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Speaking Frankly

by Herbert Keppler

Updated: 2008-01-07T20:42:51Z


Herbert Keppler, 1925-2008


We are sorry to report that Herbert Keppler passed away on January 4, 2008. This is a sad time for Popular Photography and the whole photography world. Please visit our special Burt Keppler page for our continued tributes to this...(image)

Speaking Frankly


Fans of Herbert Keppler's blog, "Speaking Frankly," and his magazine column, "Inside Straight," have noticed his silence for the past month or so. The reason? He has been sidelined by a conflicting regimen of medications that has temporarily left him...(image)

From The Keppler Files: September, 1968


Have you ever really looked at a plain garden variety slug? Pretty icky, eh? Not when the sun glistens on him and turns his gooey path into shimmering silver before your camera. Did you ever look closely at a mother...(image)

From The Keppler Files: January, 1992


Whether you order in person or by mail, there's one specification you must know about: It's termed "parallel import." A parallel import (or gray market import, as it's commonly called) indicates the item has not been imported into the country...(image)

From The Keppler Files: November, 1966


Expensive cameras do not necessarily take better pictures than less expensive cameras. They generally are made better, have more features, operate more smoothly (which you can easily perceive when handling them) and will last longer if used hard. However, with...(image)