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Updated: 2016-08-13T16:10:55-05:00


GtkRadiant 1.6.5 builds, new website and gratipay


We have had a steady stream of fixes coming in from contributors over the last few months, to fix a number of memory errors and bugs across the map compiler (q3map2) and the bot routes compiler (bspc). Several of those fixes also improve the stability and correctness of the tools...

Some thoughts about Yubikeys


Hello there! I have several things in the pipeline that will benefit from some public exposure, so I will try to post here more regularly. We'll start easy and talk about Yubico hardware keys today. I bought a Yubikey Edge last year, thinking that it was finally the end of...

2014 retrospective


Time for a short retrospective on 2014. Late 2013 I registered an LLC in the state of Texas, and a large part of my time and energy this past year has been dedicated to building up a small consulting and development business. It is a challenging and rewarding adventure, and...

Time for a short retrospective on 2014.

Late 2013 I registered an LLC in the state of Texas, and a large part of my time and energy this past year has been dedicated to building up a small consulting and development business.

It is a challenging and rewarding adventure, and I hope that will continue into 2015. I feel lucky to rely on a vibrant community of innovators in Dallas-Fort Worth, providing mentoring and inspiration.

I am sharpening my technical skills and picking up a lot of new tricks, but mostly it's a time for personal growth. I am one step closer of calling myself a Kadampa Buddhist thanks in large part to the amazing teachers at KMC Texas.

I encourage everyone this year to go after your mental and physical barriers and push through your perceived limits. If Buddhism is a bit too much, start with a Spartan Race, or try GORUCK maybe. You get the idea, get out there and be awesome.

But what about game development .. are you still doing that? Yes, of course! The Dallas Society of Play connects together some very talented indies in DFW. I'm hoping to share more on that subject soon, watch this space..

I'd like to close with a few tools and technologies that have been particularly relevant to me this year:

  • Xero Accounting Software: don't bother with QuickBooks etc. .. go Xero.
  • Org mode for Emacs: I use org (and emacs) for everything. I work with Windows, MacOS X and GNU/Linux - often at the same time. Having one consistent tool across all systems is very important. I use org to plan and track my time, I also use it to write up proposals and documentation.
  • SaltStack: I have finally found my favorite solution for infrastructure as code. Pragmatic, easy to learn, easy to debug and powerful. I tried repeatedly to like Chef, or even use it productively - much happier with salt now.
  • Docker: over-hyped? Sure it is, but still a damn good product. Finally the ticket to cleanly abstract from the cloud provider, isolate logical components easily and prepare for scalability at the early stages of development. Also it works great with salt.
  • Honorable mention: Visual Assist, Droptask, DropBox, mosh and fish shell.

GtkRadiant 1.6.4 released: MacOS X, Quake 2 and improved 4-view layout


It's been a slow year for GtkRadiant, but it's time to call it done for 1.6.4! See the full release notes, and check the downloads for your operating system. Thank you to Jay Dolan for his massive involvement in this release, bringing us MacOS X support as well as Quake...

es_core: an experimental framework for low latency, high fps multiplayer games.

2013-05-11T15:46:35-05:00 The current state of competitive, skilled FPS games is a topic that comes up often in discussions among my game industry friends, with players and with anyone involved with eSports. There is lament that no FPS title has been able to grow a big enough audience and pull enough...

GtkRadiant 1.6.3 released: Urban Terror support improved, QuakeLive support added


GtkRadiant has been updated to version 1.6.3 The main item for this release is the addition of QuakeLive support. This includes support for the encrypted paks, and png textures support (including on models). bspc.exe (for bot navigation files), and a version of q3map2 with QuakeLive support is provided as well....

Laundry list posting


I write this as we are closing a family sailing trip in the south pacific (yeah, it's about as awesome as it sounds). Living with very little technology and only a few books is a refreshing experience. It's been a while since I posted here and I have a little...

Compiling GtkRadiant binaries for Windows and Linux using Amazon AWS and RightScale


When we started bringing the GtkRadiant project back from the dead a few months back, I quickly realized that some of the new tricks I had been learning at Trivie could nicely apply to the challenges we faced. A large majority of GtkRadiant users run Windows. I'm mostly on Linux....

Onwards !


I didn't realize it had been so long since my last post here. In a way I was waiting for something worth writing about, and that was a long time coming. I resigned from id earlier this week. Folks who know me well were not terribly surprised, but I suppose...

Learn you some Erlang


If you ever want to get started with Erlang I highly recommend this site. I found out after most of my basic language training was already done, but still learned a few good tricks. While QuakeLive was mostly Python, Database and Web work, this last year was almost exclusively C/C++....