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Should You Do SEO?

Tue, 01 May 2012 21:35:00 +0000

If you own a business like I do, you will know that creating a website and publishing it on the web is the easy part.The hardest part is getting it found and making it search engine friendly (SEO) so that it can achieve high rankings and in turn gain more customers.If your new to SEO and haven't got any idea of where to start the official Google webmaster Central Blog has some useful articles and tips on the matter to help you get started.For everyone else it's just improving on what you know.The main aspect of SEO consists of both optimizing a website and gaining good quality incoming links from other sites.What if you don't have the time it takes to work on your site or you can't be bothered, should you employ an outside company to do all the work for you?There are hundreds of companies offering to do all your online marketing and optimize your site for a hefty price.In exchange for help you would have to folk out hundreds if not thousands of pounds a month to these SEO experts who might or might not improve the ranking of your site.Is it worth paying for top rankings or should you do it all yourself?It depends on whether you have the patience, the time and don't mind being hugely disappointed at times when things don't work your way.On the other hand, learning to do your own SEO can be a rewarding process.It takes a lot longer to see results and I'm still learning, but gaining the knowledge of how to do both on page and off page SEO can save you a lot of money.Of course there are genuine reputable companies out there, but there are also a lot of con artist who are after your hard earn cash.Don't be fooled by higher rankings, some sites use black hat tricks to boost there overall position in Google.I know of one site which spammed other websites just to get 1st page ranking.Google apparently wants to target sites which over indulge in on page optimizing.No one knows how Google intends to incorporate this into their algorithm, but one thing is for sure, the methods webmasters use to improve their web presence will change forever.Most of the basic tweaking can be done yourself such as; Writing a effective meta tag title, keyword and description, adding keywords to alt tag images, adding keywords to the main content and so on.Some can require expert help, however it's possible to do all the work yourself for free if your willing to read and apply what you know.It's possible to gain high rankings for low competitive keywords without any link building, this isn't true for popular keywords such as; Fashion Jewellery or Gold Jewellery.One of the best methods is to combine low competitive and popular keywords together.Spying on your competitors and seeing where they are linked to and trying to get links from the same places can help massively in improving your position in the search engines.When link building it's important to have a variety of links from directories, social networking sites, shopping sites, forums and blogs.Many big companies buy lots of domains with their company name on it and use this as a way of creating one way links to their main site. They would also host the domains on different IPs and servers giving the impression that each domain was owned by a separate individual, when in reality the same company owned all of them.So if they had a company say with;, they would buy all the domains associated with that name including, com, info, biz, org, etc and have them pointing to'm not sure about this type of practise, as it seems too expensive for the small business owner to implement and too much additional work as you would have to put unique content on each and every one of the sites in order to avoid duplicate content. There are some good free SEO tools out there which will check your site and point out any problems, offer suggestions on how to fix it and give you a free report.If you choose to go down the pay route make sure you do your research on the company first.Many people are left frustrated and disappointed when the SEO firm they have been shelling out hundreds of poun[...]

Jewellery Can Build Self-Esteem

Tue, 10 Apr 2012 16:30:00 +0000

This article was written by my good friend Harmony. Jewellery is a gift which demonstrates the love and appreciation between the wearer and the giver, making it an appropriate choice for gift buyers.Its ability to transcend pass time, gender and social classes has added to its longevity and helped it to remain the popular choice for rich and poor alike.However jewellery isn't just a nice thoughtful present it can have a huge impact on a person's self-esteem and create a positive feeling of immense love and devotion to the person receiving this gift.There are many ways to develop a positive outlook on life without spending any money. Creating desirable jewellery of your choice is one way to build confidence in yourself.Clothes and chocolate are known for their ability to increase the feel good cells in a person's brain instantly improving the way a person views themselves and the way others see them.Jewellery also contains the same therapeutic qualities of building up self-worth through helping the recipient to feel special and wanted which leads to the giver feeling appreciated for their unique gift.When men want to show their affection for the special lady in their life, they do it by buying her an engagement ring.When women want to treat themselves, they usually buy jewellery because it makes them feel stylish and beautiful.The look and feel of jewellery especially gemstone and crystals adds the air of sophistication, beauty and elegance to any outfit and also reminds the recipient of a time in their lives when they were the centre of affection, an important event or a tragedy. Many jewellery items are kept as keepsake and passed down through successive generations by families who appreciate the significant it hold to their family history.Birthstones also known as gemstones have the ability to increase a person's view of attractiveness when matched with a nice outfit and a well-groomed appearance.Women adore the sparkling and captivating beauty of Ruby and Diamonds incorporating it into their fashion style and boosting their self-esteem amongst others.Rubies are a statement to the public- a statement of expensive, beauty and style.People often feel positive when looking at certain colours; this is true for gemstones which have been used by ancient civilizations for its healing properties and its ability to make people feel good about themselves.Today certain types of gemstones are used to improve mental health.This is why gemstones are often used to create healing jewellery. They create an environment of love; inspire creativity to all who embraces its charms.In some cultures today medicine men use touchstones and gemstones over bruises and cuts believing their nature properties will physical healing within the sufferer.Diamonds are often incorporated into wedding rings due to their status of power and extravaganza and the ability to capture the eye with their radiant beauty.Azurite an intense deep blue stone often found in South American regions and some African countries are believed to be able to influence the mind in a positive way.Sapphire represented the oceans. Its deep blue colour is believed to have a calming effect on the soul.Garnet represented a profound passion or love for something, while emerald was believed to increase confidence in a person’s nature abilities.Jewellery’s timeless appeal will never be diminished even when everything else in life changes, it will still remain an important focal point in peoples lives.[...]

