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Five Essentials: Charlotte Tilbury


Narrowing down my favourite yet essential picks for the brand Charlotte Tilbury has not been easy, in fact this may be one of the most difficult posts I have wrote in a long time; the problem is unlike some beauty companies, just about everything Charlotte Tilbury touches is gold (both figuratively and literally - I mean look at that packaging) so whittling down five choices did not come with ease. In fact it was so tricky, that in some aspects I have been a tad vague but if I had to start my collection all over again, these are the pieces I would pick and as such recommend to anyone new to the brand. Charlotte Tilbury Wonderglow Part primer, part highlighter - this is the one multi-purpose product no make-up bag should be without. Charlotte Tilbury Wonderglow is different from your typical primer, not only is it infused with oodles of light reflecting particles to create wonderfully dewy skin but along with perfecting the skin and holding make-up firmly in place, it doubles up as a liquid highlighter. Wear it alone for brighter, more youthful skin, wear it under make-up for hold and added radiance, mix it into your foundation to create a lit from within glow, and/or apply it anywhere you want to highlight on your face and body. A little goes a long way and with so many properties, you'll quickly wonder how you ever survived without a bottle at your disposal. Find it here - link. Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow Palette  One of the products that cemented Charlotte Tilbury's place firmly on the beauty map was the Filmstar Bronze & Glow Palette, as the name suggests this duo has been created to warm, sculpt, define and highlight the face. Unlike typical contour palettes, Filmstar Bronze & Glow is subtle and very easy to use as the finely milled powders all but melt into the face, so there is no need to worry about harsh, tell-tale lines. It is very tricky to find a natural, olive toned bronzer, let alone a delicate, yet light catching highlighter, that beautifully illuminates the complexion without drawing attention to flaws such as open pores and fine lines. You can find both shade options here. Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter I have tried every Charlotte Tilbury base product and truthfully I adore them all (what can I say, I am super fan) but the most user friendly has to be the newly launched Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter. Now I realise that this isn't being marketed as base/foundation product but if light and glowy coverage is all you crave, then this is the product for you. The beauty of the Hollywood Flawless Filter is that it is so adaptable and forgiving (both in shade and texture), so it is by far an easier product to blind buy online. There is no wrong nor right way to best utilise the Hollywood Flawless Filter: use it is an under-eye concealer to really perk up tired eyes, use it as a primer, use it as a highlighter, use it in place of your typical base, mix it in with other products - the world truly is your oyster. You can shop the entire shade range here - link. Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick And what a revolution it is. I adore matte lipstick finishes but loathe that typically they go hand in hand with dried out and eventually chapped lips, then along came the Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick and changed everything. Forget drying lipsticks full stop, this creamy yet entirely matte lipstick glides onto the lips with such ease, stays in place perfectly (with or without a liner) and instantly creates the illusion of fuller lips. I'm on a mission to collect every shade in production but if I had to pick just one shade as my absolute favourite, it would be a close tie between Sexy Sienna and Pillow Talk. You can find the full collection here - link. Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat I'm very particular in regards to my lip liner choices and once I find my perfect formulation, I don't tend to stray. Although a lot pricier than I would like, very few lip liners come close to the Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat formula: [...]

