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Updated: 2018-03-06T00:48:16.089-06:00


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We have just released a new REALLY useful tool for developers and designers.
A MUST-HAVE application.
And it's free and will always be free
check it out.

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Clip Team



For those of you interested,
Clip is a mobile application developing company which is now located in Guatemala City, Guatemala.
It was founded as a family business a long time ago thinking of developing for another platform, but it was shaped little by little by many outsiders until we finally started developing and selling apps on November 11, 2011.(image)

We're sorry


Sorry we have had you guys waiting so long for the app.. but we're still fighting with the market's rules and the US taxes.. We'll be up as soon as possible!(image)

We're Ready!!


Our app has finished it's developing stage, and we are currently getting the media ready to have you guys with the app in a couple of days!

Almost there!!


Our app is already in the last step of completion.. I'll be ready soon!! Keep reading us!(image)



Welcome to our blog!
We are currently developing a MUST HAVE android app..
Just wait for it!