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Published: Mon, 19 Mar 2018 13:12:10 EDT

Last Build Date: Mon, 19 Mar 2018 13:12:10 EDT


Happy Octopi Stickers (Stickers)

Mon, 19 Mar 2018 11:48:02 EDT


Happy Octopi Stickers 1.4

Device: iOS Universal
Category: Stickers
Price: Free, Version: 1.4 (iTunes)

(image) Description:

These (mostly) happy octopi will cheer up your messages. Great for cephalopod fans. Got ideas for more octopus stickers? Visit the facebook support page and share your ideas. If I like your idea, I'll sketch it out and add it to the sticker pack!

What's New

Some weird mojo happened during the last update submitted to the store - some people were unable to buy/get/download/install this app for the iPad. I re-built the sticker pack from the ground up with a new project in Xcode. Let's cross our tentacles. :) Hoping this fixes it.

Added 2 versions of a Happy Easter octopus. :)

Have suggestions for another octopus sticker? Go to my support page (linked under support in this app description in the store) and let me know what you'd like to see. If I like your idea, I'll sketch it out and put it in the next update. :)

Happy Octopi Stickers

SnowSmash (Games)

Mon, 19 Mar 2018 09:02:15 EDT


SnowSmash 1.0

Device: iOS Universal
Category: Games
Price: Free, Version: 1.0 (iTunes)

(image) Description:

SnowSmash is a fast-based stress-relief game. Destruct the city of Smash with snowballs and other throwables.

Get highscores from destroying the streets. Collect coins to get more effective things to throw. Have fun.

Disclaimer: Throwing snowballs or other things at people or their property is never Ok without their consent. Games are games. Be a respectful person. Thank you. :)



Block City Cop - Vice Town (Games)

Mon, 19 Mar 2018 08:23:08 EDT


Block City Cop - Vice Town 1.0

Device: iOS Universal
Category: Games
Price: Free, Version: 1.0 (iTunes)

(image) Description:

Block City Cop - Vice Town is an open world police simulator with shooter and racing elements. You play as a brave cop the purpose of which is to save the city from crime. You have to fight with armed gangsters, using all kinds of weapons and transport (police car, taxi, bus etc.).
In this game, you can freely navigate around the city, help residents, complete missions getting rid of bandits and get coins for it.
Use the minimap to find the necessary items and enemies. When you complete a sufficient number of missions, you will open new cities for the game.

Features of the game:
- Full freedom of actions (open world gameplay)
- 3 towns to explore
- unlockable player characters (for coins)
- Different guns such as pistol, sniper rifle and rocket launcher
- Huge amount of playable cars: police car, taxi, bus and others

Block City Cop - Vice Town

Tiny Pixel Farm - Go Farm Life (Games)

Sun, 18 Mar 2018 11:41:37 EDT


Tiny Pixel Farm - Go Farm Life 1.1.18

Device: iOS Universal
Category: Games
Price: Free, Version: 1.1.18 (iTunes)

(image) Description:

A simple, free ranch game you can play on a single screen!

A Cute Pixel-Art Ranch
Manage a miniature stock farm on a single screen.
No obnoxious dashing all over the place on errands.
Run your very own ranch filled with a jumble of little characters bustling around.

How To Play
Take the weed-ridden, out of commission ranch you inherit from your grandfather and turn it back into the lively farm it used to be with lots of animals and guests.

Animal Areas
Clean up an animal area and populate it with the animals of your choice. There are different facilities for different types—sheep, cows, pigs, and more. Design a ranch rich in diversity.

Wild Animals
Once you get some life back into your ranch, wild animals such as wolves, foxes, and rabbits may show up. Increase your friendship level and get them all.

Overnight Guests
Your ranch has overnight accomodations. Depending on what animals and facilities your ranch has, different guests will come to stay. Level up your guest rooms and attract them all.

You sell everything from livestock to animal products here. Customers will periodically stop by to make purchases. Level up your store to get more customers and earn coins faster.

Lists your farm animals, wild animals, guests, and fish. Collect all the characters!

Ranch Hands
You can hire six ranch hands and assign them to the guest rooms, animal areas, and silo. As they level up, they learn to help with more jobs such as harvesting, cutting grass, and collecting room fees from the guests. Station them where you like and leave the work up to them.

