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Plantain chips very profitable


Another secret cash machine that people tend to ignore is plantain farming in Uganda. Today we explore how you can make money from plantain chips one of the many products from the plantain banan

A rare day at home over the weekend


Sometimes one’s job dictates that they work evenings and weekends, leaving little room for family except on rare occasions

Style tips for women with ample cleavage


Choosing a bra can get tricky for women with an ample bust. To avoid tight, ill-fitting bras or the appearance of a chest spilling over, know what suits your bust size and personal style

The secure confidence that taekwondo brings


To learn and practise taekwondo requires discipline, commitment and once one has mastered the art, self-control

Kemiyondo Coutinho is dedicated to creative new art platforms


On the performing arts scene, Kemiyondo Coutinho goes by many definitions. In some cases, she is an acting coach while at times, she is an actress participating in the drama

How small loans transformed rural women’s lives


As an HIV research project, Salama Shield Foundation in Lyantonde started as an effort to address factors leading women to engage in risky sexual behaviour

I caught my girlfriend in bed with another guy


Gibs Godfrey Lule hosts the Sunday Live show on Record FM from 3pm to 7pm

Farmers earn double from molasses


Farmers are processing molasses from sugarcane. Their profits have more than doubled as they sell to distillation firms

Nabukeera earning from 3-acre land


Rehema Nabukeera harvests the fish after seven months and sells each tilapia at Shs10,000. She also has a banana plantation and dairy cows

Easy ways to plant maize for high yields


Maize production has improved in Uganda with the adoption of improved technologies by farmers

Maize huller processes 700 kilogrammes per day


Soon after harvesting, many farmers used to employ people to shell maize using their bare hands with the exercise dragging for days and costing more

Ibanda’s pyramid of Galt


Now 112 years old, the spot called pyramid of Galt is the location where a former British commissioner was killed by the locals

Not everything Gen Kale Kayihura did was wrong


With the latest changes in the ministerial and police command, many Ugandans breathed a sigh of relief that there will be a dramatic shift away from those who had been presiding over the police comfortably and ignoring the President’s frustration by incompetence, connivance and actual participation in commissions of crimes

On challenge of observing an African election - Part II


On basis of individual merit, Dr Yumkella would be an obvious and preferred choice, but in Africa wananchi rarely get the best candidates they deserve

Jinja East loss: Minor setback or loss of confidence in NRM?


The unforeseen turn of events in Jinja must have been a complete surprise to the NRM

Should we have trust in Ochola’s ‘weeviled’ police?


The element of weevils leaving the police caused increased curiosity in the public as to whether the author of the statement meant his former confidant, Gen Kale Kayihura

As Monitor shames errant drivers, authorities should unleash kiboko


Every so often media houses in Uganda do these things

When a ruler turns demigod, the truth dies


Just because of the strange happenings that precede all his extensions, I assumed that being the top citizen had become part of his very biology

High Court slaps Shs50m fine on Uganda League


The league managers have had a long running legal battle between Tadeus Kitandwe and former journalist Alfred Odong over the sharing of the commission fees arising from a three-and-a half-year $1.9m (Shs5.4b) deal signed in 2015

Uganda Cranes’ hybrid hunt yet to find ‘real diamond’


Metsu, who died of cancer in 2013 at the age of 59, sat down with so many of the players of Senegalese heritage, convincing them to play for the Lions’ of Teranga

Museveni demands endurance in CWG Gold Coast medal quest


Uganda’s contingent comprises boxers, badminton players, cyclists, swimmers, squash, rugby and netball. Others were shooting, table tennis and weight lifting

Nabil sets new national record to win 50m free gold


Nabil came into the four day championships that climaxed yesterday in Lilongwe – Malawi, in excellent form and showed no signs of slowing down

KCCA FC has work cut out, but is not a goner


There was a compelling storyline when paths crossed with Botswana’s Township Rollers

Why Mangat should not give up on his ARC hopes


Man like no other. Mangat is never one to be caught in a shiver of excitement, but we could be on the cusp of an exception this time round if he decides to go all the way and complete the ARC circuit

Sierra Leone court issue delay order for presidential run-off


The order prevents the National Electoral Commission (NEC) from going ahead with the vote until "the hearing and determination of this court"