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#SarkariShrubbery, or How To Not Be India's National Fig Tree

Tue, 12 Apr 2016 05:52:52 GMT

#storify-minimal a:hover{text-decoration:none}India's "development" continues to take a toll on everything that is inconvenient to those on the fast track to economic growth. Highways are the new temples in this new India, not the venerated Banyan Figs, the National Tree of India, around which the older slower roads used to bend...Storified by leafwarbler · Tue, Apr 12 2016 05:52:52Left: Sal forests of #JungleBook. Right: forests after National Highway 7 expansion. #RoadsToNowhere @SanctuaryAsia · Neha SinhaEarlier today, perhaps in response to the above article, my friend Pavithra Sankaran started tweeting her thoughts, accompanied by some incredible images, on the imporance of roadside Banyan trees and how they are being destroyed to accommodate new highway expansion and concretization projects.The incredible banyan is our national tree. (Zoom to see the vehicles underneath). · PavithraSome decades ago, public spirited people planted millions of them along our highways. (Sorry about the blurred pic). · PavithraIn small towns and villages, bus stops are often located under them. Passengers wait in the shade. · PavithraBut our highways are now expanding. To make way for fast cars driven by impatient, wealthy people. · PavithraSeen nearly 100s of chopped and uprooted banyan trees during hyderabad-vijayawada highway expansion. 🙁— Kirtichandra · Mon, Apr 11 2016 09:41:06And our banyans are having to make way. · PavithraHighways designed by people who don't need the shade or the company of a banyan. · PavithraHer tweets started a conversation that is still ongoing, and must keep going if we are to find ways to slow down the juggernaut of development and help make way for ordinary life.Less known is some 200yr old tree at BaDChicholi in MadhyaPradesh on Nagpur-Bhopal N.H.— Lalit Surjan · Mon, Apr 11 2016 09:48:25And this pic is clicked through a windshield.— Devang · Mon, Apr 11 2016 09:41:59@Pavithra420 of course, no one else uses the highway.— Devang · Mon, Apr 11 2016 09:41:40@OhMaraBappa District roads are good. Highways are debatable. Thoughtless highway expansions are criminal.— Pavithra · Mon, Apr 11 2016 09:49:00And Shruti Ravindran coined a phrase that perfectly captures official "reforestation" projects that greenwash the deforestation:@Pavithra420 So obvious that trees are a public good. Not the sarkari shrubbery foisted upon us for so-called beautification.— Shruti Ravindran · Mon, Apr 11 2016 09:50:44@s_ravindran Sarkari shrubbery! Hahahaha, thanks, going to use all the time.— Pavithra · Mon, Apr 11 2016 11:22:20@Pavithra420 Brought home to me vividly when I read a domestic worker's account of her daily commute in 'Finding Delhi'.— Shruti Ravindran · Mon, Apr 11 2016 09:52:41In 2011, between Gundlupet & Nanjangud on the Bangalore-Ooty highway, I counted > 400 ficus trees. Not one remains. · PavithraFicus like banyans support a boggling variety of wildlife, right along our highways. (Pic: Wiki. Hornbill on ficus) · Pavithra[...]

