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Funnel Radio Line-up - April 19, 2018


All shows are GMT -7 hrs. This week's topics include: Jim Obermayer with Christopher Ryan discussing The Only Way to Get the Squabbling Siblings of sales and Marketing to Grow Up: Get a Service Agreement followed by David Cook on How to Be A GREAT Salesperson…by Monday Morning! and then Matt Heinz wraps up the morning with Raviv Turner - Data Intelligence 101: The Key to Faster Growth and More Efficient Marketing

Have You Overlooked These Change Management Questions?


We’ve all read about the horror stories of failed implementations. Sometimes it’s obviously the vendor or consultant’s fault. However, failure can often be traced back to inadequate planning for change.

WP: 4 Keys to Track & Optimize ROI From Events - DemandGen Report by Validar


“According to a Salesforce report, trade show leads have a 29.6% open-lead (MQL) to closed lead percentage. That’s higher than marketing and advertising campaigns (21.8%).”

Jen Spencer of SmartBug Media Answers the Pipeline Ownership Question


Some say it is starting to get confusing as marketing assumes an ever increasing responsibility for parts of the sales pipeline; sales it seems is relinquishing areas it wants help with or doesn’t want to deal with.

Funnel Radio Line-up - April 12, 2018


 Today's topics include: Your online press-room and Event Marketing Budgets & Details, The Five Most Important Things Cyndi Greenglass has Learned in Business and Life. Matt Heinz with Jenn Martin talk about New Product, New Sales Process? How to Evolve Your Product & GTM Strategies Together. We end the day with Lee Silverman talking with guest, Mark Tietbohl about Getting Comfortable with Data.

Why do salespeople lift a leg on the CRM System?


No matter how good a CRM system you have there is always a salesperson that will figuratively lift his leg on it and say he won’t use it.

Dan McDade - Answers Who Owns the Pipeline and Why


Of course, the salespeople own the pipeline, right?  Maybe yes and maybe no.   With the advent of more sophisticated CRM systems, certainly marketing automation programs and now AI, marketing is getting involved in almost every step of the pipeline.  And with involvement comes a responsibility.

If There Were 4 More Like Me in the Company, I wouldn’t Need Anyone Else!


Some of my greatest stories and leadership tips have come from working for risk taking, bold, impatient, idea laden people who keep looking for a few more people just like them. They are driven and bright and innovative and aggressive and always trying new things and they’d be more successful if they could just find more people just like them.