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Marathon Training Programme

03 Jun 2010 05:04:00 GMT

No matter whether or not you happen to be planning to complete a marathon for the first time, or planning to boost your results, a marathon training programme is completely essential to your results. This write-up will talk about a number of of the points which are extremely important when it comes to deciding which marathon training programme to adopt. We'll also show you where to obtain several of the World's preferred marathon training programmes and talk about their strengths and disadvantages.

Marathon Training Schedule For Beginners

10 Jan 2011 14:23:45 GMT

Marathon Training Schedule For Beginners Tips Deciding on the best marathon training schedule for beginners can be a daunting task for newcomers. The aim of this short piece of writing is to give you the best information so you can make the right choice regarding which marathon training schedule is best for you. To begin with, if you're looking at seriously completing marathon or half marathon, you should not just be looking for a running schedule. Yes' it's true that a good running schedule is a major part of any program. However, if this is the only tool you use, your chances of achieving your goals will definitely not as good. The correct marathon diet program for your needs and also to suit your training schedule is essential. I know this might not seem that important for beginners, but the truth is that you will be exposing your body to some major changes over the coming weeks so you'll need to make these adjustments to your eating habits. Carrying on as normal won't give you the proper nutrition that's required. Especially during the peak stages of your training. Ther best marathon training schedules for beginners will also information on how and why you are doing what you're doing. Many of the best marathon training programs nowadays include video and audio instruction and tuition, often via the internet or downloadable media. These days buying a book just isn't enough. It doesn't cover all of the learning disciplines and provides no feedback or support. Online marathon training schedules provide interactive forums, bulleting boards and discussion rooms for like minded marathoners to chat, exchange ideas and ask questions. This form of support is usually always moderated by the trainer. There are many advantages to having this kind of support. Firstly, you'll be less likely to pull out if you commit to a proper program. Also, the connections you make and relationships you'll build with others in the support forums will strengthen your resolve to achieve your marathon goals. Secondly, you're level of training will be higher and more intense if you are following a proper program. This is good because the fitter you are at race day, the easier you will find the running. This means less pain and a better result. Even beginners will appreciate being able to finish your first race still standing! Marathon training schedule for beginners essentials include a detailed marathon diet program, professional support and a good running schedule. In terms of running schedules, it's a fact that the more personalised a training programs is, the better it will be for you. There are 3 basic levels of running schedules out there. Firstly, you find many books and free information with basic prescribed programs including distances and maybe some pace work. The next level is semi-tailored programmes. These running schedules are the most cost-effective balance for beginners because they consist of multiple levels and contain information on how to tailor them to your own personal needs and goals. The very best marathon training schedules are, of course, personalized programs. These involve a detailed analysis of your current level of fitness. From there a professional running coach or trainer will put together a tailored marathon program based specifically on your needs. It goes wothout saying that this is the most expensive option by far. Most people go for the second option, however if you have the spare cash, by all means go the professional route.

