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‘Some bodies had no heads, limbs or feet’
WARNING: Graphic content(image) (image)

Donald Trump flags another huge change
CHARTING a striking new course for the Middle East, President Donald Trump on Wednesday withheld clear support for an independent Palestine and declared he could endorse a one-nation solution to the long and deep dispute between Palestinians and Israel.(image) (image)

‘Don’t move and don’t breathe’
WARNING: Confronting footage(image) (image)

These hipsters aren’t what you think
FASHION is not the first thing you associate with a country plagued by bloody battles and terror, but these Kurdish hipsters are about to change that — with the launch of a new clothing line.(image) (image)

New search for Tut’s secret chambers
THE search for hidden rooms behind the painted walls of King Tutankhamun’s tomb will resume this month, with a new radar survey of his burial chamber.(image) (image)

Trump: ‘He better be careful’
DONALD Trump dialled up the rhetoric against Iran warning the country’s president he “better be careful” about his words.(image) (image)

Iran’s supreme leader mocks Trump
IRAN’S supreme leader believes President Donald Trump had shown the “real face” of the United States, after he accused Iran of being ungrateful for sanctions relief approved by the Obama administration.(image) (image)

Deadly bomb hits Kabul court
A SUICIDE bomber struck an entrance to Afghanistan’s Supreme Court on Tuesday, killing at least 19 people in the latest in a series of attacks on the country’s judiciary.(image) (image)

13,000 hanged at ‘human slaughterhouse’

Maverick barber cuts hair using fire
A BRAVE client has quite the close shave when his barber sets his hair alight.(image) (image)