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Why I Wake up Every Day

I am the very strange combination between a magic fairy and a selfish witch. My ceaseless concern is to eventually discover what chance do I have to become an ordinary woman.

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The blue-eyed boy and the Spring


 Yes, I've become one of those mothers...Nevertheless,I hope you'll enjoy my photos. Spring has finally arrived in our village and we fully enjoy its blessings. I hope you're having an amazing Spring too.

A Violet and Two Gentlemen


It's live!!!! My most recent book is live and ready to be devoured on Amazon! God, I am soooooooo excited and nervous and ...happy!!! Isn't it pretty?! You can find it here >>

Spring in my garden


Spring is here, finally!!!!
And the blue-eyed boy is highly enjoying it. Have a lovely spring!!!!
Isn't Mirella enchanting?

Momma's got a big boy


Yesterday, we celebrated my baby boy reaching the impressing age of 1 year old. I can't believe how fast time goes by. He is walking almost independently, he still needs to reach and grab hold of things around to regain his balance, but we are quite content with the way he has evolved so far. Needless to say that we are beyond ourselves over him, I had no idea, honestly, we could adore him so much. I miss being pregnant so much and, I even discussed this issue with the hubs hinting how much I'd love to have another baby. But he is quite determined to say no on this one.
As a joke, he even threatened me he would chop "it" up :))). His serious concern is related to his age, other than that, he would be thrilled too, to have another child. Anyway, Albert is the light of our lives and yesterday we made sure to mark the event in a very special way with our best friends and family and ...cakeeeee. Happy birthday, my love!!!

Sleeping Mommy


Mommy can get no sleep. It's been nine months and 13 days since I haven't been blessed with more than a 2 hour uninterrupted sleep...Maybe 3. On a very lucky day. He is generally a good kid, but when, oh, dear Lord, when it comes to sleeping, he becomes a little tyrant. It's like, he has an aversion to sleeping, he cries and kicks and screams, pulls your hair, scratches your face, practically fights you with all his strength just to escape sleeping.
We've tried so many tricks...Both me and my husband, we've become experts in singing baby songs, on various tones. sometimes loud and cheery, sometimes like a soft whisper. Most of the times it takes us at least 40 minutes to make him sleep, my back is aching, my arms turn numb, not to mention, if it's after midnight, I can barely keep my eyes open. Yes, it's hard. And I have no close relative available to help me. It's hard. Yet, in spite of it all, I find the most sublime joy in every minute of it. I must confess, I was never aware that I could love like this.

Baby, baby, baby....


It's been so long since I last posted, and I am so sorry about that. Blogging makes me feel closer to the world and I have honestly missed it. We've gone a long way since our last post in May, when my baby boy Albert, was three months old. Between thousands of poopy diapers, boogies, drool and soooo many sleepless nights, I've reached a point into this astonishing experience called motherhood, when I simply cannot recognize myself anymore. I have an endless amount of patience, I love all babies and toddlers, even those bratty, annoying ones kicking and screaming in the supermarkets, I can sing for hours and more if the baby needs to be put to sleep, and, as a general idea, I have become another woman.
I have no more spare time. Sometimes I don't shave my legs, but what am I talking about? Grooming myself has become a luxury. I barely find a moment to pee. He has no mercy, really. I have to feed him with my legs crossed.
In a few days he'll be 9 months old and we are very thrilled that he has already decided to get up and stand on his two little feet. he's been doing that for a few weeks now and he is also calling me "Mmmma-mmma" which has finally made me pee my pants.
In conclusion, I have never thought I could ever love someone so much and so completely....Someone said once that, being a mom is like living your whole life with your heart beating outside your body....and oh God, so much truth in that. Sending hugs to all my blogging friends, love you guys so much. Thank you for reading me.

