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Ideas that I use just about everyday for the home and Family. Digital Scrapbooking, Family friendly Recipes, Game ideas, Date Night Ideas,Get together games, coloring pages for the kids, lots of fun printables, craft ideas, Humor,Parenting tips and tricks

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Five Awesome DIY Projects for Kids to Enjoy This Summer


The summer months are fast approaching, and you’ll want to make sure that your kids are occupied and entertained throughout the summer break. When the weather outside is nice, DIY projects are the perfect way to have some fun together as a family creating new things to enjoy or improving items you already have at home. Getting crafty is the perfect way to keep little hands busy throughout the summer and is awesome for learning new things and developing skills that can be shown off on your child’s return to school. We’ve put together some great DIY project ideas that you and your kids can work on this summer.  #1. Building a Go-Kart: Go-karting is a fun activity for the whole family, but have you ever thought about building your own go-kart? Adult supervision will usually be required, so it’s a great family activity to work on at the weekends or during lighter summer evenings. And, building a go-kart together can be super educational for your little ones, allowing them to get hands-on and learn about how mechanics work through experience. Check out these Go Kart Engines to get started! #2. Lemonade Stand: Setting up their own lemonade stand is the perfect way for your little one to make some extra pocket money during the summer and can teach them valuable skills for life, such as handling money, communicating with customers, and even marketing! In fact, many of today’s top entrepreneurs started off with a lemonade stand as a kid. As long as you’ve got any necessary permissions for your child to sell lemonade outside your home, they can dip their toe into the world of business by providing passers-by with refreshing drinks in the heat.  #3. Gardening: Summer is a time to spend outside enjoying the weather, so what better way to do it than in the garden? There are heaps of great gardening projects that you might want to consider, from planting flower beds to growing your own vegetable garden, or even installing a fish pond outside your home. Planting trees, creating DIY garden decorations, and building an outdoor playhouse or treehouse are some other great ideas that you might want to consider.  #4. Design a Tree Swing: Tree swings have been a garden staple for kids for decades, so why not get one set up in your garden this summer? If you have a sturdy tree in your garden with a large, stable branch, all you’ll need is some strong rope and something to make the swing seat out of. A sturdy plank of wood will do just fine, or you could go with the traditional option of an old tire.  #5. Pebble Decorating: Lastly, what would summer be without a visit to the beach? But, don’t just stop there – if you’re able to, why not collect some pebbles from the beach and take them home to decorate? They could become cute decorations for your bathroom, kitchen, living room, bedroom, or even your garden.  If you liked these ideas, please share this article with your friends!  [...]

10 Pest Prevention Tips to Utilize this Spring and Summer


Warm weather is best enjoyed without the company of pests. If you want to keep your home free of rodents, cockroaches, mosquitoes, and other nuisances, you can’t do so passively. You need to take an active approach to pest prevention, and here are 10 tips to help you in your efforts.  1. Improve Storage Whether it’s the bags you keep food in or the old boxes you use for winter clothes, shabby storage is a welcome invite for pests. Using plastic and containers with strong seals will provide a much better deterrent.  2. Vacuum Even hardwood floors benefit from a good vacuuming. In addition to keeping your home tidy, using a vacuum is a good way to suck up pests your eyes would otherwise miss.  3. Wash Linens in Hot Water Warming weather means bed bugs are on the rise. You should regularly inspect your bed, carpet, and pillows for these pests, then make sure to wash sheets and pillowcases in warm water to ensure they’re taken care of.  4. Install Fly Screens Ideally, your efforts will focus on the exterior. Having fitted screens on windows and doors makes it less likely you’ll have issues on the interior.  5. Dump Standing Water Because of places with warmer climates, a local pest control will have a lot of focus on mosquitoes. The best place to start is eliminating their breeding spots and draining containers that filled with water during the winter and early spring.  6. Check Garage Ceiling The garage can feel like an extension of the outdoors, making it the perfect entryway for pests. Check the ceiling for termites and wasp nests, then bring in pest services before those issues spread.  7. Take Care of Pet Food One morsel of dog food can summon an army of ants. Keeping your pets’ feeding area tidy is an essential part of pest control.  8. Keep Garbage Closed An open garbage will attract ants and rodents. An open bin outside can bring all types of wildlife. If you don’t want pests, don’t tempt them. 9. Inspect Roof Drainage Clogged drains cause excess moisture and roof damage, luring pests, and potentially providing access to your attic. From the safety of the ground, look for clogs and damage and then reach out for professional assistance.  10. Get Help Once you find an infestation or even see signs of a problem, it is time to reach out to your local pest control and get the problem handled efficiently! [...]

Sunshine Yard Stakes Decorations ( Easy DIY Paper Plate Craft)


Spread some sunshine in someones day by decorating their yard with these easy to make sunshine stakes. These are great for cheering someone up or letting a neighbor know you are thinking of them during times of trials and loss.When you are close to someone who is having a hard time or who has lost a loved one, there is often a loss of words. Kind gestures can go a long way in showing love and sympathy. I originally came up with this idea for sunshine stakes when one of my neighbors lost a family member. Friends and I decorated their entire lawn with these sunshine faces so when they got home from the airport they would know how much they were loved by their community and that they were not alone.Need:Yellow Paper PlatesShish kabob SticksHot Glue Gun/ Hot GlueBlack SharpieThe shish kabob sticks are perfect for making these yard stakes because one side is pointy to go into the grounds. 1. Cut triangles out of the paper plate edges to make the sun shape.2. Draw on eyelashes for a sweet simple design.3. Hot glue shish kabob sticks onto the back of paper plates. Tip: The more of these you place on the yard the better the yard will look. We placed 40 on the front lawn when we made them. A few of the sunshine stakes had sunshine puns on them instead of eyelashes. Remember when someone is going through a hard time you don't have to try to say just the right thing. Acts of service and gestures of love can go a longer way then words. Just be there for them and share your sunshine when they are having a hard time finding their own. Please share this Pinterest image below with your friends and family or save it for another time. [...]

