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What Trump said before bombing
FOR nearly 100 days, President Donald Trump has rattled Washington and been chastened by its institutions.(image) (image)

North Korea ‘ready’ to strike
NORTH Korea has hit back at America’s provocations in a strange war of words as US warships near the Korean peninsula.(image) (image)

Pence’s on ‘dumb deal’ with Australia
HE flew out of Australia this morning, but US Vice President Mike Pence left no one in any doubt about how the Trump administration feels about the infamous “dumb deal” our country struck with his over refugees.(image) (image)

Trump hits out: I would still beat Hillary
DONALD Trump has described as ‘very good’, new polls that show his approval ratings are at a historical low, as he nears his 100th day as president.(image) (image)

Mike Pence’s rebel daughter
AUDREY Pence, daughter of the US Vice President, is on the Democrat side of politics, speaks Arabic and is studying journalism.(image) (image)

Viral overdose video ‘saved my life’
A WOMAN whose overdose went viral last month said the negative publicity she received from it has actually given her a second chance at life.(image) (image)

Thousands join global science rallies
THOUSANDS of scientists, students and research advocates rallied in the US, Europe and Australia on Saturday to conveying a global message of scientific freedom without political interference.(image) (image)

City locked down for Mike Pence visit
SNIPERS on top of buildings, helicopters hovering low, US Secret Service agents on foot, and a heavy presence of police lining the streets, parks and businesses.(image) (image)

Australian man killed in US bike crash
POLICE in the US state of New Mexico are investigating a fatal motorcycle accident that left a 76-year-old Australian man dead.(image) (image)

US rejects Exxon’s Russia request
THE Trump administration has denied a request from Exxon Mobil to waive US sanctions against Russia and allow it to resume oil drilling around the Black Sea.(image) (image)