Sweet baby, your name is love


Allow me to introduce you to my love, baby Albert. He is two months and a half and he has completely changed my life. I love love love being a mom and I hope I am a good one. The beginning was hard, I had a hard time turning into mom mode, every time he'd cry, it would be a torment for me because I had no idea how to calm him. But it came to me...eventually and it came most naturally. In spite of all the advice received (most people tend to overwhelm young moms with questionable advice that usually does more harm than good), I decided to follow my maternal instinct. And, thank God, so far we're ok.
This is Albert, after his baptism, wearing his special costume for the event. Kissessssssssss


Baby Albert has a magic room


After weeks and weeks of tormented work, I have finally managed to finish preparing the room for the baby who is about to come in 10 days. The doctor established the date of 20th February for the C section and I am counting the days, literally...It's been hard, very hard, the hardest part was in month four when I had to suffer an emergency surgery for gallbladder removal. It was a very scary and painful experience, considering the fact that I could not take any pain medication, aside from Paracetamol. And I was so terrified that the whole thing could affect the baby. But fortunately everything looks great so far. He is 3 kg already ( 6,6 pounds), the doctor said that he is long, he's gonna be a tall boy :). I'll probably cry a river when I finally hold him. He is already the love of my life :). Thank you so much for your kind thoughts and the very useful advice. They were so useful, I appreciate every little tip on being a good mom for a newborn. So, the countdown has started....10 more days to go :).

Love of my life :)


 I am 6 months pregnant and I am already absolutely crazy about the little guy inside my belly. We've performed an ultrasound today and we've had the chance to take a peek at his little face. I cannot describe the shock. I am so overwhelmed. I may sound a bit dramatic to you already moms out there, but, I bet, you felt the same the very first time you saw your child's face. So far, he looks healthy, let's hope things will be fine all the way.
He is almost 1 kg (2.2 pounds), so he's a big lad like his dad. I only hope and wish my health issues will go away, so that I can fully enjoy these special moments. Thank you for your support and advice, it has helped me sooo much. Love you guys.

It's a boyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!! Really?


Yes, well, I wanted a girl soooo much, that when the doctor said it was a boy, I stayed mute for a few seconds. I need some time to get used to the idea. You ladies out there, who are mothers of sons, it's not so bad, is it? I need some encouragement :))). Kisses and hugs to all my blogger friends and readers. Thank you so much for your kind wishes.

Good bye, my loveeeeeeeeee


I laid her on my chest, her paw in my hand, and her claws silently gripped my finger like in a mute plea to not let go. I did not. But she did. After 19 years together, today I had to say goodbye to my beloved , adored friend Esy...I just want to curl up in a corner and die a little.

When a dog loves a kitty :)


Our Betty will soon be 12 years old and, although the vet assured us that she looks great in every way, I can't help but worrying that, at some point, she might leave us. I simply cannot imagine my life without her.

She has been a constant friend and companion to us for such a long time, she is friendly with all the other animals, including the chickens, and now, when she cannot hear very well, she is smart enough to understand our signs. She has generously accepted all the new kitties and she has showed them a lot of affection. And the kitties love her too.

I am going to be a mom :)


I know it's a little late. I am 36, but, that's how long it took me to really really want to be a mom. I am overwhelmed and scared, but my instinct tells me I am gonna manage somehow. I haven't even told my mom yet, she'll probably freak out, but well...that's it. I truly hope it's going to be a baby girl, I have some astonishing names in mind and I simply love teasing my hubby about them. I've taken the habit of googling the most shocking names ever and then, with a serious face, I present them to him, expressing my ardent wish to name our baby with one of them. Names like Caia, Lilou, Calpurnia, Peppa or Barax and I simply love the shocked look on his face.
It's still very early (barely 6 weeks) and I hope everything will turn out alright with the pregnancy. I'll definitely keep you posted. I'll need lots of tips on being a good mom.

Happy Easter!!!!!


Love you all and I wish you a Happy Easter. May all the angels watch over you. Here's a slice of my Easter bun and Easter cheese cake.

Honey glazed love rolls :)


It's my birthday and I thought of baking something special, you know how much I love experimenting in the kitchen. This time I baked some pastry cheese rolls (I used feta for the filling) and, la piece de resistance, is that immediately after you take them out of the oven, you sprinkle on them a mixture of warmed honey and vanilla powder.

This warm syrup will moisten the crust and transform the pastry in an incredible and original desert. I highly recommend it :). Love you, my friends, thank you for your birthday wishes.