How to Decoupage on Wood in 5 Simple Steps


For a dynamic DIY décor makeover, look no further than decoupage!Decorating your home is a process that’s never really finished. Tastes change, trends come and go… We grow tired of some things but interested in others. Most of us don’t redecorateon a regular basis, but who doesn’t get the itch for change every once in a while? Out with the old and in with the new, right?Before giving outdated décor or furniture the old heave-ho, why not try a simple but stunning makeover? In less time than it takes to shop for something new, you can learn how to decoupage on wood and most other rigid materials. Transform your has-beens from blah to beautiful with a modern take on this traditional craft in five easy steps.                                                                  What Is Decoupage?Decoupage is the art of gluing decorative paper to hard surfaces. During the Victorian era, many a footstool and jewelry box were decoupaged with fancy paper, using multiple layers of slow drying varnish as a sealant. Today’s process is much easier, thanks to modern crafting’s most wonderful invention: Mod Podge, a water-based adhesive, and sealant.Most decoupage is done on wood — furniture, frames, ornaments, trinket boxes, you name it. The process can easily be transferred to other rigid surfaces as well. You can decoupage on glass, metal, most plastics, and even cardboard. Use whatever paper strikes your fancy — scrapbook paper, photographs, magazine cutouts, or your own drawings. My favorite decoupage projects usually involve old calendars, used wrapping paper, or some other disposable paper that’s just too wonderful to get rid of. It’s an extra bonus if I’m able to epicycle scrap wood or an old, neglected item for a baseDecoupage MaterialsFor this project, I used fairly basic supplies:* Scrapbook paper and pictures* Scissors* Pencil* Ruler* Scrap wood (color sample blocks from a furniture store)* Sandpaper/ sanding block (medium and fine grit)* Mod Podge (classic matte formula)* Paintbrushes* Acrylic craft paint and finish (optional)Make sure you have a basic end vision of what you want to achieve before starting. Your pictures and/or patterned papers need to be a good fit for your base. A 2-inch picture isn’t going to cut it on a 12-inch footstool without some background and trimming. Decide whether you want a painted background and if so, choose colors that complement your paper selections. You can buy scrapbook paper, Mod Podge, and all your decoupage supplies at Michael’s, A. C. Moore, or another craft store.If you’ve never used Mod Podge before, selecting your formula may seem overwhelming, as there are over a dozen different kinds. For most projects, classic matte (flat finish) or gloss (shiny finish) will be fine. For decoupage on furniture, use either furniture or hard coat formula, and there’s a special outdoor formula for, yup, outdoor items. No matter the formula you choose, the process can get a little sticky, so work on a protected surface. I used one my favorite upcycled yoga mat ideas for a nonslip workspace.Step 1: Sand the BaseThe success of decoupage depends on the smoothness of your base surface. Bumps, scratches, and roughness will show through the paper you apply and make it appear uneven, so it needs to be sanded.Quick Tip: If you’re unsure how to pick the right sandpaper, start with medium (80 grit) sandpaper to smooth the surface of the bare wood, then finish it off with fine sandpaper(100-120 grit). If your wood has been finished previously, you can go right to the fine grit. Be sure to sand all surfaces, sides includedIf your base is extremely rough, you may need to use a pow[...]

How To Get Ready For The Birth Of Your Little One


Your little one is on the way, and you couldn’t be any happier and more excited for their imminent arrival. Getting ready for the birth of your baby is a process and something that will take you months. You’ll have to plan how and where you want to deliver your baby and how you wish to decorate your baby’s room. You will have to read plenty of literature on the topic of pregnancy and birth so that you’re well aware of what you can expect from the coming months. You cannot be overprepared for the birth of your baby, so ask questions and find out all you can from friends and family. It is an exciting time, and you shouldn’t be short of words of advice and friendly suggestions.  Have A Celebration  Finding out your pregnant and preparing for a new arrival is a cause for celebration so you should celebrate your news and organize a baby shower when the time is right. Think about arranging the shower for when your feeling ready to have people visit and once morning sickness had abated, for example. Aim to organize your shower for around halfway through your pregnancy, or when you’re approaching your six or seventh month as this way you’ll be into the swing of things, and you’ll know what bits and pieces you still have to get for your little one before they arrive. You can invite other expectant parents to your party, such as any you have met in birthing classes. Provide some fun activities to play during at your shower, and download a variety of printable baby shower games as well as preparing alcohol-free mocktails, and providing a selection of nutritious snacks. Remember, when pregnant, you need to avoid raw fish, such as found in sushi, and blue cheeses during pregnancy, so leave these ingredients out of the snacks.  Keeping Fit  Although you will be required not to engage in anything too strenuous, it’s important to keep your fitness levels up in the runup to giving birth. You can walk easily until your third trimester, so try to stay active as much as you can during this time. Keeping fit is as simple as not retiring to bed or the sofa, and instead, getting out for a brisk walk as long as you have the energy. It’s important to that you do not overexert yourself, so walk if you feel able to, and don’t push yourself if you’re feeling tired and unwell. Swimming is a good choice to keep fit during pregnancy, as the water supports your weight, and for those moments, you can take all of the weight off your feet.  Pack Your Bag If you plan on having your baby in the hospital, then you will need to prepare a bag to take with you and pack items for you and the baby. Packing your bag should be done ideally a few weeks before your due date. However, you don’t want to pack too early and find yourself having to shift items around to find the things you packed but need with you often. Your bag should include (but not be limited to) overnight clothes for yourself, a pair of comfortable slippers, your toiletries, as well as baby rompers, a small hat, and gloves to prevent your baby from scratching their delicate skin. [...]

Daring & Dapper / Colors And Tracing Lines Pre-school Worksheets For Boys


Help your Daring & Dapper little dude learn beginning writing and drawing skills with this introductory pre-school worksheet set designed with his handsome and curious self in mind. This is a double sided pre-pre school worksheet to introduce little ones to different lines of drawings. A great skill building worksheet to lead into writing and drawing. Plus its extra dapper with boys in mind. I previously created this Posh & Pretty pre-school worksheet for my daughter and had a lot of request to make a boy version as well. Even though I don't have any little boys Im so excited to release this FREE Daring & Daper Printable for all of your daring little boys to enjoy and learn from. I recommend laminating this printable for extra usage and learning fun. I had mine laminated and found multi colored dry erase markers at my local dollar store to go along with each color and dotted line. The dry erase markers and laminated Daring & Dapper worksheet take away the stress of making mistakes for little ones so they can just enjoy the practice. This Daring & Dapper pre-school worksheet is great to pull out a couple times a week and work on. As you go along ask your little dude what color the line is, or the boys bow ti, or the object the boy is trying to get to. Then try to encourage him to find the matching marker to go with that lines color. Bonus: Another bonus to practicing line drawing is it gives your little one practice holding the marker properly.TIP: Try telling a little story of why the boy is trying to get to the object at the other end, it helps keep them motivated on focused on the line drawing task. At first you may just want to stick with a black marker as they get used to following the dotted lines. Then add color markers later to the learning sessions to introduce colors. Or just do the line drawing side and work you way up to doing the drawing side after a few days or weeks. Just go at your child's pace. No hurry keep it fun.This activity usually takes us 30 minutes to do. And the more they practice the faster and steadier their hands get. Once the line drawing side is all done its time to put those new skills to work. On the other side of the Daring & Dapper Printable are a bunch of Boyish objects he can practice drawing and coloring in. A yellow dinosaur, a green tent, a red rocket, a blue donut, a brown truck, a black top hat, a purple suit and a dashing young boy. Download And  Print Daring & Dapper:Its easy to print or download this two sided Daring & Dapper worksheet via google docs. Just click on this link to easily print and/or download it hassle free. Sharing is caring! Please share this Pinterest friendly image below of this Daring & Dapper worksheet with your friends and family on Pinterest or save it to print another time.  [...]