Happy Easter Everyone

Sat, 07 Apr 2012 11:23:00 +0000

Wishing you all a fantastic Easter weekend from the Inspired By Creativity Jewels team.(image)

Vintage Rocks

Thu, 15 Mar 2012 14:29:00 +0000

Vintage jewellery use to be the item of choice for niche groups, but now it's becoming more mainstream. In part due to the celebrity obsession with retro jewellery.Victorian style pendants and Medieval filigree bangles are a hit with the fashion critics and the public alike.This is because vintage jewellery is timeless and gives the impression of a bygone era. Here are some of the popular ones;Art Deco Art Deco is a vintage style of jewellery incorporating the use of bold and striking colours to create some eccentric designs. Geometric shapes such as circles, squares and oblongs are used along side gemstones and sparkling crystals.This style originated in ancient Greece and Rome, where rich noblewomen were known to show off their flamboyant style with colourful gemstones and crystals.It also became popular in the time of the Aztec and the Medieval period, making a revival in the early 1920's until this day.Today it is used in decorating homes, clothes and for many other things.CelticCeltic themed jewellery was made by the Celts and originally came from central Europe.The Celtics were heavily influenced by their belief in nature, the various gods they served and mythology.Many of the Celtic jewellery crafted today incorporates the famous Celtic Triangle Knot believed to represent luck, prosperity and life.The knot often a symbol on wedding bands also represents the ancient Celtic practise of hand-fisting, a ritual performed joining a couple who just got married together. This is where we get the phrase "What God joins together let no man separate." This act was meant to unified the two souls together for as long as they lived.The Celtics where also fans of animals, mythical creatures and trees which they often used in jewellery making to create amulets and charms believed to ward off bad luck.Tree symbols often represent life and wealth in ancient Celtic culture. They were believed to possess life-saving powers which could transform the life of the wearer, bringing them unlimited prosperity, health and favour among men.Today they are often used to create some stunning pendants and earrings.Gothic JewelleryThis theme of jewellery originated in 12th century France during the time of the renaissance.It's characterize by a dark and sombre theme using depictions such as dragons, crosses, mythical symbols and animals to ward of bad luck.Steampunk is very common today due to it's unique ability to design abstract jewellery pieces.Clockwork and bronze plated animal symbol is often used in this design. Jewellers today use pewter (heavily used by the Celts to create engrave and symbolic jewellery) and lace mixed with darker themes to create a unique art work of Gothic jewellery.  Victorian And Estate JewelleryVictorian costume jewellery is widely available today in most vintage style stores. The whole idea of the modern take is to relive the timeless beauty of elegance and romance associate with that era.Engraved picture lockets, ornate rings and heavy encrusted jewelled bracelets were some of the jewellery pieces hugely connected to that period.The Victorians were also a fan of cameo necklaces and bangles, which usually depicted a portrait of a noble lady or animal.Cameos originally came from ancient Rome where noble women would wear it as a sign of their wealth.The modern cameo is made from plastic, however the authentic and rarer originals were made from clay.Estate Jewellery often used as an umbrella for all things vintage, is encrusted piece of elegant jewellery normally found on big estates such as a mansion and owned by a wealth individual.Modern vintage costume jewellery comes in many different shapes and designs.You can easily make your own by buying  antique silver or bronze chain and adding various ribbons, bows, charms to it.We also stock a collection of ready-made vintage right here. [...]

