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Animal Pictures






Animal Pictures

Pictures of Animals


One of the magnificent things in our everyday lives is our animals. They are the creatures that provides amazing amount of joy to our lives. Looking through pictures of animals provides one of the most spectacular feelings possible. For animal lovers collecting animal images is one of their favorite hobbies.Discover the amazing peace that an animal, so feared by man, has. This amazing wallpaper is one of the most famous and spectacular snake images in the world. As king of the sky there is nothing to worry about. This magnificent wallpaper of a resting eagle brightens up the feeling of pride, strength and wisdom.There are so many types of animal images like fantasy animals that will take you to a new world where the imagination can run free. The best part of Fantasy animal wallpapers is that anything is possible, so you can expect anything. A cute animal picture is always enough to brighten up someone’s dull day, so send someone special a cute picture of their most beloved animal and make their day spectacular.The amazing courage we can find in a seal pup facing the world without his mother in sight. This awesome wallpaper shows us that behind a cute face lays a survivor.The cuteness of a kitten jumping towards its sibling and the other standing ready to catch is indescribable. Share this amazingly cute animal picture with your friends and family. A sleeping puppy is enough to get anyone in the mood to adopt it out of the picture. How can anyone resist a face like that? Tiger cubs look amazing on cute animal pictures. With their unique stripes and big baby eyes who cannot want to look at such wallpapers every day? This post was brought to you by HD pictures of animals[...]

Tiger Pictures Big Cats


Tiger Pictures Big Cats
Photos of Tiger
Pictures Of Big Cats
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Safari Amazing ! Beautiful Animal Safari pictures


Beautiful amazing cute bay giraffe growing to be the tallest giraffe in the world and the most beautiful giraffe animal safari picture by Euphoria magazine Cute funny elephant with its trunk showing off. picture beautiful wildlife byTim Flach Is there hope for lions to survive in the wild or in captivity? Thee beautifulBig cats of Africa are endangered. Proud funny lion face picture with a hopeto save lions. Beautiful amazing lion image by Maurizio Peddis levaBeautiful amazing elephant picture. The African Elephants and theAsian elephants are endangered. Elephants are illegally hunted fortheir tusks. Help save the elephants. Pic by Euphoria MagazineCute baby lions funny animal picture. Lions in the wild play how to hunt but are endangered species. Help save these beautiful African lions and big cats of the world.Pic by Beverly Joubert Imagine a zebra in blue and purple stripes, don't you think that would be thecutttest animal in the wild how about a combination of all the colors? A blendof colors is what make these animals cool. pic by Paul Goldstain Cute animal companion animal competition no more.Python in the at Kruger National Park South Africa. Where will you run?Add captionCute Monkeys cute apes cute black and white chimpanzee amazing beautifulanimal pictures. Pic By DeleoTwelve-year-old male lion brothers Tonyi, left, and Tombo lie with each other at  Werribee Open Range Zoo. Pic by Mick Tsikas  Beautiful Serengeti Cute baby among a herd of grazing elephants. Endangered African safari animals pic by  Steve Fujinaka, My Shot  [...]

Best Cat Pictures


(image) white cat getting an unwanted sink bath in this photo
(image) orange cat helmet photo
(image) kitty cat in bag image

Top Cat Pictures


(image) this cat seems to be quite scared of the big boy shower
(image) funny cat jumping in snow
(image) Cats with interesting expressions

Great Cat Pictures


(image) this little cat has a big future in his eyes
(image) flock of cute little kittens scene in this picture
(image) lookout kitty!! soccer ball inbound!

Really Cool Dog Costume Photos


(image) Great dog rodeo costumes for these two tough customers.
(image) This we shall call, the 'just back from vacation' look.
(image) Small hotdog costume, that makes you feel good inside!
(image) Wrinkly Pug seen rockin the peep costume
(image) Yoda dog looking a bit dissatisfied in this picture
(image) Chiwa seen wearing a little bear costume, sweet!
(image) Batman costume seen on this little fatty Pug. Set to star in the hollywood dog movie "Bat Dog". j/k.

Tiny Dog Fight Pictures


(image) When tiny dogs attack!
(image) Getting fussy on the bed
(image) Two small chiwa dogs wrestling around

Pictures of awesome small dogs


(image) Small dog seen in large funky looking hat
(image) Picture of Chiwa in denim hat
(image) Small white Chiwa about to spark up. (smoking=wrong)

Wonderful Puppy Dogs


(image) Shaggy white dog wearing super man costume
(image) Fangs of the wild chiwa
(image) Small Chiwas fighting over dog toy, or is it dinner time, white thunder?.

Wordless Wednesday


(image) (image)

A special birthday


it's my fourth birthday today!
I'm taking it easy today, relaxing and hanging out, appreciating the good things in life.
I'm particularly enjoying those belly rubbings from mom.
Our garden is in its Spring glory. I love that time of the year when...
...the daffs are daffing and the bees are buzzing.

You might know that it's mom's birthday too today. She celebrated with a party yesterday at a friend's home and returned with lots of cool presents and crinkly wrapping paper in the early hours of the morning. Now she's off to see our grandma. It's a very special birthday for her because we have some truly excellent news for you: Mom found a job! Her first day is tomorrow. She says, that's the best birthday present ever.
Good times ahead!

Lots of loving purrs,
Siena Snowfox

Wordless Wednesday



Wordless Wednesday



Wordless Wednesday



Wordless Wednesday



Sniffie smells on Sunday


with Spring approaching there are many very sniffie smells in our garden.
I got to do a thorough sampling the other day. Good times ahead!
Siena Snowfox, official Spring-patrol team

Best Animal


(image) Are you in search of classical latest animals wallpapers , these are some of the latest wallpapers of animals you would hardly find on internet. These are the best wallpapers to be used as your desktop wallpapers due to their HD Quality and clean and clear result. and these are also amazing wallpapers. We hope you would love these animla wallpapers. Cheers

Cute Baby Animal Pictures


Here's another pictures of cute baby animal that will brighten your day.[...]

Cute Baby Panda Pictures


Pandas are the world's most adored animal. Their cute face and their funny behavior make people fall in love with them. Here are pictures of baby pandas that will make your day brighter.[...]

20 Cute bunny pictures



Komodo Dragon, The Giant Lizard







Komodo dragons (Varanus komodoensis) are the largest living species of lizard. Their size can reach 3 meters (10 feet) in length and weigh up to 300 lbs (136 kg). These giant lizards can be found in the Indonesian islands of Komodo, Flores, Rinca, Gili Motang and Gili Dasami.
Unlike most others lizards which are omnivores, Komodo dragons are carnivores. They eat almost everything, deer, wild buffalo, snakes, fish, and even carrion. Komodo dragons have clay-colored, scaly skin. Its help them to camouflage during hunting. Patiently, Komodo dragons wait for passing prey. When a victim approaches, the dragon attack with its powerful legs, sharp claws and teeth. When the prey got bitten by komodo, it doesn’t matter if it escapes. It’s because dragon’s bite contains deadly bacteria, and within 24 hours, the wounded prey usually dies of blood poisoning. The dragon simply follows an escapee as the bacteria take effect using its tongue to pick up smells.

Platypus, The Egg-Laying Mammal


The platypus (Ornithorhynchus anatinus) is a rare animal. The bizarre appearance of this duck-billed, beaver-tailed, and otter-furred mammal baffled the scientists when they first examined it. Even they thought that it’s just an elaborate fraud. The platypus is an endemic to eastern Australia and this mammal is one of two mammals that lay eggs instead of giving birth to live young. The males are also venomous. The sharp stingers on the heels of their rear feet are used to deliver a strong toxic that cause severe pain to humans. The platypuses have 3 lbs (1.4 kg) in weight and about 50 cm (20 in) length from head to tail.Platypuses are great swimmer and spend much of its time in the water foraging for food. They used their front webbed feet for paddling and their hind feet and beaverlike tail for steering. Their eyes and ears were covered with folds of skin to prevent water from entering, and the nostrils close with watertight seal. A platypus can remain submerged for a minute or two.They hunt underwater. With their sensitive bill, they scoop up insects and larvae, selfish, and worms along with bits of gravel and mud from the bottom. They stored all this material in cheek pouches and, at the surface, mashed for consumption. Platypuses don’t have teeth, so the bits of gravel help them to digest their meal. When platypuses on land, the webbing on their feet retracts to expose individual nails and allow them to run.The platypus lives in a simple ground burrow whose entrance is about 30 cm (12 in) above the water level. Females lay their eggs inside one of the burrow’s chamber. The female constructs a deeper, more elaborate burrow up to 20 m (66 ft) long and blocked at intervals with plugs, which may act as a safeguard against rising waters or predators, or as a method of regulating humidity and temperature. The eggs hatch in about ten days. The newly hatched young are vulnerable, blind, and hairless, and are fed by the mother's milk. Females nurse their young for three to four months until the babies can swim on their own.[...]

