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Protect your furniture from damage


The type of furniture one chooses is usually dependent on their tastes and preferences. Do not just pick something simply because someone else has it

Build a luxurious four bedroom house


Building your own house gives you an opportunity to meet your exact design and purpose. Although building from scratch can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to expense, with a few tips and tricks it can be done.

Landscaping ideas that trended in 2017


This year had new landscpaing ideas. Some stuck and others were ignored

How to choose the best roofing materials


Ceramic roofing tiles give a house character and are generally durable. Advances in the manufacturing process make the tiles resistant to fading. Ceramic tiles are fireproof, and quality tiles should last 50 to 70 years

Won’t social media be the end of every relationship?


Staying away from social media might not be the perfect solution but how do you protect your relationship, marriage and children from the hazards caused by this devouring spirit

She broke up with me but returned to taunt me


What is it that happens to people after they break up? What is it that turns girls into ferocious creatures? I try to maintain a cordial relationship with my exs irrespective of how we separated

Are you being emotionally unfaithful to your partner?


Unfaithfulness does not necessarily have to involve physical sex with another person. Did you know that also having an emotional connection with an individual of the opposite sex is another way of cheating? Esther Oluka explores this issue.

Why do I pass gas when urinating?


Dr I get embarrassed these days because when I go to pee in a public place I let out such horrible noisy gas. When I am at home, this does not happen. I do not know why? Please save me from this embarrassment. Tracy B Nico, To pass urine one exerts pressure on the abdominal contents which pressure may lead to passage of gas as well and there is nothing one may do about this normal physiological coincidental happening. It is also true that pressure applied to the abdominal contents to expel stool can also lead to passage of urine or gas at the same time. Because you feel embarrassed when you loudly pass gas in public places that is why you take notice more than when you are at home and the same happens with others not noticing. The noise of the gas expulsion results from the vibration of the anal sphincter and closed buttocks by the gas and when the buttocks are big and the gas is expelled at higher speeds the noise may be enormous. Since it may be difficult to trim the size of the buttocks, you can open them up to reduce the noise without interfering with the normal physiological process of passing gas. Holding on to gas can lead to bloating of the tummy.

How to keep children fit the in holidays


Winfred Sande, a mother reminds parents who plan to send their children upcountry to spend time with grandparents

Fancy losing weight? Try warm water and lemon


Jamiru Mpiima, a nutritionist at Family Nutritionist Uganda, says lemons are known to be vitamin C rich citrus fruits

That air conditioner could be bad for your health


When I ask him why he never lowers his car windows to tap from the natural fresh air, Kalema says he got fed up of spending money at the autospa to have his car hooved to remove hidden

Aplastic aneamia: the rare and deadly disorder


This is most common with people working in big factories that deal in dangerous chemicals. These can be hazardous in case they get in contact with the human body

Which sleeping position will help me sleep better?


It is however, advised that pregnant women sleep on their left side to put pressure off the liver which is found on the right upper side of the abdomen and at the same time put pressure off

How can I get twins naturally? I want a boy and a girl


How can I get twins naturally? I want a boy and a girl

Treated like an outcast because of HIV status


Tough life. Folding her legs while seated inside her one-roomed house she rents in the Kampala suburb of Nakulabye’s Kiwuunya Zone, Sylvia Nalukwago speaks to Lilian Namagembe about the stigma she has had to put up with, growing up as an HIV-positive child.

Does sale of Enhas shares affect new Uganda Airlines?


Optimistic: As government plans to revive Uganda Airlines Corporation (UAC), which wound up in 2001 over debts, Entebbe Handling Services, a company whose history is intertwined with that of UAC, announced that new investors had bought a major stake in it, triggering off fears that UAC’s revival and business operations might be in jeopardy. Isaac Mufumba looks at why some Ugandans are apprehensive.

KCCA, land board fights suffocate city council of funds


Both institutions blame each other for the enormous losses accruing from land cases against KCCA.

Age limit chaos: Nambooze tells how her back was injured


Ms Nambooze told Sunday Monitor’s Eriasa Mukiibi Sserunjogi that the consultant who operated on her says she will not be able to do things which stress her back. For now, she may not bend to pick up anything and is not allowed to carry things as light as a handbag.

Why fuss over Cuban doctors when we can import a lot more?


By the way, Mr 1986, as you export doctors and import mercenaries, why not export Muhoozi too? Like seriously, it will settle the nerves in this country. Who knows, your wish for age limit might be granted without you reminding us of how Israel, China and America have relied on aging politicians to weave economic magic wand

Some relatives were unhappy


We started saving a few months after the introduction.

How my wife’s greed did us part


She wants him to sell the land and house in Katooke and give her half of the proceeds

Five effective moves to get rid of lower belly fat


How to switch gears and start seeing actual results in the mirror

Obese men have more sperm defects


Researchers have found that obesity may adversely affect sperm quality

Keep your children engaged this holiday


Once a week, plan a cooking or baking day

Lake Bunyonyi: The heartbeat of gorilla highlands


Seeping in Kiga culture and the Lake Bunyonyi wonders is refreshing