How to Make the Most of Free Beauty Samples


There was a point in my life in which I was subscribed to every beauty subscription plan and box around, it was an expensive habit but in the earlier days of beauty blogging it was a service that all but dominated the industry. Slowly but surely the trend has fizzled out and there are far less options around which isn't necessarily a bad thing as it was quickly becoming stale, but what do you do with all the mini and sample sized cosmetics you have accumulated over the years? If you are anything like me you will have them stashed away in a drawer to quickly become forgotten about but with Summer on the horizon (if you squint into the near distance you might just see it) there couldn't be a better time to get organised and de-clutter once and for all. Perfume Vials Fragrance counters, beauty boxes and even magazines are quick to dole out tiny, and often glass vials of perfume. Why? Simply put it is a cheap and cheerful way to advertise and in the case of a beauty box an affordable way to add bulk out skimpy contents (sometimes the truth hurts). Initially I used to loathe receiving the tiny atomisers but I have grown to appreciate just how convenient they can be for certain situations; for example they are the perfect size for popping in a gym bag to freshen up with, not to mention they fit into the smallest of clutch bags, so you don't have to worry about leaving your fragrance at home on a night out - if you lose it, no big deal. Hair and Skin Care Sachets Is there ever quite enough conditioner in one sachet to really nourish your hair? No but if you have a few at your disposal you might just manage and that is why I keep all my skin and hair care sachets; they are ideal for overnight trips and weekends away. As someone with long hair there is never enough shampoo, nor conditioner in my hotel bathroom so those little foil packs come in handy to supplement any dinky bottle of hair care. As for skincare, I do find that the small sachets more than provide enough product for at least one night and as they are so small they are a dream to pack for any kind of trip and also ideal for using aboard a flight. Mini Cosmetics Again I do tend to save smaller cosmetics be it a lipstick, a bottle of toner, or a travel sized cleanser for vacations; typically they are sized in a way that makes they acceptable for hand-luggage so you can save both space and money - and you don't have to worry about bringing a half empty bottle of cleanser home, as after a few days you will most likely have finished it. Free Cosmetic Bags Some of my favourite make-up bags and pouches have been freebies - I never travel without a Glossier pouch of some capacity, the bubble wrap design is perfect for protecting any glass containers and/or valuables. I also use my free Skin Laundry and Diptyque drawstring bags for storing and separating underwear in my suitcase; the tiny plastic Sisley pouches are ideal for taking a lip balm and some coins to the beach. Who knew my hoarding ways would finally benefit me. You can read here on how to get more samples and products for free!          CommentsCommentsRelated StoriesWhen Foundation Meets FilterCan I Have a Refund Please?Five Essentials: The Gym Beauty Edition  [...]

When Foundation Meets Filter


The merging of Instagram and beauty products isn't anything new, we've seen multiple launches of cosmetic items claiming to smooth, fill and perfect the skin within an inch of its life. Do they work? On the most part no; more often than not Instagram focused launches rely on pretty millennial-pink packaging, innovation is skimpy on the ground and really what you are paying for is relevance rather than results. Well lucky for us not all products are equal and proving this very point is the new Charlotte Tilbury Complexion Booster: part glow, part base and more importantly it is as close to a real life instagram filter you will find on a beauty counter. In typical Charlotte Tilbury style even the physical bottle that holds the nectar of the Complexion Booster is both beautiful and well thought out - the ribbed, rose-gold lid gives the product a luxurious and opulent feel and the large doe foot applicator makes application a breeze. Yes it is a glass bottle, and yes sooner or later I will drop it on my bathroom floor and weep but for now I am marvelling at just how beautifully packaged a liquid base can be. Charlotte Tilbury Complexion Booster is the very definition of multi-purpose, depending on which shade/s you purchase it can be used to highlight, contour, as an all over base product or as a mixing medium to add luminosity to your complexion. When utilised in lieu of foundation this does create the most beautiful, sheer yet glowing canvas, mixed in with other products it fuses with the formula to add as little or as much radiance as you wish. Due to the dewy nature and finish of the Complexion Booster, I don't personally recommend using it to contour in the traditional way, rather I feel a deeper shade would be best used to gently warm the skin; however as a highlighter this brightens and is perfectly suited to typically tricky areas of the face such as the under-eye. However you utilise this wonder product, it does deliver a few aspects universally: it optically blurs fine lines and open pores, brightens and illuminates, and if that is not enough it eliminates the need for a primer too. The downside is that it can look a tad overly shiny/glossy on oily skin so do tread with caution and keep a setting powder within close proximity at all times. The formulation is best described as a cream-liquid, the texture is light and very easy to blend into the skin regardless of how you decide to use it: sponge, brush, beauty blender, hands and all that is in-between - it all works. As this is a sheer formula, coverage is next to minimal and is somewhat buildable but it does disguise discolouration, evens out skintone and eradicates redness. As for shade range, I won't pretend that the selections are vast with just seven options in total but what I will say is that they do sweep from light to dark ; as someone who has never struggled with a foundation or base match, I don't feel I am equipped to comment on if there are enough shades to cater to both ends of the spectrum but I will state that the formulation of the Charlotte Tilbury Complexion Booster is fairly adaptable due to its sheer nature. At the moment I am at my palest, I haven't seen a lick of sunshine in close to a year and yet if I do take the time to blend Charlotte Tilbury Complexion Booster in shade 4 Medium into my skin, I can make it work - it really just depends on how you chose to use it. If super dewy, flawless skin is all you have ever craved then this is the product you (and Instagram) have been waiting for. Charlotte Tilbury Complexion Booster £30 - link.          CommentsCommentsRelated StoriesBobbi Brown Long-Wear Sparkle SticksGet Ready to Up Your Shower GameFive Essentials: Bobbi Brown  [...]