Funny Laughing Animal Pictures





Sometimes we take wildlife pictures that we see in books and magazines for granted; seldom does it give you the impressions that they were taken easily. The truth is, photographing animals (especially in wildlife) is very involved, such a moment could only be told through some timely amazing shots. For someone who loves animals, photographing them can be both very fulfilling and frustrating at the same time. Excellent animal photography requires experience, knowledge and patience.Animals can make very eye catching subjects to photograph in wild. Taking wildlife photography in a place where the animals don’t fear humans makes your task a bit difficult. In their natural environment, animals often provide many opportunities for taking dramatic shots. Let’s now take a look at some of these dramatic images of animal photography to see emotions in the wild nature.[...]

Cat Dog


 Cats and dogs are two different characters. In fact, even people consider themselves to be a dog person or cat person. Cats and dogs are usually compared, because they are the favorite animal of the world. If someone has a pet, they are sure to be buying a cat or dog. There is a big difference between a cat and a dog as a pet as a pet. If you are confused between buying a dog or cat, you should try to understand their personality alone.Cats are independent creatures, while dogs are more social in nature. A dog is running when you come home and start licking while a cat could stay on her pillow. Do not think that cats are cold heart. You can not question, but do you love your animals. They just show their affection when they want to feel it. Quite contrary to popular belief, cats do not like solitude.[...]


Seals are carnivorous mammals that can be found in the region of water ice. At first, seals belong to the suborder Pinnipedia, but now it has shifted the suborder category to category superfamilia.Currently, the seals put in a joint family Odobenidae Caniformia suborder (marine bear / walrus), Otariidae (sea lions), and Phocidae. Recent molecular analyzes have shown that the seal bears the closest relatives. Another hypothesis says that seals are true seals polifiletik the ancestral form of animals such as otters while the other seal species derived from a common ancestor of animals such as bears, but recent molecular studies that have been mentioned previously to ensure that all types of seals is monophyletic, which is derived from a common ancestor. source wikipediaMost of the seals that inhabit the cold North Atlantic and Arctic Ocean, But there is also an area being able to survive. Seals leave the water at least once a year, at the time of birth season.Female seals give birth on land, they migrate from the cold of the open ocean is warmer stricken before their child was born. Pups were treated in a certain period, usually within a few months spent on the ground. their daily diet is a type of fish, insects, squid and clams.Characteristics of the seal bodySeals have a slender body, rounded at the middle and tapered at the ends, with a thick layer of fat under the skin. Their limbs are short and their feet are webbed front and rear modified as flippers.Seals have no external ears but those projections have a functional ear.Seals have strong nails, which they usually used to climb on the ice after a hunt for food at sea and diganakan to open the shells.They have short hair colored and thick so as to protect the body from cold temperatures, the seals also have a thick layer of fat to keep them warm, helping them float, and feed them when they can not get food.Color seals have a varied pattern is a combination of color and gray nipple.Picture of Baby SealsWhite ColorsGray Colors[...]

Wordless Wednesday



Wordless Wednesday



Furriends, we've got a...


... serious (suit)case of FLOOFY FRIDAY.
Have a great weekend, efurryone!

When, if not Wednesdays


for some things it's never too late - for instance for saying...
...Happy New Year to efurryone!
We truly wish that the brand new year treats you kindly and that your life will be filled with good things and most impawtantly wonderful furriends at your side.
Bring on the good times, 2012!
Siena, Chilli and mom Britta

Merry Christmas!



We wish you a very merry Christmas!
Siena with Chilli & mom Britta



Ocicat evolved from two popular breeds are the Abyssinian and Siamese. In 1964, Virginia Daly, a cat breeder from Berkeley, Mich., raising Abyssinian cats with Siamese and produced kittens. Furthermore, two strains were crossed with the American Shorthair and Ocicat cats produce.Ocicat Cats interest because it is similar to Ocelot cat the endangered, but the Ocicat cat has a tail that is longer than any other cat. (source history Ocicat)AppearanceOcicat is a domestic cat but the race that resembles a wild cat has no blood though Ocicat has a temperament like a wild and domestic cats. Ocicat is a large cat with a big bone and muscle athletic appearance. Ocicat bodied dense, hard and rather long-bodied with a full body.Ocicat has short hair, smooth, and satin, in a typical pattern seen with the markings on the head, spine, legs and tail. Ocicat coat color comes in many colors, including chocolate, chocolate, cinnamon, silver, and blue. Ocicat males weigh about 9-14 pounds, while for female Ocicat approximately 6-9 pounds.BehaviorOcicat including a smart cat, so easy in practice. Energetic behavior of the cat she likes to jump into the cabinet and other high places to check out their neighborhood, walking on the rope, and respond to voice commands owners. Ocicat is kind of amazing because Ocicat cats can adapt well to new pets and for children. Ocicats will adapt to family life that will get him. Do not leave cats ocicat home alone in a long time, because maybe he will run away from your home.picture of OcicatBehavior of cats ocicat video width="450" height="320" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen=""> width="450" height="320" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="">[...]

Siblings on Sunday


Furriends,I got news from my siblings. Isn't that the coolest thing? I haven't heard from them since we parted when we were 14 weeks old. My brofur Thjure lives with another orange mancat called Buffy.Check out the pawsome floof on his tail. He's my brofur for sure!He looks like much fun, don't you think?And that's not me, but my sisfur. She's called Rana nowadays. My mom always tells me that we looked like twins. She has grown into a beautiful ladycat and I'm happy to hear that both Thjure and her are doing fine.But talking about sisfurs. Did you see that my BSIF (Big Sister in Floof), Fin, is retiring from blogging? Both her and Momo took me under their floofy tails when I started blogging and I will always be grateful for what I've learned from them and the good times we had. Family is impawtant but if you're lucky you meet very special furriends along the way and they can become at least equally impawtant. Finny sure is such a furriend!Fin is a Mousey fan just like me!Enjoy the good life, BSIF and please visit from time to time. I will sure miss you! Your Little Sister in Floof,Siena[...]


Scorpion is a class of animals antrhopoda. scorpion has venom like a snake, but the scorpion venom is not deadly to humans as snake venom. But there is a kind of scorpion that have toxins that are harmful to humans, although most of us have encountered scorpions are generally harmless. Scorpion toxins will provide pain and swelling in the body that are exposed diarea sting.Scorpion venom is only dangerous to the fellow animals arthropods. The scorpion uses its poison to paralyze their prey.scorpion is the most deadly type of androctonus australis, one of which is deathstalker a scorpion that has the most deadly poisons are neurotoxins. If this type of scorpion stung the victim will experience fever and coma, convulsions and paralysis and then died.But in general for a healthy adult human, scorpion venom is not going to result in death just the poison would be very painful.Other dangerous species of scorpion that is, androctonus crassicauda, ​​spesiaes has the most toxic poison that can cause death.Parabuthus transvaalicus, this is a species of scorpion that can give off poison as that of the cobraand Centruroides vittatus, this scorpion is the most rarely causes death in humans. This makes it a very bad reputation, so every time people see him going to kill him. Scorpion venom is actually injected in the state of humanity because they threatened it, they do not attack humans, even he would evade much of human existence.Appearancescorpion has a hard skin (chitin substances), jointed body, making exotic appearance. Scorpions have eight legs, injecting poison into his gun was in the back with a long tail for his size. The color of the body and the size of the scorpion has many of their unique appearance, they grow in the dark will light if the light rays with ultraviolletimage source Palestine yellow - death stalker scorpionimage source Emperor Scorpion one of death stalkerimage source Magagula Ndumiso Mahlosane - death stalker scorpion[...]



Pangolins is a unique animal and is now classified as endangered animals, they are included in the class of mammals. He was classified as nocturnal animals as pangolins active at night and hide during the day in the nest, usually lodged by making holes in the ground or other animals occupy the former hole.

Length of body shape and skin scaly pangolins, pangolins newborn skin is not hard but after two days the skin will begin to harden. Pangolins has a snout with a small mouth and long tongue and has no teeth.
What is unique from animals pangolins is, he will ball his body if they feel threatened to form a round like a ball that hard. Pangolins also have anal scent glands that emit out, foul-smelling liquid. it is intended to protect themselves from predators.

Its main food is ants and other small insects. Pangolins will use his long tongue and lymph glandulous to catch its prey, so prey will glue on the tongue, it is most effective in the hunt for food inside a small hole, such as ants and termites in the house. Pangolins hunt their prey by using the sense of smell
This Pangolins can be found in southeast Asia and Africa, tropical rain forest area.
from all sources
For more details see the pictures below pangolins;

(image) photo by Nigel J. Dennis
Pangolins was body furl
source image pangolins
(image) source image by AWF


I have a reputation for being a little silly Chilli because sometimes I see ghosts. That means that I go all poofy and cautious.
I have to admit that it makes me wonder if there's REALLY something given that Siena and mom are blissfully unaware on most occasions. So imagine my disturbance, when I saw this last weekend:
What on earth?! Is it raining men now?
I composed myself a little when mom explained that this apparition was an arborist who was called to cut out dead wood from our Birch tree. I guess I'm okay with that!