Delicious Looking Food Miniature Jewellery For Adults

Tue, 06 Mar 2012 20:29:00 +0000

I've been very busy with the site lately adding new stock, changing the homepage, fulfilling orders, creating new products, etc that I generally don't get time to blog everyday like I would like to.However when my best friend announce she was thinking of starting up a jewellery business to promote her unique food brand of products, I jumped at the chance to help her.The end result is a very fascinating and exciting range of polymer clay jewellery designed for food lovers everywhere.If there's one thing most people love it's food. It doesn't matter if it's junk or health food people love the process of preparing, cooking and ultimately eating their favourite food dish.Believe it or not there's a huge market for food jewellery.People don't just like to eat the stuff they like to wear it too. Sellers are catching up on this new trend and are jumping at the chance to offer something new to the public. I'm guilty of it myself and have found from experience Food Jewellery is quite popular with the public.This new trend to take the jewellery world by storm is not targeted at children for obvious reasons, adults are the main recipients and they tend to be largely young women between the ages of 20 to 35, who love reading fashion magazines, into celebrities and usually love niche products.Polymer clay aka Fimo can be purchased anywhere that sells clay.There are different types of clay depending on what you plan to use it for.My friend has a very interesting store selling some really lifelike and lovely designs, it's called Food Jewellery Direct. Here are some of her unique work which she gave me permission to republish on my blog.Even I couldn't believe how good they look in real life. The biscuits especially look like the real deal and she crafts them all herself.You can find more of her stunning creation at: I'm usually not into miniature jewellery, as you can tell from my site, however I became a fan instantly when I saw her amazing work.She's been making miniature jewellery for years, but only now decided to turn it into a business.Why not take a look at her site and let us know what you think?You can also join her facebook fan page here Food jewellery Direct Facebook.Spread the word about this cool site![...]

Genuine Crystals VS The Fake

Thu, 01 Mar 2012 21:37:00 +0000

Recently I was lucky to be invited to a prestigious party organised by one of my good friends where I got the chance to meet some interesting people.
One of these people, who shall remain nameless runs a very upmarket crystal business selling unusual crystals to jewellery suppliers worldwide.
They own several mines around the world and have recently ventured into the diamond trade.
Now you can imagine how excited I was when I got the offer to work with this person to produce high quality crystal jewellery.
Everyone who knows me, knows I absolutely adore crystals, especial the Swarovski ones.
If you visit my site, you will find a number of handmade crystal jewellery including, bracelets, rings, earrings and necklaces.
I also love to make crystal hair accessories for bridal wear which will go on the site soon.
Now you might be thinking, what's so special about crystals, you can buy them anywhere?
That maybe true, but did you know most of the crystals sold in craft shops are not high quality.
There's a huge difference between cheap imitation crystals and the real thing.
Some crystals are clearly man-made and of poor quality.
These are the types of crystals you can buy practically anywhere.
Some of them might even go by the name, "Superior Crystals", in the hope you might fall for it.
There's nothing wrong with cheap crystals if that is what you can afford, but quality should always override price.
The beauty of crystals is that they can look incredibly enchanting to the end user.
People generally like sparkling things, they love glamour, beauty and sophistication which crystal jewellery provides.
Crystals can look great on anything. Try adding them to clothes, shoes and hang bags.
I have a friend who designs crystal shoes and they look amazing.
You could even design your own crystal collection without spending a fortune.
Swarovski and Austrian crystals are some of my favourites, but I do have a weakness for quartz.
When buying crystals for the first time, do some research and ask a lot of questions.
If you opt to buy Swarovski Crystals it's best to buy them directly from the company who makes them. If that's not possible try to find reputable dealers who sell the genuine Swarovski Crystals.
 Look out for the authenticated silver logo on the package, "Crystalized" symbol.
Another thing to look out for is the shine, genuine Swarovski Crystal is multifaceted and richer in colour giving it a unique brilliance not found in cheaper versions.
They are precision cut in all the same sizes and shapes giving them a smooth equal appearance.
The clarity is stronger and the colour richer adding a brilliant shine to the crystal.
The presence of bubbles and clouds in the crystals are strong indicator of a poor imitation.
Real Swarovski Crystals don't have bubbles or a cloudy presences.
Also look out for chipped, scratched, marked and crystals not in their original packaging.
Anything else would be a fake.(image)