A buck for a Romance


I must be honest and admit that I suffer for my books. If I were to look at the bright side, I could talk about the good reviews, for they outnumber the bad ones, but I won't. I'll talk about the kicks in the butt that an author must silently take, every now and then. In my case, most of them are about the length of my books. Yes, I love writing short fiction, so what can I do? I have brilliant authors that inspired and seduced me into trying this path, like Chekhov, Asimov, Poe, Twain, Ray Bradbury, Maupassant, hell even Breakfast at Tiffany's was a novella. What I am trying to say is, you don't have to write three hundred pages to win a reader's heart. I don't know if I've managed to win a reader's heart so far, but I shall never stop trying. And to you lovely readers out there, don't rush in dismissing a book because of its length, because there is a great chance it could be The One :). Another sensitive subject is that about the price of a book. Now, I must confess I love a bargain, who doesn't? But considering the fact that, for every copy that Amazon sells with 0,99$, the author gets 0.17$, one must admit that a writer has but very little chance to make a living out of it. My point is, be kind to your favorite author, support his work with an honest review, share around a link here and there, and, if possible, don't kick his butt because he missed a coma :). Well, because my Regency romance, A lot of pride and some prejudice, is 0.99$ again, I thought of gathering here, to your consideration, a few other titles, that might tempt you - all of them are short fiction at 0.99$. Just click them :). [...]

The creepy Victorians


I plan writing a Victorian romance and I am currently researching, like a maniac, anything relating to the Victorian era (1837 -1901). I must confess, there is a lot of disturbing crap behind all that opulence. As a preliminary conclusion, being a woman, or a servant or even worse, a woman servant..kinda sucked. Excuse my lack of civility, but all that reverential nonsense, that seems so charming in nowadays literature or movies, is a thin crust that covers a lot of putrid truths which plagued that particular moment in time. I have posted below a few examples, so well captured by the commercial adds of that era. WTH!!!!Mothers were actually giving their kids opium to ease their colics. Yes, the girl in black is dead And to completely creep you out, I must mention the post-mortem photos, that Victorians used to take of their departed loved ones. They had a special mechanism that would support the corpse of the loved one, in various positions so that they could be present at the last family photo. [...]

Polar pain in the butt


I can't stand it anymore!!!After days of hibernating inside, this morning we woke up hoping that the weather might allow us a most needed escape to the civilized worlds...But alasss!!! The car wouldn't start. It's -15 C (7 F) outside, it's so cold that my eyelids stuck together. This polar wave is beyond hateful...I hope you are all well and warm.

The Intelligent Designer - or how science accepts the idea of a Creator


The horsehead Nebula
Before going to sleep, I love taking my laptop to bed and I watch documentaries about the universe. I am hooked on them. Recently I've run into an astounding scientific documentary about the Big Bang and the origins of life.
I must have watched it like 5 times. I must confess, it really changed my perception on everything. Science has actually reached the conclusion that BEFORE the Big Bang...there must have been an Intelligent Designer outside space and time.
I am not a fanatical religious person, I've never been, I don't even go to church that much, but I've always been a believer in a higher power. To have that confirmed by actual science, I find it INCREDIBLE. Science has finally admitted that, for Life to have appeared on its own - as a matter of chance - the probability of  that is of 10 to the 164th power (we're talking of a chance in trillions and trillions...10000000000000000000000000000000000 etc..). Leaving religion aside now...doesn't that make you cry? Don't you feel just a little bit less lonely?Anyway I've attached here the documentary, take some time and watch it, believe me, it's worth it. It's not about religion, it's about science.

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Who'll kiss me at midnight


This New Year's Eve I'll be home alone, my hubby is no duty at work and I chose to indulge in a much needed alone time. I am definitely going to avoid any midnight resolutions - they suck and usually don't work - and focus on actually DOING something useful for myself and for others. I wish you all to find your peace and be better people and be happy and healthy. Sending you all my love!!!

My husband's grand daughter with her mommy.

"Kiss the Author" Giveaway


Hi there. Supported by  a few of my colleagues from Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing, I've organized this 5 day giveaway for all my friends who love a good romance with...a naughty twist. The truth is that we do need a few kisses from our readers and that's why I named this KISS THE AUTHOR Giveaway. We can translate your kiss in a Facebook "like" of our pages. So, there are 7 ecopies to win here>> BEING MRS DRACULA - You can kiss the author Faith Marlow here. CONFESSIONS OF A SMALL TOWN LIBRARIAN - You can kiss the author Ada McEwan here LILLY BRINGS HOME A LEPRECHAUN - You can kiss the author Shebat Legion here LOST IN THE SEVEN WORLDS - You can kiss me here A LOT OF PRIDE AND SOME PREJUDICE - ME AGAIN :). And also please kiss our publisher CRUSHING HEARTS AND BLACK BUTTERFLY PUBLISHING IMPORTANT- Kissing us is not mandatory :))). But's so highly appreciated. And also, if you take the time and kiss us all, please return here and comment, so that I know about it and put you on a special list for our next giveaway on New Year's. When you go and like a particular page on Facebook, please comment there that Petronela sent you. Of course, if you like all pages that also means that you have more chances to win. That is all. So, there are 5 books, and 7 copies to win (I'll offer 2 copies of each of my stories) that wait to be devoured. Good luck and looking forward to your kisses :)....No tongue please :). So, ENTER NOW a Rafflecopter giveaway >>>> [...]