Can I Have a Refund Please?


I am often quick to share the glorious products that both make up my daily routine. and line the shelves of my bathroom but what about those that don't quite make the grade? I feel it is equally - if not more so - my duty to shed some light on what I deem to be under-performing products and why, if only for balance. It all but goes without saying that what works for me and vice versa, may not for you but if you read my reasoning for disliking each product, I'm sure you'll understand why they don't quite make the grade. Maybelline The Burgundy Bar Eyeshadow Palette The warm, pink tones of this kit lured me in and in my mind it was a pretty decent alternative to the Anastasia Beverly Hills Renaissance Palette. As no stranger to Maybelline products I had high hopes that this would deliver wonderfully pigmented, washes of colour that would blend with ease - rather I was greeted with quick to shatter and crumble, overly sparkly eyeshadows that created nothing but mess both on my face and in my bathroom. Yes that is a missing eyeshadow you spot, said shade didn't even make it past the first use. Maybelline Tattoo Brow Gel A novel and dare I say clever idea: this brush-on gel, quickly tints the eyebrows and dependant on how long you leave the formula on, the wear time can vary from hours to a few days, but in practise the results weren't all that impressive. The peel-off gel aspect was fun, if not a little unnerving (would my brow hairs come away with the sticky formula - only time will tell) but once removed all I was left with was two orange stains underneath my brows that quickly (and thankfully) dissipated after washing my face. Had this lived up to my expectations, it would have changed not only my brow routine but perhaps my bank balance for the better - at home brow tinting that is both easy and cost efficient - alas it didn't and until Maybelline re-formulate or another brand offers something similar, I guess I'll forever be a regular at my local Benefit brow bar. The Ordinary High-Coverage Foundation As a huge lover and advocate (seriously I all but push the stuff on those near and dear) of The Ordinary Serum Foundation, I had high hopes that this bargain find would put the end to splashing out on pricey bases in order to hide my acne - sadly that was not the case. The Ordinary High-Coverage Foundation is peculiar in that it sits on my skin in a way that it creates the illusion of dry patches, it creases in places I didn't know was possible and ages me by 10 years; which could come in handy should I ever forget my I.D and dare to purchase a bottle of wine (okay Smirnoff Ice) but otherwise not at all flattering. I won't debate the coverage level as it certainly delivers in that aspect but I won't be reaching for this again anytime soon. Anastasia Liquid Lipsticks After trying a good few shades within the Anastasia Liquid Lipstick range I have come to the conclusion that this isn't the matte lipstick for me: they flake, they smudge, seldom fully set and are beyond drying. For an expensive beauty product I truly expected more. Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara Unlike the other products within this post, I don't actually hate Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara but I think we can all agree that the formulation would benefit from the odd tweak here and there? Everyone knows that some mascaras have a "sweet spot" - aka they work so much better once they have dried out a little - this is true of Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara but rather frustratingly the good period is very much temporary, after that the mascara shrivels up and crumbles in the tube. Another annoying factor about this particular mascara is that it smudges, smears and generally transfers very easily - the waterproof version isn't much better either. Shea Moisture 100% Virgin Coconut Oil Leave-in-Treatment As someone with long and fairly coarse hair, I rely on a leave-in-conditioner each time I wash my hair. I'm not particularly fussy when it [...]

