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Dead in the Water ..coolculinaryIMG_2207IMG_2220IMG_2219IMG_2213IMG_2210IMG_2216IMG_2206DineLA menuIMG_2217

Mon, 27 Jul 2015 07:45:51 +0000

Okay here we go. I’m starting off with a review on “Catch & Release” a seafood joint in Marina Del Rey. The name alone is rather strange, as “Catch and Release” implies you’ve caught a fish and decided to toss it back into the ocean. Something I did for years while learning to fish with […]

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Life , Death, Taxes and New Beginingscoolculinary

Fri, 24 Jul 2015 05:00:47 +0000

Wow. where to begin. I last blogged in 2012. Seriously?? Left LA, moved everyone back to my CT country homestead, spent a small fortune updating it to sell, and turned down a HUGE job as executive chef of New York City’s #2 catering company. Basically spent a few years just hibernating, recovering from the deaths […]

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From a Pigs Earcoolculinary

Sat, 02 Feb 2013 02:37:10 +0000

Lately, for the past few years, or longer, the whole  “nose to tail”  eco~wave has reached a veritable crescendo. I’m not talking about a Green Day concert here either, just the entire “embrace of the PIG”  has gone completely overboard. Sustainable cuisine (took that class at the CIA in 1996!) farmed raised & seasonality, is all […]

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From the Cookbook ShelfcoolculinaryIMG_0365IMG_0365

Wed, 09 Jan 2013 05:10:30 +0000

Here are some of my favourite new cookbooks, and some not so new, but all worth a look. Mostly for inspiration if nothing else, some for pure whimsy and some for a look into how other chefs think and their interpretation of the art of food. 1) Mugaritz ~ Andoni Luis Aduriz ~ simply pure […]

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The Fight for Foie..or has this bird flown..coolculinaryIMG_2471

Fri, 29 Jun 2012 07:53:37 +0000

Such a great Beatles lyric” isn’t it good”?  I am refrencing Foie gras though the song “Norwegian Wood” has had it moments. It’s not only one of the best songs ever, it’s a wonderful book, Norwegian Wood, a 1987 novel by Haruki Murakami. Worth the read if you can find it! Ask nicely and I […]

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To Live, Love & Leave LAcoolculinary

Sat, 23 Jun 2012 06:21:06 +0000

To Live, Love & Leave LA Oh LA, how I do love you. This has been one of the best years of my life. Meeting amazing people, cooking for celebrities, lunches at Spago, concerts at the El Rey, Avalon, Wiltern, Music Box, Staples Center, most with VIP passes. Awesome stuff. TV tapings, Two Broke Girls, Jeopardy, Craig Ferguson, Conan!! Seeing Chicago with Christie Brinkley at the Pantages, Elaine Page in Follies at the Ahmanson. and the Broadway production of Green Days American Idiot ( it was passable). But Broadway its not and concerts lack a certain "bonding" one gets back east, shivering in the cold in front of Irving Plaza waiting to see Amanda Palmer or The Kills at Terminal 5, well its just not the same. People here have no passion. No sense of "we are in this together". No, I have decided LA is to much a dog eat dog city. No hey, your doing this too?  As New Yorkers often feel when they are at an event.. They have each others back. That doesn't happen in LA. Everyone here is out for themselves. Period. Don't get me wrong, the weather is the best anywhere  in the US outside of Australia. The produce & farmers markets are so stunning as to make you cry.  People, when they are NOT behind the wheel of their car, are actually pretty nice. Not the highest intelligence level, but earnest & sweet, so that's ok.I have been to 5 food events, and no one, repeat, no one really seems to care what you think. Though Susan Feniger at LA Weeklys farewell to Jonathon Gold was lovely, she posed for pics, and signed a menu. A class act. Ditto the chef at Waterloo & City and the Chef at Haven Gastropub in Old Pasadena. He gave me a "save foie gras' t-shirt. Now that rocked!I find the endless plethora of pizzas, burgers, chicken cobbs, chopped salads, Chinese chicken salads, beets & burrata salads with hazelnuts rather boring. Yet this seems to be 95% of all menus in LA. Uber casual. Even Spago, which is delicious, is really just a glorified pizza & salad joint. Seriously. Okay, so its LA casual. I long for, miss, NYC class. People who hold doors for you, smile in camaraderie when the weather is bad, and nary a cab to found and when you do find one, you offer to share. Most importantly, for me, the dress. Nice stylish, black. Skirts, linen white blouses. Heels. Dressy, but not sloppy or over the top. Women in LA look like for the most part they are wearing their nightgowns out in public. Or god, even worse, hootchie shorts & hooker heels. No style. No class. No elegance.. God, I know I sound like a snob, but as a born and raised NYC'er and having lived in CT for the past 25 yrs, well, LA needs a lesson in manners. From drivers (dont get me started on this one) to just plain everyday interaction with the human race. Though inspite of all the faults I have found during my year in LA, I will come back here, often. Really often. To go to a great concert at the Wiltern, have a wonderful dinner at Melisse, or Josie or Spago or chow some sushi at Sushi Roku, or nom some shrimp toast at Son of a Gun, and finish with some ice cream at Scoops West Side. Or get the best bagel in this town at The Nosh of Beverly Hills. Stay at the Mosaic or the Palomar..pop into fundamental for the best sandwich in LA or 800 degrees for a pizza thats ready in 3 minutes. Zoom down to LACMA ( my membership is good for 5 yrs) to gaze at the "ROCK" look at the lights and have a nibble at Rays Stark Bar, then tootle over to Whimsic Alley on Wilshire (a harry potter haven) to get my magical fill of what can only be uniquely LA. The Grove, the SGV, SFV, Malibu, well...I will miss it all. Deeply. But I know its not going anyway, unless a major quake hits, hey I did get to feel 2!!So for now, in about 8 weeks, our time here will end. I look forward to going back to my counrty farmhouse, frogs croaking in the pond, the barn, the 3 acres, the apple tress, and best of all maine lobsters at $3.99 a pound & [...]

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To Live and Eat in LAcoolculinary

Mon, 02 Apr 2012 05:57:55 +0000

Well we have now been in LA for 8 months what a wonderful time they have been. I may never look back. We’ve been to art exhibits at LACMA, MOCA, Skirball, LAOC westside food & chamber music series, concerts, walks on the beach, finding fun & funky shops, hitting farmers markets and my getting my […]

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You Know Your A Supernatural Fan When ~coolculinary

Wed, 21 Mar 2012 06:03:22 +0000

It as been quite awhile since I blogged about anything, having to much fun since I moved to LA, family illness, and numerous other distractions have sidelined me from blogging. What a better way to ease back into it by blogging about my beloved show #Supernatural. While I hated season 6, this last season has […]

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Loving LA..coolculinary

Sun, 15 Jan 2012 05:42:57 +0000

Ah Los I love thee.. First my dance card has never been so full. It’s a wonderous experience discovering this amazing city. Secondly, I don’t think i will ever want to leave! While there are most certainly asswipe drivers, it really is nowhere near as bad as New York City. I plan on blogging […]

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The Morning After..coolculinaryIMG_3222

Sat, 26 Nov 2011 07:26:46 +0000

No, I’m not talking about the next day after partying too much, staying up to late watching old movies, or even a bad date. I’m talking about the day after Thanksgiving. You know, you have eaten yourself to the “I’m almost to full to move point”, tomorrow is Black Friday and do I go shopping […]

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