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Do you remember Presidential Elections Petition No.1 of 2016?


Do not mind the need and necessity of the said constitutional amendment…

Our glass: Is it half empty or half full? (Part I)


East Africa is expected to come out tops in the economic growth league for sub-Saharan Africa growing at an average 6.1 per cent, with Kenya coming on top of the pack

There are no failures in Uganda’s education system


Without engaging in contention, I think it helps us to first look at the reality of education today as well as back in the day

What is the relevance of exam grades to our children’s future?


The public is then treated to numerous profiling of best students and schools by the media, family parties as well as prize giving to best students by schools

Examination malpractice has consequences on social value


Most of the failures came from upcountry schools and it is difficult to tell whether upcountry students truly failed or they have not yet learnt the skills of cheating

Civil society work should be political, but not partisan


There is a false and disturbing notion that civil society should not engage in political discourse

What lesson does the music industry, country draw from Mowzey’s death?


The deceased Radio’s fight is not the first and unfortunately, unlikely to be the final ugly bar brawl we will hear about

Meteorological and Weather Authority becoming critical


After a particularly dry spell in which temperatures hit record highs, and plant and animal life began to wilt and waste re-echoing the linguistic accuracy of Mukutulansanja, the rains opened up

My appeal to the minister of Education on Bridge schools


What happens to parents like me who cannot afford expensive schools, but desire the best education for their children?

Why you should worry that Uganda’s economy is growing


The nature and rate of growth of the Ugandan economy raises a number of issues that should worry anybody who bothers to care

Egypt makes stridesin fighting terrorism


Over the last four years, the Egyptian Army has relentlessly continued enhancing its operational combat capabilities

Nema, NFA, and others must prove their relevance


Part of the problem certainly is underfunding and political interference from big shots.

What will happen if govt finally closes some schools?


Government needs to strengthen its regulatory framework over schools to guarantee compliance to standards and related benchmarks

How the past will mar future for EAC political federation


Truth be told, it was our “founding fathers” – Presidents Jomo Kenyatta of Kenya, Julius Nyerere of Tanzania and Milton Obote – who got it wrong on the matter of EAC integration. They approached the whole thing on the basis of their close friendship

Traditional media’s complacency


Does the media know that the same social media being accused of stealing readers and viewers from traditional media provides vital information by which we can understand what the public likes being informed about and so can adjust its content to engage better with these readers?

Uneb results: Media must help parents to make right choices


With this phobia, it’s not surprising to find a school with most students passing in second and third grade organising a press conference to tell the world how it performed well

On the legacy one should leave at the end of life


In Africa you have men like Mobutu, Jammeh, Mugabe, Gaddafi, Bokassa and many others, dead and living. Such men become so powerful and drunk with power that they delude themselves to believe that they are invincible

Can education exist outside the vampire state?


We are often told that the thieves who occupy virtually every government office are picked (and sometimes elected) by and from the general society; that the police officers who double as criminal gangsters are children of ordinary Ugandans. So, we are invited to accept – indeed to embrace – the vampire state

Failure to recognise your own is lack of patriotism – Part I


I was lucky because the late Dr Abel Rwendeire invited me to participate in the exercise. He appeared to have been keenly interested in my contribution because he was a scholar and a patriot

Local companies need support from govt to tap into oil proceeds


ISO certification is critical to international oil companies working with local businesses because it provides assurance in quality of local products

The ghost of Crane Bank and looming crisis of confidence in BoU


Whichever way BoU tries to spin it there are some glaring anomalies that raise eyebrows. BoU is a public body and is expected to adhere to the highest standards of integrity

Papa the rolling stone and ‘a good Muganda is a dead one’


No sooner had Edwards passed on than our own Moses Nakintije Sekibogo (alias Mowzey Radio) also died from wounds sustained in a bar brawl a few days before Edwards’ death

The poor ‘Christ’ of Tooro and the ‘King’ of Zamunda


Come to think of it, isn’t it probable that if King Mumbere had heeded Bishop Kisembo’s counsel, the 2016 palace incident would not have happened in the way it did

Making sense of Ssobi, Agasirwe, Kitatta and Kirumira revelations


Among those probed was a one Paddy Sserunjogi (Ssobi) whose link (or former link) to criminal gangs in the country is no longer a subject of speculation

Let’s find ways of decolonising our minds, our policies and our country


We see it manifest in the so-called experts who are paid more for the jobs they are not qualified for, while the Ugandans with more experience are instead made to be their juniors