Marathon Diet

11 Jan 2011 14:07:22 GMT

Marathon Diet Programs Your marathon diet is only one of the major 3 aspects for you to focus on when choosing a training program. Selecting the right half marathon and marathon workout schedule for rookies can be quite a complicated job for newcomers. The aim of this quick written piece is to present you with the proper help and advice which enables you to make the right choice when it comes to which marathon coaching schedule is best for you. For starters, if you're looking at very seriously finishing a marathon or half marathon, you ought not only be searching for a running program. Of course, it is a fact that a top notch jogging programme is a really fundamental element of every system. Having said that, if this is the only system you employ, your odds of hitting your objectives will clearly not be nearly as good. The most effective marathon diet system for your needs and at the same time to match your running schedule is very important. I know this might not appear to be that essential for first-timers, but the reality is that you will be exposing your body to some major changes through the coming weeks so you will have to make these kinds of modifications to your eating plan. Moving on as normal probably will not supply you with the healthy food intake that's needed. Particularly during the peak phases of your training. The finest half marathon and marathon training programs should include information on how and why you're doing what you are doing. Many of the very best marathon workout plans these days feature audio and video education and tuition, typically through the web or downloadable multimedia. These days buying a book is simply not enough. It will not cover all the learning styles and provides no feedback or support. Online half marathon and marathon training plans provide you with online community forums for well matched marathoners to have a chat, switch tips and hints and ask questions. This kind of encouragement is often frequently moderated by the fitness instructor. There are plenty of benefits to getting this type of customer support. For starters, you're going to be much less likely to pull out if you commit to a proper programme. Also, the links you make and relationships you are going to create with others in the help user discussion forums will most likely strengthen your resolve to achieve your marathon objectives. Secondly, your standard of running will probably be better and much more intense when you're following a certified system. This is definitely good considering that the more fit you happen to be at race day, the easier you're going to find the jogging. This means considerably less pain along with a better end result. Even first-timers will truly appreciate having the capacity to complete your first marathon still standing up!Marathon running regimen requirements will include a comprehensive marathon diet plan, experienced technical support in conjunction with a specialized training program. In regards to jogging programs, it has been proven that the more customised a workout programmes is, the better it's going to be for you personally. There are 3 main sorts of jogging programmes around. For starters, you'll discover many training books and free resources complete with standard recommended plans including mileage and possibly some pace work. The next level is semi-tailored programs. These running schedules are the most cost efficient balance for rookies basically because they incorporate multiple levels and include information about how to personalize them to your individual requirements and goals. The very top marathon exercise programs are, of course, custom made programs. These are based on an in depth evaluation of your existing fitness level. From there, a professional jogging trainer or trainer will definitely build a customised marathon and half marathon training program built specifically on your goals. It goes without saying this is the priciest alternative by far. Most of us opt for the second choice, yet if you ha[...]

Half Marathon Training Schedule For Beginners

11 Jan 2011 14:08:20 GMT

Half Marathon Training Schedule For Beginners Deciding on the best half marathon training schedule for beginners can be a difficult task for beginners. The purpose of this brief article is to supply you with the right help and advice so you're able to make the most suitable decision with respect to which half marathon running schedule is the best for you. For starters, if you are looking at seriously completing a half marathon, you ought not just be looking for a jogging timetable. For sure, it's a fact that a top notch running programme really is a key part of pretty much any programme. However, if this is the only program you use, your odds of achieving your dreams will definitely not be as good. The most suitable half marathon eating plan to meet your needs and, in addition, to fit your running plan is extremely important. I know this may not come across as that important for amateurs, but the truth is that you'll be exposing your body to some big changes during these upcoming months so you'll want to make these kinds of changes to your eating habits. Moving on as normal will not likely give you the right nourishment that is required. This is especially true during the peak stages of your running. The finest marathon training schedules for beginners should on top of that contain information about how and precisely why you are doing what you're doing. Many of the very best half marathon training programmes nowadays include things like audio and video instruction and tuition, often via the internet or downloadable media. These days choosing a book is not really quite enough. It won't address each of the learning disciplines and supplies no feedback or support. Internet based half marathon workout plans provide interactive forums for compatible marathoners to chat, trade tips and hints and seek advice. This form of customer support is generally constantly moderated by a trainer. There's a lot of advantages to having this type of encouragement. To begin with, you'll be a lot less likely to pull out once you commit to a specific training program. In addition, the friends you will be making and friendships you'll build with others in the guidance user discussion forums will most likely strengthen your resolve to accomplish your marathon goals. Secondly, your standard of workout is going to be higher and much more intensive if you are following a quality training program. This is really very good because the more fit that you are on race day, the easier you will find the jogging. This means a bit less anguish along with a far better race time. Even newbies will get pleasure from being able to finish your first half marathon still standing up! Half marathon training schedule for beginners basics will include a detailed half marathon meal plan, skilled professional help and also a specialized jogging plan. With regard to running programs, it has been proven that the more personalised a exercise programmes is, the more effective it will be for you personally. You'll find three typical sorts of training programs around. First off, there are various training books and free information that includes standard recommended programs including distances and perhaps some pace work. The next stage is semi-personal programs. These particular jogging schedules tend to be the most cost-effective balance for beginners given that they incorporate multiple levels and provide you with information on how to tailor them to your own personal requirements and objectives. The very finest half marathon workout plans are, without a doubt, personalized programs. These come with an in depth assessment of your existing level of fitness. Following that, a specialized training instructor or mentor will probably whip up a personalized half marathon program centered explicitly on your requirements. It goes without saying that this is the most expensive course of action hands down. Nearly all people go with the 2nd option, alth[...]

