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Last Build Date: Sat, 22 Oct 2016 13:17:56 +0000


TV anchor quit job to be porn star
FOR one thing, Dallas Steele’s new career has a bigger benefits package.(image) (image)

National anthem singer kneels in protest
A US woman performing the national anthem before an NBA preseason game in Miami did so while kneeling at midcourt, and opening her jacket to show a shirt with the phrase “Black Lives Matter.”(image) (image)

Hillary Clinton’s HQ evacuated
POLICE say Hillary Clinton’s campaign headquarters in Brooklyn have been evacuated after a white substance was discovered in an envelope.(image) (image)

What if Trump doesn’t concede?
HILLARY Clinton’s campaign is increasingly preparing for the possibility that Donald Trump may never concede the presidential election should she win, a development that could enormously complicate the crucial early weeks of her preparations to take office.(image) (image)

PM cops a handful of pumpkin seeds
A GREEN activist shouting “keep your promises” has thrown a handful of pumpkin seeds with hand drawn hearts at Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.(image) (image)

Is Wonder Woman too sexy for the UN?
THE United Nations celebrated Wonder Woman’s 75th birthday on Friday by naming the comic book character as its new Honorary Ambassador for the Empowerment of Woman and Girls, despite frustration from both inside and outside the world organisation that the spot should go to a real — and less sexualised — woman.(image) (image)

Cyber attacks disrupt PayPal, Twitter
CYBER attacks targeting a little known internet infrastructure company, Dyn, have disrupted access to dozens of websites, preventing some users from accessing PayPal, Twitter and Spotify.(image) (image)

The bike lock that makes thieves vomit
ARE you a bike rider who worries constantly your bicycle will get stolen whenever you lock it up on the street?(image) (image)

No arrests months after eight murdered
SIX months after someone shot eight members of an extended family to death in their Ohio homes, surviving relatives are still waiting — for an explanation, for an arrest, for a hint of closure.(image) (image)

‘Fake gang rape’ trial gets ugly
THE US$7.5 million lawsuit against Rolling Stoneover its discredited story about a brutal gang rape at a US college frat house opened this week and proceedings have been nothing short of explosive.(image) (image)