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Here's the design for the TERRELL for JUDGE yard signs. Expect these to be ready to distribute and display about Oct. 1.

Campaign Handout -- Printed & Ready to Distribute


My campaign handout is printed. We have 8,000 which we plan on passing out door-to-door in Decatur Township between now and election day. Thanks to all those who added their comments, suggestions and corrections to the earlier draft. Specifically, thanks...

Help Select My Campaign Hand-out Card


Please take a look at my campaign flier, which is shown with this article. Let me know any comments you might have by emailing: And here's the back:

20 Best Movies of the Decade


Here’s my selection for the 10 best movies of the past decade. 1. The Hours 2. Juno 3. O Brother Where Art Thou 4. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind 5. Sideways 6. City of God 7. Capote 8. Lord... Here’s my selection for the 10 best movies of the past decade.   1.      The Hours   2.      Juno   3.      O Brother Where Art Thou   4.      Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind   5.      Sideways    6.      City of God   7.      Capote   8.      Lord of the Rings (trilogy)   9.      Chicago   10.    Casino Royale   11.    Pan’s Labyrynth   12.    The Diving Bell and the Butterfly   13.    Up       14.    Slumdog Millionaire   15.    The Incredibles             16.    The Hangover    17.    28 Days Later       18.    Michael Clayton   19.    Million Dollar Baby   20.    The Dark Knight    [...]

ISBA Annual Meeting -- Worth Your Time to Attend


If you have not attended the Indiana State Bar Association's Annual Meeting for a while -- or maybe never -- you owe it to yourself to invest in yourself and your practice by planning to attend the 2010 event. There...

New Uniform for Solos?


Seeking a tax deductible office uniform, is this the new uniform for solo lawyers?

Gov. Mitch Daniels: Judges Incompetent -- Except to Send Someone to Death


I could not help but notice the juxtaposition of two articles in a recent issue of Indiana Lawyer and how they reflect on the administration of justice, particularly by Governor Mitch Daniels. In one article Gov. Mitch Daniels vehemently attacked...

Crossing the Thin Blue Line


Police work is tough. No question. But any criminal defense lawyer will tell you that some police officers are not above shading the testimony, or even creating testimony , to put the accused behind bars. Example 1: In Lafayette, Special...

Alice Through the Looking Glass: Obama upholds "States Rights" reversing Bush "Big Brother Federal Government"


Democrats are for bigger government in Washington, less power to the States. Republicans believe that local government is better, and Washington intrudes too much into the rights of States to governm. Right? That's what we keep hearing the talking head...

Belterra -- Great Location for 8th Annual Solo & Small Firm Conference


The 8th Annual Indiana Solo & Small Firm Conference is coming up soon -- June 4-6 at Belterra Resort, Casino & Spa. I'm not much of a casino fan, but this is a fantastic location for the Conference. The meeting...