#CSMFYE: Tweets from the Summer Experience @CSMFresno @Fresno_State

Thu, 20 Aug 2015 08:07:23 GMT

#storify-minimal a:hover{text-decoration:none}The College of Science & Mathematics has a new program for incoming students intending to major in one of the science disciplines. This First Year Experience has drawn a cohort of almost 150 students who get to start college early with a 4-day Summer Experience. Here's the week on social media:Storified by leafwarbler · Thu, Aug 20 2015 08:07:23I had actually started the #CSMFYE hashtag earlier in the summer as we were developing material for the two General Education courses that constitute the full First Year Experience: a Fall course in critical thinking, and a Spring course in evidence-based decision making. The core team of faculty (from the Earth & Environmental Sciences, Biology, and Chemistry departments) has been developing these courses around a theme of environmental sustainability. The first course, CSM10 will revolve around a case study of the sustainability of global coffee production and consumption - stay tuned for more on that. But here's my first tweet with the hashtag, about coffee:How Hugh Jackman Wants To Change The World, One Coffee At A Time via @forbes #CSMFYE #CSM10— Madhusudan Katti · Wed, Aug 05 2015 23:15:47Early birds get the worm? Fresh students get an early start in @CSMfresno's new First Year Experience prog. #CSMFYE · Madhusudan KattiBack to Day 1 of the Summer experience, when the Biology Department welcomed the new students:Welcome to the new @CSMfresno #CSMFYE cohort and especially all the Biology majors! @Fresno_State @JosephICastro— Biology @ CSU Fresno · Mon, Aug 17 2015 16:00:12#CSMFYE students get an intro to @CSMfresno from Dean @ab_lawson! Will President @JosephICastro be able to drop by? · Madhusudan Katti#CSMFYE Jessica Medina tells new students about @Fresno_State's Food Security Program · Madhusudan Katti#CSMFYE - check out our Facebook page— Beth Weinman · Mon, Aug 17 2015 17:02:15#CSMFYE Dr. Amanda Mortimer offers the first lesson for new students: "people's memories suck!" · Madhusudan Katti#CSMFYE Dr. Amanda Mortimer on keys to #studentsuccess: take care of your body; sleep well - it's the best thing. · Madhusudan Katti#CSMFYE Dr. Amanda Mortimer on how to make the most of classes by paying attention. "Multitasking is a lie."! · Madhusudan Katti#CSMFYE Dr. Amanda Mortimer quotes Mark Twain: "The secret of getting ahead is getting started. ..." · Madhusudan Katti#CSMFYE Amanda Mortimer quotes John Dewey "We do not learn from experience...we learn from reflecting on experience." · Madhusudan Katti#CSMFYE Dr. Amanda Mortimer on the importance of learning something in multiple ways. · Madhusudan Katti#CSMFYE Mortimer: write notes by hand: better than typing on keyboard, coz faster typing is verbatim but slower writing forces processing.— Madhusudan Katti · Mon, Aug 17 2015 18:51:38Hmm... I wonder if live-tweeting is better too because you have to process to condense ideas into tweets, not transcribe verbatim. #CSMFYE— Madhusudan Katti · Mon, Aug 17 2015 18:52:48#CSMFYE Amanda Mortimer: make connections to other things you know, add new things into cognitive structures. · Madhusudan Katti#CSMFYE Amanda Mortimer: teaching others is a good way to learn and to find gaps in your understanding. · Madhusudan Katti#CSMFYE "People learn from effortful striving." - Dr. Amanda Mortimer— Madhusudan Katti · Mon, Aug 17 2015 18:58:26#CSMFYE "We all work for Happy and try to avoid Pain." So "Reward Yourself." - conc[...]

Tweets and links from @sesync's #TeachSES 2015 course

Sat, 01 Aug 2015 05:23:19 GMT

#storify-minimal a:hover{text-decoration:none}For the past 4 days (July 28-31), I was holed up at the Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center ( with a group of interdisciplinary scholars, all developing case-studies to teach Social-Environmental Synthesis. Here are observations & links to resources some of us tweeted.Storified by leafwarbler · Sat, Aug 01 2015 05:23:19#TeachSES starts tomorrow incl @StacyAguilera @bfliesarefree @beth_weinman @A_Rhys_Jones @leafwarbler @MeredithNiles1— SESYNC · Mon, Jul 27 2015 14:41:00Psyched for a weeklong @sesync course learning to #TeachSES - soon will have a full wetfish case study course to teach socio-env synthesis!— Stacy E Aguilera · Mon, Jul 27 2015 14:45:02#TeachSES starts tomorrow! incl: @kirstenllo @HelpfulTangent @DrBTakahashi @pazjusticiavida @Jampel_D_A @CAWei— SESYNC · Mon, Jul 27 2015 14:45:53Excited to be @sesync for the #teachses course! Developing a case on California dairy sustainability to teach @uvmvermont!— Meredith Niles · Tue, Jul 28 2015 13:41:34Is there a nicer way to start a day than breakfast with a diverse group of scholars engaged in socio-enviro synthesis? #TeachSES @sesync— Madhusudan Katti · Tue, Jul 28 2015 13:49:00"Biodiversity is always good" is a value-laden statement, @SESYNCDirector reminds the ecologists among us. #TeachSES— Madhusudan Katti · Tue, Jul 28 2015 14:03:00Socio-Environmental problems require highly interdisciplinary teams; must bridge epistemological divides #TeachSES @SESYNCDirector— Stacy E Aguilera · Tue, Jul 28 2015 14:06:38Major Question: how do case study topics scale up and how do we imbed cases in other contexts #TeachSES— Stacy E Aguilera · Tue, Jul 28 2015 14:50:37Whats Socio-Enviro synthesis? novel integration of existing social & envir data/perspectives to inform action on “wicked problems” #TeachSES— Stacy E Aguilera · Tue, Jul 28 2015 14:54:07Socio-Envir Problems: how frame the issue? To manage complexity, “frame” the problem using heuristic description of relationships #TeachSES— Stacy E Aguilera · Tue, Jul 28 2015 15:01:03SE Synthesis Cases learning goals- Concepts: Understand structure/ behavior of SE systems & recognize scale and context #TeachSES @CAWei— Stacy E Aguilera · Tue, Jul 28 2015 15:22:42SE Synthesis Case goals-Competencies: co-develop research ?s/conceptual models in teams;find/analyze/synthesize data,ideas,methods #TeachSES— Stacy E Aguilera · Tue, Jul 28 2015 15:25:30Why teach case study approach? Evidence based, student centered, active learning, real world problems, process skills, adaptable #TeachSES— Stacy E Aguilera · Tue, Jul 28 2015 15:29:51What do you do to make student thinking visible? #TeachSES #assessment— Madhusudan Katti · Tue, Jul 28 2015 17:41:19Learning is what tends to be assessed, but the thinking that leads to learning is what we really should focus on! #TeachSES #assessment— Madhusudan Katti · Tue, Jul 28 2015 17:45:48Students are not blank slates; they bring prior knowledge which we can activate to enable deeper thinking that leads to learning. #TeachSES— Madhusudan Katti · Tue, Jul 28 2015 17:47:15Great resource: How Learning Works Ambrose et al 2010 – when student prior knowledge helps learning and when it hinders learning #TeachSES— Stacy E Aguilera · Tue, Jul 28 2015 17:47:30Delving into the BIG challenge at #TeachSES workshop We want to assess learning, make thinking visible Learning is the outcome of thinking— Suzanne A Pierce · Tue, Jul 28 2015 17:51:58What are your classroom situational factors? EG Symbolic capital – what your students hear may not be what you’re saying #TeachSES— Stacy E Aguilera · Tue, Jul 28 2015 17:54:16RT @MeredithNiles1: E[...]

