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Kids ‘could be bombed at any minute’
THE three remaining Sharrouf children abandoned in Syria following the death of their father and two brothers “are in a place where they could be bombed at any minute”.(image) (image)

‘Marry your rapist’ law abolished
LEBANON’S parliament has abolished a law that absolves rapists if they marry their victims, joining other Arab states that have repealed “marry-your-rapist” laws in recent weeks.(image) (image)

Could the Qatar crisis finally be over?
SAUDI Arabia’s King Salman has ordered the reopening of the border with Qatar to facilitate the annual hajj pilgrimage, state media said Thursday, in the first signs of a thaw after the region’s worst diplomatic crisis in years.(image) (image)

Dutton slams dead Australian terrorist
AUSTRALIAN terrorist Khaled Sharrouf may have been killed in Syria alongside two of his young sons.(image) (image)

Iran’s chilling warning to Trump
IRAN’S President Hassan Rouhani has warned that it could abandon its 2015 nuclear deal with world powers within hours if the United States keeps on imposing new sanctions.(image) (image)

Is this the world’s worst prison?

‘Enough evidence to convict Assad’
A UN commission probing Syria rights abuses has gathered enough evidence to convict President Bashar al-Assad of war crimes, an outgoing member of the commission said in interviews published Sunday.(image) (image)

Iran orders $500m worth of missiles
IRAN’S parliament on Sunday approved more than half a billion dollars in funding for the country’s missile program and foreign operations of the elite Revolutionary Guards in response to US sanctions.(image) (image)

World’s oldest man dies at 113
ISRAELI Holocaust survivor Yisrael Kristal, certified last year by Guinness World Records as the world’s oldest man, died on Friday aged 113.(image) (image)

Dozens killed in Egypt train smash
A TRAIN collision near Egypt’s coastal city of Alexandria on Friday killed at least 31 people and injured about 109, according to two medical officials.(image) (image)