Owls are the night birds, owls will hunt their prey at night and usually owls would sleep in the afternoon. Animals who become prey such as mice, frogs and the insects, animals classified as carnivores owls.There are hundreds of species of owls found in the world and spread in various countries.The owl has a unique appearance because it has a pair of eyes which were located in front unlike other birds which lies beside her. The uniqueness of the owl can rotate its head through the canopy.Owls have sharp nails like bird-eating meat in general and also a large and wide wings that exceed the size of the owl's own body and short tail.Owls have very sharp eyesight to hunt prey in the dark with a long distance but in close proximity owl can not see clearly because their prey owls have farsightedness.Besides having a keen eyesight owl also has a hearing which is also sharp, this hearing is very useful for hunting prey in total darkness. Owls also have other features that have very fine hair that can make this bird fly without a sound.There are feathers that form a circle on the face buurung ghosts that make it look attractive. If seen this owl looks very funny but owls including a ferocious predator.Owls have many characteristics not pass up this movement and led to its existence is often unknown. Owls usually nest in trees in the woods on the limb or make holes in tree trunks. But this time the owl made ​​a lot of pets and any owl population has declined.Owl photo by Brooke Pennington'sAll image from Flickr[...]



Small animals that fly and pulled out a flickering light that we often encounter in certain areas at night is a beetle called firefly.

How does a firefly have a lamp and produce electrical energy?
Light is produced in special organs called photophores located in the lower abdomen. They consist of several layers of small reflector cells and a layer of light-producing cells. Light-producing cells contain nerves, air tubes, and two types of chemicals, luciferin and luciferase enzyme. When luciferin is activated by adenosine triphosphate (ATP) and luciferase, combine with oxygen in the air tube; this reaction produces energy in the form of light, heatless greenish-yellow-orange-red.
source firefly
From these research that fireflies do not have lights and electricity in his body, they have the light generated from the chemical luciferin and luciferase enzyme.
The fireflies are still widely available in rural areas or areas that are still there are many plants and trees. Their light functioned fatherly attract their mates.


(image) Photo by James Jordan

picture firefly by bruce marlin

Angora Rabbits


One type of rabbit that has a long coat and dense, like angora cat. Angora rabbits have a characteristic hair that grows in the ear tip and forefoot, along with the long hair found on her body. Rabbits have a funny appearance, soft fur makes it look like a doll. So the rabbit includes pet toys.Angora rabbit fur color varies widely and is also a combination and mixture of other colors. Very rapid growth of fur that is 2.5 cm per monthWeight of adult angora rabbits around 2kg - 4.5 kgCare and GroomingLong angora rabbit hair care needs, but we must often comb it we also need to cut it to make it look more tidier.There are many types of angora rabbits, namely English anggora, Satin anggora, Chinese anggora, anggora Swiss, Finnish anggora, French anggora, German anggora, Giant anggoraPictures Of Angora Rabbitspictures angora rabbit from pluspets[...]



Since efurryone liked my whiskers in Sunday's post very much here's another pic of them - also highlighting my nosie. My nosie is purrfect for all my impawtant snoopervision activities, you know.
your little Chillimus



...sunshine & a pen to nibble on is enough to make this little Chillimus happy!



... it's my third Gotcha Day!I had an excellent day so far. We were let outside today and I snoopervised to my Gardening Cat heart's delight. I even ventured into the other world behind our garden wall... From where I returned with a lot of feathers in my mouth. Hehehehe, I'm not telling how I got them! But the very best part was that I proofed that I'm a excellent tree-descender and loving sisfur today. I'm feeling so grown-up! Most of you are long-term furriends, so you might remember when Siena rescued me back in 2009. And that I needed quite a few tree-climbing lessons in the beginning. Well, today I rescued her! Siena was stuck in the property right on the left to us. She was meowing miserably* for my help and couldn't find a way to get back to our garden. src="" allowfullscreen="" width="420" frameborder="0" height="315">Please note the perfect descent from that tree!Oh, and try to ignore the high-pitched babytalk from mom. Sheesh.I came to her rescue indicating where she could climb up and she did. I'm feeling very proud today. Then I came back inside to find that some of you already concatulated.I am currently settled down with my sisfur for a nice cuddle. Bliss!What an excellent Gotcha Day - thank you for making it extra special!Purrs, Chillimus Prettypuss*It is true furriends, I was stuck and my little sisfur rescued me. Or was I?Hehehehehe...[...]



Kangaroos are the animals that come from Australia's most iconic, and be trandmark Australia that runs by leaping. There are more than 60 different species of kangaroo and their close relatives, with all the kangaroo family-owned Super Macropodoidea (or macropods, 'big-foot' that means). Super family is divided into families Macropodidae and Potoroidae.Macropodidae (macropod) which includes a family of kangaroos, wallabies, wallaroos, pademelons, tree-kangaroos and forest wallabies. Species in the macropod family vary greatly in size and weight. Potoroinae (potoroid) including the family of kangaroos potoroo, bettong and rat-kangaroo, which lives only in Australia.Types of Kangaroos live in all regions in Australia, from cold climate regions and desert plains, to tropical rain forests and beaches.Appearancered kangaroo is the largest marsupial animals are still alive. kangaroo males have a height greater than 2 meters (6-7 feet) with a weight of 90 red-breed kg.kanguru if there is rain and grow new plants.Eastern Grey kangaroos (Macropus giganteus) is less well known than the red kangaroo (outside Australia), eastern gray kangaroo can be found in the fertile eastern part of Australia is Australia.Western Grey Kangaroo (Macropus fuliginosus) has a smaller size, to kangaroo males weight about 54 kg. It is found in the southern part of Western Australia, South Australia near the coast, and the Darling River basin.Gray kangaroos hop along on their hind legs are strong and do it with high speed. A gray kangaroo can reach speeds of more than 35 miles (56 kilometers) per hour and travel for long distances at 15 miles (24 kilometers) per hour. Their gates hopping allows them to cover 25 feet (8 meters) in a single leap and jump 6 feet (1.8 meters) high.When the baby kangaroo is born, at birth was smaller than a cherry. Baby kangaroo then immediately climbed into the pockets of its parent and does not show up for two months. Until they reach the age of about 10 or 11 months.Kangaroos have powerful hind legs, large feet adapted for leaping, long tail for balance muscle function. Like most marsupials, female kangaroos have a pouch called a marsupium for the development of post-birth baby kangaroo. Greater muscular male kangaroo. They often rely on the tail with a sturdy and strong hind legs. Male kangaroo scrappy and can bite and scratch in combat with the enemy.Life and habitatsKangaroos are herbivores, eating various plants and in some cases eat the mushrooms. Most kangaroo animals active at night but some are active in the morning and afternoon. Various species of kangaroo living in different habitats. Potoroids live above ground in trees. Larger species of kangaroo tend to shelter under trees or in caves and rock cracks.Most kangaroos have no set breeding cycle and are able to breed throughout the year. Because they are such prolific breeders, a kan[...]

Black Leopard Animal


Black Leaopard wallpaper

Wild Animal Pictures
Black Leopard

(image) Panther or Black Leopard Animal Wallpapers

Panther/Black Leopard


Panther is one of the big cats when its existence is endangered. This is probably one of the most aggressive animals and most feared in the world. Panther is very rarely seen in the wild, this is because it is always hidden and the population that is very rare. The ability to hide in the shadows of woods and forests make it a highly effective predator. Black Panther has a feather really do not actually have black spots, because the black panther can be more appropriately called Black Leopard, because its existence is always in the shadows of the forest so dark panther spots disguised.Leopards are from the East and South Asia and Africa, the leopard populations are now confined to sub-Saharan Africa, with fragmented populations across India, Pakistan, Indochina, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Indonesia, China and into Tibet.There are four types of big cats in the Panthera genus. Three others, including tigers, lions and panthers. Leopard / panther has a relatively short legs in terms of other members of the family of big cats, as well as a long body and large skull. Similar in appearance to the jaguar, it is smaller and has a slightly larger build.Leopard has the ability to climb a very powerful, even capable of carrying the weight of their prey up the tree, and it is well known for its stealth capabilities - it is no wonder that these big cats have survived in the wild. Leaopard have an average life span of 12 years in the wild. But they can be up to 20 years in captivity. Leopard is able to adapt to both warm and cold climates, leopards are usually found in areas containing dense bushes with rocky environment, beside a forest stream. This is the adaptation of a leopard that has led to a temporary habitat for the survival of the species' destroyed by the expanding settlements. Nocturnal by nature, leopards resting in trees or thick bush during the day.Endangered leopard status: According to the U.S. Endangered Species Act, African leopards are listed as "Threatened" in South Africa and "Rare" for the rest of the continent of Africa and in Asia. All leopards are listed as "Near Threatened" by the World Conservation Union, international trade is prohibited leopard.[...]