#UrbanBeyondMeasure - registering a conference through storify

Sun, 10 May 2015 02:22:55 GMT

#storify-minimal a:hover{text-decoration:none}Yesterday (8 May 2015), an international group of scholars of the social science and humanities persuasions gathered in a small but intense conference at Stanford University to tackle a hard problem: how to register human-nature relationships in complex urban environments of the Global South.Storified by leafwarbler · Sun, May 10 2015 02:22:55#UrbanBeyondMeasure - Excited to be part of this workshop on urban environments in the global south @ecoangelhsu— Alisa Zomer · Fri, Apr 10 2015 17:26:07@SituatedEcol Our #UrbanBeyondMeasure conference is soon here 8 May at Stanford. Please @leafwarbler RSVP students— Henrik Ernstson · Fri, May 01 2015 02:32:37As it happened, only a handful of participants tweeted during the conference, so what follows here reflects how those few tweeps registered the conference!Our conference at Stanford 8-9 May. Hash tag is #UrbanBeyondMeasure. Please send evocative images on the theme!— Henrik Ernstson · Wed, May 06 2015 20:15:47So my graduate student and I hit the road early that morning, for a 3-hour drive out of California's central valley.Driving out to Stanford w @deejayreptar this morning to attend #UrbanBeyondMeasure conference organized by @rhizomia— Madhusudan Katti · Fri, May 08 2015 13:21:29#UrbanBeyondMeasure conference starts at Stanford today! Search the name to visit the homepage. · Henrik ErnstsonLooking fwd to seeing Sue Parnell of @UCT_news & @rhizomia - both I last saw 3ya @sthlmresilience during @CBO_assessment #UrbanBeyondMeasure— Madhusudan Katti · Fri, May 08 2015 13:47:49Uh oh! Hitting that urban traffic which will make us late in reaching #UrbanBeyondMeasure by start time! @rhizomia @deejayreptar— Madhusudan Katti · Fri, May 08 2015 15:09:28And so we missed the opening, including, alas, the presentation by Jim Ferguson.#UrbanBeyondMeasure conference @Stanford, excited for interdisciplinary discussion w/ scholars. Cc @azomer · Angel Hsu, PhDFerguson: for too long, our understanding of cities limited to the West #UrbanBeyondMeasure · Angel Hsu, PhDFerguson: but shifting demographic trends has meant more urban growth happening in the global South. #UrbanBeyondMeasure— Angel Hsu, PhD · Fri, May 08 2015 15:43:40#UrbanBeyondMeasure Jim Ferguson the cities of the South. · Henrik of cows n rickshaws on a narrow urban street... Must be a city from the #GlobalSouth! #UrbanBeyondMeasure · Madhusudan KattiKeynote by Sarah Whatmore frm @UniofOxford at #urbanbeyondmeasure @Stanford Cc @fourbrowneyes @ecoangelhsu · Alisa ZomerSarah Whamore on ontological impossibility of maintaining the binary between human vs environment in urban ecologies #UrbanBeyondMeasure— Madhusudan Katti · Fri, May 08 2015 16:11:54#UrbanBeyondMeasure Sarah Whatmore opens keynote "what prompts disagreement". · Henrik ErnstsonIf the coffee from the road trip hadn't fully woken me up, the flow of rich words surely did the trick...Joy of interdisciplinary rsrch: diving into whole diff soup of jargon than own native disc tongue #UrbanBeyondMeasure · Madhusudan Katti[...]