What's New

We added two employees.
Thank you for playing!

Tiny Pixel Farm - Go Farm Life

MIRIAM : The Escape (Games)

Sun, 18 Mar 2018 10:34:09 EDT


MIRIAM : The Escape 1.9

Device: iOS Universal
Category: Games
Price: Free, Version: 1.9 (iTunes)

(image) Description:

In Miriam you will go on an adventure inside a girl's strange dreams.
Stages of black and white, light and silhouette are waiting to be challenged by you.

Are you ready to solve the puzzles and escape from the endless lucid dreams?

• Brilliant combination of Arcade, Adventure, and Puzzle
• Realistic and fluid physics-based gameplay
• Stay in the dark, avoid light and obstacles
• Solve the puzzles, find the key to escape from a room
• Creatively designed 24 stages
• Survive through obstacle elements such as liquids, stones, boxes, and balls
• The art-like, elaborate 3D animations created using Unity engine
• Intuitive one-touch controls - arrow keys and jump key are all you need
• Surreal and immersive audio-visual gaming experience
• Imaginative and innovative level design

Miriam is one of the best arcade games/adventure games available on mobile.
Download and play this one-of-a-kind indie game right now.

We welcome you to Miriam's world of dream, destiny, horror, darkness and sometimes, evil in one's inside.

What's New

bug fix

MIRIAM : The Escape

World Zombie Contest (Games)

Sun, 18 Mar 2018 10:01:05 EDT


World Zombie Contest 1.0.34

Device: iOS Universal
Category: Games
Price: Free, Version: 1.0.34 (iTunes)

(image) Description:

Merge the Zombies and create awesome Zombie Army!
It's the simplest Click & Merge Game!

[Simple formula for creating the Ultimate Zombie Army!]
1. Merge Zombies.
2. Level-up Zombies.
3. Defeat monsters with Zombies.
4. Repeat from step one if your Zombie gets killed.
Simple, right?

- Unique! Fun! Zombie + Clicker Game + Merge!
- Finger has mind of its own! 100% Addictive!
- Easy! Fun! Simple Clicker control!
- Convenient! Fun! Just let it run and the Zombies will merge on their own!
- So much contents! Fun! Over 900 Stages, 70 Monsters, and 60 Zombies!
- Diverse! Fun! Personality, Invention, Research, Ambush, Dispatch, Showdown, and much more!



What's New

1. Improved Game System.
2. Bug Fixes.

World Zombie Contest

Flip : Surfing Colors (Games)

Sat, 17 Mar 2018 14:29:38 EDT


Flip : Surfing Colors 0.3.4

Device: iOS Universal
Category: Games
Price: Free, Version: 0.3.4 (iTunes)

(image) Description:

Let's get started skateboarding in the famous cities in the world.
The cities are beautifully colored and you can break the colors of obstacles with full of thrills!
Compete your ultimate speed with your friends and, of course, win them over!

Main Features:
+ Smooth and realistic skateboard-experienced based on physics of how actual skateboard works
+ Rich, fantastic and dreamy themes with full of colors inspired by global cities
+ Sophisticated challenges with color blocks, so overcome yourself!
+ Diverse skate-boards and characters

+ Check the pose of diverse characters when they jump in the map
+ Collect more coins with combos and boosts (Find out how to combos and boosts!)
+ Collect the pieces of masterpieces from every cities then make them all
+ Complete the mission then receive the rewards

What's New

- mission text bug fixed
- Login error fixed

Flip : Surfing Colors


Sat, 17 Mar 2018 11:23:07 EDT



Device: iOS Universal
Category: Games
Price: Free, Version: 2.2 (iTunes)

(image) Description:

Destroy the demon's head against the destiny of the hero who fell in the battleground of the hellish unknown!

-------Game Features-------
◎FPS is the fastest and fastest blowing sensation in mobile. Adrenaline does not stop with speed and power that grows as you grow!

◎Game that makes classical speedy and modern hitting feeling possible on mobile. Even with this speed, I can move like a Korean!

◎Frazier and slower FPS is no more. Use your weapons of various personalities to Blow your stress away with fast, hot game play.

◎Heavy blow with a light capacity of about 50mb!!