Wordless Wednesday



Easy Sunday


Efurry Sunday should have a sunspot in it!
Thank you for the purrs for our mom.
We'd say she's recovering nicely!

Nosekissies and big purrs,
Chillimus Prettypuss & Siena Snowfox

Thankful Thursday


today we are thankful that we suceeded in helping our mom heal. And it was easy - we just had to sit and purr on her.
You see, mom went into surgery on Monday because she had an inguinal hernia. From what we understood that is a rupture in the soft parts of her belly.
We loved and purred on her a lot. That always does the trick. There's pawsibly nothing that kitty love can't cure.
And although she still hobbles and shuffles around she says she's feeling a lot better thanks to our care.
Actually, we could get used to having her home all day sitting still in a comfy arm chair and to that comfy sick bed of her's on our floor. Our work isn't done here!
Siena & Chilli, kitty nurses

Snowshoe Cat


Snowshoe was developed by breeder Dorothy Hinds Daugherty in Philadelphia in early 1960. Snowshoe is the result of cross breeding of the American Shorthair with a Siamese cat, and the result is a sturdy cat with white markings on the face, chest and legs. Another farmer, Vikki Olander, write a standard for a new cat and pressing for recognition, achieved in 1974.AppearanceSnowshoe has bright blue eyes and his head is shaped like a wedge and topped with a medium-size ears are slightly rounded. Snowshoe cat is a cat of medium size with a body type between a strong and muscular, not slender or petite. The fourth leg Snowshoe cat looks like a cat who was wearing white snow boots besides Snowshoe cat's face looks like a mask. Snowshoe cats this age can reach about 12 years.Coat ColorSnowshoe has a coat with white markings on the legs and the face begins to spread across the forehead and muzzle. Snowshoe short coat comes with a distinctive color-Siam seal, brown, purple, blue, red, cream, cinnamon and brown-and in two patterns, committed and bicolor.TemperamentSnowshoe is a very active cat and one cat who is not afraid of water. Snowshoe has a shyness of strangers. Snowshoe has a loving personality and loved being around people. Snowshoe usually gets along well with other cats if socialized properly. Snowshoe is an intelligent and trained cats. Snowshoe Snowshoe cats can swim and is like being in high places.Snowshoe Cat Pictures[...]



The cheetah is a cat kind of big cats in the wild habitat. Animal cheetah fastest runner in the world, with speeds running from 0 to 60 miles (96 kilometers) per hour it only takes 3 seconds. Cheetah is quite nimble at high speed cheetah can make quick and sudden turns in pursuit of prey, where kesiambangan is controlled by the tail. Because of that cheetahs are known as the most efficient predators in the wild. Cheetah prey approached slowly and fur camouflaged with bushes very helpful, when the prey is within range cheetah will chase and pounce as soon as possible. This animal is quite smart with its ability to detect the weakest animals. He dropped the victim not to pounce like a lion or tiger. But the small touches in the hind legs of victims who are running hard. when the victim fell, the cheetah then pounced victim's neck and then subsequently dicengkram to bleed.Although it can reach high speeds, its body is not durable for long-distance running. When the right moment the cheetah will run after mine and tried to knock it down. As the cost of hunters pursuing large amounts of energy and is usually completed in less than a minute.Cheetah has a short and coarse fur, coat color cheetah with round black spots measuring 2-3 cm, it is very bermaanfaat as camouflage while hunting.Cheetah has a small head with high eye. "Signs of black tears" from the corner of his eye down the side of the nose to its mouth to keep sunlight out of the eye and to assist in hunting and seeing long distances.Cheetah females usually have a litter of three children and lived with them for one and a half to two years. Young son spent the first year they learn from their mothers and practicing the techniques of hunting with a funny game. Male cheetahs live alone or in small groups, often with their littermates.Most wild cheetahs are found in eastern and southwestern Africa. Perhaps only 7,000 to 10,000 of these big cats remain, and those are under pressure as the wide-open grasslands they favor are disappearing at the hands of human settlers.Cheetah FamilyCheetah FaceCheetah Running High Speed[...]

That time of the year


Happy 'tocktober to efurryone!
And a very Happy Birthday to Derby!

American Pitbull Terrier


American pitbull terrier dog is a breed of dog fighter, popular in the late 19th century. These dogs are deliberately bred as fighting dogs. Adu dog is indeed a very popular spectacle in the reign of Queen Victoria of England.In fact, american pitbull terrier dog is a purebred breed of dog, with no cross with other breeds, because the american pitbull terrier dog is "The Original Bulldog" which has existed since centuries to 15-16, and is the next generation of Molossus, a popular dog in Roman times.AppearanceAmerican pitbull terrier dog has a stout body and muscular. american pitbull terrier strong boned, has a skull shape resembles an egg slices. American pitbull terrier ears are standing upright, with eyes small and close together. American pitbull terrier has short hair and smooth. the American pitbull terrier coat color is usually white with a plain white or brown or black head markings, or stripes, or brown, with brown or white chest (blaze), feet and tip of tail.TemperamentAmerican pitbull terrier is an intelligent dog. American pitbull terrier is a loyal dog and will always strive to please their owners. American pitbull terrier dog is also a sweet, full of curiosity, clever, wanting attention. American pitbull terrier can be aggressive toward other dogs, then the American pitbull terrier should be in control as well. American pitbull terrier has a submissive nature and the American pitbull terrier is suitable for use as guard dogs. although looks fierce but american pitbull terrier is a friendly dog.American Pitbull Terrier CareBecause the short-haired american pitbull terrier is no need to clean their feathers frequently. Pitbull in bathing if it is needed.American Pitbull Terrier PicturesDogs are the most loyal to his employer. Despite fierce dog aggressive with other people or animals around, before he became the owner of a very obedient animal. Getting a dog than as our friends or friends of children playing, dogs can also be useful as a guard, especially if the area of ​​our homes are a lot of artifacts region of wild animals. Therefore dogs become the most popular pet.[...]

Africa National Park


In Africa there are many different species of animals and their whereabouts are still growing, although some populations declining numbers of certain animals. Therefore animals in Africa are protected by the government, even from other countries like America, Autralia and the other countries involved to help and preserve the animals that still live in Africa. In Africa there is a huge zoo of "Kruger National Park" located in southern Africa, where "Kruger National Park" is the largest zoo in Africa. The animals in the zoo's nearly all been terbisa with humans so that they are tamed, although when we visited in which we must obey the rules made by the zoo, so that does not happen it is in want, because basically animals have a wild nature.Cheetah in feed by pungjung in Kruger National Park, Africa.Walk with young lionMeet the elephant in the Kruger National ParkBison populationRhinos eat on the road in Africa National ParkPopulation of hippopotamus were swimmingMeet with a lion who was walking across the street.GiraffesLionAnd many more animals are very interesting, such as reptiles, insects, aves species ect.[...]

Pembroke Welsh Corgi


Pembroke welsh corgi originated from South West Wales, it is believed that the ancestors of the pembroke welsh corgi has been introduced by the Flemish Weavers, brought to Britain / United Kingdom in 1100 by Henry I. Spitz is now believed to come from the Cardigan Welsh Corgi is different, which is derived from a common ancestor with Dachshunds. Pembroke welsh corgi has a combination of ancestral progenitor Keeshond, Pomeranian, Schipperke and Swedish Vallhund. However there is no confusion that the pembroke welsh corgi is a fellow human being is highly valued as cattle herdsmen in the sheep and cattle in many countries today.AppearancePembroke welsh corgi dogs long bodied, short legs, ears erect and large, like a fox's head and no tail. eye color depending on coat color. If a light coat color, eye color is rather bright and vice versa.Pembroke Welsh Corgi also has a high intelligence, obedient, protective, active, and friendly with small children.TemperamnetPembroke Welsh Corgi is famous for her barking, so these dogs are very suitable for use as guard dogs. Pembroke welsh corgi dog has a nature that is not aggressive, so we do not need to be chained by such dog Pembroke welsh corgi and freely observe the circumstances surrounding our home. Pembroke Welsh Corgi is a dog that is intelligent enough to allow you to think that you are the boss. Pembroke Welsh Corgi is very easy to train because it is like to always make his master happy. Intelligence / Intelligence is combined with a sense of humor make the Pembroke welsh corgi is very liked by everyone. Pembroke Welsh Corgi is a dog with a high social level that makes him always want to close with humans. Pembroke Welsh Corgi loves to play with us or with other dogs.GroomingPembroke Welsh Corgi is very easy, requires no maintenance which means simply brushed fleece / combed two times a week to remove dead fur. Bathe only when necessary.HealthObesity will be a problem on a long spine.Friendly nature of the Pembroke welsh corgi dog.Pembroke welsh corgi picturesPembroke welsh corgi dog wallpaper[...]