Five Essentials: The Gym Beauty Edition


I love and loathe the gym at the same time - I know I need to attend frequently to improve my fitness levels and yet I don't actually want to go but you know, once you do haul ass to class or two, you will feel incredible afterwards. As sometimes it is the thought of going that is the worse aspect, rather than actually breaking a sweat; let me help take the fuss out of the beauty and grooming aspect of exercise with a few skin and time saving essentials. Sol Janerio Brazilian 4 Play Moisturising Shower Cream-Gel I don't actually shower at the gym as I go straight home afterwards and to save myself lugging around a towel and all the necessities I need to cleanse my skin. The shower product that I have been using daily is the newly launched Sol Janerio Brazilian 4 Play Moisturising Shower Cream-Gel (£22/358ml), not only does it smell incredible but it is so gentle on the skin and deeply nourishing so you do not dry out, nor irritate your skin even when using on a daily basis. If you do shower at the gym, this gel will not only allow you to leave your body moisturiser at home but in my experience it can be used as a shampoo too. Vichy Ideal Soleil Solar Protective Water SPF30 We all train differently but the one product we should all agree upon is a good daily SPF? I personally adore Vichy Ideal Soleil Solar Protective Water SPF30 (£12.36/200ml), the high factor protects my skin adequately in all conditions, the lightweight formula doesn't irritate nor clog my pores and the refreshing mist is not only cooling but a breeze to apply on the go. The other great thing about the Vichy Ideal Soleil Solar Protective Water SPF30 is that it is suitable for use both on the face and body so not only do you save money but also time and space in your gym bag. Urban Decay Collagen Infused Complexion Prep Priming Spray My bag - sport or otherwise - always contains a face mist of some description, I like to instantly cool and soothe my skin on the go and if I can also treat my complexion to some skin boosting benefits all the better. Recently I have been reaching for Urban Decay Collagen Infused Complexion Prep Priming Spray (£26/118ml), which may seem like an odd choice as I don't apply make-up on top, rather I simply use it to refresh, it is however fit to use for both purposes. The great thing about this mist is that it is so fine so it doesn't soak my skin nor clothes and as well as instantly cooling my complexion it can firm, smooth and boost radiance. If you are a serial grunter at the gym (hey heavy weights will do that to you) this is the spray for you. E.L.F Glow Lotion in Natural Naturally my skin is fairly dull regardless of my skincare routine or health status - it is just one of those things. Typically I don't wear make-up to the gym as I do have acne prone skin but every now and then I do mix a little E.L.F Glow Lotion in Natural (£9/25ml)with my daily moisturiser; this quickly perks up my skin and injects a little radiance and puts an end to the endless questions if I am sick or not. E.L.F Glow Lotion in Natural is also perfect for applying after a work out to really make the most of your post-work out glow. Bbrowbar Eyebrow GelCan you go wrong with a clear brow gel? No I don't wear make-up to the gym but I do feel a whole lot better when I quickly run a little clear brow gel through my unruly brows each morning. It's quick, it's easy and it helps me look a little more polished. If I am entirely honest I will use just about any clear gel (the cheaper the better) but at the moment I do seem to be favouring Bbrowbar Eyebrow Gel (£13.60/5ml) as it has exceptional hold and yet never feels crispy. Sadly inspiration to actually go to the gym is sold seperately.          CommentsCommentsRelated StoriesFive Essentials: Bobbi BrownCan I Have a Refund Please?Body Sprays Might Just Be Cool Again!  [...]