FinalFlash does not store any user information separately.
Please note that deleting your app will clear your play history.

Available languages
English / Korean / Japanese / русский

What's New

- Modified to prevent 1 to 5 stages of death from lava.
- Fixed monster bugs.
- Fixed a bug that did not get Lucky Box.
- Improved MAX upgrade button.
- Added an ad button to earn 10,000 gold.


RunnerBros (Games)

Sat, 17 Mar 2018 10:56:37 EDT


RunnerBros 1.2.3

Device: iOS iPhone
Category: Games
Price: Free, Version: 1.2.3 (iTunes)

(image) Description:

Special and dynamic game of 4 characters

▶▶▶▶▶▶Ranger appeared in the runner star!◀◀◀◀◀◀

- A runner ranger who appeared suddenly? What trouble did he appear before the runners bros?
- Monster appeared in peaceful world!

New run game to enjoy with one hand.

Control four runners who run without stopping
Runners have their own unique abilities
Earn lots of gold and earn high scores to compete against other players


● Cooperative run game
- Dynamic game!
- There are four runners who use different abilities!
- Run, step on, double jump, glide and clear different dungeons.

● Get the top score!
- Earn gold, earn buffs, use combo to earn high scores!

◎ Runners Costume
◎ Mission to achieve
◎ Special artifacts
◎ Many collection lists

● Warning
- This game does not have a save server. when you delete the game, the data is destroyed.
I will Add Cloud Save / Load Import later

Download the Runner Bros now! and enjoy the special experience!

Report a bug :
Developer Facebook :

What's New

Level Design
Bug fix


御城プロジェクト:RE~CASTLE DEFENSE~ (Games)

Sat, 17 Mar 2018 02:37:08 EDT


御城プロジェクト:RE~CASTLE DEFENSE~ 1.0.0

Device: iOS Universal
Category: Games
Price: Free, Version: 1.0.0 (iTunes)

(image) Description:







■御城プロジェクト:RE ゲーム紹介







iPhone6 以降
iPad Air(第一世代)以降

iOS 8.0以降



Seul (Alone): The day before (Games)

Fri, 16 Mar 2018 19:35:11 EDT


Seul (Alone): The day before 1.0.0

Device: iOS Universal
Category: Games
Price: Free, Version: 1.0.0 (iTunes)

(image) Description:

Funny, Sad, Creepy, Disturbing and completely absorbing, with a Shakespearean sense of tragedy .
Wonderfully surreal as an ordinary day in the life of a character who holds secret alleyways of unsettling and unexpected views, unfolds to the reader. Painful and touching, it offers the private thoughts of a person contemplating the philosophical question of whether to end their life or not. Aiming to raise awareness to the taboo subject.

Seul. (Alone) The day before, is a precursor to Seul. (Alone) The entree, it takes place literally the day before.
It is an intimate and heartrending journey into a vast project of a world and another world behind that world that sits within yet another world. But through this project it never loses its investment into the lives of the people involved.
Unexpectedly moving at times there is a kind of shroud between the reader and the characters that seems to dissolve. Over the course of options chosen one begins to learn the inner workings of the expansive cast and their thoughts, troubles, emotional motivations and qualms that begin to resonate with you and dig so deep that it can be troubling.
Seul. (Alone) The day before, is the doorway into that and will give back what you are willing to put into it, with incredible depth that at times will reach deep inside you.
It’s memory will linger because everybody is a story that is written Seul. (Alone)

Seul (Alone): The day before

Crushing Blocks (Games)

Fri, 16 Mar 2018 18:29:38 EDT


Crushing Blocks 1.0

Device: iOS Universal
Category: Games
Price: Free, Version: 1.0 (iTunes)

(image) Description:

Game features colored block pieces which you have to tap to match. As you make matches, the blocks are pushed towards the chain. Objective of the game is to keep the field clear and the blocks from reaching the chain. Hatchets are randomly made available which you can use to crush full rows of blocks. Avoid getting chained down if you want to survive!

4 difficulty levels to choose from: Easy, medium, hard and insane.

Simple game controls. Just tap.

Easy to learn yet difficult puzzle to master.

