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Preview: I've Been Mugged

I've Been Mugged Blog

Consumer views and news since 2007 about identity theft, privacy, and corporate responsibility -- by George Jenkins

Updated: 2018-03-26T09:04:00-04:00


Report: Social Media Use in 2018


There has been plenty of controversy recently surrounding social media: job advertisements which exclude older workers, concerns that social media threaten democracies, transparency concerns about political advertisements, censorship applied inconsistently, politicians blocking constituents, promises to do better by Facebook, and more. Given these issues, it's reasonable to ask: who uses...

Survey: United States Citizens Don't Know Their Basic Constitutional Rights


The Annenberg Public Policy Center (APPC) announced the results of its latest annual Constitution Day Civics Survey -- how well United States citizens know their Constitutional rights. The latest survey was conducted August 9 to 13 and included 1,013 adults. Main findings: "1. More than half of Americans (53 percent)...

Survey: 90 Percent Of Consumers Want Smart Devices With Security Built In


A recent survey of consumers in six countries found that 90 percent believe it is important for smart devices to have security built into the products. Also, 78 percent said they are aware that any smart device connected to their home WiFi network is vulnerable to attacks by hackers wanting...

Survey: Online Harassment In 2017


What is online life like for many United States residents? A recent survey by the Pew Research Center provides a good view. 41 percent of adults surveyed have personally experienced online harassment. Even more, 66 percent, witnessed online harassment directed at others. The types of online harassment behaviors vary from...

Poll Finds Republicans Rollback of Broadband Privacy Very Unpopular


A recent poll found that the Republican rollback of broadband privacy rules is very unpopular. Very unpopular. The poll included 1,000 Americans, and the results cut across age, gender, and political affiliations. Despite this, President Trump signed the privacy-rollback legislation on April 3. Since then, many consumers have sought online...

Study: Many Consumers Don't Secure Their Mobile Devices


Many consumers in the United States don't take the steps experts recommend to secure their mobile devices. Pew Research reported the findings of a recent survey: "More than a quarter (28%) of smartphone owners say they do not use a screen lock or other security features to access their phone....

Survey: Internet of Evil Things Report


A recent survey of information technology (IT) professionals by Pwnie Express, an information security vendor, found that connected devices bring risks into corporate networks and IT professionals are not keeping up. 90 percent of IT professionals surveyed view connected devices as a security threat to their corporate systems and networks....

74 Percent of US Broadband Households Have Internet-Connected Televisions


According to new research from The Diffusion Group (TDG), 74 percent of US households had Internet-connected televisions at year-end 2016. In 2013, 50 percent of households had Internet-connected televisions. Michael Greeson, TDG President and Director of Research, said: "At 74% penetration, connected TV use is squarely in the Late Mainstream...

Federal Reserve Survey of Experiences of Younger Workers


The Federal Reserve Board (FRB) recently released the results of its survey of younger workers ages 18 to 30 with data through 2015. The survey found that younger workers overall: "... experienced higher rates of unemployment and lower rates of labor force participation than the general population for at least...

How To Spot Fake News And Not Get Duped


You may have heard about the "pizzagate" conspiracy -- fake news about a supposed child-sex ring operating from a pizzeria in Washington, DC. A heavily armed citizen drove from North Carolina to the pizzeria to investigate to investigate the bogus child-sex ring supposedly run by Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. The...

Study: Almost 40 Percent of U.S. Smartphone Owners Use Voice Recognition


According to a recent study by Parks Associations, a market research and consulting company, 39 percent of smartphone owners in the United States use some form of voice recognition (e.g., Siri, Google Now). The usage is higher (more than 50 percent) for iPhone owners compared to Android owners (less than...

Report: Consumer Usage of Video Streaming Services in The US


New research revealed that 16% of the "viewing population" have multiple subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) services in their homes. That's up from 10% three years ago. Consumer market research firm Gfk studied consumers in the United States, and also found that almost half (49%) of the "viewing population" subscribes to at...

Study Confirms Consumers Ignore Online Policies And Agree To Anything


Researchers have confirmed what privacy advocates and government regulators have suspected for a long time: Internet users often ignore online policies: privacy and terms of service. And those consumers who read policies, pay insufficient attention. In a working paper titled, "The Biggest Lie On The Internet," researchers tested 543 college...

Survey: Daily Newspaper Readership


Who reads newspapers in the United States? Do people read print versions, or has readership migrated to online versions? How has this changed over time? In its "State of the News Media 2016" report, Pew Research released results about the demographics of daily newspaper readership: Percent of Adults Reading Daily...

In The Modern Era, More Young Adults Live With Their Parents


As a parent of three children who are now adults, this news item caught my attention. The Pew Research Center reported: "Broad demographic shifts in marital status, educational attainment and employment have transformed the way young adults in the U.S. are living, and an analysis of census data highlights the...

Social Networking Sites With The Largest Number of News Users


Recently, some friends and I were discussing the wisdom of getting your news from social networking websites (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Youtube, LinkedIn, etc.) instead of directly from news media sites. Apparently, many consumers get their news from such sites. The Pew Research Center reported that most adults in the...

Survey: U.S. Households Have More Connected Televisions Than Set-Top Boxes


A recent survey found that most households in the United States with televisions have them connected to the Internet. According to the Leichtman Research Group: "... 65% of US TV households have at least one television set connected to the Internet via a video game system, a smart TV set,...

Report: Significant Security Risks With Healthcare And Financial Services Mobile Apps


Arxan Technologies recently released its fifth annual report about the state of application security. This latest report also highlighted some differences between how information technology (I.T.) professionals and consumers view the security of healthcare and financial services mobile apps. Overall, Arxan found critical vulnerabilities: "84 percent of the US FDA-approved...

Survey: Bankers Expect Consumers To Use Wearable And Smart Home Devices For Banking


Would you use a smart watch, fitness band, or other wearable device for banking? How about your smart television or refrigerator? Many bankers think you will, and are racing to integrate a broader range of mobile devices and technologies into their banking services. A recent survey of financial executives found...

Survey: Smart Home Technology. What It Is And Who Has It


Coldwell Banker released the results of a 2015 survey of 4,000 adults in the United States about smart home technology. Survey participants consider a home a "smart home" if it contains the new security, temperature, lighting, and safety devices: "When asked about what needs to be in a home for...