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Earn more from making yoghurt


Yoba for Life, a Dutch NGO, makes yoghurt by producing a starter culture which contains probiotic bacteria

Managing your banana plantation


Lumu advises a farmer to dig holes which are 3X3m or 10X10 ft spread for marked spacing between the plants. The farmer could opt to use either metres or feet to avoid confusion

Milling money from cassava


Cassava is a commercial crop in Brazil, Thailand, China, Nigeria, Ghana and Mozambique in a range of applications

Technology much needed on farming


GMO crops are protected against insect damage and hardly require any pesticide spraying, which makes them safer for human consumption and the environment

Muguzi finds gold in tea farming


A chartered accountant currently working at National Council for Higher Education as Director of Finance in charge of Universities, Arthur Babu Muguzi was born in a tea shamba in 1968

Basics for small-scale pig farming


Recently, we discussed the basics needed for a pig farming operation. These include a reliable water supply and sufficient capital to start the operation and keep it going until sale of the first batch of pigs

Drink more coffee


But how much of it do we consume ourselves, compared to other African coffee producing countries such as Ethiopia?

Farmers thrilled by Farm Clinic


NaSARRI and NARO focused on a stretch of mix crop and animal husbandry, with crops such as cotton, citrus, sorghum, sunflower, groundnuts, peas, beef, dairy and cassava

East coast fever cost farmers


To this effect, Shs10 billion was earmarked to carry out vaccination, however government has not yet fulfilled its pledge

From bogoya, Alowo earns double cash


Because of this, 34-year-old Aisha Alowo, a resident of Lubongo village in Ngogwe Sub-county, Buikwe District decided to start adding value to bogoya so that she could earn more

Gen Otema turns guns to farming


He says he visited several farmers around the country to learn how differently he would do farming in northern Uganda

How climate change impacts on workers’ safety


Agenda 13 which talks about climate change is important to workers because Climate impacts hit working people first and with extreme weather events, changing seasons and rising sea levels, the whole community is affected

Makerere University spearheads research to fix ecosystems challenges


The students are from different countries in Africa and about 17 pursing masters and PHD courses are from South Sudan. Others are from Ghana, Tanzania, Kenya and Ethiopia among others

Farmers representatives welcome the idea of Uganda adopting Biotech Crops


Mr Jurua who worked with Entebbe Handling Services (ENHAS) as tax administrator at the International Airport for over 20 years started farming in the year 2010 and he is passionate in growing cassava, beans, sweet potato, cattle rearing including bee keeping

Clean money from drying pawpaws


In 2007, however, Were discovered that he could dry his pawpaws and get more money than he was earning from selling fresh produce

Eituno’s money grows on oranges


Ezekiel Eituno has been growing oranges on his 10-acre farm since 2003 and it has been a long and arduous journey to keep the venture alive

How to raise layers for profits


Due to scarcity, there is a projected market for eggs because in the past three years, a tray of eggs was about Shs6,000 but now it is about Shs9,000 to Shs10,000

Mulching is key


Mulching further reduces the rates of surface evaporation, facilitates the conservation of water in the soil, and keeps the crops strong and growing even during the dry period

Getting the best from dairy farming


If all the milk is to be sold, the farm would make Shs202,400 per day, Shs1,416,800 per week, approximately Shs5.6m per month and about Shs68m per year

Irrigation for increased crop production


Normally this need is fulfilled by rain but when there is inadequate rainfall and insufficient water within the rooting zone of the crops they wilt and die

How to construct best goat shelter


How elaborate your goat shelter is depends on where you live, how many goats you plan to have in the shelter and how much you can afford

Grow your money on pine trees


Otimong explains that pine trees were chosen because Nakasongola is an arid area, yet pine survives better in such conditions because it is an adoptive species

NaSARRI ready for farm clinic


According to Sarah Nalule Walakira, the MPL head marketing, the final clinic of 2017 presents an opportunity to farmers to learn more about dairy farming, citrus, groundnuts, cotton, sunflower, cassava and cowpeas

Okello tasting sweet money from honey


Okello revealed that he has been able to settle tuition of his children, build a new home, drill a borehole as well as establish a coffee plantation and livestock

Byensi earns Shs4bn from Sugarcanes


Human Resource Office at Kinyara Sugar Works Limited for the plantation activity - and he proudly states it plainly that he has no regrets after hitting gold