Involving Your Children When You're Moving House with These Top Tips


When you and your partner finally have the down deposit and credit to either move into your first home or to upgrade, it is time to celebrate. You can finally give your family the home and the life that you have always dreamed for them, from a better school to a safer neighborhood to even a bigger bedroom. Theoretically, your kids should be all on board with a big move, but chances are you will experience some resistance. That is because children are very set on routine and very loyal to what they call home. They don’t want to leave their friends or their way of life, because it is all that they have known. Rather than face several battles along the way, follow these top tips to help your kids enjoy the move as much as you do.  Bring Them House Hunting  If your children feel like they have some say in the matter of where you move, they will likely feel better about the experience as a whole. Don’t bring them to every property you are interested in, but take them to see your top choices. Help them imagine their lives in each property they see. Have them pick out which room will be theirs, get them excited about the games of hide-and-seek or the games of soccer they can play outside in their new backyard. The more they can imagine what their lives will be like in this new home, the better. Then, when it comes time to choose, have them give their say as to which property is the best out of your top picks.  Introduce Them to the Neighborhood  Once you have made an offer and purchased your new home, it’s time to make good use of the grace period between now and your move-in date. Take your whole family with you on a few day trips to your new neighborhood so that you can all explore and have fun together. This is great not only to get your kids excited about where you will move to, but to also familiarize them with where everything is in case they get lost.  Take the Stress Out of Moving  When it comes to packing things can get stressful fast. It is a lot of work to do, especially if you have to fight your kids on what they bring. Packing is also physically exhausting, and if you have a lot of belongings, it can take a lot of time. That is why you must de-clutter and use professionals to pack and move your home for you. Do this, and not only will you move with only the things you truly use and value, but you also won’t strain yourself while doing it.  Moving can be a fun and exciting experience for the whole family, as long as you take your children and their feelings into consideration. Get them excited for their new house and make the moving process as easy as possible, and your whole family can enjoy the move together.   [...]

Bring Some Modern Flair Into Your Home!


A lot of people run into the problem of feel as though their home has gotten a little bit stale. This is kind of understandable since, for a lot of people, if you spend a lot of your time in one place for many years, the charm and novelty of it is pretty much always going to wear thin. For many people, the solution to this ends up being to move to somewhere new and start over. Of course this only really deals with the problem in the short term. Instead, why not consider trying to bring your home back to life with a few contemporary flourishes? With that in mind, here are some ways to bring a little modern flair to your home.Image SourceEmbrace minimalismOne of the best things about modern design is just how well it utilizes space and emptiness. A lot of people fall into the trap of filling their homes with a ridiculous amount of junk. This often isn't even a conscious decision, but rather just something that happens over a period of time without you really noticing. However, a home filled with junk is almost always going to end up feeling cramped and untidy. Clearing out the clutter and embracing a more minimalist style is one of the very best things that you can do to bring a spacious, modern feeling into your home.Start from the ground upSometimes it takes more than just decor to change the way your home feels. Instead, why not consider some serious changes. Things like totally changing the fittings throughout your home can make a huge difference. Replacing your old, worn out bath with something sleek and modern from a company like Kardiel can instantly bring new life and vibrancy into your home. The same goes for all kinds of things that you can do throughout your home. Of course, this can often be somewhat expensive and labor intensive, but it can often be totally worth it.Go boldFar too many people are somewhat afraid to do anything overly bold with their home's decor. They stick to the same plain color schemes and the same generic room arrangements, afraid to ever really break out of their creative shell. However, if you want your home to feel more modern and alive, then you've got to be willing to go bold in the way that you design it. Use bright colors, a lot of contrast, and creative ways of arranging a room in order to bring as much life and excitement into your home as possible. The best way to create that modern feeling is to take some risks. After all, if it doesn't work, you can always just try something else.Of course, modern style might not be your cup of tea in the first place. Perhaps you prefer something more rustic, or something with a little more bohemian excitement. Well, no matter what kind of style you prefer for your own home, being able to bring a fresh style to it when it starts to feel kind of stale and boring really is the best thing that you can do in order to help you fall back in love with it.[...]

Learning Through Hands On Play, With Bookids Quality Educational Toys


The weather is turning warm and we are gearing up for summer, my favorite season. While summer is always something to look forward to at my house I sometimes worry that the kids will loose some of the knowledge they have worked so hard all year to gain.  Then I reassure myself with knowing that learning doesn't have to be done in a class room all the time. The best lessons that are learned and retained come from soaking in the world, exploring, wondering and through play. What better season to explore and learn hands on than summer? Play can double as learning and that is just what Bookid Toys do best with its amazing line of quality educational toys. We especially love the Bookid Durable Wooden City Block Toys for Toddlers. Even my big kids got in on the building action. These adorable and high quality blocks have the cutest little illustrations on them to spark the imagination and help little ones learn about city life with imaginative play. The graphic designer in me is swooning over the whimsical style of the simple designs painted on the blocks. The designs on the blocks really make this block set special. These wooden stacking blocks are also perfect for improving fine motor skills, hand-eye co-ordination, and learning shapes and colors.We are also enjoying the Vegetables & Colors puzzle set. The Puzzle set comes with four puzzles that have different levels of difficulties for your little one to advance up to. I love that these are teaching colors and the names of less popular vegetables that my kids may not really know the names of like eggplants. Our three year old asks to pull this puzzle set out at least a few times every week. She loves talking about the different vegetables and always calls the cucumber a pickle. Even our one year old baby girl likes to get in on the block action. The bucket that the City Blocks come in has this cool feature on the top lid where kids can sort the blocks through it and match and sort the shapes into the right bucket shaped wholes. She loves to try to fit the blocks in the lid, but her favorite thing is to watch others set up the city all nice and neat and then nocking them all down when her siblings least expect it. I love how my kids can quietly play with these City blocks for hours. You can just about see the little gears start to go on in their heads and their creativity begin to power up. Head on over to Amazon and get 10% off on all Bookid Items in their Amazon store with this exclusive coupon code just for you: JULIADEL[...]