How To Train For a Marathon

21 Apr 2011 04:24:43 GMT

How To Train For a Marathon If you're looking for information on how to train for a marathon then this is a strong indication to me that you've probably never done one before. That's O.K. This short article has all of the information and resources you'll need to complete that first marathon in one piece AND achieve whatever goal you are out to achieve. How To Train For The Full Marathon To be honest with you there's isn't much you'll need to complete your first marathon successfully. Your ability to finish and achieve your goal rests solely on your ability to stick to the training program and diet. If you do these two things then you're chances of achieving your goal will be much better. The one thing that every budding marathoner must have is a very solid marathon training schedule for beginners. A good quality program will answer all your questions about how to train for a marathon whilst also offering additional support in the form of personalized coaching and support. There are some basic guides out there. These basic types generally consist only of a running program, usually set out on one page in a graph or table. To tell you the truth guys, if you're really serious about completing this marathon, and I mean not just surviving it, but actually getting a reasonable time and not totally killing yourself, you really have to get something more professional. How To Train For a Marathon Essentials Let's start with the core gear you'll need. Firstly, you'll need to have some good quality footwear. Cross trainers and other sports and leisure won't cut it, you might get by in a 10k with sneakers but you really NEED proper running shoes for this distance! Everything else you wear is really up to you, it's personal preference. Some people like pure cotton, some like dri-fit or compression socks. The only thing that matters is your shoes in terms of running gear. The only other you'll need on marathon Sunday is a fit healthy body ready to run 26.2 miles. The best way to get this fit body is to train hard and eat well. This isn't easy because when a lot of people take on something as big as a full marathon, they quite often start out too hard and get injured. You need to build up the running slowly to give your muscles and nervous system time to adjust to the new stress you're putting yourself under. How To Train For a Marathon Extras There are a few optional extras which will drastically help you learn how to train for a marathon much faster. The first thing is a proper training program which includes a diet plan and some sort of support mechanism. These are quite cheap now with the online ones offering better value due to the added support in the form of forums and online communities. The very top ones even give one-on-one support. Other optional extras include gadgets such as watches, heart rate monitors and pedometers. You can actually get watches which do all of this, but their really expensive and at the end of the day, they won't help you much in the last 10 kilometres. Having said that, these things can be good for training and motivation if you're into them. How To Train For a Half Marathon There are some very good specific half marathon training schedule for beginners programs available now. In fact, these programs almost outsell the full marathon programs because a lot more people run these races than the full whack nowadays. The principles are pretty much the same as training for a full marathon, just on a smaller scale. However, don't fall into the trap of thinking it's a walk in the park. You've pretty much now got a good idea of how to train for a marathon. Have a look at some of the top guides and good luck!

Training For A Half Marathon

27 Apr 2011 03:25:43 GMT

Training For A Half Marathon Training for a half marathon is not something that anyone should take lightly. A lot of people have a false sense of security that because it's only a half marathon, that it's going to be easy and they might not require that much training. In fact, the opposite is true and the same rules apply to training for a full marathon. The only difference is that the running schedule will be shorter. However, the intensity must be the same, otherwise your fitness won't improve and you'll be struggling come race day. Training For A Half Marathon Running Schedules Without a doubt the biggest factor to your half marathon success is having a detailed half marathon training schedule for beginners which includes distances, pace training and cross training exercises. Let me make this clear for you now, running plans which only have days and distances are not enough. There are a lot of these basic plans available for free in books and on some websites. Listen to the experts. These basic free running plans won't get you across that finish line in anywhere as good a state as if you use a proper marathon training programme from an expert. Training For A Half Marathon Experts If you're really serious about training for a half marathon there is a good selection of marathon programs available from marathon gurus and experts to help guide you over the line in the best shape possible. Names like Jago Holmes and Dean Karnazes are well known and respected. Guys like this who have ran many marathons before at a professional level will offer you the best plans. These experts have also personally trained hundreds and thousands of runners so you can trust that they know what they're talking about. Newbie Training For A Half Marathon The best marathon training plans will include different levels of training depending on your current level of fitness and experience. Some people might be quite fit, but haven't done a lot of running before. Others may be totally new to it and looking to accomplish one their life goals. Whatever your motivation is, you can be sure that a generic plan won't work. There is no such thing as a one size fits all program when it comes to training for a half marathon. The more personalized you can make your program, the better it will be for you. A good selection of the programs delivered online have lots of options for you to customize the training program to suit your needs. The downloadable marathon training guides actually offer the best value because the costs for the writer are lower. Because they don't have to print books, make CDs or DVDs their overheads are lower and they can give you more. This is exactly the reason why most of the experts are moving to offering their programs over the internet. They can provide online support in member forums and chat rooms and give you an even better chance of achieving your goals.

