ethnic and different. Byblos is Eastern Mediterranean/Middle Eastern cuisine. The pide (above) was my favourite. Everything was delicious and I feel for next time I would know better for what to order..since we kind of over-ordered on the rice lol: The top left is an all-rice dish ("Sweet Jeweled") mixed with almonds, barberries, saffron and carrots. Then we got the lamb ("Tah-Dig") which was topped with a lot more rice. Then we got a side of couscous. Everything was really good though. For dessert we got the Loukoumades, a Greek dessert very beautifully decorated with flower petals: I really liked the interior here as well (I feel I say this for all the restaurants I go) but I couldn't take good photos of it since it was so dark. I loved the round couch seats.I posted in my previous "Recent Life" post about reading Crazy Rich Asians and being addicted to it. I finished it in a matter of days and got the sequel, China Rich Girlfriend which I also finished pretty quickly. Those were the first books I've read in years lol. Now I started reading again and have decided to go through my stack of unread books:Dinner at Walrus Pub, a brand new "pub" that opened around the corner from me. The food was ok. I liked the interiors (as usual)! Since I tend to always go back to the same of the (many) good things about being in a relationship is trying a lot of different restaurants, so here is the final one of this post (of very many lol). Last weekend we went for dinner at Adega, a Portuguese/Spanish restaurant. They're famous for the octopus. It seemed all the tables ordered it. I also think we over-ordered on the appetizers here since I was already kind of full before the mains arrived. We got two types of croquettes; beef and prosciutto along with the octopus in the photo above. FACEBOOK | TWITTER | INSTAGRAM | BLOGLOVIN'[...]

639. Hong Kong | Snapshots


Since I haven't done an Asia trip (of 2016!) post in awhile, here is another..just random photos of Hong Kong. FACEBOOK | TWITTER | INSTAGRAM | BLOGLOVIN'[...]

638. Recent Life


Every time when I make a "recent life" post I either feel like typing a lot/getting somewhat personal, or having nothing to write at all. Tonight it's the latter. This is just for the sake of having some text here. Sometimes I wish I could go back to how my blog was a few years ago when I was more comfortable writing about every detail of my life lol. So I've been making more of an effort to not have all my posts consist strictly of food photos. I think I'm getting better at it..slowly.Warmer weather = more and longer dog walks! & more colours. My sister gave me this as one of my Christmas gifts a few months ago and I only got around to reading it this past weekend (prior to that I spent a lot of time catching up on my huuuuge stack of magazines which I was really behind on. I have that more under control now). This is the first fiction book I've read in a really long time. Several years ago I no longer had any interest in fiction books since I didn't have much time to read for leisure and I felt they were a waste of time. I usually just read non-fiction books and magazines if they contribute something to my knowledge/life but reading this provided some much needed stress relief. It's a pretty entertaining book and I can relate to some Chinese cultural things they talk about so that makes it even more interesting for me. I even went to buy the second one in the series today.Starting to get back into cooking again.The gym in my building is finally, finally open again!! It was under renovations for several months. It is a lot bigger than it used to be and there are more machines now. I thought it would take me awhile to get back into the routine of going but so far so good. I've been going every other day or every two days. I took this photo above using self timer on my phone. After many attempts. I really hope they weren't watching me on the security cameras..I was setting it then running back to get in position, quickly doing a downward dog in time for the snap while trying to have a perfect form. All while hoping nobody would walk by and see hahah.Oh and here are my "gym sandals" ;)Dinner at Gyu-Kaku. Normally I don't like these places where you have to "cook your own food". But I really enjoyed this and their meats were all delicious! I was excited to see taiyaki on the menu but unfortunately it didn't taste that good. So I was inspired to go and get my own....I discovered this H Mart opened in downtown and within walking distance to my place. It's a Korean grocery store and they sell a lot of different Asian foods. I came in search of ice cream which I successfully found..and also found a lot of other things I wanted to buy and try. Many Asian foods and snacks that I used to eat when I was younger. I felt so nostalgic lol. I will definitely be going back a lot more.Dinner last night at La Carnita.This corn was so good!! But messy to eat..Then late night dessert at home.I realize now I wrote quite a lot in this post even though I said in the beginning I wouldn't hahah. FACEBOOK | TWITTER | INSTAGRAM | BLOGLOVIN'[...]

637. The Chase


We also went to The Chase for dinner one night last week. Despite living a couple block aways from this place, this was my first time there. I really loved it! The view is really beautiful and the atmosphere was nice. I got the venison. Last time I had it was during my trip to Vancouver and I ordered it as an appetizer at an aboriginal restaurant. I had been wanting to eat it again ever since. It's probably my favourite meat. I really enjoyed this one.

