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Adobe Photoshop help, tips, rumors, commentary, and tutorials from Popular Photography's imaging guru. (Romantic advice also given upon request.) Send your queries to

Updated: 2007-05-01T15:12:35-04:00


Look Ma, No Photoshop


This week's issue People magazine makes a big fuss over the fact that ten big stars appear in their pages baring all with no makeup and no retouching. That's cool, only there are so many camera tricks involved that the...(image)

Contest Winner: Kristin MacBride is a Better Graphic Designer than I Am!


In a slightly belated fashion, I am pleased to announce the winner of the "I'm a Better Graphic Designer Than Debbie Grossman" contest. It is Kristin MacBride, of Texas! She won both because her design was the best of all...(image)

Before You Install CS3...


If you use a Mac and installed any version of the Adobe Photoshop CS3 beta, clear it off before you install the real thing. Adobe has this script to help you do it. If you just dump it in the...(image)

Good Question: How Do I Downsize a Photo for Email?


Dear Debbie, Long ago I saved an article from your magazine describing how to e-mail photos, Photos in the Fast Lane, and I have been doing it that way since. However, it is a multi-step process in which you: make...(image)

Good Question: Why Are Stacks Are Only in Photoshop CS3 Extended?


Yesterday, commenter Chris Norris wrote: I was totally okay with the extra Extended version until I read about image stacks and what that will mean for photographers. The line we keep hearing from Adobe is, "CS3 will be great for...(image)

Free Unlimited Online Backup, Essentially


Yesterday, Yahoo announced that as of May, storage limits will be lifted from their email accounts. That's good news for all of us who refuse to delete any email, ever. But it may also be good news for those of...(image)

Photoshop CS3 Launch News Roundup


Today's the day you've all been waiting for (or maybe, for some of you, dreading): The launch of the newest version of Photoshop and its whole Creative Suite. This afternoon I, and some of my fellow RIGs (that's Relatively Important...(image)

You Didn't Hear it From Me: CS3 Prices Leaked by


In the grand tradition of information being leaked on the internet before the company was good and ready for it to be out, jumped the gun and posted Adobe Creative Suite 3 pricing a day early. Mac Rumors has...(image)

Vista Users: Possibly More Reason to Get CS3


Hey folks, if you're planning to use your pre-CS3 copy of Photoshop with your new version of Vista, you may want to think again: According to a statement posted on Adobe’s Web site, the company “does not plan to issue...(image)

So, You're Thinking of Upgrading to CS3...


In his blog, Photoshop Insider, super guru Scott Kelby points out some fascinating news about Photoshop upgrades and prices. See, in the old days, you could get the upgrade price for the latest version of the mega-program no matter which...(image)