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The tragedy of a country with no reading culture


Sadly, I discovered, just like many in the audience, that the whole conference was totally disorganised and the organisers and speakers ignored the time and procedures usually associated with such functions. They even failed to circulate copies of the programme.

In defence of the Elders Forum of Uganda – Part I


Well, if one applies Mayega’s yardstick, my brother-in-Christ may wish to know that the performance of the leader of the NRM regime is frankly lacklustre. According to the 2012 Africa Leadership index, NRM’s sole leader was given “D” grade, which is a fairly accurate assessment of his performance record

The question of elusive Arab unity


Several months ago, Arab countries such as Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan and others announced an economic boycott and sanctions against the Gulf state of Qatar over its dealings with Iran

15 years on, Peter Oloya’s soul cries out for justice


Prisoners sat anxiously in little groups in the prison yard, each of them wondering whether they would receive a visit from their loved ones. Among them was Oloya. He was in his late 20s

Of provincial elites and our national pettiness


In this narrative, the African is portrayed as either docile, belligerent, or primitive

Ugandans need a war to test their patriotism


The Democratic Party, for whose activism and support my father was exiled in the DR Congo, is enjoying a period of pacific placidity

Women’s rights are human rights and we must do our part to protect them


It should go without saying that as one half of humanity, women are entitled to the protection and fulfilment of their human rights

Ending child marriages could generate Shs10 trillion


The 10th edition of the World Bank’s Economic Update for Uganda focuses on the cost of not investing in adolescent girls, and specifically on the economic costs of child marriage, early childbearing

How we can revive foreign direct investment prospects in Uganda


Given that production in developing countries involves lower units of capital per unit of labour relative to developed countries, the theory of diminishing marginal returns predicts

There’s need for integrated approach to early childhood development


ECD related interventions in parts of South America, for instance, have been credited with reducing child mortality by 60 per cent among participating communities (Unicef, 2015)

Uganda wins big with Justice Bossa’s election to International Criminal Court


There are more than a few of these who have been passed over in promotions to the higher courts in Uganda

Young women living with HIV should adhere to treatment


As adolescents, they naturally begin engaging in relationships with boys and some find it hard to disclose their HIV status to their partners

How do we define political transitions and what makes them relevant?


This is especially evident in Africa where the post-colonial state struggles for legitimacy all the while maintaining the structural tools of exploitation and oppression that previous undemocratic regimes relied on

Claim by Land Commission that it owns Chogm park land is incorrect


The Uganda Land Commission was created under the 1967 Constitution, which abolished the Buganda government. Section 5 of the Land Law of 1908 created what was known as the official mailo, which catered for land which was held by a person by virtue of his office

Value of volunteerism in personal growth


Millions of people across the globe dedicate their time and energy to help others. This support may be offered in form of skills or resources. As Africans, our culture is rich with examples of giving of ourselves to benefit others

Electricity retail tariffs: Impact of macroeconomic factors on bills


Consumers are also urged to attend the public hearing on the tariff on December 12 and to engage with ERA either as an individual, group or company

It’s time for government to review its priorities


According to the Tepeth, these trees protect the environment and are a source of rain, shade and harbour medicinal plants to cure various diseases

Mr President, you have capacity to save Uganda from rampant corruption - Part II


This phenomenon was well-illustrated in the first part of this article which revealed the names of officers who failed in their responsibilities

FDC party at a crossroads


In FDC’s constitution is a provision for anyone to vie for the party presidency. Anybody, during any election cycle, can present themselves for the party presidency and other senior positions

Does Uganda need a tough guy, a village tycoon or modern president?


By implication, Museveni was the only contender strong enough to bear the enormous burden of governing Uganda

Is a strong third force likely to emerge in Uganda’s political landscape?


These sharp contradictions within the party may have been worsened by the lack of belief in the party’s conflict resolution mechanism and the willpower to fully implement the mechanism

End of the road for Comrade Mugabe


I fear such fate awaits Mugabe and his Jezebel-like wife, Ms Grace Mugabe, who attempted to take the people of Zimbabwe for a ride using blatant lies, fear, intimidation and brute force

Strange stories from our home this November


Whatever happened to the once gentle Libyans, only God knows

Kenyans threatened to invade Uganda over Joy Biira’s arrest


These poor BBC fellows had been deceived that I could fix that for them. And boy, I gave it my all…; but we were not allowed anywhere near Bihanga

Govt needs to partner with private sector in education


Indeed, this is why government of Uganda flags education as a bedrock and critical sector for its economic, political, and social development