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GDS is leading the digital transformation of the UK government.

Updated: 2017-12-07T13:11:04Z


By: What’s up GOV? « Binary Law


[...] intention of the new sites is explained by Mike Bracken of GDS (at alpha stage back in January 2012). Compared to Directgov and BusinessLink, GOV.UK addresses [...]

By: guzelevimizmir


It souds good that, Directgov and Business Link ,together.

By: Bank Holiday story – is it really simpler, clearer, faster? | Government Digital Service


[...] talks a lot about meeting user needs as the defining principle behind GOV.UK, and, of course, one of GDS’s design principles is to [...]

By: Jeremy Tomlinson


Hi, I'd be really interested in what the "667 of the most common and important mainstream user needs" are. Great site though, I've been following for some time but have been meaning to re-read this post. Congratulations to all involved.

By: Precious Snowflakes « Microformats & the semanantic web


[...] feels like some kind of Orwellian nightmare: the relentless focus on user needs leading to a future of identikit pages, with no individuality, no character, no clue that behind [...]

By: jasonlower


I would just like to echo what Wired Canvas said. A big improvement on the existing Government websites.

By: Wired Canvas


I am really impressed by the new site - it is such a shock to see a government website that (as well as being functional) is also beautiful. Good work guys.

By: Radiating Information | Government Digital Service


[...] GDS, you will repeatedly hear that meeting user needs is the defining principle behind GOV.UK. There are a number of data sources that help us design and iterate the products we are building, [...]

By: Writing simply: language choices for the GOV.UK navigation | Government Digital Service


[...] being obviously quirky or clever and it doesn’t need to feel especially weighty or governmental. It needs to get out of the way and get you where you need to go. We’re aiming for a sort of ‘web service vernacular’ – the language we’ve all grown [...]

By: A quiet revolution in UK government IT: open source ousting big-vendor lock-in « Tim Anderson’s ITWriting


[...] more information see Mike Bracken’s post This is why we are here, and take a look at the team’s early work on GOV.UK, which is in [...]