Smells like snow


Snow is in the air.The first snow flake hasn't landed yet :)...but it's out there...I can smell it. I must say that I dread the snow, considering the fact that I live in the countryside and the snow plows reach us but very rarely.

And even if one snow plow might reach us, the neighbor from across the street sends them away because he says they ruin his fence by pushing the snow against it...So in winter, I'm in hell here..
Oh how I miss loving winter. I remember praying for snow, when I was a little girl, I would press my nose against the window and wait for hours in the hope of a first snowflake. Being a grown up sucks!
Aside from that I wanted to announce a hugeeeeeeeeeee giveaway that I plan for the next weeks, there will be lots of amazing bestselling books to win, all of them published by my amazing publishing house Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly. Stay tune.......Love you.

Autumnal rhapsodies


I have been absent for a while, not without a reason...This autumn is playing with my head and I am not in the best of moods. But I did surprise a few amazing moments in my garden that I wanted to share with you. Love you all, my virtual friends :).

Good word of mouth


My most recent release, A lot of Pride and some Prejudice, has stirred some interest among Regency romance lovers, and I must confess I was a bit surprised. It's not that I didn't believe in it, but rather felt very scared that I have not managed to capture the essence of that time period...The first reviews and the general feedback was unexpected and so motivational...Thank you Judith Post for a very useful feedback, like always. The romance between Portia and Lord Salisbury has sparked a strong emotional interest among the readers and, some of them, even asked me why the ending was...the way it was (I don't want to spoil it for you). And I answered them that I really wanted everything to be believable. I hope you'll agree with me that it's a good reason. If you want a flavor of A lot of pride and some prejudice, that can be downloaded here >>, I have put a fragment for you to consider. A lot of pride and some prejudice (fragment) -    “My dear miss Clairon I am mortified, I cannot explain how such an abominable mistake could have been produced. Please allow me to apologize profusely, I intend to take drastic measures for this unforgivable negligence. Lord Salisbury was indeed very mortified, since the luggage of his guest, Miss Clairon, had been misplaced, and the old governess was purple with embarrassment. Lord Salisburry was ceaselessly waving his short chubby arms like he was trying to express the magnitude of his regret, yet Miss Clairon seemed to be unmoved. Through the peephole of the dining room’s door, Portia was observing with tremendous amusement the entire  commotion from the hall, when she suddenly realized that she was not alone. She turned around in a startling rush and she saw a tall, imposing man observing her with an amused expression on his face,. There was no reproof in his eyes, just a cheerful flicker of extreme diversion. When he spoke, his voice was kind and his tone excessively polite. -    Were you listening at the door, Madame, or were you looking through the peephole? -    I am sorry, sir…I was… Portia couldn’t find her words, her face colored with embarrassment. The gentleman kept smiling at her, vastly enjoying her moment of discomfort. -    Do not worry, I promise I won’t share your indiscretion with anyone. You must be the new bride…miss Thorpe, am I right? She finally lifted her eyes from the ground and answered defiantly: -    And who might you be, sir? You should have made your presence known… -    Indeed I should …I am Phillip Salisbury, and I shall soon have the honor of being your future brother in law. So, you see, you must not feel uneasy, for this is a family matter… -    I wasn’t spying on anyone, sir, I was merely trying to find the dining room….you have such a big house, one could get lost in it. -    I am sure you have…Let us not quarrel about that, miss Thorpe, I would rather enjoy the opportunity to get to know each other and surely to have the privilege of hearing you play, my brother says you are a most extraordinary piano player. -    I fear he has exaggerated my talents, Lord Salisbury. May I ask when shall I have the honor of meeting Miss Salisbury, I hear she shares my enthusiasm when it comes to mus[...]