Crushing Blocks

Awkward Goalie (Games)

Thu, 15 Mar 2018 12:37:39 EDT


Awkward Goalie 1.0

Device: iOS Universal
Category: Games
Price: Free, Version: 1.0 (iTunes)

(image) Description:

Throw yourself around to catch balls and not let your team down.
Progress through the game and unlock new gameplay mechanics, like moving gates, or different types of gates, or different types of balls (golden, minigames, etc) and some more.
To support your inner desire for self-expression, the game contains variety of characters to choose from.

See you on the leaderboard!
Thanks for playing.

Awkward Goalie

Cow Land (Games)

Thu, 15 Mar 2018 09:14:08 EDT


Cow Land 1.0

Device: iOS Universal
Category: Games
Price: Free, Version: 1.0 (iTunes)

(image) Description:

Welcome to Cow Land! Help Old Cornell, Little Amy and Uncle Farrokh discover what‘s happening in their farms... The clouds went dark and cows started fallingfrom the sky... Save all the cows!

Complete everylevels while you explore all of Cow Land‘s sites...

Game Features

- SIMPLE & ADDICTIVE game. Tap the cows to save them!
- 3 modes! NORMAL, CRAZY and INSANE. Will give you hours and hours of play game.
- Lots of MISSIONS to complete while delving into adventure and... the DAILY QUEST.
- A complete story narrated by the three main characters in a comic style and divided in... three acts?
- A long adventure lots of play hours, with more than 200 LEVELS and more than 20 ACHIEVEMENTS.
- Help repair and UPGRADE the main characters‘ farms and get more coins and special items.
- Visit Desert Rock's shop where you will find SPECIAL ITEMS you can use in your adventure...
- Get to the TOP of the COW LAND LEADERBOARD by saving cows...

Special Items

- Cow Runes: It will save the cows you can't save.
- Time Potion: When you use it, time slows down for a few seconds.
- Energy Grenade: Use it to save everyone around you.
- Leather Gloves: TNT barrels won't hurt you.
- Lucky Amulet: You will have a higher probabilty of finding coins.

and more...

Cow Land is a FREE app game. The game also contains ads or optional in-app purchases to get in-game coins.

Discover more details on Cow Land and its characters here:
- Facebook:
- Instagram:

If you have any question, please contact us here:

Thanks for playing.

Cow Land

Armello (Games)

Thu, 15 Mar 2018 00:26:39 EDT

Armello v1.5 Device: iOS Universal Category: Games Price: Free, Version: v1.5 (iTunes) Description: Armello is a grand swashbuckling adventure combining three styles of play; The deep tactics of card games, the rich strategy of tabletop board games, and the adventure of fantastical RPGs.As a hero from one of Armello's Great Clans, you'll quest, scheme, hire agents, explore, vanquish monsters, cast spells and face off against other players, with one ultimate goal in mind; becoming King or Queen of Armello! The Kingdom of Armello is as dangerous as it is beautiful. Perils, banes and bandits hide around every corner and a spreading corruption known as the Rot leaves no creature untouched. • Easy to Play but Hard to Master: Armello is easy to pick up and experience, yet its deep and emergent possibilities emerge as you play. Includes acclaimed story-driven tutorial mode.• Fast & Thoughtful: Adventuring in Armello is fast-paced fun filled with deadly, tactical and politically complex decisions.• Multiple Playable Heroes: Each unique Hero possess a special power, stat line, AI personality and can be equipped with an Amulet and Signet Ring to further match your playstyle.• Dynamic Sandbox: Gorgeous dynamic world which procedurally generates a new map each and every game, complete with a dynamic quest system ensuring no two games of Armello are ever the same. • Turn-Based Day & Night Cycle: Use Action Points to journey across Armello's hex-based board and use our fuzzy turn-based system to play cards even when it's not your turn.• True Tabletop Feel: We've spent years cherry-picking the best parts of the tabletop experience, like our physics-based dice.• Animated Cards: Over 150 beautifully animated in-game Cards from artists all over the world.• World Class Soundtrack by Michael Allen and internationally acclaimed artist Lisa Gerrard. Follow us on Facebook: us on Twitter: @armellogamePrivacy Policy: of Service: 1) Compatible with iPad Mini 4, iPad Air 2, iPad 9.7" and iPad Pro, iPhone 6 and up. Armello WILL NOT be able to run on earlier generations, even if able to be installed.2) Armello is a graphically rich game with advanced features. To OPTIMISE your playing experience, you may want to turn off other apps before playing.3) Armello's Monthly ($5.99 USD), 3 Month ($13.99 USD), & 12 Month ($35.99 USD) Subscriptions grant access to premium content, including all Heroes, all Hero Skins, The Bandit Clan, Seasons Board Skins, all Premium Dice, all Novellas. Subscribers also gain access to exclusive, evolving subscriber Badge and Dice and a 10% discount on Chests! Please note that subscriptions in Armello will be charged on your iTunes account after purchase. Your membership or subscription will renew automatically if you do not cancel at least 24 hours before the renewal date. Your subscriptions can be managed and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to your Account Settings after purchase. Should your subscription lapse, purchased content will persist, however all content granted via subscription will be inaccessible until subscription is renewed.What's NewWelcome to the land of Armello, thanks for playing and sending through your feedback, bug reports, and love! ==Update==• Two new Trickery cards.• New Merchant system.• The King Novella + Novella Reader• Strange Games: Every week from Tuesday PST for 36 hours we will be hosting Strange Games under the “Public Event” queue as part of Multiplayer.If you run into any issues please use the in-game [...]

