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Celebrities Night Club

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Top Ten Night Clubs


1. RAIN IN THE DESERT: one of the top night clubs in the las vegas is commonly known as Rain in the desert among its know and night life fan. It has been spotted by variety of popular and very famous celebrities and popular personalities from the entertainment and fashion industries. Entry is allowed only adult people. You can find perfect for your glittering, contagious and alluring bodies

The Nation's DJ Mecca - Miami


After covering my tenth Winter Music Conference and Ultra Music Festival last month, I came to the conclusion that everything I grew up on is the hands of an entirely new generation. The kids at raves these days were babies when I was a kid at a rave. I feel kind of old for the first time in my life, but the connection to rave culture feels reborn. I like that the word “rave” is reborn too

Eve the Nightclub


Everything about Eve the Nightclub screams PARTY. This club is Vegas nightlife at its peak with flashy décor, a state-of-the-art music and video system, and a celebrity endorsement. Eve Nightclub Las Vegas is operated by the beautiful Eva Longoria Parker, who has had similar club success in LA. This

Kendra Takes Miami


Kendra Wilkinson at STK at Gansevoort Miami Beach Miami Beach, FL – August 23, 2010 – Kendra Wilkinson enjoyed a normal Monday on South Beach. She started the night off with a meal at STK at Gansevoort Miami Beach then continued the festivities at Mokai where she partied next to Kevin Federline. Kendra Wilkinson at Mokai Lyndon Smith, Kendra Wilkinson, & DJ Irie Kendra Wilkinson & Olivia

Celebrities Nightclub


Michelle Rodriguez & Lenny Kravitz New York City, NY – September 14th, 2010 – Actors, athletes and notable New Yorkers celebrated the official grand opening of LAVO New York City, a new Southern Italian bistro and state-of-the-art nightclub helmed by Noah Tepperberg, Jason Strauss, Marc Packer and Rich Wolf, the hospitality impresarios behind LAVO Las Vegas, TAO, Avenue, Stanton Social, Rue 57

Brad & Angelina...engagement quote of the day (reported by Julian Ayrs)!


Uh-huh!Once it was announced that hunky Brad Pitt had finally quaintly bended on hand-and-knee - and proposed to his hot-to-trot sexy Lady - the news streaked around the face-of-the-globe like a bolt of lighting.Cupid had spread his all-emcompassing wings at long last!In the aftermath?For starters, there was an incredible free-for-all, as the intense media jockeyed for a "money shot" of the

D.U.I...quote by Julian Ayrs!


A cab fareis cheaper thanthe costoffightinga DUIin aCourtof law!Julian AyrsThe Daily PlanetA Collection of Poems(and truisms)

Kaiser Permanente...quacks like Dr. I. John Kim a menace to patients! Unqualified staff guilty of negligence!


When a patient strolls into the lobby - the facility looks and feels - like a hospital.But, there is something surreal about the place, and not quite right.The ailing individual strolls up to the front desk, anxious to be admitted into the "Emergency" Department, nonetheless.At this juncture, a stone-faced employee quizzes the patient, pointedly."Are you a member?"Say what?Uh-huh!If a resident of

In Living Color...Jennifer Lopez to swivel hips for Keenen Ivory Wayans again? Comedy Reunion!


Jennifer Lopez may be tearing up the stage with her ultra-sexy gravity-defying dance moves once again!Say what?Fans may recall that the "American Idol" bench-warmer was one of the fly-girls that flitted by on the popular comedy show - "In Living Color" - which starred hilarious Keenen Ivory Wayans and a posse of his pals.Now that Wayans is hinting that there may be a "reboot" of the ratings-hit,

Los Angeles Times Festival of Books...Betty White & Kareem Abdul-Jabbar to attend book-signings!


With a lot of fanfare the Los Angeles Times sponsored - "Festival of Books" - hits the USC campus this next week.The organizers are boasting that the much-anticipated salute to the "written word"  will have something for everyone.The annual book signing event - which has lured the likes of perky Betty White, beaming Judy Blume, squeaky-clean Julie Andrews, sports figure Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and

Peter O'Toole...hilarious Katherine Hepburn encounter! Most Oscar-abused actor?


Last night, an insightful (almost reverential) interview with Peter O'Toole live from the TCM Film Festival, triggered a pleasant memory.I was strolling down the street a few months ago, when a stranger dashed up to me out-of-the-blue."You know who you look like," he quizzed excitedly.As I grappled for a witty response, the tall lanky dude beat me on the uptake."Peter O'Toole," he blurted out

Grauman's Chinese Theatre...screens classic flicks for 25 cents! 85th Anniversary celebration!


Talk about deflation!Grauman's Chinese Theatre has announced that over the course of 4 Monday Nights - commencing April 23rd - the historic landmark will screen a series of classic flicks (flickers?) for a paltry 25 cents a ticket!The El Cheapo event was drummed up by execs to celebrate Grauman's 85th Anniversary running first-rate movies in Hollywood for decades on the glitzy "Walk of Fame" on

"Ross Dress for Less" cheaper than at Goodwill Stores!


A savvy fashion-conscious male here on the West Coast slipped in to a "Goodwill" store on Vine Street in Hollywood over the weekend, and did a double-take, when he caught sight of a price tag on a used tie hanging forlornly on the rack alongside a pile of rakish hats and scuffed leather boots and tired worn old shoes.Imagine that!The once-elegant cravat - with a hint of a soup stain

Gilbert Hotel...Hollywood's slum landlords violate tenant rights! Rentals bug-infested and uninhabitable!