Our reservation that night was for 7:45pm. We were one of the first tables. It started getting busier past 9pm or so.

We got the Octopus appetizer to share. It was delicious.



636. BlueBlood Steakhouse


For one of our dinners last week, my boyfriend and I went to BlueBlood Steakhouse at Casa Loma! I've been wanting to go for a long time because I love Casa Loma and the interiors of the restaurant are so beautiful. It was a great night and I always have good memories when we go there together :)

I got the "Down by the Bay" cocktail. It was nice and fruity.

As an appetizer we got the Prime Steak Tartare, which was served in a bone marrow canoe. It was sooo good!!

For the mains we got a Canadian Prime Rib Eye (which our server really insisted we try) was good but I thought there was too much fat. We also got a Japanese Wagyu A5 Striploin which I was curious to try as the only other time I had it was in Macau before (which was my favourite steak). As accompaniments we got the creamed corn and mashed potatoes. We were way too full by the end.

For dessert we had the Baked Alaska. I love this dessert and always get it (when it's available) at steakhouses. I love watching them make it. My favourite is still the one at Harbour Sixty though..since the outside is more like toasted marshmallow and inside it's hazelnut ice cream. Two of my favourite things!



635. Recent Life | Chinese New Year


Happy Chinese New Year!! The most common CNY candy which also happens to be my favourite. Made roast chicken and spherical potatoes the other night. FACEBOOK | TWITTER | INSTAGRAM | BLOGLOVIN'[...]

634. Shanghai | Xintiandi & Tianzifang


Tianzifang in Shanghai is a cozy area of little alleyways lined with trendy independent boutiques, restaurants, bars, and artsy shops. The area retains an "original" feel of Shanghai, as the buildings have not been reconstructed so that the original 1930s architecture and style have been preserved. After that we went to Xintiandi, another popular area of the city. The architecture of the buildings here were still traditional yet more modern than Tianzifang. There were lots of high-end restaurants and stores and apparently one of the best areas for nightlife. FACEBOOK | TWITTER | INSTAGRAM | BLOGLOVIN'[...]

633. Kyoto | Fishing Villages


In the photo above is Amanohashidate, a pine tree covered sandbar connecting two opposing coasts of Miyazu Bay. In Kyoto, we went around some fishing villages and ate seafood for pretty much every meal. We also went on a lake cruise where there were tons of seagulls, falcons and other birds swarming our boat for food. People bought these Cheeto-looking things to feed them. My favourite "drink" from the vending machines - corn soup (it comes warm).The largest shrimp I've ever seen/eaten! (the smaller one is a 'normal sized one' for comparison)FACEBOOK | TWITTER | INSTAGRAM | BLOGLOVIN'[...]

632. Recent Life


I was supposed to have left for Spain/Europe last weekend but due to a last minute situation our trip is now postponed to a few more weeks from now. I do believe that everything happens for a reason, and it's weird how true this can be at times. A few (minor) things came up this week that made me realize it was better to have been in Toronto still for it. & I suppose a few weeks from now it will be warmer there so that would be nicer too. So here are some photos from this past week. As usual, mostly of food..A Mexican dinner at El was my first time there. I really loved it! At the groomer's..he's always terrified lol. Terroni dinner #1 (above) & #2 (below):Some recent cookingSpanish dinner at Barsa Taberna last night. I came here many years ago when they first opened and sat out on the patio. Last night we sat inside (of course)'s kind of like a cave in there. Pretty nice and cozy. The food was pretty good. & I really liked the sangria.FACEBOOK | TWITTER | INSTAGRAM | BLOGLOVIN'[...]

631. Macau | Sightseeing


My favourite thing to do in Macau is going around all the beautiful casinos (like The Parisian which I will be posting about soon). It's a pretty small city and not much to see in terms of tourist sites and attractions. It is the "Vegas of Asia" so the main thing there would be the casinos. This was my second time in Macau, so I already saw these places the first time but we decided to visit again. As Macau used to be a Portuguese colony, there is a lot of Porguese/European influences there. I really liked the colourful buildings. FACEBOOK | TWITTER | INSTAGRAM | BLOGLOVIN'[...]

630. Shanghai | Neighbourhood Clubhouse


When we were in Shanghai, we went with my cousin one day for his swimming lessons inside this beautiful clubhouse. I really loved the interiors. It was pretty deserted when we I took a million photos. I forgot what the area is called but it is one of the wealthiest suburbs of Shanghai. All the houses were huge and so beautiful!!& of course my favourite car...FACEBOOK | TWITTER | INSTAGRAM | BLOGLOVIN'[...]