Handmade Gifts For Mother's Day

Fri, 24 Feb 2012 15:50:00 +0000

It's that special time of year again when you want to give your mother the best gift any woman would love to have.Why settle for flowers when you can show how much you care with jewellery.Handmade jewellery makes the perfect choice for Mother's Day. You can find high quality gemstone jewellery, pearls or crystal variety in a number of enticing styles and colours.Personalized gifts in particular add that personal touch if your looking for uniqueness.We offer a Personalized Jewellery Service where we will design from scratch a bespoke handcrafted jewellery and engrave it with the initials of your love one.This service is good for weddings, birthdays, special occasions, anniversaries and proms.Mother's Day GiftsWhy Handmade?By choosing handmade jewellery your obtaining one-of-a-kind pieces not found in the major high streets store, which can be tailored to your specific requirements.Handmade jewellery unlike cheap mass produced factory jewellery lasts longer and is better quality.We craft hundreds of rare gifts all made by craftsman in our London based studio.None of our products contains, lead, nickel or alloyed which can cause irritation in sensitive skin types.We don't use cheaper imitation semi-precious gemstones, all of our gemstones are grade A and have to pass strict quality control tests before we incorporate them into our designs.We are passionate about what we do and strive to offer a fundamental service which offers good customer service with fine quality jewellery products.Gemstone Is The Perfect Gift For MothersWomen love pearls, they also love gemstone jewellery whether it's ruby, emerald, diamonds or sapphire.Gemstone jewellery has a sparkle to it that makes it appealing to the fashion conscious woman.Imagine seeing a emerald gold ring.Your first reaction might be, "What a pretty ring." The high shine and sparkle of the gemstone gives your look a touch of glamour and makes you feel like a movie star.That is why gemstone jewellery will always be a favourite choice amongst women. It's timeless and elegant. You can find a great selection of gemstone earrings, bangles and necklaces made by Beautybelle on our site.If you desire a vintage feel, Vintage Angel and Vintage Beauty both offer antique gold and silver gemstone gifts. If you love swarovski crystal jewellery, check out Alexisic exclusive range.We also sell gemstone jewellery starting from as little as £12.99 on our site.Try our Mother's Day gift selection to find some affordable jewellery.Beautybelle's Emerald EarringsBeautybelle's Ruby BraceletLovely gifts to show your appreciation on Mother's Day from Inspired By Creativity Jewels.[...]

How To Start Your Own Jewellery Business

Wed, 22 Feb 2012 10:25:00 +0000

Do you have a passion for creating unique jewellery, but not sure where to start?This post is for you.If your interested in starting up a successful business and willing to put 100% effort into it, you can turn your dreams into a living reality.First of all you need to decide what type of jewellery you will be making and who will be your client base.There are a number of specialized areas in jewellery making, you could go into.Some of the main categories in jewellery making are;Beaded Jewellery Polymer ClayMetal Clay WorkChainmailEmbellishWood WorkYou will need basic tools such as;Round Nose PliersChain Nose Pliers Bent Nose PliersFlat Nose PliersNylon Jawed PliersRosary PliersWire CuttersSide CuttersMemory Wire CutterAwlNeedle (For beaded work.)Beat MatBead Design BoardBead Reamer (For drilling large holes into a bead.)EZ Sizers (Helps you get the correct size in bracelets and necklaces.)Storage (For keeping your beads nice and safe.)FilesYou can buy all of the above supplies from most craft and beaded shops.Now you need to decide who your jewellery is aimed at.Who are your customers? Are they friends, family or work colleagues or are you selling exclusively to the public?Are they aimed at a specify age group of people or are they aimed at a wide spectrum of customers?Once you have successfully target your potential client base, you need to know how much to sell your jewellery for.The problem I encounter as a jewellery designer when discussing pricing handmade jewellery is, that a lot of jewellery designers aim either to low when pricing their work or sell it too expensive for the average consumer.The key is to strike the right balance when it comes to pricing.Two of the main problems with pricing your jewellery too low is that, a customer might thing your jewellery isn't as good as a dearer one.This is especially true with beaded jewellery, where lot of sellers sell their beaded jewellery really cheap in the hope that customers will buy their jewellery and they would end up making huge profit from it.In reality not only do they make big losses, but the sales they get do not cover the expense of buying the materials or the time and effort it takes to make the jewellery.Another problem is that if the beads cost £2 to buy, and in total the finish product cost £3.50 to make, and you sold it for £4.00, you wouldn't make much profit on it.Cheap isn't always better especially if you want to make a substantial living from your business.Selling your jewellery too expensive is just as bad.It puts some people off, buying from you and they will go to your competitors instead.The best thing to consider when pricing your jewellery is to think about how much it costs you to buy the materials and the time it takes to design the finish piece.A good idea would be to take a look at sites which sell similar products to your own to get an idea of how to price your work.This way you can price your jewellery competitively without having to do the guess work.Most customers don't mind paying the money if they like your products, so don't be scared to sell more than your competitors.What matters is if you can offer people unique and high quality prices at reasonable prices.Now that you have all that sorted out, you need to think about the legal side of the business.These sites offer some great advice for small businesses including, where to get funding, tax issues, how to start up a business and a lot more topics are covered.BusinesslinkSmallbusinessHMRCSmallbusiness.comFsbIt's important to protect your brand once you have established a web presence.You can find out more about Copyright Protection and Trademark from these sites below; (For the U.S only.)IPO Copyright ServiceIf your new to the world of online business, you might not have the resources to buy your own website straight away. The good news is, you can set up a fr[...]

