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Preview: Comments on: How GoogTube Merger Will Change Online Media and Marketing

Comments on: How GoogTube Merger Will Change Online Media and Marketing

NEW YORK ( -- What does Google's $1.65 billion acquisition of YouTube really mean for the future of online video-related media and marketing? That question has been ricocheting around boardrooms, business offices and bar stools throughout the in



Wed, 18 Oct 2006 17:08 EDT

In response to Mr. Schulman's comments, I believe the way to produce ads for less production cost is through re-use. With all the video production value that already exists, agencies can still produce the quality ads that clients demand, without the typical expense. While expectations for user-generated video are what they are, ads are still about brand image. Finding ways to make an ad look like it required a lot of time and money to create is key to creating and maintaining brand perception. -Kevin Schaff, CEO, Thought Equity

By: cefrith

Wed, 18 Oct 2006 01:58 EDT

Google will make Youtube easier to search? This is hardly rocketscience my good man.


Tue, 17 Oct 2006 11:45 EDT

I find it interesting how folks shift their thinking towards who is making the deals rather than whether the end user really cares. Everyone is making comments about how the entire industry is making moves towards web content but as of yet, no one has seen any real and definable ROI and I wonder if they will. Oh sure there are some isolated successes, but for the money being spent on migration, can it ever be viable. Sort of reminds me of how everyone quit their job in the nineties to program websites because that was the future too. They have since found real jobs again. I would look at the facts, you tube gets a lot of visits, but are those visits something that can turn into a profit or just a desire for the outrageous? A visit to Youtube shows that is primary the types of videos that get hits. One look at some of the entries by the networks and one sees a poor response and worse, comments like "Thanks for posting that teaser, now I know not to watch the program". Yes the industry may be moving with full steam to find their place on the web, but this is actually the second time they are trying. The last time, it failed too. -Walter Graff BlueSky Media NY

By: abhiram

Mon, 16 Oct 2006 10:47 EDT

I believe their is no way that anyone can ignore the traffic generated by You tube. If the studios were really so good at attracting the web audience we would all be visiting or But we are not! As usual the Internet economy is creating its own markets and traditional media is playing catch up. The good thing about the internet is democratization of what is considered popular media and You tube is an example of just that. I think Google has got it earlier than the others. Unlike the obvious comparisons with Napster, I think the difference in this case the ease of adding advertising to You tube videos. I have done a small piece on my blog at abschow


Mon, 16 Oct 2006 09:25 EDT

Yes Google spent a nice chunk of change for YouTube. What do they get for their money besides possible diversified revenue potential and the difficulty of folding in new business lines and needs? They get more brand awareness. The PR media value of this acquisition and goodwill from the street as well as the continued brand cache Google enjoys are all boosted by this deal. Not too mention they kept the single hottest site today out of the hands of competitors like Yahoo! who might well have ridden YouTube to increased brand relevance, traffic and time on site. the opportunity cost of not letting a competitor get YouTube was in my opinion a bold move that is alone worth the price. Google is now positioned as a video content aggregator with built in video network brand credibility. You dont stay in the lead without thinking like a leader. Marc Karasu CEO