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Whitney Houston Back In Rehab


It was reported that 47 year old singer Whitney Houston is back in rehab and this time her ex husband Bobby Brown is terrified. Sources says that Bobby Brown stated he was terrified and worried that his ex wife "might not pull through"The singer relapsed after going on tour and began to shut everyone out. Could it be her own stress? Or stress of her daughter making headlines stating that she to

Whitney Houston Pictures


Whitney Houston Pictures

Whitney Houston, iconic singer and actress, dies aged 48


Whitney Houston, who reigned as pop music's queen until her majestic voice and regal image were ravaged by drug use, has died. She was 48.Publicist Kristen Foster said today that the singer had died, but the cause and the location of her death were unclear.At her peak in the 1980s and 90s, Houston was the golden girl of the music industry and one of the world's best-selling artists. Dead:

Whitney Houston Pic


Whitney Houston born as Whitney Elizabeth Houston on August 9, 1963. Whitney Houston is an American R&B/pop singer and actress. Whitney Houston is the most awarded female artist of all time, according to Guinness World Records, and her list of awards include 2 Emmy Awards, 6 Grammy Awards, 30 Billboard Music Awards, 22 American Music Awards, among a total of 415 career awards as of 2010. Whitney

Whitney Houston Images Gallery


Whitney Houston


Facts of Whitney Houston, Whitney Elizabeth Houston, Nickname Nippy, The Prom Queen of Soul..1. Whitney Houston In addition tó their daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown, Houston became pregnant another three times (in 1991, 1994 ànd 1996) during her relationship tó Bobby Brown; ón all óf those occasions she suffered miscarriages.2. Whitney Houston Returned tó work four months after giving birth tó her

Hot Topix: To Hell With Planking, The New Ish is Owling, Yeah You Heard Me!!


Well Ladies and Gentlemen This just proves my point, and this is my blog so yeah.........Planking is just so old and yesterday's news, so please don't post any pics of planking anymore. The new shit is Owling, I'm gonna say it one more time Owling....the point I proved just two days ago (when images of this new craze hit the web) is that people will do anything they see. They can be broke as hell

Hot Topix: Nicki Minaj Hit In the Face by Male Friend at Palomar Hotel


Nicki Minaj reportedly says she was struck in the face by a male friend yesterday. But the artist does not want to press any charges. I wonder Why she doesn't want to press any charges. Could the attacker be her hype man(& rumored boyfriend) Scaff Beezy   Here's the scoop: Minaj and an unidentified man were allegedly arguing by the pool at the Palomar Hotel in Dallas. Words were exchanged and it

Whitney Houston, Short Bio


Whitney Houston born as Whitney Elizabeth Houston on August 9, 1963. Whitney Houston is an American R&B/pop singer and actress. Whitney Houston is the most awarded female artist of all time, according to Guinness World Records, and her list of awards include 2 Emmy Awards, 6 Grammy Awards, 30 Billboard Music Awards, 22 American Music Awards, among a total of 415 career awards as of 2010. Whitney

Hot Topix: Amber Rose Talks to King Magazine About Kanye and Wiz "Believe Me I did Not Downgrade"


Well you all may remember earlier when i first started the blog I talked about Amber Rose the groupie, well I guess she has been feeling the heat from fans and on lookers all over. King Magazines latest issue features a 3 page spread on Amber Rose where she speaks about her relationship with former boyfriend Kanye and now beau Wiz Khalifa. She was also linked to Fab after the Killin Em video was

Hot Topix: Rihanna Loses It and Calls One of Her Fans a BITCH.... WTF!!!


This is really ridiculous, why are fans concernd with Rhianna's hair, well the story is one of her fans reportedly sent her a tweet on Twitter asking her about her hair being NAPPY on the cover for her new single "MAN DOWN". Hey I seen the picture and her hair does look a little rough maybe she didnt get a perm because them roots over due. I guess the fans really wanted to know and Rihanna

Hot Topix: Whitney Houston In Rehab & on Drugs AGAIN!!!!


That crack is no joke growing up in Brooklyn, NY seeing drugs running rampant around the streets I always new as a child that Crack shit is whack......why would you try that shit......I am kind of upset that music has lost another legend to the drug, well she isn't dead but her music career is. What??? its the truth ...........Whitney Houston according to her spokesperson confirmed today that

Hot Topix: Kobe Bryant Speaks on 4-0 Sweep in the NBA Playoff's........Not So Untouchable After All


Damn who would've thought the Lakers would have gotten their asses handed to them. Well they did and it was horrible some are even asking the question, if Dallas 122- 86 victory is the driving reason behind Phil Jackson's retirement well if it did then the NBA just lost one of he best coaches in the league. Phil Jackson is an 11 time champion winner. Well every dog has it's day and I believe this

