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Published: 2013-08-06T16:09:26+09:00


Dozens of vehicles looted


Dozens of vehicles looted St. Louis Police are investigating a rash of car break-ins near the Grand Basin and Art Hill in Forest Park. Authorities say they also had similar incidents on West Pine in the park. Thieves smashed windows out of around 30 cars on Sunday night. Police believe the thieves were looking for wallets, purses, electronics and even guns. Officers found several handbags that had been rummaged through and discarded. On Monday afternoon some of that broken glass was still ...

Protesters show support for Clayton County


Protesters show support for Clayton County Protesters gathered at the request of the Clayton County NAACP in front of the courthouse early Monday morning to show their support for Sheriff Victor Hill. State Rep. Keisha Waites was among those showing support. “I’m just here making sure the voters are being heard,” she said. “I’m supporting my colleague.” State Rep. Ronnie Mabra was also there. “I want to make sure the voters’ interests are represented and the judicial process goes...

Detroit Tigers acquire shortstop Jose Iglesias


Detroit Tigers acquire shortstop Jose Iglesias With the trade deadline at hand, and having just learned that a 50-game suspension for shortstop Jhonny Peralta could now be imminent, Tigers general manager Dave Dombrowski on Tuesday night dealt minor-league outfield prospect Avisail Garcia to acquire young Boston shortstop Jose Iglesias. The transaction was part of a three-way trade. Boston immediately sent Garcia and three minor leaguers to the Chicago White Sox for veteran right-handed pit...

Fighting domestic violence with style


Fighting domestic violence with style St. Helena’s Charles Krug Winery was full of style on Saturday, with a crowd of 300 attending the second annual “Wine, Women & Shoes” event benefiting Napa Emergency Women’s Services, a nonprofit that serves domestic and sexual abuse victims. “This event is about the power of women supporting women,” said NEWS Executive Director Tracy Lamb. “We are a sisterhood and when we come together, amazing things always happen.” Napa’s Jayme Gros...

WikiLeaks on Manning verdict


WikiLeaks on Manning verdict WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange branded Pfc.Stay up to date on the latest team rider and laceweddingveils releases. Bradley Manning's espionage conviction an episode of "national security extremism" while other supporters expressed relief that he was acquitted of the most serious charge. Among Manning's critics, House intelligence officials said justice was served. From the courtroom to world capitals, people absorbed the meaning of a verdi...

The inspector general attributed the "misunderstanding"


Commerce Dept. Wasted $2.7 Million In 'Misunderstanding' Over Hacker Threat, Inspector General Finds The U.S. Commerce Department destroyed more than $170,000 worth of desktops, printers, TVs, cameras and computer mice to remove from its network an infection that had been vastly overstated, according to a newly released audit. The action was "clearly unnecessary," according to the report from the Department's inspector general, which said a small agency within the ...

The law allows you to hook the car up


Tower says he will resume using 'tire boots' until city gives written order A local towing company owner said he plans to resume placing immobilizing tire locks ― or boots ― on cars parked illegally in two downtown parking lots across from City Hall, despite being told city law does not allow the practice. Mark Christenberry, owner of Heavy Duty Truck Trailer Repair and Towing, last week asked the Newark City Council to look into allowing the practice in private parking lots thr...

The bulldozer and a hydraulic excavator are equipped with treads


New York Army National Guard Helps Mohawk Valley Rebuild Hands on or treads on, New York Army National Guard troops of Task Force Engineer battled Mohawk Valley flood damage for several days in early July. Using bulldozers, excavators, and just plain muscle, about 250 troops cleared tons of rocky debris from flood-ravaged waterways in the towns of German Flatts and Fort Plain, and helped Village of Mohawk residents remove rotting, muddy, and sodden property from their homes. By July 8, t...

The first is ceremonial


Cards putting Final Four court to good use Finding a sentimental, marketable use for the NCAA's would-be discarded Final Four courts is now officially en vogue. The trend began last summer with Kentucky (of course), which last summer received the 2012 Superdome Final Four floor in a donation from NCAA corporate sponsor Northwestern Mutual, the first of its kind. UK coach John Calipari immediately placed 3,000 square feet of the floor in UK's updated basketball locker rooms,This o...

Is it ever appropriate to wear flip-flops or Crocs?


Is it ever appropriate to wear flip-flops or Crocs? Did you wear flip-flops or Crocs to work today? What were you thinking? You know who you are and don’t try to quietly swap your street-grimed sandals or rubbery clodhoppers with those spare running shoes you keep in your desk drawer for emergencies. You have been outed and officially put on notice for your hideous footwear choices. The anti-flip-flop and anti-Croc majority are mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore. Summer...