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Published: Tue, 12 Dec 10:26:42 PST


A Do-It-Now Approach to Getting Roads Fixed

Tue, 12 Dec 3:15:00 PST

Milwaukee's program focuses on quick, cost-effective improvements that give its streets years more service.

After Harvey's Rainwaters Receded, Fears Rose

Tue, 12 Dec 0:0:00 PST

Like Katrina and Sandy, Harvey shook Houstonians' from their complacency.

Beyond the Bus: ‘Microtransit’ Helps Cities Expand Transportation Services

Mon, 11 Dec 13:30:00 PST

After several private companies tried -- and failed -- to deliver on-demand group transit, some cities are now building those services themselves.

California Governor Calls Wildfires 'the New Normal'

Mon, 11 Dec 6:0:00 PST

Gov. Jerry Brown surveyed the devastation Saturday in Ventura -- the area hardest hit by firestorms that have displaced nearly 90,000 people in Southern California -- calling it "the new normal."

Days Before Net Neutrality Vote, Mayors Join the Fight

Fri, 8 Dec 15:0:00 PST

They say their economies could suffer if the FCC repeals net neutrality regulations on Dec. 14.

Why California's Wildfires Are So Bad This Year

Fri, 8 Dec 7:30:00 PST

Even before the dramatic Southern California wildfires began their harrowing path this week, California was already experiencing its deadliest and most destructive fire season ever.

Wine Country Wildfires the Costliest in California's History

Fri, 8 Dec 7:20:00 PST

Damage claims from the October wildfires that tore through Wine Country and beyond have jumped to $9 billion, state Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones said Wednesday.

14 States Sue EPA for Not Releasing Smog Data

Fri, 8 Dec 7:19:00 PST

California and 13 other states sued the Trump administration's Environmental Protection Agency on Thursday for ignoring an Oct. 1 deadline to update the nation's map of areas with unhealthy smog levels, saying the delay is endangering children and people who suffer from lung disease.

Wildfires Close Hundreds of Schools and Prompt 100,000 Evacuations, Even in the Heart of Los Angeles

Thu, 7 Dec 6:50:00 PST

The magnitude of the wildfire siege in parts of Southern California continued to worsen Wednesday, with more than 100,000 people forced from their homes and authorities warning of the return of dangerous winds on Thursday.

Wildfires Burn Homes, Close Freeways in Southern California

Wed, 6 Dec 7:40:00 PST

Ferocious Santa Ana winds blew flames across bone-dry grasslands and into neighborhoods, leveling at least 180 structures and forcing tens of thousands to flee, while ensuring that the state's worst fire season on record would push well into the holidays.