Hot Topix: Met Costume Gala......... Beyonce gets booed by Crazzzzzy Papp's


On May 2, 2011 everyone from models, editors, and members of the entertainment industry gathered for one of the most talked about events of the year since fashion week it self: the Costume Institute Gala At The Metropolitan Museum Of Art. This year’s festivities paid tribute to Alexander McQueen, the edgy British designer who committed suicide this year. Everyone showed up hoping to out do the

Hot Topix: Kelly Roland Smashing the Billboard.... Motivation is a powerful thing.......Yeah tell that to Beyonce


This just bedazzled me, little ole Kelly Roland from former girl group Destiny's Child is kicking the ass of Mrs Knowles-Carter on the billboard charts. Kelly has been climbing the charts At # 43 with her new single "Motivation" I must say this is one of my favorite songs right now, While Bey has been dropping on the charts at # 48 with single "Run The World". Well its about damn time Kelly drop

Hot Topix: The Last of a Dying Breed Jim Jones Cuts Off His Braids


Did Jim Jones just single handedly make it not cool anymore to wear braids? After almost 10 years the rapper cut off his hair yesterday. I myself for one thought its was cute for a guy to rock cornrows.....yeah back when I was in high school.......even NBA star Chris Bosh of the Miami Heat cut his locs off. It looks like Jim Jones is growing up since recently getting engaged to his girlfriend of

Hot Topix: Nicki Minaj Releases a New Video "Super Bass" & gives Travis Barker Lap Dance on Stage


Sorry I been away for a few days but I been busy and I have a life too as much I love to give you the Juiice on your favorite Celebs, I gotta take take care of my business before the juiice runs dry. So after reading some of your emails I said let me get back to what I do best and what you all love. So anyway here is the first posting in 5 days. LeeegggoooWe have been waiting Nicki and Its about

Hot Topix: Lawrence O'Donnell go off on this CRAZY LADY Orly Taitz...on Live T.V.....Dont talk about his President....BIIAAATCH


On the "Last Word" Yesterday Lawrence O'Donnell went Hammer on this crazy bitch......................just see the video.............nuts

Hot Topix: Hey Donald........Look at me now B*tch


President Barak Obama has Produced his birth Certificate after accusations from 2 years ago that he was not a US citizen...Donald Trump asked to see proof on national TV....well here's the proof....... whats next idiot???? Donald Trump was seen this morning in New Hampshire giving his own little bullshit confrence and the only thing he could say was “Oh, by the way, I don’t know if you heard? Did

Hot Topix: Uhh! Ooh! Canal Street Knock Off's on Lockdown


This just looks like designers are sick and tired of people purchasing imitations of their art, because to me a beautiful designer purse is a piece of art, a designer purse is all you need to spice up any outfit.....ok ok I'm done ranting. The city of New York (my hometown) is continuing its efforts to stop the sales of counterfeit merchandise whether it be purses, watches, shades,

Hot Topix: Simply Fashion Eyecandy


It seems as though fashion is boiling over in my blood this week.... when i first started this blog I said I would talk about all things celebrity gossip.....celeb baby momma & daddy drama.......celeb relationships......but most of all I love anything reeking of fashion & style. I decided to publish a post on a few Divas who are working the scene everywhere they go..and may I add Christian

Hot Topix: Soulja Boy Dating Diamond of Crime Mob??.....Knuck if you Buck Scrappy


What is Soulja Boy doing these days????? Other than filming for his new movie "Juice 2", where Soulja will take on the role of Tupac Shakur "Bishop". To make a long story short Soulja is now dating, for years we've seen Soulja in and out of the spot light but never have I seen him on the dating scene. That is until Diamond, former member of Crime Mob stopped dating Prince of the south Lil Scrappy

Hot Topix: Murder Inc. Reunited?????


Well, Well, Well, Murder Inc. on the scene again??...well Ja, Ashanti, and Lloyd that is.................who would've thought it. The crew was reunited on stage Saturday for a performance at the Diddy "Young Money" tour at Hammerstein in New York City. Now whether you want to admit or not around Murder Inc was the ish in their time ............with hits like "Always on time" & "South side" you

Hot Topix: Royce Reed Sued by Baby Daddy Dwight Howard of the Orlando Magic's


Royce, Royce, Royce.........I always thought Royce Reed from "Basketball Wives" was messy and the juiice I'm about to spill proves my point. Ok so we all know Royce as the Dancer from Basketball Wives right??? I couldn't understand why she was on the show "Basketball Wives" and has no kids from a basketball player nor was she married to one........WRONG, Royce Reed has a baby with NBA star Dwight

Hot Topix: Yes You Can Wear White After Labor Day........If You Have a Sense of Style