Star Quest: TCG (Games)

Thu, 15 Mar 2018 00:02:39 EDT

Star Quest: TCG 1.0.8 Device: iOS Universal Category: Games Price: Free, Version: 1.0.8 (iTunes) Description: Join Star Quest: TCG’s Universe: amazing spaceships, space cruisers, mechas, mysterious creatures and much more await you! Prepare your fleet, gather your troops and start playing on this strategic and intuitive card game. Collect and upgrade hundreds of cards from all around the Galaxy, troops such as Spaceships and Aliens, incredible Weapons for your units and special tactics for the most tenacious commanders.FEATURES• Offline Mode: No internet connection? No problem, you can keep playing!• Auction House: You can trade cards on the Auction House to obtain gold credits or new cards for your collection.• PvP: Duel players from around the world and become the top commander of the galaxy.• Rewards: Earn chests to unlock rewards, collect powerful new cards and upgrade existing ones.• Guilds: Create or join a guild to earn special rewards and build your own raid team!• Never-ending Campaign mode: Progress through multiple maps all the way to the top. Become the ultimate explorer of the galaxy!• Deck Building: Create your ultimate battle deck: troops, tanks, alien races, weapons even spaceships are at your disposal.• Craft: Build and upgrade your card collection with incredible spaceships and alien races, the most exotic creatures of the galaxy await you!• Raids: Be part of incredible raid battles with your guildmates to defeat powerful bosses and claim their unique rewards!• Classes: Choose among 10 different classes, level them up and get special rewards!• Weekly / Monthly Tournaments (PvP/Missions): Your efforts will be rewarded!• Quests, Daily Rewards, Deck Builder, Skins, and many more featuresLanguages Supported: * English * Español (Europa)The installation of Star Quest: TCG requires at least 400MB of space in your device. It’s time to start exploring the Galaxy and defeat your enemies in this Epic Adventure! Lead your Faction to the conquering of the Galaxy! Fight through the campaign or battle against other players online.Space Quest: TCG is a Sci-Fi themed Trading Card Game that combines the compelling aspects of the strategy games and the fast-paced matches from the Card Games. War has come to the galaxy! The humans are not alone; dozens of races fight for the power. Build your very own army of Heroes of all futuristic races and start your journey.PLAY RIGHT AWAY: A fun and cunning campaign that brings you into the universe of Star Quest: TCG. Your spaceship has crashed in a mysterious planet during a space battle, and you have to start over. Defeat your opponents, recruit units, build a fleet and prepare yourself for the ultimate space card battle.PLAY, TRADE, CHALLENGE AND FIGHT TOGHETER OTHER PLAYERS AROUND THE WORLD! Practice during the campaign against different opponents or compete head on against other players around the world. Get cards and new Classes as you play to build up your collection. Challenge the best players and climb up the ladder to the top!EXPAND YOUR COLLECTION AND UPGRADE YOUR CARDS: Earn Cards, obtain Chests, trade cards in the Auction House and build decks using the different classes. Choose your favorite class and create a deck, you have hundreds of cards to build your perfect army.CONQUER THE GALAXY! Sharpen your skills, prepare your deck and join hands with other players to defeat powerful Bosses in insanely and fun raid battles. SupportDid you experience an issue? Visit or and we will reply within 1-2 business days.Privacy Policy & Terms of Service: Visi[...]