What They Say About Us

Thu, 02 Feb 2012 10:58:00 +0000

Home > Business > Inspired By Creativity Jewels- Handmade Jewellery Success Story

Inspired By Creativity Jewels- Handmade Jewellery Success Story

Added: (Mon Jan 30 2012)
Pressbox (Press Release) - Inspired By Creativity Jewels is a thriving online e-commerce company bridging the gap between handmade and commercial jewellery.
Established in late March 2011 by founder and single mother of one, Anne Ebanks, Inspired By Creativity Jewels has only recently formed a solid presence on the world wide web.
A year later it has more than doubled it's profit margins, tripled it's stock and invested huge sums of money into innovating it's entire jewellery making process.
The success of the company comes from it's customers.
"It's simple really," Anne says; "People are starting to hear about us, which in turn translates to more sales."
In addition to designing it's own brand of handmade jewellery, Inspired By Creativity Jewels also encourages professional jewellers to submit their work for consideration on the site.
Jewellers are expected to submit original and fresh work if their designs are to be featured on both Inspired By Creativity Jewels and their sister site, Handmade Watch Store.
Alice Taylor head of Inspired By Creativity Jewels buying team explained what the company was looking for when choosing a successful handmade product.
"What we are searching for is the next new idea, the type of jewellery that jumps out at you, which is different and fun."
It is this approach which has garnered the company most of it's success.
Inspired By Creativity Jewels is changing the face of handmade jewellery for good, recently the company has branched into other areas to focus on a wide spectrum of handmade gifts including, hair accessories, gift boxes and even belts.
The Handmade Watch Store is another website owned and run by Anne, offering customers unique beaded inspired watches.
Rare Jewellery Gifts is another company specializing in handcrafted gifts also managed by Anne.
The company's success comes from a understanding of what women want.
Alice explains; "People are generally weary of handmade jewellery. They associate it with cheap and poorly made goods, we are trying to change the public's perception by offering something new."
This approach of offering customers what they want has set the company apart from it's competitors and won it a loyal following.
Lego, gemstone and food jewellery are their most popular products with 50% of their orders coming from those three sections alone.
The future looks bright for Inspired By Creativity Jewels.
"We are proud of how far we have come," Anne says proudly, "People appreciate what we do."
If you would like to find out more about the company, you can visit the website;
Submitted by:Kesly Mesh Find out more. (image)

Spolit Your Love One With Romantic Jewellery

Sat, 28 Jan 2012 16:54:00 +0000

It's hard on a normal day to find the ideal gift for your partner let alone on valentine's day. Finding the right present can be more of a headache than it has to be.Most people want to buy their other half special gifts but don't want to break the bank in doing so, especially when it comes to jewellery which at the best of times can cost a fortune depending on where you shop.Men usually buy jewellery, chocolate, flowers and lingerie for women, while women tend to buy aftershave and clothes for their men.Jewellery is a popular choice with both genders because it looks nice and shows their partner they actually care about them. I know when I buy jewellery it has to look good and last a while without costing me a fortune.The great news is, Inspired By Creativity Jewels not only offers high quality romantic valentine's day jewellery at affordable prices, we also offer customers 10% off all valentine's day jewellery gifts.Gold Sapphire Locket NecklaceOn the site you will find a great mixture of traditional, vintage, retro and novelty jewellery with free gift wrap included.If you buying for a girlfriend why not try our ruby, emerald, topaz, amethyst and sapphire collection of jewellery. She will fall in love with the gleaming gem stone set in the centre or if she loves fun and one of a kind jewellery, check out our retro food and quirky Lego range of rings, necklaces and cufflinks.Party Ring Silver NecklaceIf gold is more of your thing, browse through our limited collection of fine quality gold necklace.Remember if you order over £35 in the UK you get free delivery automatically. We also ship worldwide.If you want personalized jewellery made for you or your love one, try out our new service.This valentine's day shower your partner with love from our collection of beautiful handmade jewellery.[...]

Handmade Jewellery Gifts

Wed, 25 Jan 2012 11:48:00 +0000

What makes handmade jewellery so appealing to the public? It's unique and different from mass produced commerical jewellery.
All of our handmade jewellery gifts, is made by our team of expert designers, to the highest standard in the industry.
We don't comprise on quality or safety which is why we don't use nickel or lead materials in any of our products.
When you buy handmade jewellery from us, your getting beautifully created rare jewellery, gift wrapped in love  and created to stand the test of time.
On the other hand, jewellery which is massive produced doesn't last long, isn't made to the highest standard, cheap materials are used which can set off allergies in some people, plus it's more expensive, especially true for real semi-precious gemstone necklaces.
We also work with handmade designers to offer our customers a wider choice in custom made products.
In our web shop you will find some fantastic looking handmade earrings made from gemstones, both natural and man-made, glass and swarovski crystals.
You will never regret buying handcrafted jewellery from Inspired By Creativity Jewels. Why not try it today and get a 25% off your first order.(image)