Whoever said you can't wear white after labor day is a damn fool. White is beautiful to wear it keeps you cool in the summer time and its in this season....The key to wearing white is to throw it off with an accent piece like shoes, purse, lipstick, accessories and nail polish, or even a simple blazer. Now if your gonna go with a white or off white dress doll it up with some bright shoes along

Hot Topix: Fashion Trends Shoes!, Shoes!, and more Shoes! Christian Louboutin a Girls New Bestie


Diamonds are forever and of course they are still a girls best friend, but these shoes lately are getting girls in trouble all across the country, the fellas are feeling the dents in their pockets as well. Well if you are a Fashionista like myself then your addicted to shoes specifically "Red Bottoms", every girl has to have a pair. Celebrity Divas have been spotted wearing Christian Louboutin's

Hot Topix: Beyonce & Jay-Z asked to Perform at the Royal Wedding


Well With the Royal Wedding days away I was beginning to wonder who the celebrity invites were. It's no surprise that Prince William enjoys Hip Hop along with some Pop, so who other to invite but Jay-Z and his wife Beyonce Knowles, the two are practically Royalty themselves. The couple was allegedly asked to perform at the Royal reception (keep in mind they're having three receptions). Beyonce

Hot Topix: Antoine Dodson Arrested for Marijuana


The internet sensation Antoine Dodson "Hide ya Kids, Hide ya Wife" should've been singing "Hide ya Weed, Hide ya Pipe" LMAO, According to Huntsville, Alabama Police Department Dodson was stopped due to invalid insurance information and was taken to jail for possession of Marijuana 2am this morning , the arrest was first reported by TMZ. The internet star posted on Twitter today “Let me be the

Hot Topix : Mariah Carey First Look Inside Twins Nusery, Beautiful! Beautiful!


Ok since I've started the blog I haven't brought you any juiice on our "Lovely Baby Bumps" This is the first look into the nursery of Mariah Carey along with some other pics of celebrity moms to be this year. I had to make this one a quickie, Enjoy!!!Decked out NurseryPinkJessica AlbaKim Zolciak

Hot Topix: Fashion Trends...........Spring is here and Summer is right around the corner


You'll need to load the closet up with lots of color, color, color. Bright colors are in full affect this season, enough with all the blacks, browns, and drab colors put some life into your wardrobe. I know I go through my moments where I just want to wear black with everything, but that's boring after a while and eventually you become boring too, so ladies throw some color in it sometimes

Hot Topix: Teen Mom 2 Star Files for Divorce.


Well this comes as no surprise....when kids try to do grown up things the chances of success are very slim to none. "Teen Mom 2" star Leah Messer and husband Corey Simms are headed for divorce after only 6 months of marriage....ughhh I cringe when I think about the road they are headed down. You may remember the couple from "16 & Pregnant", the couple have twins and life seemed to be pretty

Hot Topix: Charlie Sheen Fighting for Custody of Twins.


Can you say "Winning"? Charlie Sheen has just announced that he will be fighting for legal and physical custody of his twin boys with ex Brooke Mueller. You all may have seen during Charlie's breakdown his twins were removed from his home by law enforcement in the middle of the night. Well check this out, Brooke Mueller has apparently relapsed and is refusing to take a drug test...........I'm

Hot Topix: Nicki Minaj's Hair Inspiration Marge Simpson


It seems these days Nicki's got a new Favorite hair do, she went from rocking the Chinese bangs, sporting a green or pink bob, to now sporting what we know as the beehive or what some may think "the Bride of Frankenstein, but to my surprise Nicki gets her bizarre inspiration from Marge Simpson."Never did I think I would be rocking the Marge Simpson," Minaj told People magazine. Nicki goes on to

Hot Topix: Beyonce or shoud I say "Sasha" does not play.


Thank goodness, I was starting to wonder when we were gonna see some new material for Beyonce. Looks like we'll be getting a music video real soon. 29 yr old Beyonce was caught directing the choreography for her up coming video Who Rule The World, reportedly there are 200 backup dancers set to be in the video, can you imagine what that video is gonna look like?? FIRE! You been gone too long

Hot Topix: Jersey Shore's Pauly D Signing Record Deal with G-Unit ???? WTF!!