Academic conferences and societies need a harassment policy #ESA2014

Sun, 10 Aug 2014 17:57:41 GMT

#storify-minimal a:hover{text-decoration:none}Arriving late into Sacramento for #ESA2014, I stayed up and tweeted a bit. Woke up this morning to find that this tweet had stirred things up a bit:Storified by leafwarbler · Sun, Aug 10 2014 17:57:41Male scientists, don't harass young female colleagues - worth noting 4 #ESA2014. What is @ESA_org harassment policy?— Madhusudan Katti · Sun, Aug 10 2014 10:31:28First the ESA's official twitter account responded with this:@leafwarbler We don’t have one. We could adopt one if needed but we have not yet heard of a need from our female attendees.— Ecological Society · Sun, Aug 10 2014 14:24:54@leafwarbler It’s more common at conferences with a skewes gender balance. Ours is pretty even which seems to help.— Ecological Society · Sun, Aug 10 2014 14:35:29Which provoked a number of predictable responses, and a back-and-forth ensued:@ESA_org @leafwarbler I attend a feminist science fiction convention that's much more skewed female, and it happens there.— Jacquelyn Gill · Sun, Aug 10 2014 14:37:02@JacquelynGill @leafwarbler I’m not arguing that it never happens. Just why I think we see it a lot less than science/tech conferences.— Ecological Society · Sun, Aug 10 2014 14:39:08@ESA_org @leafwarbler I think a strong, clear policy would be a great resource for other fields, too.— Jacquelyn Gill · Sun, Aug 10 2014 14:37:24.@ESA_org @leafwarbler Not an acceptable answer. Just saying "we have more women so it hopefully it won't happen" is not a policy.— Bug Gwen · Sun, Aug 10 2014 14:38:03@ESA_org @leafwarbler :| I suggest you do some reading on specific situations that disprove your flawed concept.— Kelly Hills · Sun, Aug 10 2014 14:38:53@ESA_org @leafwarbler I'd be curious to see the data. If there's no policy, there's no clear mechanism for reporting.— Jacquelyn Gill · Sun, Aug 10 2014 14:41:21@rocza @leafwarbler I have read quite heavily about it in other fields. Not arguing it doesn’t happen at all.— Ecological Society · Sun, Aug 10 2014 14:39:58If you have read heavily, @ESA_org @leafwarbler, then you know you need a solid harassment policy & to not make fallacious statements.— Kelly Hills · Sun, Aug 10 2014 14:40:34The idea gender balance helps prevents sexual harassment is HUGELY false, @ESA_org @leafwarbler; that you promote it suggests cluelessness— Kelly Hills · Sun, Aug 10 2014 14:41:05This is not a hard concept, @ESA_org. When someone asks what your harassment policy is, you give it, you don't offer "we're better" excuses.— Kelly Hills · Sun, Aug 10 2014 14:41:43@leafwarbler "but we're good, really! just trust us!" *eye roll*— Kelly Hills · Sun, Aug 10 2014 14:42:24@bug_gwen @leafwarbler It isn’t a policy. It’s a tweet explaining we don’t have a policy yet. Attendees haven’t suggested it outside Twitter— Ecological Society · Sun, Aug 10 2014 14:41:03@bug_gwen @leafwarbler We’re open to the idea. But we need to hear from our attendees what it needs to say. We don’t want to assume it.— Ecological Society · Sun, Aug 10 2014 14:41:56@rocza This is not what I said. We’re very open to the idea. We’re just cautious and listening right now.— Ecological Society · Sun, Aug 10 2014 14:43:44@bug_gwen It’s an ongoing internal discussion, actually. We want to make sure whatever we adopt addresses the needs of our attendees.— Ecological Society · Sun, Aug 10 2014 14:55:16[...]