How Long Is A Marathon

07 Nov 2011 13:00:13 GMT

How Long Is A Marathon Whether you're an accomplished distance runner with a goal of completing several marathons in a year, or just starting to contemplate a marathon training programme, running a marathon stands as a badge of honor and achievement. Running a marathon is an hours-long battle of man over miles. How Long Is A Marathon Run In Miles Today's marathon distance is exactly 26 miles and 385 yards long; this is the official distance prescribed by the IAAF (International Association of Athletic Federations,) and they require that the distance be measured using a bicycle calibration method to make sure that it is exact. The first marathon run in modern Olympic history, which was created in tribute to the legendary run from Marathon to Athens during the Greco-Persian war, was only approximately twenty five miles long, the distance that the historical run was estimated to be. Various marathons run during that early period were approximations of 25 or 26 miles, with no specific measurement used because the runners were competing against one another rather than competing to break a time record. The official distance that is in use today was not ratified by the IAAF until 1921, but was based on the marathon distance that was run in the 1908 Summer Olympics, held in London. The distance at that Olympics was originally set to measure 26 miles plus another 700 yards in order to have the runners finish in front of the Royal Family's viewing box, but because of complications with access to the entrance to the stadium, the final lap direction was reversed and the race was subsequently shortened by a few hundred yards. The distance that was run during the 1908 Summer Olympics has been used as the official marathon distance ever since. How Long Is A Marathon In Meters For runners considering training for a marathon, the considerations go far beyond adopting a healthy marathon diet and finding the best marathon training programme. The 42,195 meter distance, eight and a half times the 5K run they may do with their friends on Saturday afternoons, can be daunting. Although the world record holders in the marathon complete the race in just over two hours, recreational runners set themselves goals of completing the race in less than four or five hours. The trick to the marathon distance is not only in physical strength and endurance training for the high mileage, but also in the runner's mental approach. Although many try to distract themselves with music or by observing the race surroundings and their fellow runners, the most successful marathon runners break the long-distance-run down into smaller mental pieces such as two and a half ten-mile runs, or ten two-and-a-half mile runs that feel more manageable. Experienced runners trying to achieve a specific race pace also use this trick to keep track of their split times, all the while monitoring the way they are feeling and adjusting their exertion level in order to insure that they don't exhaust themselves long before the run is over. How Long Is A Marathon Swim The marathon run is a strictly prescribed, 26.2 mile distance, but marathon swims are more loosely defined as ultra-long-distance races in open water. In marathon swims the distance is less important than the swimmers' performances against each other; the challenge lies in the swimming environments, which change based not just on distance, but on wind, currents, tides and temperature; for example, a race in warm water will yield slower times than a race in cooler water.

