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Preview: Comments on Slow Love Life: JET LAG IN FEBRUARY GARDENS

Comments on Slow Love Life: JET LAG IN FEBRUARY GARDENS

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great post .. you have a wonderful eye for beauty!...


great post .. you have a wonderful eye for beauty!

Thought you might like to read this about my recen...


Thought you might like to read this about my recent travel to China. Doesn't compare to India still my favorite.

Nice post. You shared such nice garden beauty. I l...


Nice post. You shared such nice garden beauty. I like your all photos. Its very nice photo and very close to nature. You have done best work.

I like your blog. You shared best photo of garden....


I like your blog. You shared best photo of garden. I like most flower photo. Nature is great gift. You have done nice work.

I agree with Leah, Pack of Two is a great book. Ca...


I agree with Leah, Pack of Two is a great book. Caroline Knapp was a sharp writer.

Getting myself a copy of your book today because I was laid off this week from my media job and my own Slow Love Life is beginning. You've inspired me for years, more now than ever. Thank you.

please, don't ever stop filling your blog with...


please, don't ever stop filling your blog with many amazing pictures!
the combination with your writing is exquisitely agreable.

i do so love how you write. i have two dogs, most ...


i do so love how you write. i have two dogs, most beloved they are. and i accept the limitations they give me, though i don't always have the network required to take off on an adventure whenever i please. honestly, i would suggest you not make such a commitment at this time when your life is so busy and in demand. in terms of dog's emotions: if you have not yet experienced the cut direct from your dog, well, you just haven't lived! if you've watched them have a battle royal with two squirrels (that went on for 2 years or more) then you know that there is so much more going on that we mere mortals can comprehend. I find it all fascinating.

@karensandburg Thanks, I'm glad somebody has ...



Thanks, I'm glad somebody has a sense of humor! :) I swear for some of these commenters Dominique should enforce a 'webcam only' rule to be able to watch these people compose their comments. I guess that is the nature of blog comments, lots of 'legends in their own mind' commenters. Amusing at times and dizzying at other times.

good laugh - thanks william.


good laugh - thanks william.

@Elisa Georg Thank you for your comment. It was ...


@Elisa Georg

Thank you for your comment. It was refreshing to finally read a comment from someone who actually 'gets it'. Your comment is complex and deep and my guess is that most people won't understand exactly what you are saying, but I do. I'm going out on a limb here, but I am going to say that the 'boycutter guy' has really met his match in you, on many many different levels. Thank you again for speaking up and not just "laying there like a potato and taking it". I bet he would have thought twice about posting what he did if he knew someone like you would stand up to him the way you did!

This boycutter guy, is against US women marrying a...


This boycutter guy, is against US women marrying a guy. There are risks, for sure, especially if you treat them the way this weirdo does, then you can't expect anything special, unless you're used to a surplus of chicks that like to be treated like shit, and don't hit back, just lay there like potato and take it, but that's not the USA way, and so maybe, just maybe you disgusting petitioner are in for a surprise!!!

Although I didn't check out BOYCOTT AMERICAN W...


Although I didn't check out BOYCOTT AMERICAN WOMEN's blog, I'm certain that it contains some good pointers for American women on exactly how to behave! In fact, I am going to reccomend it to several of my American women friends who are currently going through divorce. At the very least, they probably will pick up some good tips on how to properly treat men - and who knows perhaps BOYCOTT AMERICAN WOMEN might be available for dating, for the right gal of course??!! Dominique?? Just planting the seed! He does sound like quite a catch!!

"Have at it, fellows"...? All I have to...


"Have at it, fellows"...?

All I have to say (and this would, as ever, leave me looking like nothing so much as one of my maiden great-aunts) is that "engaging" is a risky business.

You'd better know exactly what you intend to demand before you go sticking your un-gloved hand under the bridge to investigate what the troll wants.

Advisedly yours as ever,

David Terry.


Have at it, fellows! Thank you Warren for the diet...


Have at it, fellows!
Thank you Warren for the diet suggestion. How did you know? And you're right, dogs don't cure jet lag. I'm just trying to be open-minded about all of life's vast possibilities. By the way, I meant to comment before on your remark about reading human emotion into an animal's eyes....I don't know if you are right, that that is simply an imposition. We can't entirely know what animals are feeling, but I cannot believe that they don't express some emotion through their eyes, and their faces in general. I've definitely seen animals looking morose, I've even met dogs who smile. So why not elephants? ah well, the mysteries of life....

@BOYCOTT AMERICAN WOMEN I hear you! After readin...



I hear you! After reading your intelligent insights I am stunned that a woman would cheat on you, or divorce you or not want to have children with you!

What happened to the days when women really knew their place and a man could come home to his castle, a clean castle!, to a nice well-prepared dinner?

I agree with you, the worst part is how mentally unstable women are and I sense that is something you really know a lot about.

Thank you again for your intelligent enlightened post!

BOYCOTT AMERICAN WOMEN Why American men should boy...


Why American men should boycott American women

I am an American man, and I have decided to boycott American women. In a nutshell, American women are the most likely to cheat on you, to divorce you, to get fat, to steal half of your money in the divorce courts, don’t know how to cook or clean, don’t want to have children, etc. Therefore, what intelligent man would want to get involved with American women?

