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For bumper harvest, get it right with seeds


Seeds, directly or indirectly, have an effect on increased agricultural productivity, improvement on food security, writes Lominda Afedraru

The importance of using agricultural tools


According to Ephraim Wainaina, the managing director at Davis and Shirtliff, farmers have started recognising the fact that they need mechanisation and the use of technologies such as irrigation in their operations, writes Lominda Afedraru.

Grinding cash from millet


In a bid to earn more from their farm produce, farmers are grinding their finger millet to get millet flour a major component in processing pasteurised millet drink, writes Beatrice Nakibuuka

Making animal silage


This should be placed in the boxes. You can smear the honey within the boxes and hang them in a safe location where they will not be vandalised

Earn big from greenhouse farming


Do you have a small piece of land and want to put it to better use? Do you want to earn from farming throughout the year? Green house farming is the answer, writes Taddewo Senyonyi.

Pellet mill machine improves production


After formulation, some feeds are further processed into pellets by either hot or cold processing. Pellets are either formed using pelletisation or extrusion technologies, writes Roland D. Nasasira

How to grow the yellow passion fruits


With pruning, irrigation and supply of manure after every three months, Julius Mukasa tells Seeds of Gold’s Beatrice Nakibuuka that the sweet yellow passion can be harvested for up to six years.

Fowl pox


This virus moves in air via tiny droplets of moisture. Fowl pox is very common in seasons where mosquito numbers are abundant

Squeezing money from banana juice


According to Aisha Nalubega making juice is tasking but you earn more money than someone who has sold bananas. Nalubega and her colleagues have seen their incomes double since ditching middlemen who make more money from the bananas than the farmers, writes Fred Muzaale.

He harvests cash from urban farming


Having less or no land to farm in urban areas should not be an excuse ever again according to Dr Allan Ahimbisibwe. He tells Seeds of Gold’s Denis Bbosa how he is helping many urban dwellers in setting up manageable backyard gardens downplaying the notion that having a garden is prerogative for the well-off.

Weeding machine saves you costs


A cost-effective and manually operated weeding machine is best suited to both commercial and smallholder farmers, writes Roland D. Nasasira.

Challenges facing Ugandan agriculture


A recent Uganda Youth Survey by the East African Institute of the Aga Khan University revealed that only 12 per cent of the youth would wish to go into farming.

Goat meat ranks high


Even when the weight gain and growth of goat farming in Uganda is still a major challenge, the demand for goat meat is massive and increasing. Seeds of Gold’s Denis Bbosa takes a cursory look at the new goat meat trends in the country and why its dish is still one of the most sought after - the high kilogramme price notwithstanding.

Duck meat taking over Ugandan dining tables


Renowned chef Kadu Mukasa Kironde says the image that Ugandans have of ducks is that they are dirty and tend to wallow in fetid shallow water

Planting season is here, have you tested your soil yet?


Normally when it rains, farmers rush to prepare their land without testing, and later go straight into planting while using a lot of fertiliser, with DAP and CAN being the inputs of choice

How we can save coffee scientifically


World Coffee Research (WCR) has got a team of conventional plant breeders tasked to get disease resistant Arabica varieties by cross breeding

Abalo earns cash from white sorghum


Abalo said she planted sorghum in July when the rainfall was good and harvested the crops towards November

Fortune in growing herbs and flowers


Ten years ago, Luswata, inspired by his late father Dan Lwanga, started off by growing flowers and roses in his Senior Six vacation

When a head of state teaches farming


Last week we got press reports that President Museveni was harvesting pineapples, bananas, passion fruit, mushrooms, and fish on a farm that he reportedly established only last year during

Make money from hibiscus tea


This is because of the various nutritional and healing properties that are contained in the leaves, flowers and seeds of the hibiscus plant

Walking tractors, a big deal


The market provides a number of these and the leverage it creates in growing a farmer is irresistible

Profiting from pineapples


The juice is then put into the boiler (300 litre capacity), where it is boiled between 85 and 90 degrees centigrade

How to start catfish venture at your farm


The grow out fish farming is dependent of the nursery fish farming because you cannot grow fish without the nursery

Uganda, Switzerland milk cultures captured in international exhibition


According to the Swiss Grison legend, there were little people like dwarfs, called Wildmanndi or Ermanndli that lived in the mountains, under trees or between rocks, who taught humans how to produce cheese

Dr Naluyima finds gold in maggots


I made deep research and started on the project that has in two years saved me from excessive spending on feeding chicken on high value nutrients and proteins,” she reminisces with joy