Fun Activities You Can Do as a Family


If you are like many families across the country, you no doubt will have a busy schedule with work, school, and many different social events. That is why when everyone is at home, it can be fun to get out of the house and do something exciting as a family. Not only will you have fun, but you will also make some great family memories. There are numerous ideas for family games and activities, here are a few of them to get you started.  Finding the Time One of the biggest obstacles to family activities is finding the time when you can all get together. With so many commitments, it can be difficult to find a suitable time, but it is well worth the effort. The trick is to plan well in advance of the event so that everyone in the family can put it in their diary, so it doesn’t get double booked. Book it far enough in advance so that even the busiest person has time to arrange something. You might think that this is a lot of effort, but the benefits of having fun together as a family will be worth it.  Going to the Park There is nothing better on a sunny day than to head to the park with some games and a picnic. If you have young children, in particular, they will love being able to run around in the grass. When it comes to games, there are many that you can choose from, such as soccer, baseball or perhaps volleyball. You can even have a frisbee game if you have one, and it is fun guessing where it will go.  Hit the Beach Another place that is often a hit with families is the beach, not only do you have the sun, but there is also the golden sand. Just like the park, you can take some games with you to keep you occupied, or you can relax and enjoy the sun. Some people will also take a portable barbeque to the beach with them, so they can have a picnic, though you need to ensure that you have permission to cook on the beach. An essential for the beach is sunscreen, so make sure you have plenty with you for you and the kids.  Puzzle Games There are fewer things that get a family together than a puzzle game. Board games used to be hugely popular years ago, and many families still play them. Puzzle games, in particular, offer a chance to use strategy and lateral thinking to defeat your opponent. If you want something a little more interactive, you can always go somewhere like an STL Escape Room. They let groups of players solve puzzles to try and escape the room they are in. Many of them now have a variety of scenarios that you can choose.  Despite the time and the organization needed to arrange and commit to a family fun day, there are plenty of reasons why it will be one of the best days you have ever had.  [...]

Night In Boxes /Date Night At Home ( Giveaway )


I am a big believer in having my kids cook along with me as soon as they are able and that means as young as three years old. My kids have always been in the kitchen with me not because I love cooking or am a very patient mom it's mostly for pragmatic reasons. When my kids are cooking along with me I am keeping them busy, keeping them out of trouble, they are supervised, we are making memories, we are getting dinner done and on the table and all this while also teaching them valuable life skills. Now that’s a kitchen win to celebrate every time!This weekend I took some time out from my usual crazy schedule and decided to make a double batch of Pistachio Chocolate Cream Puffs. I wanted to double the batch to make some to give to a few of our neighbors nearby and when my kids saw what I was doing they jumped right in and started cooking along with me. My oldest son took over the more complicated part of making and cooking the cream puff batter and my little ones helped me fill the cream puffs with the pistachio pudding filling and cover them with Reynolds KITCHENS™ Quick Cut™ Plastic Wrap. I think her favorite part about helping with the cream puffs was getting to use the built-in slide cutter to help cut the plastic wrap. My favorite part was watching everybody get along and enjoy cooking together. Usually when I cook with my kids we are making lunch or dinner so to have them jump in on making this special Sunday treat with me, made it all that much more sweet. Super mom-win moment! 5 Mom Hacks To Successful Cooking With Your Kids: 1.     Young cooks are better eaters: There are so many benefits to cooking with kids early in life besides important life skills and keeping them busy; did you know kids are more likely to eat more of their meal if they have helped cook it? Got a kid who doesn’t like veggies? Try having them help you cook up a vegetable rich dish in the kitchen, talk about the vegetables and have fun sampling the vegetables with your little chef while you are prepping and cooking them.2.     Little things make a big impact: There are lots of small tasks that little ones can do that can help make them feel like they are contributing in a big way to the family meal. Let them pour, dump, scoop and sous chef their little hearts out in the kitchen. Thanks to Reynolds KITCHENS™ QuickCut™ Plastic Wrap there is one more cooking tasks easy enough for my three year old to help mom out with. Finally! A plastic wrap that doesn’t make me want to scream! There are no sharp teeth on this plastic wrap for kiddos (or grown ups) to hurt themselves on and from the get go you can just easily roll the plastic out and use the built-in slide cutter to cut a clean strait line every time. So easy my three year old can use it no problem. 3.     Set the cooking mood: Cooking can be stressful so teaching someone how to cook and being someone who is little and trying to learn how to cook can also be stressful. Take an extra second and put on some calming non-vocal music to play in the kitchen to set the tone before you get started. The non-vocal music is important because you will still be able to read the recipe and have full conversations with your child without that added distraction. Non-vocal music is a great source to enhance concentration. 4.     Narrate your cooking actions: This is a great mom hack for little ones to keep their attention longer and help them learn beginning cooking terms. “We need to get the bag of flour out! Now we scoop two cups of flour and put it into the mixing bowl. Scoop one cup! Careful, Careful… hold the scoop over the bowl, now slowly dump it into the bowl. There you go! Yay! You did it! Now let’s get the second scoop because we ne[...]

The 3 Secrets Of Homeschooling Success Nobody Talks About


The question every parent asks themselves when it comes to homeschooling their children is whether or not it is an effective approach to education. If one of the parents has chosen to stay at home, such as a stay-at-home mom, or works essentially from home, it seems a good idea to make the most of the time you’ve got to homeschool your kids. However, you need to consider that homeschooling isn’t for everyone. If you work as a freelancer from home, you will find it difficult to make the time your kids need to develop their skills and knowledge. But if you are confident that you can find the time and the dedication to help them grow, you will experience as a parent greater educational success than families who have chosen to use the traditional schooling approach. How do you make sure homeschool works for your family? Here are the top secrets of moms who homeschool their kids. Is homeschooling your calling? Get a routine like every other momFirst of all, just because you’re staying at home doesn’t mean you can’t establish a routine. In fact, you need a morning routine just as much as moms who drive their kids to school. More importantly, you need to make sure that your routine gets the best of your kids from the moment they wake up to prepare them for a day of learning. In other words, you need to plan the night before. While homeschooled kids don’t need a lunch box, they will still need a lunch break. So what are you going to cook? Get your ingredients ready in advance. Additionally, you need to check that the homework has been done, even if you’re the one marking them the next day. This routine will help kids to develop positive habits, such as never leaving something for the last minute. Plan a fun time in the afternoon Learning is important, but nobody can stay focused for an entire day. You need to introduce playtime and creative breaks to help your home students to relax. You can add a music hour to the curriculum, using online tutorials from to learn how to play pop songs. It might not seem important as an educational tool, but music is key to relaxation and to developing cognitive abilities. For younger children, you can consider a creative art collaboration where you both work on a drawing together, for instance. It’s especially useful for releasing frustrations after a difficult lesson!Teaching lessons they don’t learn at schoolTeaching in a known environment such as home gives you the opportunity to introduce essential everyday skills that schools normally ignore. For instance, financial literacy is not a typical subject for schools. However, you can make it a side lesson of your homeschooling agenda. As more and more young adults struggle with debts, it’s obvious that financial management is a skill that the adults of tomorrow need to develop. Grocery shopping and cooking are also part of a healthy lifestyle as an adult: Why not let kids learn it from an early age? In the end, homeschooling offers an educational diversity that you can’t get from your typical school. From developing positive habits to making the most of a creative break to recharge your batteries, homeschooling can help to prepare your kids a little better for life. [...]