If you are out-of-town, booking a Hotel room for Los Angeles - and unfamiliar with quality accommodations locally - avoid The Gilbert Hotel at 1550 Wilcox Avenue in downtown Hollywood like the plague!The low weekly rate may be affordable - and enticing - but once a traveller checks in at the front desk - and they spy all the low-life riff-raff coming-and-going - he or she may be inclined to

TRASHed COACHELLA.."Lab Art" Gallery exhibit celebrates garbage! Educates youth about recycling!


 A ubiquitous sign blinked "LAB ART" out front - catching the eye of passers-by - as invited guests trotted into the artsy-fartsy gallery space on South La Brea last night to take a sip on an exotic cocktail courtesy of an open bar, chat up art-lovers, and take a gander at an exhibit of garbage bins.Say what?Actually, the environmentally-inspired art display - TRASHed COACHELLA - was organized by

Edith Piaf...Maria Elena Infantino tribute to chanteuse!! A Celebration on 50th Anniversary of death!


On the 50th Anniversary of the death of Edith Piaf, the City of West Hollywood (through its Arts and Cultural Affairs Commission) is partly funding a tribute to be performed by charismatic stage entertainer Maria Elena Infantino.The much-anticipated live performances - which also feature accompanist Georgi Slachev - will take place at the Marilyn Monroe Theatre (at the Lee Strasberg Institute)

Mikhail Baryshnikov...stars in play "In Paris" @ Broad Stage! April 11th - April 21st!


Mikhail Baryshnikov is setting his 'dancing shoes" aside temporarily - and is slated to take the stage later this week instead = in a challenging acting role."In Paris" is a love story about Russian Immigrants whose lives collide in picturesque Paris in the 1930's.The play is an adaptation of a short story by Nobel Prize Winner Ivan Bunin.Actress Anna Sinyakina co-stars with the legendary dancer

Leonard Cohen...wacko Kelley Lynch on trial for threats! Demented woman harassed me!


At long last the pieces are falling into place and I am able to make sense of the mystery of Kelley Lynch (and her bizarre actions) which were puzzling me for months-on-end!Last year - out-of-the-blue - I began to receive unsolicited pleas from Ms. Lynch (I use the term "Miss" very loosely) via e-mail requesting that I publish unflattering gossip about known Singer-Songwriter Leonard Cohen (a

Gloria Allred...doesn't know **** from hole in the ground! Miss Universe "Trump" argument off-point!


After a week long controversy raged on the broadcast airwaves (and across the Internet) over the "Miss Universe" fiasco (wherein a sex-change contestant was initially barred from competing in the annual glitzy event) Barbara Walters finally tossed a searing spotlight on the issues last night on the 20/20 News Magazine Show.A few days ago, I put in my own "two cents" worth, when I published - what

Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival 2012...heartthrob Daniel Henney stars in "Shanghai Calling" on "Opening Gala" night!


Officials at The Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival have announced their line-up of outstanding movies for the upcoming 28th edition of their much-anticipated culturally-diverse annual event.The festival has been bumped back to May10th this year and runs through May 20th at three popular venues which include the Director's Guild of America (DGA), CGV Cinemas (Koreatown), and the Art Theatre

Say what you mean...quote by Julian Ayrs!


Say what you meanandmean what you sayandLife's little dramaswillpass you bydaily!Julian AyrsDivine GraceA Collection of Poems

Lily Tomlin..."Ernestine" character delights "TORIE OSBORN" supporters at fundraiser! Bid for 50th State Assembly Seat!


It wasn't an over-the-top glitzy fundraiser - along the lines of those thousand-dollar chi chi spectacles tossed for President Obama - but the relatively low-key event (to raise funds for Torie Osborn's bid for a State Assembly seat in California) had its entertaining and politically- informative moments.For example, on the heels of screening a series of hilarious clips which focused on a "cast"

Jeremy Sexy actor laments invasion into personal life!


The tabloid press on one entertainment show engaged in a field day last night, in the wake of titillating gossip circulating Tinseltown, that Jeremy Renner is gay!Rumors are bound to persist if an eligible bachelor tends to stroll down the red carpet alone (or with his mother by his side) every time a high-profile award ceremony rolls around (unlike "out" actor Neal Patrick Harris).Is it

Miss change quote of the day (reported by Julian Ayrs)!


This past week a controversy raged on when the Donald Trump organization (who owns the Miss Universe Pageant franchise) initially rejected a curvacious contestant (from Canada) for the glitzy annual competition on the grounds that "she" was not a "natural-born" female.At one point, the buzz reached a feverish pitch across the country, when pundits on the old boob (!) tube elected to jump into

Emeli Sandé...British chanteuse hailed as the future of soul, pop & Rhythm & Blues!


The songbird is being hailed as the future of soul, pop, and R&B.And, if you're not sure who I am referring to, take a bow Emeli Sandé!Ms. Sandé is a standout artist from the U.K. who is causing quite a buzz in the industry.And, MySpace - always keen on what's up-and-coming and ultra-cool in respect to recording artists - has jumped on the bandwagon (and singing her praises) for starters.But,