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Textpattern CMS quality ... examples and discussion

Updated: 2015-11-03T20:16:35Z




An alternative way into Textpattern using Bootstrap to provide useful themes, an updated TXP design gallery (We Love TXP), up-to-date TXP Planet news and handy TXP Tags site.

Install Textpattern 4.5


Installing and using Textpattern 4.5 has become even more pleasurable, almost to the point of luxury! The TXP values of simplicity, flexibility, ease of use and lightweight power are stronger than ever in this latest release.

One Breath


The only website I know where all articles are about the breath. If you are not interested in this breath you should be. I do not say that from ego. I state a fact that, if you follow it up, will lead to a life filled with hope, happiness and fulfillment.

Harry Seidler & Associates


Designed by Gary Venter (also an architect) this showcase of a leading world architect is quite simply stunning.