3 years + 3 days


Furriends,it's our 3 years and 3 days Blogoversary today! Siena started this bloggie on the 10th of October 2008.Are you as excited as we are? ; )Seriously mom, you just have to get the date right for us to get into the right festive mood. Sigh. At least she wasn't off for two months like last year.Mom got us flowers as a little present.According to Siena, the Chief Gardening Cat among us,...... they are quite 'licious. Hehehe.Noselicks and purrs,Siena & Chilli[...]

Skye Terrier


Skye terrier is one of the most ancient terrier. Skye Terrier originated on the island of Skye off the west coast of Scotland. Skye terrier dog was first developed to kill pests breeding, hunting raccoons, otters, and foxes.Skye terrier came to prominence in the 19th century. Skye terrier dog famous for this dog symbolizes fidelity.but the history of the Skye Terrier is still debated. Some believe that the Skye Terrier originated from the story of a shipwreck. It is estimated that in the 1600s, a Spanish ship from crashing into the stone from the island of Skye. When this happens, the victims included a Maltese dog who later married the local terriers.AppearanceSkye Terrier has a double coat, undercoat shorter and softer as well as hard and straight upper mantle. Skye Terrier is a beard and around the mouth and face are fine.Skye Terrier is a powerful and agile dog with strong bones and muscles strong. Long double coat and excessive hair around the face Skye Terrier serves to protect them from injury and bad climate.coat color is the Skye Terrier, Blue, Black, gray, brown, silver, or cream with black muzzle, ears and tail tip, is preferred. Skye Terrier has a height of about 10 inches. Skye Terrier male body weight between 35-40 pounds, while Skye Terrier female about 25-30 pounds.because a lot of fur fur Skye Terrier then this should be frequent in the brush.PropertiesSkye Terrier is a dog that has properties very kind, loyal, polite, full of love. Skye Terrier is a bold and vibrant dog. Skye Terrier can be a little stubborn. Skye Terrier can socialize well with different people.Skye Terrier is a loyal dog to his own family. Skye Terrier is not friends with anyone and would prefer people to take their time in approaching him. Skye Terrier dog that is reserved and cautious toward strangers, qualities that make it very nice to be made in watchdog. Skye Terrier is a dog that is sensitive but does not comply with his own thoughts. Skye Terriers always wanted to be part of the family and will become bored, deliberate, and unhappy if ignored. Skye Terrier need socialization to help ensure that you grow into a Skye Terrier dog either.Size Skye terrier dogSkye terrier dog is very nice if we train a smart dog, but his appearance is funny and interesting dog will be able to be a friend to play with children, as well as a guardian of children, gathered around a child who dispersed around the house.[...]

Wordless Wednesday


Wordless Wednesday



Finally Friday


It's finally Friday...
... and we're planning on having a furry good weekend.
The weather is supposed to be lovely and we have big hopes that mom will let us explore the Fall garden. A good belly rub would be appreciated too.
Happy weekend, dear furriends!
Siena & Chilli

Wordless Wednesday



Smiling faces on Sunday


just a plain and simple message from us today: It's GOOD to have a loving sisfur.
A sisfur that warms your back.
A sisfur that washes your ears.
A sisfur that makes you smile.
Happy Sunday!
Siena & Chilli

Thursday in the garden


Furriends, it's been literally ages since we were last allowed outside. Mom has gone into full worry wart mode and we had to suffer.
The other day she succumbed to my charms and I was set free at last. That's right, only me - little Chillimus had to stay inside because she doesn't come when called and mom, let's say it together, worries too much.
I am happy to report that all is well in our little garden. (image)
Except that the janitor always misses some grass in certain spot and I have to help and chomp it down for the humans.
But it's a rewarding work and I can relax even better afterwards!
Life as a gardening cat is pretty pawsome. You hear me, mom?
Many purrs,
Siena Snowfox

One word Wednesday



Miss Chillimus Birthdaypuss


it's my third guesstimated birthday today! I'd say that calls for a party.
Mom already showered me with affection and confetti. Siena tells me that three years is a cool age so I'm looking forward to future adventures. You are all invited to come over and celebrate with us.
Yours truly,

Pomeranian Dog Wallpaper


(image) source image pomerania dog

Appearance Pomeranian dog
animal wallpapers

Pomeranian Puppies
animal dog wallpapers

Wordless Wednesday



Great Dane Wallpaper


Great Dane Dog

Great Dane Wallpaper


Great Dane Wallpaper
giant dog breeds
Read more Great Dane

American Bobtail Longhair


History of the American Bobtail Longhair cat originated from a family named Sanders a young couple who found a male bobtail kitten tabby brown colored, in the Indian cultural heritage area located in southern Arizona. Kittens are from wild bobcat kitten who married a local cat. The young couple to marry a male cat female cat with a normal tail. Then was born the kittens with a short tail (bobtail). Of the kittens is the American Bobtail cat race formed.American Bobtail Longhair cat looks like a wild cat that has a short tail. American Bobtail Longhair cat known for its loving, loyal and obedient.AppearanceAmerican Bobtail Longhair long Medium-bodied and muscular. American Bobtail Longhair has a triangular head with wide eyes shaped like almonds and ears are wide. American Bobtail Longhair cats have strong necks and short-sighted because the muscle-ototny. American Bobtail Longhair cats have big feet and hind legs longer than forelegs. American Bobtail Longhair tail is short and straight. American Bobtail Longhair tail is also a consequence of genetic mutasu. American Bobtail Longhair cats have eyes that seem wild.Some pictures of the American Bobtail Longhair;American Bobtail Longhair CoatAmerican Bobtail Longhair ColorTemperamentAmerican Bobtail Longhair is a cat that has properties like a dog. American Bobtail Longhair cats are highly adaptable and is close to humans. American Bobtail Longhair cats are very playful and intelligent. American Bobtail Longhair cat is a cat who is active.Groomingshould American Bobtail Longhair cat fur is always in the comb so neat and to prevent fleas. and bathe the American Bobtail Longhair cat is about once a month.[...]

My Gotcha Day


it's hard to believe but last Saturday was my third Gotcha Day! Mom says that time is just flying by. We three girls had a very good celebratory weekend with...
...quality playtime,
...excellent belly rubs,
...and cereal milk!
Mom might have overdone it a bit with all those kisses though...
Here's to many more Gotcha Days!
Siena Snowfox

Peterbald Cat


Peterbald is a cat who has the most expensive and bizarre unique color once, Peterbald are from Russia and is a cat who is also able to breed. Peterbald is a cat as a result of crossbreeding and genetic mutations. This Peterbald bodied oriental, including types of hairless (hairy rare / little or no feathers), as well as a variety of fur colors. Peterbald cat is produced from the mating cross between a hairless Donskoy cats with an oriental short hair cat. These types of cats are born with a very thin coat and a bit, which then Peterbald will experience hair loss with increased age.AppearancePeterbald is actually rather not hairy but is more like a very short hair and has a sleek and elegant way that the head of a typical narrow and long with straight profile, almond-shaped eyes and large ears. Peterbald is losing hair gene and the appearance of their skin has a gray color.GroomingPeterbald haired cat species are very short, therefore making it very easy to oily skin attached to the skin peterbald dust. Peterbald cats should be bathed often, of course, with a special soap, for dry skin because of peterbald not dry because it is often bathed.Peterbald Cat PicturesRead difference between the Peterbald and the Sphynx[...]

Difference Between Peterbald Cat And a Sphynx Cat


Many people ask about the differences between cats and cat Peterbald Sphynx type. Both cats are indeed very similar, they seem not to have hair and they are also the same shape. But the reality is not so! Both types of cats are furry, they have different genes. The gene that makes the hair Peterbald is a dominant gene, whereas the gene that makes the bald Sphynx is recessive gene. They have too look completely different. So this cat actually has quite a lot of difference.This is significant difference between the Peterbald and the Sphynx;The gene responsible for the lack of hair is completely different. Peterbald the gene is dominant, while the sphinx is recessive. Sphynx feel like warm peach or beige, Peterbald can have a variety of layers of bats clinging to a hair brush.The type of head of a Peterbald is a long face, long, the Sphinx is much shorter, wider face.The Peterbald body type is refined and elegant, the Sphynx is of medium size cat that is supposed to be pear-shaped.Peterbald eyes almost almond-shaped eyes sphinx are lemon-shaped.The boning of a Peterbald is medium-fine, Sphynx is a medium.The ear is lower, Peterbald.Many of the Peterbald has a mustache Kinky - Sphynx usually there is nothing broken or mustache.For more details you can see the cat picture below;PeterbaldPeterbald still appear to have thin hair and also if only seen once also still has a long mustache.SphynxSphynx hairless cats, they have smooth skin, look at all types of sphynx cats also do not have a mustache.[...]

