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Jailed Melrose Place star breaks silence
A FORMER star of Melrose Place has told of how she lost her friends and her marriage after she crashed her car while drunk, killing another woman.(image) (image)

‘He might just have to sing himself’
DONALD Trump has spent decades associating with celebrities and once dreamt of a movie career. But for his presidential inauguration, he is finding little love in return.(image) (image)

The celeb on Team Trump’s wish list
CELEBRITIES have been steering clear of Donald Trump but his advisers believe a dance with one well-known Republican might help heal the country.(image) (image)

Barack Obama’s complicated legacy
EIGHT years after his historic election, US President Barack Obama leaves office with an approval rating of 60 per cent and a complicated legacy.(image) (image)

North Korea to ‘nuke’ Trump’s big day
NORTH Korea is ‘readying two intercontinental ballistic missiles’ to ‘nuke’ Donald’s Trump inauguration, it’s been reported.(image) (image)

Chilling text hours after waitress vanishes
A STRIP club waitress vanished two days ago after police pulled her over in her car — and she hasn’t been seen since, according to reports in the US.(image) (image)

Executed man’s detailed confession
A MAN convicted of killing a family of four, slashing their throats and setting their home ablaze after they left their front door open while preparing for a New Year’s Day party in 2006, was executed Wednesday.(image) (image)

Where now for Michelle Obama?
BOUNDING through the plush rooms of the White House in a stylish shirt and pants with the family dogs, Michelle Obama looks like a woman who knows herself.(image) (image)

PM’s cringeworthy act slammed
PARLEZ-VOUS français?(image) (image)

Obama gushes over his daughters
BARACK Obama’s final press conference as President was previewed as a farewell and thanks to members of the media he has worked with for eight years, and a chance to get his final message out.(image) (image)