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Jesus’ tomb gets $4 million makeover
THE tomb where Jesus Christ is believed to have been buried has been resurrected to its former glory after undergoing a $4 million makeover.(image) (image)

‘You are the future of Europe’
TURKEY’S leader has told Turks living overseas to have at least five children and live in the “best houses” because they are the “future of Europe” ahead of a critical referendum in the country.(image) (image)

Dozens dead in grisly suicide attacks
AT LEAST 30 people have been killed and many others wounded after a suicide bomber detonated his explosives’ vest inside the main judicial building in the Syrian capital.(image) (image)

Crusader wreck’s tale of despair
CHRISTIAN knights and Mameluke warriors were fighting on the walls. Now the wreck of a 13th century ship reveals the desperate bid to save the Holy Land.(image) (image)

Crisis looming after Islamic State’s defeat
COALITION forces have Islamic State on the ropes and its leader in hiding, but if you thought the terror group’s defeat might be a huge win for the west, think again.(image) (image)

Inside historic site ISIS pulverised
AFTER two and a half years under Islamic State control, all that is left in Mosul’s museum are the traces of looting and destruction.(image) (image)

Will IS ever be defeated?
HE vowed to “obliterate” Islamic State if he became President of the United States.(image) (image)

US Marines step up assault on IS
THE United States has sent a Marine Corps artillery battery into Syria to help defeat the Islamic State group in Raqa, the capital of their supposed caliphate, a US official said Wednesday.(image) (image)

Couple arrested for premarital sex
A COUPLE visiting Abu Dhabi has allegedly been arrested for having premarital sex after a doctor reportedly told authorities the woman was pregnant.(image) (image)

Twin blasts kill 23 at wedding
IRAQI forces battled Islamic State militants in their stronghold of Mosul on Wednesday and took control of the last major road leading west from the city, before bomb blasts ripped through a wedding party near Tikrit, killing more than 20 people.(image) (image)