Ragdoll Cats


Ragdoll Cat history began in 1963. The story began when a ragdoll in Ann Baker who often borrowed from the neighbors cat named Blackie (the parent has a white Persian cat) and also his brother Daddy Warbucks but a different father. Ann then crossed and produce a new race called ragdoll. Until then he is establishing a special organization for ragdoll lovers. Then there is the husband and wife bought a pair of IRCA Ragdoll and intend to create standards and stabilize the properties of genetic Ragdoll to be accepted by all cat associations fans.AppearanceRagdoll cats are long-bodied with a solid bone. ragdoll has a long tail and the tail slightly pointed at the tip were taken with an angle higher than the back. ragdoll cat head width with a rounded snout. Ragdoll has a large oval eyes and blue. Ragdoll ear width and slightly rounded at the tips of his ears. Contained fur color pda ragdoll namely: Color point, Mitted, and bicolor. Ragdoll kittens are white at birth and will appear other colors when 3 years old.TemmperamentRagdoll cats are domesticated cats that are very good. Ragdoll properties which would lie makes it very funny. Ragdoll cats are highly adaptable to humans. Ragdoll cats are tame. Ragdoll cat is a cat that has a very friendly nature. Ragdoll cats are cats who are obedient. Ragdoll is also intelligent and quickly learn besides ragdoll easy to socialize.GroomingRagdoll in grooming does not require frequent sweeping the his coat, because his coat is long and thick. Do not forget to provide sufficient nutrients to maintain health and provide vaccinations for their feathers in order not to fall out.Ragdoll CatsCute Ragdoll KittensRagdoll Cat Pictures[...]

American Curl Cat Wallpaper


American Curl Wallpaper

Cat Wallpaper

American Curl Cat Wallpaper

American Curl Cat Info


American Curl is a natural genetic mutation, called Shulamith. American Curl was developed in the United States (California). American Curl was found by Joe and Grace wrinkle in California in 1981. All children were born during the American Curl are all ears erect, the American Curl's ears will start to bend when it reaches the tenth day since birth. there are two types of American Curl, the American Curl American Curl LH and SH. American Curl started in cattle in the 1980s and gained quite some popularity.Appearance American CurlAmerican Curl is a very unique cat. American Curl has a typical on a curved ears. American Curl medium bodied and has a wide range of coat color. for the American Curl males weigh 70-10 pounds and for the American Curl females weigh 5-8 pounds.TemperamentAmerican Curl cat is a very fun and easy to approach. American Curl has properties that spoiled, loves to play and close to the children. American Curl cat is easy to adjust, the American Curl quickly adapt to new people. American Curl cat is loyal, friendly and warm cats also very fun for the kids. American Curl fun doing activities with their owners.GroomingThe treatment is wrong with the American Curl cats will damage the cartilage in the ears of the curve, therefore it is necessary to correct handler on his ear.[...]

Wordless Wednesday


(image) (image)

California Spangled Cat


At the beginning of breeding of the California Spangled originated from the visit of a writer-director Paul Casey to Africa in 1971, where stray cats began to decrease in number. On his return he was to the U.S., he decided to make the kind of domestic cats with wild looks in the hope that people will not want to wear fur that resembles their own pets.Paul Casey finally produce the kind of cat as desired.In 1986, he has managed to produce a cat with an exotic appearance. They are registered with The International Cat Association (Tica) and can be outcrossed with long-term domestic or shorthairs, Abyssinian, and American and British Shorthairs.California Spangled Cat is a crossbreed of many strains of cat, including Abyssinian, American Shorthair and British Shorthair. Despite their wild appearance, they are completely domestic.AppearanceCalifornia Spangled cat looks like a wild cat. California Spangled cat looks like a small leopard. He's have a body length, slim, yet muscular. California Spangled cat has a golden coat color, blue, brown, charcoal, red, black, silver, and white. The spots are well defined, dark contrast to the coat color. Round spots spotted fur. California Spangled males weigh between 12-15pounds and to California Spangled female 8-10pounds.TemperamentCalifornia Spangled cat is a cat who has a curious nature and social. California Spangled cats love to play with humans and energetic. ak is more than interactive play with their human friends.California Spangled Cat is a cat is loyal, has a curious race and enjoy being around their owners. California Spangled cat friendly and affectionate. This cat is perfect for anyone and everyone. California Spangled Cats made ​​suitable for pets.California Spangled Cat Wallpaper[...]

Siamese Kittens


Siamese KittensThe nature of the Siamese kittens is always curious and hyperactive. Siamese cats are sometimes also annoying because it was too noisy. His voice was different from other cats, this cat is not meowing and sounds like. Short fur that does not require much maintenance, because it never tangles. Siamese cats are the most widely known men, the cat with ears, feet, tail, and darker-colored face. But there is also the color of edges brown, indigo, blue, red, tamarind and even flowers. Siamese cat's body shape long, slender, muscular and graceful, small head and triangular, snout nosed, blue-eyed, broad ears, short hairs and smooth. There is a contrasting color at the ends of the body such as Siamese cat feet, ears, mouth, tail, nose and around eyes.Siamese Kitten BreedsSiamese cat wallpaper[...]

Ragdoll Kittens


Ragdoll kittens is one of the largest domesticated cat breeds with a sturdy body, frame and disproportionately large feet. This cat breed with blue eyes and coat colorpoint different. Ragdoll hairs is softer and most of them are born with hairs is thick and fluffy. And most importantly, Ragdoll cat is a benign group. Ragdoll cat is a cat the most obedient of all kinds kucing.Mempunyai four types of colors: seal, blue, and chocolate, lilac. At the time the kitten, ragdoll born with white and then the other colors appear. The more adult ragdoll cats, the color will be more concentrated. Ragdoll familiar with humans and adaptable. Compared to the Persians, ragdoll does not require daily combing hairs. They are very gentle, relaxed and affectionate. They were so tame that can be harmful to them is to go out because they will not defend themselves if they attack other animals. Ragdoll named because of their peculiar habits like lying in your arms. These cats are very affectionate and friendly so that our pets can be very good. Ragdoll cats are also known as a quick learner.Appearance of the Ragdoll KittensFace of the Ragdoll Cats[...]

Persian Cat Breeds


Persian cats including long-haired cats that much-loved people. Persian cats have a wide face, a snub nose, long and dense fur makes the cat looks cute. May be due to a long and thick hair as well as the nature of quiet, elegant and pampered, which is one hallmark of Persian cats. Persian cats are caged easier, relatively quiet and more suited to live in the house. Based on the length of coat, consisting emergency persian cat two types of long-haired (long haired persian) and a short-haired (exotic short hair). Persian Cat Head large and rounded, short nose and wide with a clear gap with the eye boundary. Strong jaw and wide, full cheeks supported prominent cheekbones. When Cats Persian viewed from the side, the forehead-shaped nose and chin perpendicular. eyes are round and wide open, eye color associated with coat color. Long and thick, shiny hairs, covering the entire body. Thick hairy tail, straight, long in proportion to the body. Persian cats easily adapt to a variety of places, love to play and easy to love. Expression of the sweet face with nature to sit quietly and sleep in one spot for hours, quiet and soft-spoken.Picture of Persian CatPersian kitten breedsHairry Coat Face of the persian Cat[...]

Ragdoll Cat Breed


The Ragdoll cat is one of the largest domesticated cat breeds with a sturdy body, frame and disproportionately large feet. This cat breed with blue eyes and coat colorpoint different. Ragdoll fur is softer and most of them are born with fur is thick and fluffy. And most importantly, Ragdoll cat is a benign group. Ragdoll cat is a cat the most obedient of all kinds kucing.Mempunyai four types of colors: seal, blue, and chocolate, lilac. At the time the kitten, ragdoll born with white and then other colors muncul.Semakin adult ragdoll cats, the color will be more concentrated. Ragdoll familiar with humans and adaptable. Compared to the Persians, ragdoll does not require daily combing fur. They are very gentle, relaxed and affectionate. They were so tame that can be harmful to them is to go out because they will not defend themselves if they attack other animals. Ragdoll named because of their peculiar habits like lying in your arms. These cats are very affectionate and friendly so that our pets can be very good. Ragdoll cats are also known as a quick learner.Ragdoll Long Hair CatsSize of the Ragdoll catsRagdoll Kittenanimal pet cats[...]

Munchkin Cat Breed


Appearance Munchkin CatSpecial characteristic of the type is a short-legged Munchkin cats. Although it has short legs but no problems or interference with the spine. The spine of Munchkin cats can usually be distinguished from other cats. Not found any interference with the Munchkin. The gene that causes the short legs on the same Munchkin cat to that of the Daschund dog race. Unfortunately, the dog actually impaired the backbone. The nature of the Munchkin cat breed is very playful. Munchkin easily adapt to humans and other animals. Munchkin cat race quickly became quite popular. This is because when Munchkin sitting the hind legs similar to the position in rabbits. Munchkin cats vary widely, can be long or short haired.munchkin cat standingmunchkin cat picturesRead more munchkin cat[...]