Ok, Ok, Ok, Stop the press real quick. Pauly D is reportedly set to finalize a record deal with 50 Cent's label G-Unit. Why you ask? Well I'm asking he same question. Apparently 50's people met with the Jersey Shore DJ sometime last week. Nothing has been finalized yet, but word is 50 is really anxious to sign Pauly D before the Jersey Shore Season 4 begins in Italy. Fiddy thinks working with

Hot Topix: Beyonce vs. Rhianna....... Somebody "Ring The Alarm"


Mrs.Beyonce Carter, I'm starting to worry about you, you are so beautiful why are you worried about Rhianna? The two are still battling it out for Jay-Z, his attention that is, since Beyonce dropped her father as her manager like a hot potato last month. Beyonce is schedule to sign with Jay-Z's Roc Nation.........wait a minute isn't Rhianna with the same label? Yes she is, I wonder who will get

Hot Topix: Mary J Blige What's the 411 ??? And I'm not talking about the album


There's trouble in paradise for Mary J. Blige and husband Kendu, Mary officially dropped her husband as her manager this week. What happend? they looked so happy. Looks can be deceiving because reportedly Mary is no longer wearing her wedding ring and she is selling her New Jersey mansion.....can someone say DIVORCE. Looks like she'll be looking for love again I think her and Tyler Perry would

Hot Topx: Who is Teyana Taylor?? She goes hard in the paint for Chris Breezy


Who is Teyana Taylor ??? I remember seeing her on the scene a few years ago.. a rapper or something. Anywho here's the skinny on this chic. She assaulted a female during a studio session this past Saturday. She reportedly punched and kicked the girl in the stomach for passing smart remarks about Chris Brown....damn Chris you need her on your team.Officials told TMZ they were not able to speak

Tyrese Gibson can now say he is an author


Tyrese Gibson Singer/Actor can now add Author under his belt. Tyrese has just finished his first Bio/Inspirational/Motivational book titled "How to get out of your own way" the book is set to be released on June 1st. Coming from the ghettos of Watts, California I know he will have a lot to share. So what do you think about Tyrese as an author?? Will you be buying this book. I AM!!!!Damn I like

Lebron! LeBron! LeBron! Gloria James Faces lawsuit in Valet Slapping Incident


This should come as no surprise. The Mother of King James LeBron, Gloria James is being sued for battery, she reportedly bitch slapped Rockfeller Sorel, Valet service attendant for the Fountain Bleu. Rockfeller reportedly lawyering up, saying she had no right to strike him. I am not gonna lie I might sue her ass too if I was in this situation, just saying. Check out these pix Enjoy!!!!

BET Sensation Antonia Carter "You have a hit"


Where were you last night at 10pm???? If you missed the first episode of "Toya A Family Affair" you missed a treat. Full of action in the first episode Toya and brother Walter get into it over their Mother who is has been and is still addicted to drugs. I really admire this young lady for her strength and determination to keep her family together. Antonia Carter is also set to release her first

Hot Topix !n Hollywood: Don't call it a come back Lindsay !!!!


OMG!!! Who better to play the role of Victoria Gotti in upcoming Biopic than Linday Lohan. She reportedly hand picked her over other actresses such as Sienna Miller. Lindsay we'll see what the judge says about that. I personally wish her the best of luck hope she gets it together for this one. One thing I can say is this is one chic that takes a licking and keeps on ticking. Linday is also

Hot Topix: Fashion Trends BoHo Chic


Spring is here and so is the best Fashion Season.What's the look???? BoHo Chic this trend is not going anywhere. The flowing materials, the bold patterns and the sexy but relaxed look is in this spring. Celebs like Rihanna, Kourtney Kardashian, Zoe Kravitz, and the BoHo -go to- Muse Solange Knowles have all been spotted sporting this look. Check it out Enjoy!!!!!!

Hot Topix of the day: Nerdy Stars


So as Fashion relives itself over and over again. There are certain trends that seem to be here for good or maybe not. Celebs and locals have all been seen wearing the Nerdy Glasses...........who made it cool to look like a nerd........stars like Chris Brown, Anne Hatheway, Jim Carey are rocking this look and doing it well. The Game has jumped on as well...however I'm not too sure how I feel

Hot topix of the day: Celebrity Weigth Loss....Thin or Too thin.....???


The industries pressure to lose weight is more evident today than before..... artist like Jennifer Hudson and Raven Symone have lost jaw dropping amounts of weight when is enough enough. As a black woman I enjoy being thick and I love my ass and hips and dont forget them thighs. Now Im not saying its cool to be fat but sisters we are built a certain way it is in our DNA dont fall for the hype....

Hot topix of the day: From West to Wiz


Amber Rose the model turned groupie was once seen on the shoulders of Kanye West has now been spotted with Pittsburgh Native Wiz Khalifa. I guess "He took his old bitch and turned it to his new bitch". The two are set to tie the knot sometime this year, lets see how long this one last. Wiz you better make some more hits I'm sure you don't have Kanye money yet. Check out these bonus photos of Wiz

Hot topix of the day: Nicki Minaj set to open in concert tour for Britney Spears


Is every one jumping on the Nicki Minaj band waggon???? Wow Britney Spears who is set to start tour in June has reportedly kicked Enrique Iglesias to the curb for Nicki Minaj....well that's a much better choice to go with. Nicki is the hottest Female Rapper in the game right now. Britney you smart diva. I wonder who the fans will be cheering for Britney or Nicki.