6 Ways We Protect Our Little Kids Sensitive Skin (Tips and Tricks With Tubby Todd)


Three out of four of my kids inherited their dads Norwegian sensitive skin and it has taken me years to figure out what works to keep their skin from over drying and getting rashes. Two of my kids get rashes around their eyes just from crying, and don't even get me started on the lengthy sun screen efforts I have had to go to.  But through the years we have figured out some tried and true mom hacks to keeping their skin healthy and moisturized with just a little effort on our part. 1. Don't Bath Every Day: Somehow it started in the 90's that you need to shower and bath your kids everyday or you are a bad dirty parent with dirty flea ridden children.  Now we know that all that over cleaning has actually been harmful for our immune system and even our skin. We bath our little ones twice a week and just try to do a good face and hands wipe down after meals and before bed instead of a full bath. On especially dirty outdoor play days they do get an extra bath in. When we bath our kids more than twice a week their skin gets super dried out and starts to develop a rash, even with all the extra lotion applications. 2. Lotion After Every Meal: We remember to wash our kids up after every meal but we usually forget to add lotion to. We have hard water where we live and just washing their faces after a meal can easily make their skin red and angry. Take washing away the "spaghetti face" one step further by adding a little moisture back to their precious skin after washing. That one little extra step will help a lot in keeping their skin soft and happy. 3. Utilize A Humidifier: A little mom life hack is utilizing your humidifier especially during the dry winter months. We live in dry Utah where winter is the worst on sensitive baby skin. Adding a little humidifier to the nursery will help add some much needed moisture back into the dry winter air. Even a cute little essential oils humidifier is better than nothing. 4. Sunscreen Has Moisturizer: Sunscreen has quite a bit of oils and moisturizers in it and is the perfect thing to use daily to protect babies skin from sun damage and from drying out. Applying sunscreen is just a good daily summer habit to get into. 5. Protect Skin From Carpet: A lot of skins moisture gets taken away by carpet and other fabrics. For most of our lives we didn't even think of carpet as a dry skin hazard but carpet has been stealing the lotion right from under our feet since its invention. LOL! We now put socks on our little ones feet after bath time and lotion to keep the lotion from begin absorbed too much elsewhere. We also use footed pajamas to help keep in the lotion just a little bit longer as well. 6. Use Quality Baby Bath Products: A lot of cheap tear free baby products are overdrying our kids skin and are only making dry thier sensitive skin problems worse. It has been beyond worth it to use higher quality baby bath products and save ourselves and our little kiddos some unneeded trouble. I discovered Tubby Todd baby bath products a while back and loved that all of their bath products are geared towards babies and little ones with sensitive skin. This is a great local Utah buisness and was created by a Mom (of course) who was tiered of using baby products that were full of harmful chemicals and that was over drying her Utah babies sensitive skin. So she decided she needed to invent her own plant based bath products with sensitive baby skin in mind.  Yay for us! I love that all her bath products are one hundred percent made with natural ingredients and still do a powerful job cleaning. My daughters hair has never been so shiny! She also goes a whole step further and makes her bath products with fun scents like Jelly Bean and [...]

Pamper Ideas For New Moms


When you're a new mom, you days consist of looking after a tiny human who you just spent nine months creating. Not only are you doing that, but you're doing it following some serious trauma to your body - either from a natural birth or from major surgery. And to top it off, as you're shuffling around trying to get the baby to sleep, and you're wincing every time you sit down, your partner, unfairly, has to go back to work. After all of that, it's only fair that you get to have a little bit of pamper time. Obviously for certain things you need to wait until you're healed enough and up for the task, and there does come a point where you need to be pampered solo, so baby needs to have a second pair of arms to rest in for a while. ImageBeauty salonJust because you are having zero hours of sleep and you're dealing with too many baby bodily fluids to count, doesn't mean that you can't look beautiful doing it. Even something as simple as having your nails done can help you feel like you again. Your little one will be the most incredible thing and your whole world, but you shouldn't ever feel bad at wanting a little bit of the old you back. Plus, visiting the salon gets you interacting with other grown ups again! Hair salonAlong the same lines as getting your nails done - a fresh cut will feel amazing. Often as a new mom your hair choices are a quick ponytail or a messy bun - take the time to at least care for the health of your hair. Maybe even refresh the colour with some balayage highlights! You gain volume and thick, luscious locks while pregnant - and you'll want to keep that going for as long as possible, and the only way to do that is to take care of your hair. Massage While at the salon, have those sore muscles taken care of - and don't worry if you doze off! Your tiny bundle of joy can get heavy, and all their paraphernalia you have to tote everywhere isn't a light load either, and don't even get started on the workout a loaded pram gives you! Motherhood brings forth new muscles you never knew you had - and a tolerance for pain you wish you never had to find! A massage is more than required - it's a necessity. But make sure that you're ready for that sort of pressure on your lower back, it can be tender for a while, and the added pressure on a fresh cesarean wound is not a good idea. A less painful idea might be to make your own beauty products and have A mini massage a home.ShoppingThis one might come a little way down the line as it takes a good while for that bump to disappear completely - and even then you will be a different shape than you were before. However, you will need new clothes as you go, so let yourself enjoy shopping and spending some money on yourself for once! It's not likely to happen much again for a while. It's a guarantee that no shopping trip will he free of new baby clothes, but who cares? Little baby socks are the cutest, and surely you can find matching outfits? [...]

