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Preview: Comments on: The MMO dark age is ending

Comments on: The MMO dark age is ending

Bringing back the carebear stare...

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By: Wilhelm Arcturus

Thu, 01 Mar 2012 22:20:06 +0000

I have a lifetime STO subscription as well, which is why I keep rubbing salt in that wound. I have the game installed and patched up. But I cannot BS my subconscious, which just does not want to play that game. I log in, I go bleh, I go do something else. It is clearly my problem, but there it is.

By: Anonymous

Thu, 01 Mar 2012 22:11:51 +0000

Wilhelm, I have recently started playing STO again. I bought a lifetime sub when the game launched, Trekkie that I am, but found I did not like the game all that much. Feeling at a loss with the cancellation of SWG, however, (/shakes fist at LucasArts) I started playing a new character about a month ago. I know they have changed some things since launch and added others, but for whatever reason, I am really enjoying the game this time around. Them again, maybe my subconscience is just trying to console myself for buying a lifetime sub. Long story short - you might think about giving it a shot again if you are ever looking for a new mmo. For whatever reason, it is a lot more fun for me than it was before.

By: SynCaine

Thu, 01 Mar 2012 15:37:04 +0000

Well the MMO genre is a subset of gaming, and considering how 'hard' MMOs are, not a dominant one at that. Remove WoW from MMO history, and what are the most successful games all time?

By: SynCaine

Thu, 01 Mar 2012 15:32:36 +0000

I've posted about this a few times, but basically yes, WoW was always a themepark, but that does not mean that the 2004 themepark is anything like the 2012 version. At some point after BC, Blizzard decided it could grow WoW even bigger if they went even more casual, and while it took a while, we have been seeing the results ever since WotLK. There was nothing wrong with not everyone having epics. Content available to 10% of the population was not a problem to fix. Asking the players to put in a little effort to get a group is a good thing, etc.

By: spinks

Thu, 01 Mar 2012 10:53:50 +0000

"the MMO genre should return to being an interesting place going forward" I guess the proof will be in a year or so when we look at what's under development. I think GW2 is going to be pure themepark tbh. I don't have a problem with themepark games but I still don't see it offering a wide range of in game roles other than combat or encouraging in game communities to grow up, or even housing outside personal player instances. (I'm not that gung ho on housing but letting players build stuff in MMOs is the sort of interesting advance I'm looking for.)

By: Anonymous

Thu, 01 Mar 2012 09:07:51 +0000

"The belief that today all players only stick around for a month or three, regardless of the game, is blatantly wrong. Certainly a subset do..." Or is it the subset that stick around for more than 3 months? To put it another way, there are more people who have quit WoW than play all sandbox games put together. It is great to see that EvE continues to grow and that Darkfall and Wurm have found their niches. But it also seems that there are enough casual players to sustain a large volume of scripted themepark titles. More choice = everyone wins

By: loller

Thu, 01 Mar 2012 08:53:22 +0000

Bit early to talk about single player themeparks as the past. Wow still has 10 million subscribers, and from what I understand actually managed to increase it's playerbase in 2011. Only by a few 100 thousands but still. And judging swtor is pretty hard with no numbers on the table. I don't think it was a surprise that people who were bored with WoW didn't stick around in what is essentially the same game. But if it turns out they still have more than a million subscribers then it can't really be classified as a failure. And in all honesty SWTOR isn't really suffering from being a copy as much as it's suffering from not offering the tools the single player MMO player person want. There is no queue for small groups or raids like there is in WoW, but if there were I don't think they would have had any problems. Likewise Lotro and Rift are doing better than every non-themepark out there. GW2 isn't going to revolutionize the genre either, it'll be a single player themepark where you're sent out to kill 10 rats just like all the others. It's main advantage is that it'll actually have thoughtout pvp, and no monthly fees. I'd love to see a AAA eve-online, and I honestly think there is a market for it but nobody is going to make it for the next 7 years.

By: Anti-Stupidity League

Thu, 01 Mar 2012 08:07:07 +0000

I'm really glad that tor is so blatantly non-mmo and can easily be a pure single-player experience as that's what theme parks are pretty good at. I'm still enjoying leveling my alts and I have only one week to go before Mass Effect 3 release, so the game has fulfilled its purpose for me already. And I think I'll reopen my sub after finishing ME3 a few times. About that Tobold piece, it was so self-centered and out of whack that I'm pretty sure there's no one else but Tobold who could have written it. "When I played wow for 4-5 years, it was perfectly normal, but after I stopped playing wow, I think that anyone who spends more than 3 months is delusional and seriously weird."

By: Devore

Thu, 01 Mar 2012 01:34:56 +0000

Could WoW have ever become that game though? Wasn't it always a gear grind and stat mudflation chase? When I started WoW, people were just hitting 60, mounts were a luxury, and epic mounts? whoo! who could ever amass that kind of gold! We took 40 man raids to UBRS, and wiped, on trash. Having a blue set was epic in itself, and once Molten Core came out, epics were really epic, and those who had it were really something to look up to, to aspire to, because of the obstacles and barriers to entry a casual player could not overcome. Having a goal to chase, even if you could not reasonably reach it yourself, always felt like you were a part of something bigger. But wasn't it inevitable what WoW became? When tiers 2 and 3 came out, I think the game still retained the spirit, but once the "tier x.5" from the 20 mans came out (ZG/AQ20), was that the beginning of the end? The cries for all content accessible to everyone were getting louder after that. Could WoW have been a player-driven sandbox, given such a focus on PvE game? Or destined to themeparkdom?

By: Wilhelm Arcturus

Wed, 29 Feb 2012 23:59:39 +0000

I am like Bhagpuss in my MMO choices. If I like an MMO, I am really never done with it. I may put it on the back burner for a while, but I always go back for a visit now and again, and I will make alts, craft, do holiday events, and basically find ways to use and reuse the content available. On the other hand, if I do not like an MMO, I leave long before I ever get close to running out of content. So, yeah, I played EverQuest on the day it launched. I think I might go back and visit again this year. I played STO the day it launched. I cannot bring myself to log in even though it is free.