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where there's a dissertation there's a whippet, MOR edition


Zadie knows a thing or two about heckling. Also blankets. Part of an ongoing series.

where there's a dissertation there's a whippet, JDM edition


The tradition lives on!

Where there's a dissertation there's a whippet, KRK edition


Celebrating the 10th anniversary of this tradition. Go here for the archive.

where there's a dissertation there's a whippet, JH edition


an enduring series.

how writing and raising a toddler are analogous if at times conflicting efforts


About three and a half weeks ago, our toddler, normally a Very Good Sleeper, decided that good sleeping would be a 2.5 year phase, one with which she was finished. She screamed and kicked her way through bedtime; once she...

course flyers


These flyers are for English 297A: Sports / Ethics / Literature, a course I'm teaching this spring here at Penn State. (Knowing the school gives important context for the second flyer.) Full description after the flyers. flyer 1: Let's Go....

necessary but by no means sufficient


In the days leading up to the removal of the Paterno statue, my stance was generally agnostic. Or at least I thought it was. I agreed with folks like Russell Frank who calls the debates about symbolism "off the point."...

Oneness was stressed.


In recent weeks, a passage from Don DeLillo's End Zone has been rattling around in my head, but only in that amorphous, faint way that a novel you taught a decade ago (and haven't read since) can rattle. Those of...

where there's a dissertation there's a whippet 2012, pt 2


whose views on mobile technology are agnostic.

p. 268


I have some recommendations to add to the Freeh Report. This could go on and on, as the initial draft of this post did, but I'll go with my top six seven. (JM offered #7 over lunch the day after...

where there's a dissertation there's a whippet, 2012 pt 1


For ch, my last remaining advisee at illinois, where the tradition began. Go here for the archive. Of this bodily position, the elocutionists would have been proud. Well, some of them anyway.

on beginning: the voice you hear may be your own


My poet-friend Erin who is working on a fascinating collection of historical poems says that she researches and researches until she starts to hear a voice in her head. As a non-poet, I heard this description with equal parts intrigue...