Decorating For Spring With Children's Books (Home Decor On A Budget)


Decorating with children's books is a great way to utilize your books in different ways and save some major bucks on seasonal decor. Plus your kids will stay more interested in reading the books you have when they are featured in rotation around your home.  My favorite season to decorate books with is Spring because one: spring color pallet is my favorite, and two: I feature the kids adorable spring books throughout the house. Here are some of the ways we store and decorate with children's books during Springtime and Easter with some creative containers, shelving and setups. DIY Chalkboard Book Organizer BoxThis is a Do It Yourself Chalkboard Book Box on wheels that we made last year and are totally in love with. You can make your own with this full step by step tutorial I made on a previous blog post. These book boxes are so handy especially for having right next to our toddlers bed for bedtime stories. And it has the extra bonus of being a chalkboard for different fun messages and encouraging reading. This spring collection of books are holding some precious spring themed bedtime stories. CratesWe also have this nifty antique crate that can be flipped on its side and if you put another crate on top it turns into a mini book case. These crates are so handy and we use them for all sorts of things like halloween decor on our porch, or photo props, even extra seating. Right now it's being used as our side table and library book storage. We try to keep our library books in one place. It doesn't always work. Sturdy BasketI also really love this basket. We have had this basket for ages and it's really well built and is one of  the only baskets that have made it through all four of my kids. Baskets make a great book dump area. I totally recommend investing in a sturdy large basket for kids books. Shadow Box ShelfI love this shelf. I didn't think I would as much as I did when I bought it at a yard sale but it makes a perfect perch for children books and it keeps them out of the way of little hands that like to rip out pages so its perfect for the baby nursery. I like to feature some of their smaller toys with the books as well to give it that nursery flair. Horizontal Wall RacksThis is my tweenage sons room with his chalkboard wall. We like chalkboard at our house apparently. We found these wall racks at Hobby Lobby for a Steal and it was the perfect horizontal addition to his little book nook there. He can also draw inspirational book quotes around one of the book racks, and add word art which I love. You can take a photo tour of his room here at this previous post we did of his room makeover reveal and get to see what this used to look like. Finding Pretty Classic Children's Novels Last but not least is my fireplace mantle. This is by far my favorite place to decorate. I love changing out this mantle every season and holiday to keep it fresh and interesting. I have a small collection of children's classics that are novels that I have collected over the last few years for super bargain prices. I love shopping yard sales and thrift stores for beautiful old books. Also another great place that you might not know of to get cheap beautiful classic books it Seagull Book. I got that darling orange Adventures of Huckleberry Finn for like a few bucks. They get some crazy good deals at Seagull Book, but the books go fast when they are that discounted.  So run fast when you see they are on sale. I hope you enjoyed our little children's book tour of our home this Spring and I hope it inspires you and helps you save some major bucks on decorating. Have A Verry Hoppy Easter!!!!! If you[...]

Can You Make Money From Your Home?


The cost of living is rising every day so as a Mom, household finances will be at the forefront of your mind. Are you lucky enough to be in a similar position to 34% of American Households in having enough savings to cover an unexpected emergency payout of $1000? If you are one of the other 66%, is your home a viable source of income to help you boost your personal savings account? Working from home? On the rare occasion that you find yourself with a few spare minutes in the day, there are work from home opportunities online that you could use to make a few extra dollars. These range from survey websites to websites that help you sell your handmade crafts. There are also opportunities to sell your unwanted items or even do research online for other people. Got a spare room? For some Moms, your children may have flown the nest leaving you with an empty room in your home. If this is the case, or you have a spare room set aside for visiting family, it is possible to rent these out to holidaymakers or even as short-term rentals. Perhaps you could take in a student or visiting business person and earn a few dollars from your empty space. Of course, you do want to be careful about who you let into your home and make sure your rental is in line with local laws. Can you release equity? Could your home be worth more than you think? Many homes across America are now worth around 6% more than they were a year ago thanks to a demand for property pushing the prices up. It is worth checking if you can take advantage of any equity in your property that you have built up. If you are close to paying off your home, a reverse mortgage (or home equity conversion mortgage) will enable you to keep living in the family home and supplement your income.  As a mom, you can never have enough money, whether it is to pay for living costs now or you want help your child out financially as they are getting older. The most important thing is being able to provide for your family and plan for the future. [...]

Prince Of Peace / Spiritual Easter Wall Banner Set (FREE Printable Craft)


I thought it would be very fitting to decorate my home this Easter with symbols of peace. The olive branch has deep symbolism of peace going way back in history and also has many references to Jesus Christ himself. The word Gethsemane from the famous biblical Garden of Gethsemane means “olive press”. Olive trees are evergreens and are always bearing fruit all year long and even when chopped down will live again. Jewish tradition often refers to the olive tree as the tree of life. These are just a few of the reasons why I was inspired to create some Easter designs featuring the olive branch and the prince of peace.This Easter wall banner set is easy to turn into a short little banner craft by adding a wood dowel and yarn for the hanging part and the tassel, or you can just add some hole punches on the top edges and string some yarn and hang it up that way. After I printed my Prince of Peace banners out, I added a few speckles of gold with a metallic marker to give it that fancy fun flair. Its recommended that you print this on heavy card stock. If properly stored flat you can reuse it next year without having to print off more. This printable comes with two prints. One with the words prince of peace and the other with the scripture from Isaiah 9:6With the Easter bunny traditions outshining the real meaning of Easter I thought it was important to make some home decor with more spiritual symbolism. The Prince of Peace wall banner is part of the Prince of Peace printable collection. You can also get a framable version of this print and a matching flag banner with the olive branch theme on this previous post here.PRINT & DOWNLOAD PRINCE of PEACE WALL BANNERIts easy to print and download the Prince of Peace Wall Banner just head over to google docs and you can print from there or download and print later. I hope this banner design brings more peace into your home this Easter as you celebrate our saviors amazing sacrifice and love for us. Happy Easter! Please share this Pinterest picture version below with your friends and family or save to print next year.[...]

My Peeps / Easy Easter Card Kids Craft / Cute Thumb Print Art


This is a simple little thumb print craft your whole family can get to be apart of or you can personalize it with just one kid's finger prints if you would like. Its easy and simple but also super cute and has that special touch. We made our for my kids sweet grandparents. I loved this craft because we could even get our 18 month old baby girl involved.  Originally there were only supposed to be six finger prints on the card. But my three year old added a few extra dots. So I improvised and turned them into random easter eggs. Lol! We tried a few methods to add the finger prints to the paper and decided plain old yellow craft paint worked best. Just dip and add to the paper. Let dry for a few hours or over night then add a few extra doodles. Our cheesy note inside says:"You are the best grandparents these "peeps" could ever ask for. We hope you have a very Hoppy Easter filled with pecky kisses and loving wishes."TIP: you may want to make a few of these cards at a time just in case one of them gets ruined. Especially if you have a big family like mine and its hard to round everyone together for a craft all  at the same time. ;) Please share this Pinterest friendly image below with your friends and family or save it to make for next year. Sharing is Caring! [...]