British Shorthair Bear Cat


British Shorthair Cat PicturesCute British Shorthair CatsBritish Shorthair cat is one of the oldest races known to man. In general, medium to large size of its body weight ranges 4-8 kg. Her body was compact, solid, cobby, strong and muscled with the chest, shoulders and wide hips. His head was round and wide with full cheeks, located in the neck short and thick. British Shorthair short nose, wide and straight with no curve, the shape of a round chin. Ear sizes medium and wide at the bottom with a curved tip. The distance between the two ears are. British Shorthair large eyes and round, the color associated with the coat color of copper, gold, blue, green or odd eyes. British Shorthair short legs with strong bones and muscles and fingers rounded. British Shorthair tail length approximately 2 / 3 body length, thick at the base and thinning at the edges. Its fur is short, dense and thick. British Shorthair cat is calm, gentle, warm, and smart. British Shorthair coat color there is a plain (white, black, blue, red and beige), dichromatic, black, striped.[...]

sphynx cat tattoo


This is a merger between beloved pet and art. Because sphynx cat species has no feathers on all parts of his body, this cat's skin can be tattooed as in human skin, a beauty tattoo artwork can be seen from the pet cat. For those of you who love the art of tattooing is very suitable animals, as shown on this page, pets and the owners of animals had the same tattoo on their skin.Clown tattoo on the sphynx catWonderfull art tattoed on petsSphynx cat tattoed sphynxSphynx cat and owner alike tattooedCute sphynx cat skin tattoo[...]

Sphynx cat


Sphynx cats are the sort of world's most expensive. strange appearance is characteristic and the fans wanted a cat. Sphynx cat fur is very little to the personality of an abundance of affection. Although hairless Sphynx cats still gaining popularity, mainly through word of mouth.Hairlessness in cats caused by a specific recessive gene, meaning that the parents of each cat must carry a copy of the gene hairlessness then pass on to offspring.Haired sphynx cat is not entirely like other haired animals, they have some hair but greatly reduced the quantity and length. Another odd appearance on the sphynx cat is that, similar to the tiger, their skin has a dark pigment. Sphynx cats from a distance looks like other cats but when viewed up close is very different.Sphynx cat is a cat who is very funny. When young they look round and wrinkled skin. Like all other cats, Sphynx cats have an inquisitive nature, pleasant, polite and affectionate.Sphynx cat is a cat-friendly, interesting, and fun.One thing almost everyone can agree that the Sphynx cat that looked just like a typical no additional exterior modifications are required. As the picture above clearly shows, Sphynx cat's unique appearance can be seen from the large round expressive eyes that stand out that looks like an angry confirm that Sphynx cats have a high intelligence and empathy.GroomingBecause the Sphynx hairless cats bathe using soap good enough for the Sphynx skin. Providing nutritious meals, check-up to the doctor if the check state of health and provide routine vaccination if susceptible to disease.The Odd Cat Sphynx CatEplore more Sphynx cat picture on this site.[...]

Siamese cat Wallpaper


Siamese Kitten Wallpapers

Siamese Cat Wallpaper
cute face and blue eyes

Cats are pets are adorable, cute shape and acting that make the cat as a pet a favorite.

Siamese Cat Information


Siamese cats are cats that come from a country called Siam now we are familiar with Thailand. In 1950, there was a cat owner in New York named Milan Greer, began to breed cats which he calls "Golden Siamese". Golden Siamese is produced from matings between Siamese with Burmese cats. At first, this breeding program aims to produce a cat with a mahogany color and a darker color points. Greer produces brown cat with dark brown color point or seal. after that peggemar another cat named Margaret Conroy, crossing her Siamese cat sealpoint color with colored sable Burmese. And the Siamese cats became popular in the UK.AppearanceSiamese cats have a long body shape and muscular. Siamese Kepela triangular shaped with a sharp snout. Siamese cats have almond-shaped eyes are bluish and ears are wide. Siamese cats have fur that is short and smooth. Siamese cat's fur color contrast and color contrast was found at the ends of the body such as feet, ears, mouth, tail, nose and around eyes.Face of the siamese catTemperamentSiamese cat is a cat that has a friendly nature and also smart. Siamese cats are also dangat hyperactive and too noisy. but it also has a Siamese cat's curiosity more. Siamese cats are very close to humans. Siamese cats are cats who are loyal to pamilikinya. Siamese will accompany you wherever the owner goes.GroomingSiamese cat hair short because it does not need to frequently clean the fur. and the need to clean the cat's ears regularly.Siamese Cat WallpaperWatch Ideal Companion: Siamese[...]

Cymric Cat


Cymric cats with long hair, while short-haired Manx cat. The Cymric long-haired cats (semi longhair and longhair) and some call it a race of cat, long haired Manx. Manx and Cymric race from a small island in the middle of two major British and Irish nations. But the development of new types of cat Cymric even started around 1960. Many people suspect Manx Cymric is a cross between a Persian, which took place around the year 30-40. Meanwhile, many also argue that the Cymric was not obtained by crossing. Cymric and Manx cats, one of the oldest cat ever races listed. The two races is also a race that forms naturally. Its main feature is a short tail or no tail at all.TemperamentCymric characteristics of some of the little dog that liked to growl something that disturbed him. Cymric other features that are like things that glow in the light.Cymric Cat is able to adapt to other animals in their environment, they liked the man, loyal and very devoted to his owner. Cymric Cats are very playful, funny and very entertaining, also as water, making it easy even loves a bath.AppearanceThere are three types of tail Taffy, namely: rumpy / Dimple rumpy, no tail at all (should show), Riser / rumpy the riser is slightly dipangkalnya tail, plump, has a tail part, but shorter than the Longy rumpy ; Longy, normal length of the tail.Cymric cat's body size is relatively short compared to other breeds. The position of the hip is higher than the shoulder because the hind legs are longer and stronger than the front legs.Another feature is the round end of a great Welsh cheeks. Nose color of fur color. Short, thick neck and big eyes, round, although the color is not matching the color of the[...]

American Curl


American Curl Longhair cat breed is the cat due to natural genetic mutations. American Curl cat breed medium-bodied, including the type of longhair (long haired). American Curl Longhair coat color diversity. The main feature of the American Curl longhair is a form of ears that curl (curl) or curved / folded backward. At birth, all children of the American Curl Longhair cat ears are still upright, but after day 10 begin to bend his ear. American Curl Longhair cat has a gentle character, friendly, and warm. American Curl longhair delighted when invited to indulge his owners, who they regard as play activities. American Curl Longhair very loyal, also quickly adapt to new people who knew, so the cat is very enjoyable. American Curl longhair gentle personality, friendly and warm, then mix very well to children, and great fun for children.For more clearly you can see the pictures below;Appearance American CurlAmerican Curl Long Hair Cats [...]

Best Main Coon Cat Wallpapers


Maine CoonPet Cats WallpaperMaine Coon Cat WallpaperCute Maine Coon Catanimal wallpaperRead more Maine Coon Information[...]

Munchkin Cat


Munchkin CatOne of the many breed cats are Munchkin cats. The special feature of this type is a short-legged cats. Although it has short legs but no problems or interference with the spine. in 1944, a veterinarian named HE Williams describes four generations of cats with short legs that live wild in Britain. The cats are alive with the sound and move like a weasel. Unfortunately, cats are disappearing during World War II. Around 1953, Max Von Egon Thiel, a German, reported seeing a short-legged cat in Stalingrad. Then for years there was no longer the development of short-legged cats. New in 1983 Munchkin significant development occurred. In 1983, a music teacher from Louisiana named Sandra Hochenedel, found the two cats are trapped under the truck because the dog chased. Both cats are currently in a state of pregnancy / pregnant. A cat is gray while the other is black. Both cats are named Blueberry and Blackberry. Both of these cat-sized feet short, not like a normal cat. Some children also have short legs Blackberry as its parent. One child was sent to a friend named Kay LaFrance sandra. Then the cat named Toulouse. Kay then breed toulouse and produced many short-legged cats.AppearanceMunchkin cats are made by natural genetic mutations that result is a cat with normal feet shorter. However, Munchkin leg does not seem to bother them running and jumping everywhere. Genes that give Welsh Corgis, Basset Hounds and Dachshunds their short stature, but the Munchkins do not suffer from spinal problems are usually associated with many breeds of dogs 'is physically different from the dogs'. T[...]

