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Comments on: What Do Wineries Expect from Social Media?

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By: DrinkWhatYouLike

Thu, 21 Oct 2010 22:59:00 +0000

Derek: I really appreciate your comments on this subject. You, along with a handful of others in Va Wine, are setting an excellent example of 'how' social media can work! Just think, if it wasn't for all this social media stuff... there's no telling what other hobbies you could have gotten in to... and you know the 'Cost Benefit Analysis' never works out for them darn hobbies! :) Cheers my friend.

By: Derek Pross

Thu, 21 Oct 2010 18:57:51 +0000

Frank, as always thanks for posing the great questions. I owe the loss of all my spare time to you and your encouragement to engage social media ; ) Of course, I am kidding with just a dash of truth. I, too, echo Kim's words above. I have recieved nothing but positive feedback and new customers from my social media efforts. I further believe that we have more return traffic through the my social media efforts. Quite simply, it is the best way to grow relationships on a day to day basis. People want to be heard, want to play, want to engage each other, want to be serious and joke around. This to me is what social media is, a digital extension of your personality. I always try to engage a wide variety of people via twitter and facebook on an hourly/daily basis, if only for a quick minute. From a pure marketing perspective, it quite simply is the most effective way to consistently put your brand in front of your customers. Cross promoting is huge as well. I've seen growth in our wholesale simply by promoting those shops and restaurants that have our wines. People discover that the place down the street carries our wine. They tell and tweet/post their friends and before you know it another wholesale order goes out. I tweet/post the new orders and we repeat the cycle. It's the most enjoyable, down to earth marketing experience I have ever had. To answer your question directly, I expect to develop respectul and friendly relationships through honorable and sometimes humorous social media efforts. I expect to see, and have seen, growth to our bottom line, more traffic, more orders, more revenue, less marketing cost. In a larger worldview, I expect my and other VA winery efforts to put VA wines front and center in the world of wine. (A rising tide raises all boats) The next level for me is a push on more media, video particularly, more blogging, adding more social media avenues, i.e. foursquare and other redemption sites plus a big push to make sure we are visually mobile; meaning that we are visible on a variety of mobile device maps. Oh yeah, our website needs a tune up too. Anyone looking for a little extra work? It does keep me busy, and I can understand why people would say I don't have time. I said that. However, engaging in social media can be manageable to your schedule and it's keeps me more energized in my own business. I've stepped away from the Tasting Room, but now engage via social media. I will bet there is a law of social media that exists and it's something like this, the more you resist social media the more you need it. So, get to it, there's no time like the present. Cheers, Derek

By: Kim Kolb

Thu, 21 Oct 2010 18:48:47 +0000

That is Awesome!

By: katbarnard

Thu, 21 Oct 2010 18:19:55 +0000

Hi Frank! It's a good question really. I started doing Facebook for Keswick because it seemed like fun and an easy way to share pictures with our wine club members and other people who came to events. I got on Twitter because I kept hearing people talk about it and wanted to see what it was all about. So I guess we kind of just stumbled into it initially :) I have stuck with it, despite the fact that it does take up most of my "free" time these days, because I think we do gain a lot from it, more than I expected actually. We have seen a good increase in attendance at our events with social media- for example our barrel tasting coming up was almost completely filled up in the first few days of mentioning it! We've also had record attendance at our 4th of July and Valentine's Day events, and our Yappy Hours have really taken off too! Our main (sometimes only) advertising for these events is through social media. We've also been able to develop great relationships through social media- with other wineries, with our incredibly supportive local wine bloggers, with local B&B's, and directly with customers and wine club members. All of these are important for increasing brand recognition and customer loyalty, which ultimately increase business. And, of course, it's still just lots of fun :) I love meeting people on Twitter and seeing pictures or comments people post to our Facebook page, and it's always a lot of fun when a customer comes in and is talking about a video or something that I posted on Facebook. One of the things in the tasting room that really made me smile is when 2 girls came in and one of them started telling me about the video she saw on our Facebook page and her friend said "yeah, she totally stalks you on Facebook"- I love it!!!