Not Everything That Glitters Is Gold

Sun, 22 Jan 2012 16:20:00 +0000

Have you ever brought a necklace which you thought was real gold but ended up changing colour after a few days?You would be surprised how common this is for many people looking to purchase high quality gold jewellery. Some dishonest retailers have passed gold plated or even roll gold also known as gold filled as real 9ct gold just to make a quick profit.It's important as a buyer to know the difference between the 3 to avoid getting ripped off.It's important to understand what real gold is and why not everything that glitters like gold is the real deal.Real GoldNatural gold the type you would normally find in mines are very soft to the touch, fragile and easy to pull apart, which is why jewellers don't use 100% real gold in their 9ct gold jewellery.It's also easy to get damage and wears out very quickly so to counteract this problem, jewellers mix other metals with natural gold to make it stronger and sustainable.Another reason why jewellery designers don't use pure gold to make jewellery is the allergy aspect of it.Most people would be allergic to the particles found in pure gold and plus it's too soft for creating resilient jewellery.Some of these base metals which are commonly used in gold jewellery products are, brass metal (because of it's strength and long-lasting abilities.) alloyed and copper.In terms of jewellery anything over 24 karat- the method used to measure the difference between gold, plated gold and gold filled. The amount of real gold present in jewellery is determined by the karat value. The higher the karat present, the more gold can be found in a product. If it's more base metal than it's considered to be gold plated.Another thing to note is that gold is not magnetic, if it sticks than it's not gold.Gold which is considered to be real around 24k, has a natural brilliant shine to it which it's counterparts do not. It's also more denser, than traditional plated metal.Gold Plated Gold plated is any metal with a tiny bit of real gold incorporated into it.Most of it is comprise of brass, copper or other alloyed metal and wears away pretty quickly.Another problem with gold plated, is that it doesn't last long. After a few weeks or months, the colour starts to change, the gold film rubs off especially if cleaning incorrectly.Gold plated often loses it sheen very quickly, becoming dull and rusty. It's susceptible to rust from continued exposure to the elements, easy to get scratched or chipped and can cause skin allergies in certain people. This is true for pregnant women and people with skin conditions.Plated metal is often used as a substitute for real gold due to it's wide availability and affordability.Gold FilledMost people can't tell the difference between gold filled and 9ct gold. The reason for this is that gold filled unlike gold plated doesn't change colour, the quality is better due to the amount of gold present within it and it can stand the test of time if cared for properly.So what is gold filled?Simply put it, it is real gold overlaid on brass or some other metal, making it ideal for people with sensitive skin types.Depending on the actually jewellery, gold filled also known as (roll gold or gold overlay) can contain anywhere from 14k to 5k gold.It's less expensive than 9ct gold and more long-lasting than gold plated.You can even go swimming and it won't fade or fake.Gold filled is more common in the USA than in Britain.Now you can make an informed decision when buying your next jewellery item.Don't forget to check out our affordable gold plated jewellery and 9ct gold necklaces.[...]

New Beaded Collection

Sun, 15 Jan 2012 11:14:00 +0000

This winter we have been busy designing some great looking and unusual semi-precious beaded necklaces made from Tiger eye, Malachite, Jade, Coral and Red Jasper gemstones mixed with crystals, metal beads, twisted wire and chains.
The end result has been mind-blowing sparkling necklaces fit for a queen.
Some of these gemstone fashion necklaces are already on the site.
Others will be revealed in our spring collection.
Black Agate Semi-Precious Gemstone Necklace

Our natural gemstones are ethically sourced using only the finest quality stones around.
We also have a gemstone necklace and earrings set with more coming in the future.
Semi-Precious Tiger Eye Gemstone Earrings And Necklace Set

Go onto Inspired By Creativity Jewels to find more amazing beaded semi-precious gemstone fashion necklaces and bracelets.
We also have some fun beaded fashion bracelets, made from cat's eye to wood beads on the site. These colourful bracelets make good gifts to children or anyone who loves a splash of colour in their life.
For adults we have some pretty semi-precious gemstone bracelets handcrafted by our special team of artistic designers.
Affordable pearl bracelets  in some amazing colours can also be found on the site.(image)

Why Lego Jewellery Is So Hot!