Birman Cat


The origin of the cat race is still a mystery, some say that the Birman cat race from a temple in Burma by the name of Lao Tsun, which was then taken by the explorers who came from England. According to a historical record. Birman cat began to spread around the world such as ragdoll in 1919. Birman cat race actually derived from crosses between races Siamese cat that has white coat around his paws with a long-haired cat (Angora or Persian), who performed in Nice, France around tahin the 1920s. Birman cat then began to be developed not only in France, and even became popular and expensive in America.AppearanceBirman cat coat long and soft. Persian cat's coat is not thick, but the textures are not easily tangled. Birman cat has a rather round-shaped eyes and blue (dark blue is the color preferred). Birman cat's weight around 4.5kg-8kg. The colors most commonly found in Birman cats are seal point and blue points. Other colors are mauve, beige, brown and reddish though it is rather rare. Feathers around the legs, tail, ears, dark eyes and coat around the paws are always white. Birman kittens are white at birth. Birman Kittens begin to show a particular color on the second day until the fourteenth day.Face of the birman cat breedsTemperamnetBecause Cats Birman is a mixture of Persian and Siamese, Birman cat has a quiet nature, graceful and very friendly to the environment. Birman cat has a soft voice. Birman cats are more active than the Persian cat but not as active and as busy as Siamese cats. Birman cat loving, loyal and very happy to mingle. Birman cat is a [...]

Tonkinese Cat


Tonkinese - SiameseNotes indicate that there is a brown Siamese cat in the 1800's actually a cat tonkinese. In the 1950s, a cat owner in New York named Milan Greer, began to breed cats which he calls "Golden Siamese". This was generated from the Golden Siamese Siamese with Burmese cats mating.Greer produce cats with "genetically pure" for 5 generations. Coincidentally, around the beginning of 1960, a fan of cats in Canada, named Margaret Conroy, decided to cross the color of Siamese with Burmese sealpoint colored sable (dark brown). At that point Siamese cat does not have the genetic properties of pure and stable.In the late 1960s Margaret Conroy tonkinese no longer breed, but the cats that it generates has spread to the United States. In 1965, an American breeder named Jane Barletta began developing this tonkinese. Tonkinese race to get the status of the Canadian Cat Association contest in 1971. New in 1979 CFA and Tica acknowledge this race to be included in the contest.AppearanceTonkinese is a cat with short fur, size medium and muscular body. Tonkinese have eyes shaped like almonds in the color varies depending on coat color. There are four colors tonkinese, namely: natural is also called the seal or sable (dark brown), champagne is also called chocolate, platinum is often called lilac or frost and blue color (gray). These colors can be found on the three color patterns are: solid, point and mink. Color patterns such as patterns of color points in Siamese cats, the color contrast with the regional body points (ears, tail, feet[...]

Toyger Cat


Toyger cat is a medium sized cat with fur like a bengal. Toyger derived from crosses with domestic cats bengal. The goal is to generate a small tiger with whom to play and kept in the house. Toyger word itself stands for "Toy Tiger" (tiger who can be invited to play). Toyger generated by crossing domestic cats striped (tabby) are short-haired, with Tabby Bengal Standard. After years of hard work, marriage these cats produce cats with color stripes like a tiger.Toyger still under development. Was first recognized for registration by The International Cat Association (tica) in the early 1990's. Some breeders in the U.S. and Britain tried to develop this race. Toyger get the status of Preliminary New Breed in 2000. And in May of 2007 is expected to gain full status in the contest cats (Championship status).AppearanceToyger glance he looked like tiger cub for his brindle stripes in black and brown base. Toyger have fur like bengal. Toyger ideal color is dark orange color with black stripes like the tiger. Striped pattern should be elongated without any spots. Small and rounded ears. Overall Toyger pertulangan structure has a solid and balanced.TemperamentToyger is a cat that compassionate, intelligent, happy to sleep but is quite active and aggressive. Toyger also easily trained adaptable to children or other animals. At this time several lineages toyger have properties quite vocal (often meowing). Toyger has Temperament Good And Relatof Hold With Attacking Disease.GroomingClean Cats Toyger Using Special Sha[...]

Burmilla Cat


Burmilla cat was originally developed in England, is the result of cross breeding cats. Burmilla cats are the offspring of cats and cat Chinchilla Burmese, Burmilla name itself is a combination of both ancestor breeds name is Burm-ese chinch-illa. Burmilla initially short-haired cat (shorthair), but in its development, there is also a long-haired. Burmilla word itself is a mix of Burmese and Chinchilla. New in 1984 races Burmilla recognized standard. Because the ancestors are also races Burmese Burmilla, the Burmilla cats have short fur gene. Some Burmilla kittens have short fur. Vice versa, because the ancestors of races as well Burmilla Chinchilla, Burmilla cats have long hair gene. Some children have long hair Burmilla cats. But only in 1997 recognized as a race Burmilla cats with genetic traits are stable. In the UK, Burmilla has gained recognition as a race in the Fife contest cats in 1990.AppearanceBurmilla is a cat of medium size, with physical properties similar to the Burmese. Burmilla has short hair, dense and soft. Dark colors such as "eye liner" around the green eyes is one characteristic of Burmilla. Burmilla breeds have fairly muscular body, slightly rounded face and short muzzle. Burmilla adult weight ranges from 4-5 kg. This medium-bodied cat races, including the type shorthair (short haired), with black, brown, lilac, chocolate, etc..Temperament Burmilla Temperament is a combination of the Burmese and Chinchilla. They are active and playful like a Burmese gen[...]

Somali Cat


Somali cat race is a version of "semi-long hair" from the Abyssinian. About 1920 s / d-1930s, from a breeding program, this version of the semi-long hair which appeared spontaneously. Some Abyssinian kitten has a tail with a thick fur, fluffy brush-like and long hair that covers the entire body. Somali cat was originally developed in the United States, a cat caused by genetic mutations. Somali include the type of longhair cat (long haired), with color ticked.Long hair gene is recessive (lost / covered) compared with the short hair gene. circa 1960s American breeders began developing a long-haired Aby and registered as a separate race called Somali. New Somali in 1978 is considered as one race with genetic traits are stable and have a class of its own role in the contest held by the Cat cat fanciers Association (CFA). In 1991 the organization's cat enthusiasts English (Great Britain Cat Association) recognize and participate in the contest allowed Somali cat.Appearance Somali CatSomali is a cat-sized body and muscles are well developed. Sepertihalnya Abyssinian, Somali has also ticked tabby color pattern is more often called agouti tabby. Somali is a semi long hair cat with large ears and bushy tail feathers like a fluffy fox tail. There are four primary colors are recognized Somali race in America, namely: Ruddy, red, blue and Fawn. Tabby color pattern is characterized by a pattern of lines like the letter "M" above the eyes. Characteristic agouti ta[...]

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Pekingese Dog


Pekingese dogs are dariDinasti Tang, China in the 8th century. Pekingese dogs are often referred to as the lion and is a symbol that is sacred keagaaman during the Han Dynasty, Tang, Sung, and SunAppearancePekingese or what we know as the Pekingese has a characteristic broad, flat head, eyes wide, short and wide muzzle, and ears are visible hanging down. The neck and legs short and thick sized Pekingese. Tail held high and arched back. Long outer feathers with heavy texture, while the fur inside is smooth and thick. Pekingese coat color varies greatly, sometimes even hitam.Warna colored feathers that are often found on the Pekingese is red and yellowish brown, so just like a lion.Size: 30 cm - 45 cm Weight: 3.5 kg - 4.5 kg.TemperamentFamous Pekingese puppy loves to play, but when mature, these dogs are calmer and like the street. Pekingese dogs are the type of companion that careful. To train it, it takes consistency and patience because these dogs have a stubborn and independent nature.GroomingPekingese Fur perawatanyang needed intensive, so as not to tangle. Noteworthy, Pekingese as much as possible not bathed since the structure will be broken feathersHealth IssuesVulnerable to health problems suffered by Chow is sensitivity (anesthetic), difficulty breathing in hot and humid air, as well as problems in the eye. In addition, the Pekingese susceptible to colds and suffer trichaiasis (eyelashes [...]

The Manx


Manx Cats (back) type this cats native to Britain, just a small island called Isle of Man. Grupa Manx cat breed or breeds is often called a cat mutations. These mutations are associated with skeletal development. Tailless gene is dominant (the cover / tail to beat the normal gene). This short-haired Manx cat (short hair), but there is a Manx long hair (long and medium length hair) and form a distinct race, called the Cymric race. Manx cat is a cat who is active and playful. Manx cats can jump higher than we can imagine. Manx cat breeds megikuti and surrounding landowners. Manx cats are able to adapt with other animals in their environment, they liked the man, loyal and faithful to its owner. Manx cats are very playful, fun and very nice, also loves the water, making it easy even like being bathed. Manx cats are known as the "one person paint".Manx Cats both bound and living with a person or family, usually quite difficult to live with and adapt to humans or to other families. Body size Manx cats are relatively short compared to other breeds with a broad chest and bent back to his hips. The location of the hip is higher than the shoulder, because the hind legs are longer and stronger than the previous.AppearanceThere are several forms of tails produced are:• Dimple rumpy / rumpy, without having a tail at all (should have a show)• Riser / rumpy riser, has a little tai[...]