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Published: Tue, 20 Feb 4:32:51 PST


New Jersey May Pay Students' Loan Debt to Live in Poor Cities

Fri, 17 May 12:0:00 PDT

Lawmakers in New Jersey have proposed paying part of college graduates' student loans if they agree to live in cities in need of revitalization.

Ohio to Join 2 Other States with Arsonist Registry

Fri, 26 Apr 12:0:00 PDT

Looking to reduce the economic and human cost of arson, the state is creating an arsonist registry to make catching repeat offenders easier.

South Dakota Pays Lawyers to Practice in Rural Areas

Fri, 12 Apr 12:0:00 PDT

To help rural America's drought of lawyers, South Dakota has passed the nation's first law to pay them to live and work in rural areas.

Canadian City Seeks to Sell Its Trash Expertise

Wed, 3 Apr 9:30:00 PDT

The Canadian city of Edmonton has created a for-profit agency to sell its expertise in waste management to other cities around the world.

Libraries Start Lending Unusual Items

Thu, 21 Mar 12:0:00 PDT

Seeking to adapt to the changing demands of the digital age, some public libraries are beginning to loan out more than just books and movies.

NYC is 1st to Use Volunteer Techies to Improve Disaster Response

Thu, 14 Mar 12:0:00 PDT

New York City has created the country's first municipal program that uses volunteer tech experts, including Facebook employees, to improve its emergency response.

Fingerprinting Helps Homeless Shelters Provide Faster Service

Wed, 6 Mar 12:0:00 PST

New Jersey is expanding a local program that helps human services agencies get a more accurate picture of where and when aid is most needed.

Using GPS to Track Drug Thefts

Fri, 15 Feb 12:0:00 PST

The NYPD will soon begin using 'bait bottles' of fake pain-killers equipped with invisible GPS devices to combat a rise in pharmacy robberies.

Public Fitness Parks Aid Income-Health Inequality

Thu, 17 Jan 12:0:00 PST

A nonprofit is helping cities across the country fund free outdoor gyms in public parks to help combat the nation's obesity epidemic.

Space Satellite Connects Rural Health Clinics to Broadband

Tue, 15 Jan 9:0:00 PST

To connect mobile health units in the hills of rural New England with broadband access, policymakers are looking up -- all the way to space.