Green River Family Vacation Guide (Goblin Valley, Lake Powell & Nearby Hidden Gems)


Green River turns out to be a great central location for visiting a lot of Utah's eastern desert treasures like Lake Powell and Goblin Valley but there are many more treasures and points of interest around the small town of Green River that are not as famous but are definitely worth a visit. So if you are in the area visiting Goblin Valley it would be well worth the trip to spend a few extra days in Green River exploring some of the smaller attractions. We spent last spring break in Green River with our kiddos exploring the area and finally getting to see the famous Goblin Valley and even took some time and drove down to Lake Powell for an evening. While Goblin Valley was amazing and did not disappoint, we were surprised at all the other fun smaller destinations we discovered along the way. Some of them like Fossil Point and the ghost town of Sego were definitely impressive and just as fun and unique to explore. You can head to the local Green River Museum called the John Wesley Powell River History Museum and get loads of pamphlets and information on day trips in the area or also go to Destination Green River Here and get more information online about the main points of interest there plus map coordinates for easy location of sites. TIP: The museum has more information about tons of places to explore in the area, more than you can find online. Talk to the people who work there they will point you in the right direction for just the right kind of adventure your looking for. We went to the Museum which was fun and has a neat exhibit about Lake Powell. They also have a wall full of pamphlets of places to explore. We got the local scoop on the family friendly places that would work for a family with a toddler and a baby and narrowed it down to six places. Below are our favorite places we ended up going to that you will love to take your kids to as well. You will not want to miss these. Must See Hidden Gems of Green River Area For the Whole Family:Crystal GeyserFossil PointSego Ghost TownSego Canyon Ancient PictographsBlack Dragon CanyonHeading out to Green River from the West Coast you follow along a train for a large portion of the ride, which helps the kiddos stay a little more interested in this desert drive. TIP: There are only a few rest stops on this drive so be sure to take full advantage of them and pack plenty of food and snacks before hand because there are not very many places to get food. Crystal GeyserRare Carbon Cold Water Geyser & Water FormationsOur first stop into Green River was the Crystal Geyser, its actually located in/near Green River and just a 15 to 20 minute drive from the main street in Green River. We had a few hours to burn before our hotel room was ready and this was the perfect stop for a spring afternoon in the desert. You most likely won't get to see this geyser go off because it's not very predictable and goes off maybe once a day and sometimes at night and no one knows when it's going to do it. Crystal Geyser is still worth checking out for the cool effect it has had on the rock and ground the carbon water flows over. The geyser's carbonated water makes some of the coolest little water falls and pools and it streams right into the Green River itself. If you look into the geyser tube you can see and hear the carbon bubbles coming up through the cold water. It's fascinating. The pipe was put in place for safety reasons. We were here for hours playing in the water. The geyser didn't ever go off but we didn't even mind because it was still cool and entertaini[...]

A Couple Of Ideas To Help You Secure The Bank Of Mom


While the job of motherhood is one of the most wonderful experiences of all it can be challenging in so many different ways. Of course, the biggest hurdles you’ll face in life are most likely financial ones. It costs a lot to keep a family household up and running. You have to think about rent (or mortgage payments), utility bills, food, gas, and all the other frequent costs that seem to come from a house full of people. But you don’t need to hold up your hands in defeat just yet. You can hold everything together (including your sanity) if you just make a financial plan of action. In this article, we’re going to talk about some of the ways in which you could secure “the bank of mom”. It’s time to get your family’s finances in order.Picture SourcePut an end to wasteful spending.If you’re struggling to make ends meet then you should take a look at your expenses. Many families are guilty of wasteful spending, regardless of how high or low their household income might be. It’s hard to keep track of every single expenditure you make during the average month - that’s why it helps to make a budget so that you can regulate your spending before you’ve even dipped your hand into your bank account. Make sure that you set aside enough of your money to cover the necessities every payday. You need to cover unavoidable bills before you even think about buying luxuries.Of course, if you don’t have much money left in the bank of mom after paying for your necessities, you might want to think about ways in which you could reduce your cost of living (without compromising). You could save on utility bills by using energy-efficient appliances and taking shorter showers, for example. You could even check out companies such as Stitch It to mend old and worn-out clothing if your kids keep ripping their jeans or T-shirts. The point is that you can save a lot of money without “giving up” the important things in life. You just need to be less wasteful when it comes to the essentials. If you just motivate yourself and your family then you can easily reduce wasteful expenses in your lives.Picture SourceMake an investment towards the future.It’s easy to get caught up in your present financial problems, but a sturdy bank of mom needs to be prepared for the future. You need to think of unexpected costs, most importantly. You can’t predict everything in life. You might have a costly medical bill to pay or suddenly need car repairs that leave you with a hefty maintenance charge. It’s important to build up an emergency fund to help you out on those rainy days. Additionally, you need to save money for your children. Obviously, you want them to be financially independent in the future, but they might need monetary assistance when it comes to getting through college. You should ensure that they have the support network necessary to give them the best possible chance in life.[...]

Boho Easter Bunny / Wall Banner Paper Printable / Free Printable Set


Making Easter wall banners just got easier with this adorable Boho Easter Bunny printable set you can download and make in minutes right at home, no sewing required. I am loving all the pom poms and tassels Im seeing everywhere and there is no better place to add these little details than with a wall banner. These printables look great and modern if you just print them out and display them without the accessories to. But Im in love with the Boho look and am so glad it is getting a big come back this year. 1This printable set comes with two coordinating wall banners, boho easter bunny face, and a matching Easter Wishes word art wall banner. You can print these out on cardstock paper and just glue a string on top for hanging or go the extra mile and use a wooden dowel to mount your wall banner. "Bunny Kisses & Easter Wishes" Makes great door decor as well. FREE Download via Google Docs Here:Boho Easter Bunny Wall Banner Paper PrintableNeed:Wood Dowel 11 inch cutYarn (optional)Hot Glue GunPrintable printed on Card Stock1. Cut out printable. 2. Fold over top of printable over wooden dowel to make a round creese before glueing down to the dowel. Hot glue to the front and top of wooden dowel. Tip: Printable was designed with extra room at the top to fold over a dowel. If you are not using a dowel and are just hating the bunny up with string you may want to trim the top to equal out the design. 3. Ears, When glueing ears to the back of the wall banner hot glue in two spots, the paper where the ear meets the paper and where the ear meets the dowel. This with give the ears more stability. Now its time to add the string to hand the wall banner and add the tassels and pom poms. Making tassels and pom poms with yarn is very simple. Here and an easy tutorial from Doodle And Stitch that I used to make pom poms. You can just use a fork and make them in minutes. I have also made a quick tutorial on how to make tassels here. allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="315" src="" width="560">The Easter Wishes word art wall banner is much more simple to assemble. Just cut out and add to dowel, then add string to hang. I had so much fun designing this Easter Bunny printable set and loved creating all the little details for it. I was inspired by Joboku and her fabric version pictured below. She sells these adorable fabric wall banners on her Etsy shop, she even has these amazing unicorn wall banners that are just too darling. So definitely check her out. I would love to see your boho bunnies and these Easter printables in your homes. Don't forget to tag me on your social media and/or send me your links to your printable projects using my designs. I will definitely feature them. Hope you have a Hoppy Easter this year!Remember Sharing is CaringPlease share this Pinterest friendly image below with your friends and family or save it for your easter decor next year. [...]