629. Hong Kong | Snapshots


I guess one of the advantages to being sick, especially on a weekend, is that I got caught up on a LOT of work today (though at a slower pace than usual) and two blog posts in one day! I know it has been forever since I did an Asia update but I will try to do as many as possible this week. At least one post a day. Editing these Hong Kong photos makes me miss it. I didn't go to Asia in all of 2017. Hopefully I will be able to again sometime this year..I'm pretty behind on these Asia posts but you can't really tell in any of the photos except these (if you are familiar with which season of Fendi it's from hahahh)One of my favourite memories..going out for late night desserts every night with my family there. One of my favourite buildings there.FACEBOOK | TWITTER | INSTAGRAM | BLOGLOVIN'[...]

628. Recent Life


The past few days has been pretty rough..I got the stomach flu so spent a lot of time in bed. I think I'm starting to feel better now but still not 100%. Actually I was pretty glad I got sick this week hahha..I mean so I can fully recover by next week as I will be going away! I got these new boots (Stuart Weitzman "Tieland") a few days ago. I love them! I really really wanted them in navy blue but they were seasonal and sold out of my size unfortunately. So I just ended up getting the classic black. New "blue lemonade" from Greenhouse Juice since I'm on a liquid diet (thanks to my stomach flu) and I love anything blue. It's really good!! A couple nights ago at my friend James' birthday dinner, at Elm Tree Restaurant. It was a fun night.Lunch with my mom and sister at Assembly Chefs Hall (again!)Hennessy watching as I do yoga FACEBOOK | TWITTER | INSTAGRAM | BLOGLOVIN'[...]

627. Recent Life


I feel like I haven't done a "recent life" post like this in awhile..I guess it has been at least a month because of Blogmas in December. After this I do plan to finish my Asia posts from 2016 lol. I guess "finish" is a bit too ambitious but I hope to get as much of them posted before my next trip. I probably said this many times before. Nothing too eventful has been happening lately. I've been a fairly busier with work these days, I've also been getting into cryptocurrency (on a very small scale and I am just starting out) and planning for some exciting things to come in the near and not-so-near future! Here are a bunch of photos taken recently and of course they mostly consist of food..For my dad's birthday dinner we went for a teppanyaki dinner at Yamato. I haven't gone in a really long time. The food was pretty good but the chef didn't do that many tricks..My mom bought this coat for herself but ended up not liking it so she gave it to's pretty big on me but that's how the style is supposed to be I guess. I like the huge collar though. FACEBOOK | TWITTER | INSTAGRAM | BLOGLOVIN'[...]

626. Guillermo del Toro | At Home with Monsters


Last weekend (on the final day of the exhibition), my boyfriend & I went to the Guillermo del Toro exhibit at the AGO. If you don't know him, he's a director of many dark fantasy and gothic horror movies such as Pan's Labyrinth, Hellboy, Crimson Peak, etc..I actually never watched any of them before. Now I'm interested in seeing Pan's Labyrinth though. The exhibition showcased some of the props from his films and pieces from his personal art collection. Everything was pretty weird and creepy but cool. I love these kinds of things! I'd love to take a tour of his house hahah. FACEBOOK | TWITTER | INSTAGRAM | BLOGLOVIN'[...]

625. Happy New Year!


Happy New Year!!! This year has been one of the best years of my life, due to a few major events. I think I will do a 2017 recap post in the upcoming weeks and explain more there. A bit more than a year ago was a turning point in my life. I never had any prolonged "bad" periods of life (fortunately) as I'm generally a pretty happy person. I only realized after a certain stage of my life that it was very bad for me so luckily after it ended, things got a lot better and I'm now happier than I've ever been. Mostly thanks to one person. I've been experiencing what I never thought I'd ever be able to find or feel..and it often feels too good to be true. I am also very happy for several other things that happened this year and building closer relationships (new and old) to some people who are most important in my life now. I am very excited for everything that is to come this year! Here are some photos from my New Year's Eve/last of the holidays..My lobby all decked out for the new yearDinner at CarismaI love love love love my NYE dress!! & I just realized now I didn't take any photos from our night (that I could show lol). I mostly just posted the night on my Instastories. There are a couple videos on this post if you are interested. FACEBOOK | TWITTER | INSTAGRAM | BLOGLOVIN'[...]

624. Blogmas Day 24 | Miku


I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!! On Christmas Eve, we first went to watch The Illusionists. It was such an amazing show and my first time watching a magic show like that in person. I definitely recommend it! It's on here in Toronto until January 7. Since I got back I've been watching magic trick videos every night and how they perform them hahah. After that we had dinner reservations at Miku. It was my first time going to the one here. During the summer I went to the one in Vancouver too. Everything was really good. Lunch with my sister today at Sud Forno/final gift exchange. One of the gifts from my sister (I love whales!!! & Pomeranians too of course heheh)Just received this in the mail today from my friend Samantha in Vancouver. So cute - thank you!!This is the gift from my boyfriend..a LV notebook (Japanese edition that he got from there) & polaroid printer. If you saw it on my Instastory you might understand what the use would be for heheh. I really love it. :)This is the last official post of Blogmas..but I will continue doing frequent updates. I think next month will be quite eventful! FACEBOOK | TWITTER | INSTAGRAM | BLOGLOVIN'[...]