Wed, 11 Jan 2012 18:15:00 +0000

I have always been a huge fan of Lego, especially the sets, which has compelled me to spend countless hours collecting some great Lego pieces both online and offline.It all started as a child when I asked Father Christmas for a pirate set, and to my delight he fished out a cute Lego set from his big brown bag, ever since I've been hooked.My passion for those brightly coloured bricks had been born and I was more than determined to start my own treasure chest of Lego.Lucky for me there use to be a shop where I lived at the time that sold nothing but Lego, it's closed down now and is replaced by some Internet cafe.My obsession had me collecting tons of the stuff until my bedroom resembled a shrine.I later grew out of it, will not completely, but I'm not a avid collector like I use to be.Years later I appreciate Lego for a different reason, it's fun, kitsch and playful.You can create anything you want out of it and the best part is there are no limitations.It's not just for kids, Lego jewellery has become the hottest trend in fashion with many adults buying Lego rings or necklaces for themselves and their partners.Even my boyfriend who professes to disliking all quirky jewellery, has a watch made from Lego and crystals.Many celebrities have been spotted wearing Lego rings including, the singer Jessie J which has helped Lego jewellery to become more mainstream and not just for people who love quirky or unique jewellery.You don't even have to be a fan of Lego, there are dozens of styles that would appeal to most people.Everything from brick rings, to Lord Of The Rings Lego brooches.My Lego ring creationI tend to make my own range of quirky retro style handmade Lego jewellery using all kinds of pearls and rhinestones to jazz it up, giving it a fun and unique appeal.I love character Lego jewellery and have made a few. Some are not on the site yet.My Spongebob Lego RingI have also made scrabble Lego pendants and rings, adding different coloured flowers to give it a vintage look, but haven't found the time to upload it to the site.Next time it will be gothic style Lego rings with a touch of sparkle.[...]

Filigree Jewellery

Fri, 30 Dec 2011 16:48:00 +0000

Filigree inspired jewellery has been around for a very long time. It was commonly worn back in the Middle Ages with a gemstone set in the centre by nobleman and royalty alike.Filigree Gold Swarovski Earrings      Now in modern times, it is given a modern twist, just look at many Celtic inspired or vintage jewellery to know how popular this style of jewellery is in our fashion craze world.Everyone from celebrities to ordinary people are wearing filigree jewellery, you can even buy it in gold, silver, bronze and copper.Filigree is one of my favourite style of jewellery to make. It's fun and fashionable and you can wear it any way you want to.Many of the ancient Celts created stunning unique pieces of silver jewellery with a filigree style.Alicewell Gold Butterfly Filigree Ring  I tend to use swarovski crystals with mine since it gives a elegant appeal.My friend uses resin flowers, pearls and ribbons to create some stunning bespoke designs.Some beautiful filigree rings, 9ct gold filigree necklaces and filigree gold bangles on the site.Metal work is one of my strongest areas in jewellery making and features prominently on the site. Most people think of filigree in terms of vintage and many vintage jewellery do use this ancient style, however by adding different materials, you can turn a classic design into something modern and sweet.[...]

Happy New Year Everyone!

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I hope you all have a happy and successful new year.(image)

Marketing Your Jewellery Company

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Have you got a passion to market your jewellery to the public, but not sure how to go about it?Today I will be giving you some great ideas on how to sell your unique work to the public and turn your dreams into reality.It's not that hard once you know how, but I should warn you that the competition is quite fierce in the jewellery market.Your not just competing against established jewellery traders, but also thousands of other handmade jewellers who are all battling to win the public attention and money.So is it still profitable to set up your own jewellery company in these tough times?I believe it is, you see jewellery will never go out of fashion. People love to buy and wear jewellery even in a recession. Despite the odds there's always room for new talented jewellers. The best thing for any new jeweller to do is establish a web presence by opening up their own online store.It doesn't even have to cost the earth you can set up a free simple website or pay a small monthly fee for a more professional looking site.To get you started, I have listed some good free and paid website creators. Some offer free trial while others don't.Free Website CreatorsoscommerceVstoreFree WebstorePrestashopGoogle SitesShopfitter(Charge £1 per order.)Some great free trial ones.Free Trial Website CreatorsCreate (Offers 30 day free trial. Packages start from £2.99 a month.)Tiger Commerce. (14 days free trial.)Shopcreator (Offers free trial. £5.99 a month.)Some e commerce suppliers offer carts included with the website building package, others charge a small fee to use the shopping cart.Now you've got your website done, you need a payment system to accept online transactions.Popular ones includes;PaypalGoogle CheckoutSagepayEwayWorldpaySky PayPaypointSecure TradingRoman CartCredit Call Now you are ready to accept payments.The good thing about owning a website is that you are in control. You can decide how much to price your goods, offer discounts and stock as many products in your shop as you like without paying listing fees or any other charges.It's always good to get your name out there by selling on other sites. Each site has their own seller rules and fees, so it's a good idea to check before signing up.Some great online market places to start selling your handmade jewellery to the public.Ebay Poppytalkhandmade Inspired By Creativity Jewels Amazon Etsy Folksy Misi Not On The High Street Dreamaid My Own Creation  Selling on third party sites is a good way to promote your products and brand.You could also try;Hosting jewellery parties. Invite some of your friends a long and get them to spread the word about your new line of handmade products. Who knows they might end up being some of your most loyal customers. Get involve with craft fairs and car boot sales. There are many potential customers looking for exactly what you are offering.Attending jewellery exhibitions. This is not just for established jewellers, it is a great way to inform the fashion world and the public about your brand. Many people from the fashion world attend including top fashion journalists, jewellers etc. A great way to get spotted.Submit your work to jewellery mazagines and fashion mazagines. Editors are always on the look out for new brands. It's good exposure for your work.Print business cards, flyers and posters with a design software from Serif, like Pageplus 5 or Web plus 5.Sign up with Youtube and create a simple video promoting your work.Buy a small ad in a local newspaper.Sell your jewellery on Argos. They do take a lot of commission.Rent store space in John Lewis and mar[...]