American women are generally immature, selfish, extremely arrogant and self-centered, mentally unstable, irresponsible, and highly unchaste. The behavior of most American women is utterly disgusting, to say the least.

This blog is my attempt to explain why I feel American women are inferior to foreign women (non-American women), and why American men should boycott American women, and date/marry only foreign (non-American) women.


Be kinder to yourself. A dog won't cure what&#...


Be kinder to yourself. A dog won't cure what's ailing you. Now's a good time to diet. Though I have this secret craving for putines. The utterly gross sounding version with fois gras I saw in Montreal (there that image should be good for another couple of pounds of diet); I will probably have to settle for the bland cheese version I just discovered in Seattle.
Trained or not I do read your every word. And your eye is relentlessly accurate and filling.

lovely post. have dogs. still have jet lag. the b...


lovely post.
have dogs.
still have jet lag.
the body jet
the spirit lag behind
a week later they are united.

Jet Lag is a two ways about it.....just ...


Jet Lag is a two ways about it.....just have to plod one's self through it......smiles.

Lovely photo of the pink camellias. Just last nig...


Lovely photo of the pink camellias. Just last night I pulled together a post featuring pink camellias to share later this week.
Love the photo of the Secret Garden statue. Central Park is a special place for me. ~ Sarah

Dear Ms. Browning, et al..... 1. As I recall, I&...


Dear Ms. Browning, et al.....1. As I recall, I'm the reader who first suggested that you get a puppy. At this point (and having read your posting) I'd also emphasize that I suggested your doing so only as an alternative to having another baby (which would, certainly, leave anyone with VERY little time for pondering how anyone-except-the-baby feels), As I stated at the time, however, having another baby would, to one degree or another, entail having another husband or boyfriend....both of which seemed like more trouble than you necessarily needed at this particular juncture in your life. Not to mention that new babies make the older babies jealous (another dilemma you probably don't really need right now).In any very Good Guess is that you don't need a dog, and that you probably should regard them as my very-smart father advised me to regard swimming pools and beach houses. That would be: "Make FRIENDS with people who have them and just go visit those friends when you get a big-hankering for a swimming pool or beach house.....but don't get one yourself, just because you like being around them from time to time.......".I'm lucky in that, with a houseful of West Highland terriers and a travel schedule that keeps me away or abroad about half of each year, I also have a boatload of local family&friends who actually compete for dogsitting/house-sitting "privileges". In that respect, I'm quite like my sister-in-law....who has two children...and both a mother and mother-in-law living within a mile of her house. Her worst "problem" (and she's a 35 year old woman with a very full-time job) is settling disputes between which unpaid babysitter got to keep the children more than the other one during the previous month. Such "problems" are, I know, to be envied.2. Incidentally (and I should emphasize that I've never owned a cat in my entire life, although I find them interesting)....the narrator (an editor, trying to assist young writers) in Muriel Spark's novel "a Far Cry From Kensington" says:""For concentration you need a cat...And the tranquility of the cat will gradually come to affect you, sitting there at your desk, so that all the excitable qualities that impede your concentration compose themselves and give you back the self-command it has lost. You need not watch the cat all the time. Its presence is enough." 3. @ "Joan McKniff"....."....Paris, easiest place in world to find apt/cat sitters.". You're right. We've got a large, 1910-or-so apartment (inherited from Granny) which sits about a five minute walk from the Eiffel Tower. Until recently, it housed (for about eight years) a very nice, sweet, stray cat that Herve had rescued from a Paris dumpster. Oddly enough, we never had to "do" anything about Elise, since the apartment (in which we've spent exactly two nights over eight years) seems to always be filled with visiting friends or relatives who were required to do nothing more than feed the cat and clean the litter box....which they EAGERLY did.Until the dang cat died this past year, I used to say that she was, basically, the Johnny Carson of Paris.....just sitting there every night, while a never-ending series of guests showed up, eager to please.....Bemusedly as ever,David[...]

Because of the title of your blog, I was sure you ...


Because of the title of your blog, I was sure you were back home in New England and my first reaction was how much your first photos looked home. Of course they were, as I live just over the hill from Napa in Sonoma County.

Just as your photos and musings of India reminded me of how much I loved my own journey there, your photos of the Wine Country captured the beauty that keeps me here. I've lived in New England as well and love being able to look at it through your lens without having to manage the snow!

I understand your dilemma about a dog. It does make travel harder. But I also can't imagine life on my own without one (in my case two). I work from a home office, which makes it possible. And in this economy, I have no trouble getting kids in their twenties who've moved back home to come housesit when I'm away. They like the break from their parents' houses. There are also many older adults who are unencumbered by children and happy to housesit for the chance at a change of venue.

If you do keep looking, consider English Cockers. All the personality of a lab without the size or shedding.

Welcome home.

Welcome back! It's so true about getting out a...


Welcome back! It's so true about getting out and moving through the world, or the park. It's lovely what a snowdrop can do!

I rescued cat in Madagascar with the clear intenti...


I rescued cat in Madagascar with the clear intention to give to family once cat healthy and healed; certainly I, a single woman, traveling diplomat, could not take on a cat! Three continents and 12 years later, I am now retired from Dept of State, living in Florida,in order to work full time in service to Sakamangabe, aka Snagglepuss.

ps One assignment was Paris, easiest place in world to find apt/cat sitters. Friends from USA and Guatemala flew over. Was it just the cat?