Infrequently asked questions about #spacemicrobes at #scio14

Sat, 01 Mar 2014 07:42:06 GMT

#storify-minimal a:hover{text-decoration:none}One of the fun "citizen science" activities promoted during the big evening reception party at Science Online Together 2014 (#Scio14) was a project meant to survey microbes in the built environment, specifically on people's shoes and cellphones, and on the International Space Station.Storified by leafwarbler · Sat, Mar 01 2014 07:42:06Swab microbes from your shoes and phones at the #sco14 reception tonight! #citizenscience #spacemicrobes #thereinspirit! @SciStarter— scicheer · Fri, Feb 28 2014 15:28:56Project MERCCURI swabbing tonight at Sheraton Oak ballroom 630 to 930p! Tweet any/all #spacemicrobes selfies to @SciStarter! #scio14— SciStarter · Fri, Feb 28 2014 17:25:43Send us selfies #SciO14! Project MERCCURI swabbing tonight! Tweet any/all #spacemicrobes selfies to @SciStarter! #scio14— scicheer · Fri, Feb 28 2014 23:29:39How did I spend my Friday evening at #scio14? Why swabbing for microbes, of course! #spacemicrobes #ScioSwabSelfies · Dr. GMy table's getting a head start on #spacemicrobes collection! Coming around to tables now! #scio14 @scicheer · Tammy SlennHashtags for the microbe project! #scio14 #spacemicrobes #scioswabselfies · Katherine ScottAs the early #scioswabselfies of #spacemicrobes began appearing in the twitter stream, I went looking for a kit - since @scicheer had asked me personally on Facebook to participate and share a selfie. I found @TammySlenn distributing the kits, and after grabbing one, turned to sit down at a table to start participating in the project. As I turned around, I noticed @drricky sitting next to me with another kit in hand, staring at his mobile screen with a frown on his faceI’m puzzled by the #spacemicrobes project. Not sure background reading has been done yet.— Doc Ricky · Sat, Mar 01 2014 00:45:32Meanwhile, others continued to swab and share.I swabed, did you? #scio14 #spacemicrobes #scioswabselfies · Gaia ShamisJust swabbed my shoe and cell phone to send microbes to space! @scicheer @SciStarter #spacemicrobes #scioswabselfies · Joanne ManasterWe got to talking about the project and realized we didn't quite understand what the project really was about...So #spacemicrobes. I read the FAQ - what’s the experiment exactly? What is the hypothesis? #scio14— Doc Ricky · Sat, Mar 01 2014 01:05:46... and information about the project provided in the kit and the associated website wasn't enough to answer our questions. Our Qs were perhaps too inFrequent to get listed in the project's FAQ! So we started asking on twitter, and the following threat ensued:Re #spacemicrobes: @drricky raises imp concerns abt sampling methodology, controls, hypotheses, lack of info! @phylogenomics @SciStarter 1/n— Madhusudan Katti · Sat, Mar 01 2014 01:17:40#spacemicrobes w no metadata on subjects, how do you quantify diversity in meaningful way? @drricky @phylogenomics @SciStarter— Madhusudan Katti · Sat, Mar 01 2014 01:20:57#spacemicrobes FAQ says you will culture microbes - won't you lose most species that can't be cultured? @drricky @phylogenomics @SciStarter— Madhusudan Katti · Sat, Mar 01 2014 01:23:22#spacemicrobes what hypothesis are being tested by collecting the two samples from shoe + cellphone? @drricky @phylogenomics @SciStarter— Madhusudan Katti · Sat, Mar 01 2014 01:24:49#spacemicrobes what is the objective of sending microbes into space? Of making them compete? @drricky @phylogenomics @SciStarter— Madhusudan Katti · Sat, Mar 01 2014 01:26:09#spacemicrobes #scio14 is well-informed sample, yet we're told v little abt study hypotheses/methods @drricky @phylogenomics @SciSta[...]