How To Care For Silver And Sterling Silver Jewellery

Thu, 22 Dec 2011 09:29:00 +0000

The good thing about silver jewellery is the quality. Most silver jewellery including silver plated can last long over time with a little bit of tender loving care.However silver is susceptible to corrosion over time.Silver ChainRegular exposure to air, oils, chemicals and dust can damage even the best silver jewellery over time.So what can you do to protect your sterling silver or silver plated jewellery from corruption?Don't;Store all your silver jewellery together. This will cause friction and lead to scratches and marks on your lovely jewellery items.Don't use abrasive cleaning solutions including, harsh jewellery cleaners or cloths. This takes away the surface of your silver leaving it all tarnish and discoloured looking.Keep away from grease, glue and other harsh chemicals which can seriously damage the enamel of the silver and also leave your jewellery looking dirty and feeling oily.Don't spray on perfume, deodorants, hair spray while wearing your silver item.Don't scrub any of your silver jewellery, either with a tooth brush, cloth or other item during cleaning as it will damage the top of the silver making it unwearable.The quickest way for silver to tarnish is repeated contact with air.Try not to drop your jewellery. It can cause marks, dents or scratches especially on a hard surface like flooring.  Do;Store all your jewellery separately in seal able air tight bags.You can also store them in anti-tarnish jewellery boxes available from any good craft or beading supplier.Polish your silver by using professional jewellery polishing cloth. Don't cut corners with do it yourself methods as this can cause more harm then good.Wear your silver as often as possible. Wearing helps the silver to retain it's shape and keep it in good condition.If your silver jewellery does get tarnished, use a good silver anti-tarnishing cloth or cleaner to remove the tarnish. Always read the manufacturer's instructions first before attempting to use any professional cleaner.Silver can be cleaned with soapy water, however it' better to use a jewellery cleaner especially made for silver. Try Argos or Amazon for some inexpensive cleaning cloths which are ideal if your on holiday or need to quickly clean your jewellery. Dips can be good as a one-off, but can cause long lasting damage if used incorrectly. Only use if your silver is extremely tarnish, don't use on silver plated metal, as it takes out the colour and causes erosion of your metal.Finally if your silver jewellery is extremely tarnish, only a jeweller maybe able to save it.For mild tarnish you could use baking soda however this should be a last resort.[...]

Polymer Jewellery

Fri, 16 Dec 2011 17:03:00 +0000

Recently I've discovered the joys of fimo, that's polymer clay to most people and I love it.
The great thing about polymer is, you can use it to make anything from animal beads to pottery.
Although it's now the latest craze hitting the jewellery industry, it's been around for years.
I've made many food inspired jewellery from it including, custard cream rings and my personal favourite fimo clay teddy bear earrings.
Here's my ring inspired food jewellery made from polymer clay.
Custard Cream

Looks realistic doesn't it?
Can you imagine all the beautiful things you can make with this stuff?
The list is endless....
We have a whole section dedicate to yummy food jewellery including, necklaces, rings, cufflinks and earrings.
Gingerbread Men

Why not check out our unusual and quirky can rings? The season's latest fashion accessory.
We have a lot more on the Site.
So if you looking for something fun and cute don't forget to check out these adorable teddy bear earrings.(image)

Christmas Is Coming Yipeee!

Sat, 03 Dec 2011 10:19:00 +0000

Don't you just love Christmas?
It's that ultimate time of the year when you get to splash out on presents, nestle in the snow and generally have a lot of fun.
It's one of my favourite times of the year, because it's the only real time I get to spend with my extended family and finally get a break from all the hustle and bustle of what life has to throw at you.
Not that I'm complaining, I'm living the dream at the moment, so life is good.
It's also exciting for me because, this is the first time I'm running my own business from home.
Like most single mothers I wanted to return to work after raising my daughter, but struggled with finding decent and affordable childcare.
The idea came to me to go into business when I saw a program on women in business.
This gave me the incentive to start my own jewellery business and I loved it so much I started a watch and another jewellery business five months later.
 When I look back at my life now, I feel immensely grateful for all that I have achieved in the last few months of dedicated hard work.
Back to Christmas, it's that time of the year when you want to give your very best gift to your family and friends, so much so on average people spend more on Christmas gifts than any other time of the year.
Choosing a present can be tricky at the best of times, but the best thing you can give someone you deeply care about is love.
Telling love ones how special they are is the best gift of all.(image)