Yes, You Can Afford To Update Your Bedroom! Here’s How


While we may not spend too much time there in the day, the bedroom is a vital part of any home. After all, if you don't have a comfortable space in which to sleep at night, it can cause you all sorts of problems the next day. However, the issues that many folks come across is that redecorating their bedroom as often as they would like can be very expensive. In fact, it can cause many people to put updating this room in the home off until they have a substantial amount saved. However, I'm here to tell you that you don't need to save for years to redecorate your bedroom and create a pleasant and restful space. Just keep reading to see what I mean.Shop around for the bed Anyone that has decorated a bedroom space before knows that usually, the most expensive item to purchase is the bed itself. The thing is you don't want to get a super cheap bed that will be uncomfortable and break soon after purchase either, as that it a waste of money, and time. Luckily, there are some other options to consider instead. One is to shop around and compare different stores prices to find where the best places to buy a bed are. OK, so this will take a little work, but if you can save hundreds of dollar and still get the best night's sleep possible, it's probably something that is worth doing. Picture hereAnother option is to choose a modular bed. This bed is a type that is fairly new on the market and is designed in three or fours parts that can all be replaced independently of one another. What this means is that such a bed will last much longer than the traditional kind, and so be a lot less expensive in the long run, as you can replace a mattress pad or base unit as the need arises instead of the entire bed. Dye the duvet Bedding is something that tends to vary widely in price. There is stuff at the low end of the market that looks great when you first buy it and is hyper-fashionable that week, but can age quickly and not wash up so well. Then there's the stuff that is hotel quality at the other end of the spectrum and so good to sleep on but is hugely expensive. Now, if you are wondering which one of these to pick for your bedroom makeover, the answer is neither. Yup, that's right, buying a whole new set of bedding is something that can bump up the price of your refresh, especially if you go for the one on the bed and one in the wash rotation. Instead, why not use the ones you already have?I'm not suggesting you keep them as they are, as that would be too boring and they probably won't work with your new decor and color scheme anyway. Instead, you can use a simple washing machine dye to change the color and provide a whole new look for around $10 - $20.Of course, if you haven't used a dye like this before there a couple of things you should know. The first is to remember to dye your bedding on a sunny day so you can take them straight outside to dry. This is because you won't want dye drips on you utility room floor as they can stain permanently. allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="315" src="" width="560"> Also where possible go for a color that is darker than the original one as this is much more likely to take and give you a high-quality finish for your updated bedroom space. Upcycle Another smart way that you can save enough money to afford a bedroom update is by upcycling items of furniture. What this means is that instead of having to pay out for new pieces you can achieve a unique look wit[...]

Going Away Party For Co-workers (Farewell To Old Job, New Job Survival Kit & Other Party Ideas)


Sometimes the hardest thing about starting a new amazing job is leaving behind your co-workers. Sure you will probably try and see them and stay in contact when you can but it just won't be the same. Celebrate all the years and memories you have made together in a fun Going Away Party. My husband has been working at his job for over seven years and has gained some lifelong friendships there. I have watched him learn and grow in more ways than we ever thought he would. He even thought he would work there until he retired but he recently got an amazing job offer with an inovative company that we couldn't refuse. This is the type of job we have been waiting for our entire marriage and it is finally happening. We are beyond thrilled for this new chapter but it is also bitter sweet leaving a job and co-workers he has become to love and have so much respect for. To say farewell and celebrate all the good times with these amazing people we put on a Going Away Party that my husband will never forget. New Job Survival Kit:I surprised my husband with a basket full of fun items for his new job and secretly contacted his co-workers and asked them to each bring an item to add to the new job survival kit. I just hand wrote all of the silly labels for his New Job Survival kit but I have put together this quick printable for you to easily print out. Of course you don't have to use all of the labels just use the ones you like. Free New Job Survival Kit Printable Here at Google.docThe Food:We did dinner part Pot Luck style. We provided the fun Dirty Dr Pepper Drinks (nonalcoholic) and my husband made his famous Bold & Tangy Mississippi Roast with a side of rolls. We asked everyone to bring a side or dessert to share. This Mississippi Roast is a huge crowd pleaser and you can easily make larger serving of it for bigger parties without a lot more effort. This Beef Pot roast is a delicious take on a traditional dish and is cooked in a crock pot with banana peppers and other sensing packets. It also make your house smell amazing so no need for air freshener. Remember Me Party Game:Remember Me Game is the perfect game for a Farewell party because it lets your guest share memories in a fun playful way. You can also keep the Memories as a memorabilia of all your co-workers. This game got lots of laughs and was the perfect heartfelt touch to the party. How To Play Remember Me:Ask everyone to write three different memories on three different papers of the co-worker who is moving on. The memories are to be anonymous. You don't want the guest of honor to be able to guess its you. Once the memories are written fold them up and put them all in a bowl. Have someone thats not the guest of honor read them out-loud. If the guest of honor guesses the memory is from you, you do NOT get a point, if the guest of honor guest wrong you DO get a point. The player with the most points wins a prize. If you have a tie they rock paper scissors it out. The memories should only be about a sentence or two, or can even be just a couple of clue words. We tried to keep it low key and only had one game so people could enjoy visiting the rest of the night. As the last person left the party my husband came over to me and said the party was amazing and the evening was bitter sweet but that he was so glad we did this. Fun Farewell Party Playlist Suggestions:Bye, Bye Bye, - NSYNCGood Riddance - Green DayOne More Day - Diamond[...]