Is this a science of kissing book? #PrincessBrideScience

Wed, 22 Jan 2014 09:12:12 GMT

#storify-minimal a:hover{text-decoration:none}A fun thing happened on my way back from work yesterday afternoon. I tweeted into the trending nerdy hashtag #SixWordPeerReview with a partial quote from the ever popular movie "The Princes Bride". Storified by leafwarbler · Wed, Jan 22 2014 09:12:43You keep using that word... #SixWordPeerReview #waitthatsjustfivewords— Madhusudan Katti · Tue, Jan 21 2014 22:23:21@BioDataGanache tweeted back at me with another quote from the movie,@leafwarbler See also ->— Jason McDermott · Tue, Jan 21 2014 22:24:54Truly, you have a dizzying intellect #SixWordPeerReview Accept? Inconceivable!— Jason McDermott · Tue, Jan 21 2014 20:35:16and a hashtag was born! @BioDataGanache thanks! Is #PrincessBrideScience a thing yet?— Madhusudan Katti · Tue, Jan 21 2014 22:28:43@leafwarbler NO! But it's such a good idea on the heels of #MontyPythonScience!— Jason McDermott · Tue, Jan 21 2014 22:30:16@BioDataGanache that's why I asked!— Madhusudan Katti · Tue, Jan 21 2014 22:31:09So I retweeted our earlier tweets with the proper new hashtag:You keep using that word... #SixWordPeerReview #waitthatsjustfivewords... but #PrincessBrideScience needs to happen— Madhusudan Katti · Tue, Jan 21 2014 22:32:31“@BioDataGanache: Truly, you have a dizzying intellect #SixWordPeerReview Accept? Inconceivable!” #PrincessBrideScience— Madhusudan Katti · Tue, Jan 21 2014 22:32:58Author must repeat experiment with ROUSes. #SixWordPeerReview #PrincessBrideScience @DNLee5— Madhusudan Katti · Tue, Jan 21 2014 22:36:32The first hashtag I had spawned to really tickle the nerdy funnybone of twitter... so it took off! Others jumped in... and the hashtag is still running as of this writing! I'm trying to catch them all, including the kissing parts!.@BioDataGanache @leafwarbler "My name is Reviewer #3, you didn't cite my papers, prepare to die." #PrincessBrideScience— Kara Woo · Tue, Jan 21 2014 22:34:40"Just so happens that your paper here is only MOSTLY rejected. Big difference between mostly rejected & all rejected" #PrincessBrideScience— Jason McDermott · Tue, Jan 21 2014 22:37:18"Just so happens that your paper here is only MOSTLY rejected. Big difference between mostly rejected & all rejected" #PrincessBrideScience— Jason McDermott · Tue, Jan 21 2014 22:37:18Author response to every ridiculous reviewer request: As you wish. #PrincessBrideScience— Shoa Clarke, MD PhD · Tue, Jan 21 2014 22:38:39"Have fun writing the grant!" "Think it'll work?" "It would take a miracle." #PrincessBrideScience— Jason McDermott · Tue, Jan 21 2014 22:38:49"You rush a miracle man, you get rotten miracles." #PrincessBrideScience #verbatim— Jason McDermott · Tue, Jan 21 2014 22:40:35Adviser to PhD: "Have fun doing your experiments!" Post-doc: 'Do you think it'll work?" Adviser "It'd take a miracle" #PrincessBrideScience— Dr Krystal · Tue, Jan 21 2014 22:42:47[...]

Beware the stirrings of a teenage rebel...

