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Updated: 2011-08-27T23:16:55-04:00


feedBach is Bach: Bach in the Saddle!


Thanks to the DNA Lounge and our loyal and patient fans in our return to the stage on August 8th. Although it was four months since our last outing we are surprised to have returned so quickly! And grateful for the opportunity to play for such a great audience. You are always in our thoughts!

Post Whiskey A Go Go


On behalf of feedBach I'd like to thank everyone for their incredible, at times heart-breaking support for me and my band during these last six weeks of chaos. Me and my band have been trying to adjust in our own ways to these tragic events. The injuries I sustained after being hit by a SUV the evening of April 11th at the Whiskey took me out of this world for a short while but I am confident that I am on the road to recovery. My prayers go out to all those who supported me when I couldn't lift a hand to help myself. I have been truly blessed at the good will I have been receiving and will not forget this. Sincerely, Shovenish (aka Fred)

Whiskey A Go Go Adds 2 R Momentum!


After taking our obligatory month or two break during the holidays we've started on a targeted tour of record stores and bigger venues in preparation for a possible album and west coast tour in the next year.

Playing The Whiskey this coming Monday will give us a chance to experience overnight travel for the first time and a taste of what a West Coast Tour might entail.

Thanks to all the new listeners and those visiting our website. Since we announced the Whiskey show our daily numbers have tripled!

A special thanks to those loyal fans who have been catching us in local bars for the last two years. Keep the Faith!

- Shovenish (aka Fred Ordonez)

Record Store Tour, Interview & Extreme Radio Play?



Well it ain't exactly a West Coast Tour but feedBach is putting the final touches on its Bascom Avenue Record Store Tour. Our first appearance will be at Streetlight Records on Saturday, 7pm on March 19th. We follow this up with an appearance at Rasputins just up the road on Thursday, 6:30pm on April 21st. Our 'Ex Nihilo' 6-Song CD will be on sale at both stores.


Stay tuned for details on our just concluded podcast interview last night with Fred X Mertz of 'The Rock Shop' - an independant media company in Eugene, Oregon. We should have a link to the interview along with a write up. For more info on The Rock Shop -->

feedBach on SFPIRATERADIO - 96.1 FM

feedBach members will be showing up at Extreme Pizza this Saturday, February 19th at 8pm to enjoy pizza and refreshments while they wait for 'Fallen' to play on the FM dial. We encourage you to stop by and say hello, grab a slice and be a part of feedBach lore. It will be played before 9pm so come early! We will have Ex Nihilo CDs on sale for $3 for anyone who stops by.

Next, follow us as we go across the street to Johnny Vs where we will catch The Trims - one of feedBachs favorite bands!

The DNA Lounge Killer Vibe - Thanks to feedBach faithFull!


As feedBach takes our annual end of year hiatus we can't help but reflect on 2010 as our most pivital year with a bunch of firsts: EP Release (Ex Nihilo), TV Studio Recording (Soapbox Alley due out in January) and our biggest show to date - the DNA Lounge in SF. We really have to thank the crowds over the last three shows. We've been getting an incredible vibe from our audiences whether it be the hipster crowd at Caravan Lounge in San Jo, the built-in bar fly crowd at Sports Page in Mt. View or the bigger City crowd ready to groove on the dancefloor. Just want to wish everyone and their family a Happy Holiday! We can't wait to turn a new corner in 2011 and hope you all come along for the ride!

There's No Business Like Show Business!


If the Caravan Lounge felt like home for us last month well than the Sports Page in Mt. View was more like a bunch of kids playing in the bedroom of that home - with the door closed!

For those feedBach faithful in attendance Saturday night for our casual CD Release Party - WE SALUTE YOU! First in line for thanks - Something Acoustic! Not only did Clif, Mark and Sylvia open the nite with a semi-plugged in set but they are part of a growing feedBach Road Crew. When you add Izzy and dB members we are 8 strong.

We also welcome Blackwood Royalty and their subjects to our feedBach nation. The energy and exuberance of a crowd never quite topping thirty was so thick you could actually smell it during our second set. Was it something in the air or just coincidence that Happy People morphed into a reggae song - I know for a fact that this is the first time dB played it in public. You be the judge!

Cowboy hat!

To Josh (our day-of-the-show manager), Two Beards (lover of all music), Chris (Supercool bartender) and those hot 20 something year olds that kept it coming with thier flash photography we thank you all so very much.

According to Josh, resident bar fly at The Sports Page in Mt. View, we are currently in negotiations on a concept album devoted solely to show tunes. Well, lets not get ahead of ourselves. Maybe lets start off by scheduling another show early next year at The Sports Page. Hope to see you there.

The Caravan - Feels Like Home!


At first glance, The Caravan appears to be a deserted enclave of a 'once was' San Jose punk or rock scene. Show up at 8pm like our band feedBach did and you might get that impression. There we were two hours before the gig and not much to do except small talk with security and the bartender - maybe a little tv while drinking water, beer or a vodka tonic. Yeah, we were told band setup wasn't til 9pm but we always insist on being early. To kill time, I think Jef ordered a Calzone that we all knew Clif would get his hands on and I did five laps around The Caravan til I finally found a close parking spot. Kinda like musical chairs without the music.

Although there was a pool table, no pool was played - we were a bit too anxious tonight - only our second gig in San Jose for a band that has been practicing down the street (near SJSU) for over 2 years. Not a prolific track record.

But by 10pm, it was the young people filling the lounge that gave it life, a vibrant energy that we could only appreciate after finishing quite possibly the quietest set ever played by feedBach. We were told by many that the vocals could even be heard over the mix - impressive! It was a beautifully fun 30 minute set, I proudly wore a Giants jersey, Clif sported a Friday Orange Posey 28. Finishing quickly gave us a chance to enjoy The Soft Volume and The Trims, two great upcoming local bands that I insist everyone check out!

The Caravan has a unique character that I couldn't do justice in describing after only two visits. We definately want to play here again. But more importantly, I would like to come here on another Saturday and watch a few other local bands, have a few beers and hopefully get the chance to chat with The Caravan crowd . . . after all feedBach is still looking for a home!

feedBach: Ex Nihilo - Release Date October 9th, 2010


After over two years of sporadic shows throughout the Bay Area, feedBach proudly announces their first studio release with their six song EP - 'Ex Nihilo'. Latin for 'Out of Nothing', Ex Nihilo was primarily recorded at Temekula Studio (their private studio) during the summer of 2010. Additional vocal and guitar tracking along with mixing was done at Stepchild Studio. A special thanks to Wade Thomas who did a stellar job mixing our 6 song EP on a shoe-string budget.

Ex Nihilo will be available for sale starting October 9th during our appearance at The Caravan in San Jose. We will have additional CDs available at future shows and at select local record stores. Stay Tuned!