623. Blogmas Day 21, 22, 23 | Birthday & Cupcakes


I just did my Christmas baking tonight! A dozen red velvet cupcakes with Williams Sonoma decorations. As I'm writing this, it is the night before Christmas Eve (aka my favourite day of the holiday season). I'm a bit behind on my blogmas so I have to combine 3 days into that I can leave tomorrow's post separate. Maybe combined with Christmas Day. I'm very excited for tomorrow though! I will be spending the day with my boyfriend and family. We will watch The Illusionists (my gift for them) then dinner. A few days ago it was my friend's birthday. I took her for lunch at Canoe which you may know is my favourite restaurant..and her first time there. I rarely go here for lunch actually. I think it's the second time I've ever been for lunch. I got the Lobster Club & an apple dessert..they were delicious!! The view..Then at night her huge dinner celebration at Pero's for Ethiopian foodLast night at Gusto 101 again! FACEBOOK | TWITTER | INSTAGRAM | BLOGLOVIN'[...]

622. Blogmas Day 20 | Patria


Last night we went to Patria for another Spanish dinner. It was a really nice evening and one of my favourites during the holidays this year so far, as it was a pretty special occasion as well. We ordered quite a lot this time and all left feeling incredibly full (the opposite from my first time here lol).



621. Blogmas Day 18 & 19 | Gingerbread Train


I'm starting to get behind on my Blogmas!! Just a week left though. But I've been enjoying the more frequent updates. Maybe I will continue to do so even after Christmas. This week has been/will be pretty eventful..I am looking forward to it being over though because I am looking forward to a few things but also because of a few things I want to have over with lol.

We made this gingerbread train last night. It was pretty fun. I've never done one before or even a gingerbread house (except when I was really young in school).

Dinner at Fune last night. I used to come here (& blog about it!) all the time..



620. Blogmas Day 16 & 17 | Royal York & Gusto 101


My new sequins outfit. I think I used to be a lot more "dressy" during my university days (since I studied Fashion) and I would wear a lot of sequins on any regular day lol. These years I only wear them during the holidays. Since I last updated, I've had quite a lot of progress in terms of my Christmas shopping and outfits. So I am feeling a bit more relaxed and excited now for the upcoming weeks. I know this will be the best Christmas/New Year's ever :)I finally got/ordered my NYE dress which will arrive in 2-3 business days. I will post it on New Year's. It's actually a dress I've been looking at for months already but they were sold out of my size. Then when I checked yesterday, it was miraculously restocked so I purchased it immediately. Coming all the way from the UK which also means I got charged a ridiculous customs tax..but I'm sure it will be worth it. I can't wait! Today I went out for a very quick (and successful) shopping trip. I got the entire gift for one person, half for another person...and I got my new sequins top. Also I ordered a gift for another person, and just had an idea of what to get the remaining two people. Hahah. So I pretty much have it all sorted out now.After my quick shopping trip today, I went out for a family dinner (one of my aunts was visiting from Vancouver) to Gusto 101. I love this place! Last time I went was during the summer. I've missed it.But first I will start with last night. My friends and I went for dinner at Royal York:If you've been following my blog for awhile, you may remember how much I love the chicken sandwich from Epic! I've literally never ordered anything else from here since I got the sandwich the first time I came..became addicted and order it every time (and whoever else I come with will also get it lol) Then we went over to the Library Bar for tea and live music. There was 6 of us so we ordered a LOT of different dishes to share. I loved everything. This was the mushroom bruschetta. The Branzino was really good. A lot better than the previous one I had a few weeks ago at KOST. That one was extremely salty and now that I look back on that looks like a crocodile hahah (as my sister pointed out) My SangriaRucola saladMargherita pizza (the best!!) and Cavolfiori, which was a slightly spicy cauliflower dish. It was also pretty good. Pumpkin my pumpkin obsession still hasn't subsided. We ordered literally every dessert on the menu except the biscotti. Well they all shared these ones and I got my own lol. Pears with brown butter, amaro, almonds and white chocolate. It wasn't what I expected. I would have preferred if it was more sweet (as it didn't taste sweet at all). FACEBOOK | TWITTER | INSTAGRAM | BLOGLOVIN'[...]