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Mexico rocked by 7.1-magnitude quake
A POWERFUL earthquake has jolted central Mexico, causing buildings to sway sickeningly in the capital on the anniversary of a 1985 quake that left at least 5000 people dead.(image) (image)

Jogger keeps pooing on stranger’s lawn
THIS jogger has a serious case of the runs — and she just doesn’t give a crap.(image) (image)

Trump’s fiercest threat to N Korea
DONALD Trump has made his strongest threat yet against North Korea, vowing to “totally destroy” the country if it attacks the US or its allies.(image) (image)

US may shoot down N Korean missiles
TOP US officials are considering shooting down any further North Korean missile that are launched, it has been reported.(image) (image)

Hurricane Maria turns deadly
HURRICANE Maria is hurtling towards the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico, with the US National Hurricane Centre warning of a “potentially catastrophic” impact as it battered the eastern Caribbean.(image) (image)

Trump vows to ‘totally destroy’ N Korea
DONALD Trump has vowed to “totally destroy” North Korea if it doesn’t end its nuclear path, in his first address to the United Nations.(image) (image)

This is what 257km/h winds look like
WHEN it comes to Mother Nature, she knows no bounds.(image) (image)

Nazi supporter gets knocked flat
WARNING: Confronting(image) (image)

Genius tactic to escape mugging
A US woman has faked having a seizure in order to escape a mugging after being slipped a terrifying note.(image) (image)

Fears as hurricane strengthens again
HURRICANE Maria has grown into a Category 5 storm as the eye nears Dominica.(image) (image)