Sun, 05 Jan 2014 08:40:35 GMT

#storify-minimal a:hover{text-decoration:none}The HBO TV show "The Newsroom" stirred up some passions in my home today, especially in my teenage daughter after we watched a marathon of the first season. Her passionate angry reaction to the dirty tea-party/media politics depicted (critiqued) on the show boiled over into twitter during and after:Storified by leafwarbler · Sun, Jan 05 2014 08:40:35@docfreeride @canislatrans I have already lost faith in humanity. It's horrible what we are doing to the planet.— Sanzari · Thu, Jan 02 2014 21:06:06@zanytimelord @canislatrans This is where youthful rebellion against the corrupt values of the older generations could help; try that!— Janet D. Stemwedel · Thu, Jan 02 2014 21:08:53@docfreeride @canislatrans But HOW??! What do I do to rebel?— Sanzari · Thu, Jan 02 2014 21:12:58In between, she also found time to doodle, and create this character:The Pirate in the Purple Peacoat. Inspired by my sister. @leafwarbler @lorises · SanzariBefore going back to the more serious tweets:@zanytimelord @canislatrans Lay out your vision of how people can do better. Tell your friends. Refuse to be talked out of it. Make it so.— Janet D. Stemwedel · Thu, Jan 02 2014 21:15:08@zanytimelord @canislatrans Get people to appreciate the beauty that's at risk, to be mindful of their choices, to expect better.— Janet D. Stemwedel · Thu, Jan 02 2014 21:16:24@zanytimelord @canislatrans It's a big task, but I think those in your age group can be recruited to it. Maybe even some parents!— Janet D. Stemwedel · Thu, Jan 02 2014 21:17:29@zanytimelord @docfreeride @canislatrans Subversive art is also an option. Scares the heck outta systems since images are hard to forget.— Glendon Mellow · Thu, Jan 02 2014 21:17:17@FlyingTrilobite @docfreeride @canislatrans Hmm... Good powerful writing can change things as well. Ooh! A book!— Sanzari · Thu, Jan 02 2014 21:27:28@FlyingTrilobite @docfreeride @canislatrans a YA story that draws attention to what's going on?— Sanzari · Thu, Jan 02 2014 21:28:17@FlyingTrilobite @docfreeride @canislatrans Murals. But what's an effective way to scare teens out of the no-care 'tude?— Sanzari · Thu, Jan 02 2014 21:29:53@zanytimelord @FlyingTrilobite @canislatrans The specter of becoming just like the adults in their world? (Would scare *me*…)— Janet D. Stemwedel · Thu, Jan 02 2014 21:30:50@docfreeride @FlyingTrilobite @canislatrans But how to get them aware...MUSIC. It is the center of so many people's lives!— Sanzari · Thu, Jan 02 2014 21:32:18@FlyingTrilobite @docfreeride Maybe there could be an idea with @canislatrans— Sanzari · Thu, Jan 02 2014 21:33:53@docfreeride @FlyingTrilobite @canislatrans But not just one genre. Metal enviro bands?— Sanzari · Thu, Jan 02 2014 21:35:27@docfreeride @FlyingTrilobite @canislatrans How to make these ideas happen?— Sanzari · Thu, Jan 02 2014 21:39:22@zanytimelord @docfreeride @canislatrans Biggest thing you need imo, is time. Specified time.— Glendon Mellow · Thu, Jan 02 2014 21:46:16@canislatrans @FlyingTrilobite @docfreeride Oh. The thing is, there are all these cheesy kids programs from the 90s on the environment.— Sanzari · Thu, Jan 02 2014 22:46:04[...]

A nonlinear late night transit through a state of pantslessness

Sun, 18 Aug 2013 08:49:34 GMT

#storify-minimal a:hover{text-decoration:none}So I'm up in the wee hours in my sister's flat in Bombay—nothing unusual in that, mind—trying to find a way to fall asleep, unable to do so, idly turning to twitter (as is our wont these days), when I suddenly wander into thisStorified by leafwarbler · Sun, Aug 18 2013 08:49:34Wow, the house heated up a lot during the day, to the point that I might let freedom ring and permit pantslessness at dinner.— Janet D. Stemwedel · Sat, Aug 17 2013 00:05:35A side note: I'm impressed that autocorrect recognizes "pantslessness"— Janet D. Stemwedel · Sat, Aug 17 2013 00:06:55@docfreeride Impressed is one emotion you could feel in response to that info, sure.— David Shiffman · Sat, Aug 17 2013 00:15:00@docfreeride Sorry. My fault.— Dr. Isis · Sat, Aug 17 2013 00:07:30@drisis You freedom loving, tweet posting commie!— Janet D. Stemwedel · Sat, Aug 17 2013 00:09:54How could I not jump in?@docfreeride @drisis actually, I think it just gives up after pantsless. As anyone would.— Madhusudan Katti · Sat, Aug 17 2013 00:12:53But before pursuing the resulting conversation further, don't you want to know what put pantslessness in @docfreeride's mind? Which is not to say pantslessness is not always on her mind, but what made her tweet it out loud this time? Believe it or not, it started with this tweet about the hypocrisy of libertarians, specifically Michael Shermer, who is trying to recover from having been caught with his own pants down (or, rather, trying to get into someone else's pants), so to speak. Libertarians calling their lawyers to stop women from saying things they don't like. That's very ideologically consistent, isn't it Shermer?— Elyse Mofo Anders · Fri, Aug 16 2013 23:15:09@dELYSEious @docfreeride requiring libertarians to be consistent means you clearly hate freedom.— Nicholas Evans · Fri, Aug 16 2013 23:33:23@neva9257 @dELYSEious I've already established that I hate freedom by requiring my family to wear pants at dinner table. BOO FREEDOM!— Janet D. Stemwedel · Fri, Aug 16 2013 23:40:21@docfreeride @delyseious *gasp* the horror! Pants == the ultimate expression of one's hatred of freedom— Nicholas Evans · Fri, Aug 16 2013 23:42:38@neva9257 @dELYSEious And the ultimate enemy of freedom == one's mother!— Janet D. Stemwedel · Fri, Aug 16 2013 23:44:57@docfreeride @delyseious you have no idea.— Nicholas Evans · Fri, Aug 16 2013 23:46:12@neva9257 @dELYSEious I work hard to fight the freedom of the pantless in my purview every day! If I had a mustache, I'd be twirling it!— Janet D. Stemwedel · Fri, Aug 16 2013 23:49:15@docfreeride @delyseious as a philosopher and evil genius, you are also entitled to a wingback chair.— Nicholas Evans · Fri, Aug 16 2013 23:50:32Of course, I dug all this up just now, while researching this storify. And realize that this might be one of the better, lighter things to come out of that whole Shermer affair.So let us return back to our evil genius philosopher sitting in her wingback chair and twirling her mustache. So where were we? Ah yes, I had just jumped in with:@docfreeride @drisis actually, I think it just gives up after pantsless. As anyone would.— Madhusudan Katti · Sat, Aug 17 2013 00:12:53To which the philosopher responded, and twitter devolved deeper into pantslessness...@leafwarbler @drisis Anyone who views being w/o pants as transitory rather than a state of being.— Janet D. Stemwedel · Sat, Aug 17 2013 00:19:48[...]

