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Universities must do more for special needs students


The idea of inclusive education of students with special needs sounds good. However, how well are universities and institutions of higher learning ensuring a proper learning environment for students with special needs?

Quality will raise the stakes in skills training


Although there is a campaign for vocational education, concerns have been raised about the quality of graduates produced and the skills acquired

The teacher with a business mind


Alice Musiime Kamusiime is the head teacher of Kashozi Day and Boarding Primary School in Bushenyi District. She has been a teacher for the last 33 years and believes pupils are fragile and teachers must handle them with care

My love for children made me work with them


Kellen Kiconco Makuru is a Social Sciences graduate from Makerere University who later pursued a Masters in Diplomacy and International Studies at the same university, but did not practice any of that

Invest in personal career development


Experts advise that professionals need to be careful on “another degree syndrome” and seek personal career development

Are schools defying gov’t on standards?


Over the years as has happened this year, Education ministry closes some schools over a number of issues but mainly poor standards

An advocate for girl-child education


Her calling was greatly molded by the circumstances that surrounded her as she grew up.

Your career won’t grow without integrity


One of the most important qualities needed in the workplace is trust

Soft skills, a must for every graduate


Employers look to hire graduates with particular hard and soft skills

Options for startup after vocational school


Graduates from vocational institutions are trained to be job creators but the lack of startup capital sends them right back into the pool of unemployment

Girl-child education needs more funding


Every day, girls of school-going age in Uganda face barriers in education caused by poverty, cultural norms and practices, poor infrastructure, violence, and fragility

Try out careers that have new appeal


Remember when comedians were simply street artistes who earned peanuts from their craft and were best viewed as time wasters

Vocational skills giving hope to Bwaise youth


Synonymous with crime, floods and school dropouts, Bwaise, a Kampala slum is experiencing a new daawn through Bwaise Business and Vocational Institute that is equipping former dropouts with skills.

How much did a first class help you?


Indeed, it is believed that a first class degree comes with priviledges and opportunities to some, such as getting immediate employment, among others

Natweta starts her lessons with prayer


Edinah Kenyonyozi Natweta, is a teacher of English and Literature in English at Bweranyangi Girls School in Bushenyi District. She has been teaching for 17 years and says her greatest strength is leading her students in prayer before the start of all her lessons

A teacher with a heart for marketing


Teaching and marketing are two different fields and when it comes to insurance, it becomes complex because there is a lot to learn and explain to the clients

Options for vocational education after primary


Gone are the days when those who failed to make it to secondary school because of the high school fees gave up on education

Bursaries: How much do they help?


After Senior Six, he joined university but kept struggling with retakes because he could not pay tuition in time

Popular career options on the block


Social media, too, has become an important aspect of media strategy for companies and hence requires qualified professionals in plenty

Bright but disadvantaged


Nampa scored Aggregate Seven in the recently released Primary Leaving Examination and was the best in her pioneer class

Reusable pads: An option for keeping girls in school


But menstruation is not a onetime occurrence and a packet of pads on average costs Shs4,500 which most rural families may not afford, there is need for a permanent solution

What next after graduation?


Contrary to my initial fears, life seems to be getting on well. I am already teaching at Mpoma Girls School, Mukono

Make vocational training part of career guidance


This was only to affirm the limited career knowledge about vocational studies made available to students as they prepare for their future career paths

Priest giving spiritual support to his pupils


The first born of 10 children, Bitungirwe did not get a chance to attending school in the early years of his life

Tuition: Parents need to follow up on payments


This is why, last week, the university published a public notice in the press bearing names of students who are not likely to graduate due to non-payment of tuition fees