Marius Bakken Marathon Plan Review

27 Dec 2011 14:12:38 GMT

Marius Bakken !00 Day Marathon Plan Marius Bakken is an Olympic athlete and world class runner who has brought his elite running expertise to marathon runners all over the world through his 100-day marathon training schedule, as well as his information on the best running shoes, running tips, and 5K, 10K and half-marathon training. With his unique approach, he has enabled thousands of experienced runners to improve their running times easily yet dramatically, and has introduced successful marathon completion to beginning runners. His program offers a simple four-step approach that will provide all the information and support you need to achieve your marathon goals. Marius Bakken Review Interview Marius Bakken is one of the most accomplished runners in the world; this native Norwegian first ran for the University of Indiana, then went on to compete for Norway in the 2001 World Championships, 2002 European Championships, 2005 World Championships, and the 2000 and 2004 Olympics among other competitions. In interviews with some of the most renowned running websites and magazines, Bakken has spoken extensively about the impact that his coaches and trainers have had on him, ranging from his high school and college coaches to the famous Peter Coe, with whom he trained for two years. He has taken the wealth of knowledge that he received at their hands, combined it with what he learned while running in Kenya and from successful Italian coaches, and created an innovative Marathon Training Plan that promises fantastic results, whether you are an experienced runner looking to improve your previous record or a novice runner looking to complete your very first marathon. Marius Bakken Review Marathon Plan Marius Bakken's Marathon Training Plan is based on his own running experience, including his fifteen stays in Kenya. It is a plan that can be accomplished in one hundred days, which is the average amount of time that a runner puts into training for a marathon. It can also be done in as little as sixty days or as long as 150 days. His plan involves four steps that are applicable for everybody; choosing, training, preparing and prevention. Choosing refers to the selection of the best marathons for you; training goes through the day-to-day running schedule, including heart rate training. Preparing is the nitty gritty of what to eat and drink and what to do to take care of your body as you prepare for the marathon and what the best running shoes are for your long run. Finally, prevention provides general running tips on stretching and injuries. The program provides a smart, common sense approach to training, providing the appropriate amount of motivation while ensuring that you neither overtrain nor undertrain, all in a way that can be personalized to your own experience and needs. Marius Bakken Review Training The Marius Bakken 100-Day Marathon Training Schedule promises the results you want in twelve weeks or less. For just $47, he provides the twelve week program plus a three week pretraining and three week post-marathon program. The program also includes a fourteen chapter, 120-page how-to manual that takes you through training first for a 5K race, a 10K race, a half-marathon, then on to the full marathon. It includes twenty-five videos with step-by-step schedules, information on choosing shoes, running form and strength training. It also includes 8 customized training schedules based on your desired finishing time, and comprehensive workouts based on heart rate optimization. Runners who sign up for the program also get access to the program's bonus fifth step, a question and answer website where members can exchange their success stories and running tips and experiences. Bakken's program is one of the best, most comprehensive approaches for anybody trying to learn how to train[...]

Jago Holmes Review

27 Dec 2011 17:48:18 GMT

Jago Holmes Real Running a marathon has become one of those bucket list things that everybody talks about doing. Whether you're a runner who has lots of mileage under your belt or a couch potato looking to turn over a new leaf, Jago Holmes has a training plan that will help you educate yourself and get ready to take on the 26.2 mile mountain that is the marathon. Jago Holmes Review Personal Trainer Jago Holmes is a personal trainer based in Halifax, in the north of England. He is a graduate of the University of Leeds with a YMCA Personal Trainer award, one of the highest levels of certification in personal training available in the United Kingdom. As the owner and principle trainer of a fitness studio called New Image Personal Training, he has had the opportunity to work with serious athletes looking to get themselves into the best shape possible and to help people making their first ever attempt at physical fitness. His areas of expertise include badminton, weight loss after pregnancy and running. Over the past several years he has helped thousands of clients, and that experience encouraged him to assemble all of the knowledge and experience that he gained into a 5k running program. Recently he created a marathon training package, specially designed to help beginners achieve their dream of successfully completing a marathon. Jago Holmes Review Running The emphasis of Jago Holmes' running program is on education; he disparages those who promise quick readiness for a marathon, promising instead to educate those who choose his program that he will teach them how to train for a marathon in a way that will prepare them physically and mentally and offer them maximum protection against the pitfalls that stop most runners two weeks into their training program. Based on his experience with his clients, he is well aware of the fact that trying to do too much too soon causes the body to shut down, increases the chance of injuries that stop you in your tracks and make you lose motivation and enthusiasm. Holmes stresses the fact that the marathon is an extreme endurance event, and believes that it is essential that anybody running a marathon understands the mechanics of running well enough to be able to create their own running schedule, as well as have a good understanding of their nutritional needs, how their bodies will change over the course of training, and how to stay motivated. He breaks his training program down into manageable chunks that people can accommodate in their busy lives, and even puts an emphasis on having the proper shoes for your running style and good knowledge of the best stretches for avoiding the most common running problems. Armed with this program, even a beginner will be able to believe in themselves and their ability to finish the 26.2 mile run. Jago Holmes Review Books Jago Holmes has an impressive list of books that he has written over the course of his fitness career, including books on C-section recovery, diet and how to prepare for a 5K run. His experience and expertise make the marathon training programme he has created a remarkably complete package. For just $37.99, the aspiring marathon runner will receive two manuals with all the information needed to prepare for the race, from the biomechanical aspect to how to maintain enthusiasm and motivation. The package also includes seven bonus e-books on the topics of nutrition, injury prevention and treatment, boosting metabolism, healthy smoothies, soup recipes, motivation, and information on glycemic requirements. In addition to this all-encompassing program, Holmes offers a 60-day test period.