Great Backyard Bird Count in India

Fri, 08 Mar 2013 18:54:14 GMT

#storify-minimal a:hover{text-decoration:none}This year the annual Great Backyard Bird Count, based in North America, went global for the first time. Indian birders rallied to the call with enthusiasm, 202 of them contributing 438 checklists with 537 species taking India to third rank, behind US & Canada. Here's how #BirdCountIndia went down.Storified by leafwarbler · Fri, Mar 08 2013 18:54:14The Great Backyard Bird Count started in North America, created by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology in partnership with the Audubon Society and Bird Studies Canada. This citizen science project is an annual count of birds in which birdwatchers of all feathers can participate: from folks who simply love to watch the birds that come to their feeders to amateur birdwatchers carrying binoculars and field guides around in their backpacks to serious twitchers who would travel to remote corners at the drop of a tweet to 'tick' a rare bird on their life list! Anyone can participate, regardless of skill level: all you need is enthusiasm! Participants can spend anywhere from 15 minutes to many hours watching and identifying and counting birds wherever they happen to be, over the course of a single extended February weekend (right around Valentine's Day) each year. The goal is to build a nice annual snapshot of the distribution of birds, and more importantly, to get people outdoors looking at birds (and other things) in their neighborhoods and raising awareness about changes in all of our environments. The last time I was able to participate in the count was in 2010, when my young birding partner and I did a count in Fresno. Circumstances did not allow me to do counts in the past two years, and it looked like I might have to miss it again this year when we moved to India for the semester for my sabbatical. Even my daughter expressed disappointment. But we need not have worried.This year, for the first time, the GBBC went global! A couple of weeks after we arrived in India, and a few days before the #GBBC, a buzz started building among some of my birdwatching colleagues here. A Facebook event was set up (by Pavithra Sankaran and others), and Kalyan Varma sent out the call via this tweet, which was rt-ed a few times:Watch birds in your backyard for 15min and report them online. @birdcountindia #birdcountindia— Kalyan Varma · Thu, Feb 14 2013 04:44:42#IND Watch birds in your backyard for 15min and report them online. @birdcountindia #birdcountindia (via @KalyanVarma)— M3N.. One Of We. · Thu, Feb 14 2013 07:35:54"@KalyanVarma: Watch birds in your backyard for 15min and report them online. @birdcountindia #birdcountindia" #fb— Amit Singh Sethi · Thu, Feb 14 2013 14:37:36As the count started, and the Facebook event page started filling up with comments, the new @birdcountindia account kicked into gear on twitter, loosely coordinating the Indian birdwatchers' efforts under the #birdcountindia hashtag:Hello folks! How did the morning count go? Tell us what you spotted! #birdcountindia— BirdCount India · Fri, Feb 15 2013 03:25:13As the GBBC has grown, the folks at Cornell have been pretty savvy about incorporating new technologies to allow people to submit and share their data, through the eBird platform. What started as a web portal for submitting your checklists, and for searching and geographically visualizing others' lists, has morphed into a very nice, user-friendly online database. Now it is also coupled with a suite of mobile apps that make it super easy for people armed with mobiles to submit their geo-tagged checklists from anywhere in the world.&[...]