KleptoCats 2 (Games)

Wed, 14 Mar 2018 23:56:39 EDT


KleptoCats 2 1.02

Device: iOS Universal
Category: Games
Price: Free, Version: 1.02 (iTunes)

(image) Description:

Cute cats… Am I right?!?

OK OK. There's more to KleptoCats than just hilarious, a-MEOW-zingly kawaii, blow-your mind cute cats… they have a dark side too. They can't stop stealing!!!

Watch as they steal random, but funny… kinda useful, but not really… items, from everywhere in the galaxy. Let these furry friends and their frisky paws fill your house with the strangest oddities and the most magnificent treasures.

How do they accomplish this incredulous feat of mystifying thievery?! Well… you'll just have to play the game to find out. ;-)

KleptoCats 2, the sequel to the viral phenomenon, KleptoCats, brings back all your favorite feline friends along with some fresh new kitties. It's 2x more cute, 2x more fun, 2x more mysterious...and, yep you guessed it, 1337x pure PAW-someness!

OMG just go tap "Install" right now!!! KleptoCats are waiting for you!

“You've got be KITTEN me!” - super fan

No madam (or sir), we never joke about cats! This game is PURRR-fect for kids, moms, mom’s moms, senioritas and cool dudes alike. Download it today and let us know what you think on Facebook at or twitter @hyperbeard

You never know what KleptoCats will bring back next.

What's New

Cute cats… Am I right?!? Get the sequel to the viral phenomenon, KleptoCats.

KleptoCats 2

Suns of Abell (Games)

Wed, 14 Mar 2018 22:22:08 EDT


Suns of Abell 1.0.1

Device: iOS iPhone
Category: Games
Price: Free, Version: 1.0.1 (iTunes)

(image) Description:

Suns of Abell is a fresh take on the scrolling shooter genre. We kept everything that makes an arcade shooter fun, such as weapon customization or epic boss battles, and added exciting new gameplay features with modern graphics.

Fight against increasingly difficult random enemy waves.
Defeat memorable bosses in epic battles.
Upgrade the weapons that best fit your playstyle.

Prepare your flight with a customizable loadout.
Hunt for the best equipment with random loot dropped by enemies.
Choose and share items you found with your friends.

Discover procedurally generated galaxies.
Face the harsh conditions of interstellar travels with random asteroids and mines.
Enjoy a poetic depiction of space environments with hand-crafted music.

Our small team is still actively developing Suns of Abell. Please visit for additional information on upcoming updates!

What's New

Bug fixes and improvements.

Suns of Abell

Monster Chef (Games)

Wed, 14 Mar 2018 22:17:04 EDT


Monster Chef 1.0.0

Device: iOS Universal
Category: Games
Price: Free, Version: 1.0.0 (iTunes)

(image) Description:

"My dream is to become the best monster chef in the world!"
"Hahaha, how naive you are!"
"People without dreams might laugh, but I know my dream will take me to infinity and beyond!"

At first look, the world you see may seem to be nothing out of the ordinary. Look beneath the surface however, and you'll find an unimaginable place filled with strange, dangerous, and delicious creatures.

The Society of Dark Cuisine is an ancient and mysterious organization comprised of brave adventurers willing to explore the unexplored and to taste the untasted. With the help of the mystical Sootsoot, they seek out and capture strange monsters in order to farm their divine ingredients.

And what do they do with these ingredients? Cook, of course! Back up above, the Sootsoot sell delicious meals to surface dwellers, raking in as much profit as possible to further expand underground. The Society of Dark Cuisine has operated for centuries, yet no one knows exactly who they are or what their ultimate goal might actually be...

[Personalized Service]

[Game Features]
**This game will satisfy your curiosity while at the same time leave you feeling like you aren't curious enough!**
Stylish, cute, and humorous (in its own special way).
A mixture of freshly squeezed brains and weirdly imaginative characters.
Incredible recipes created by the one and only Society of Dark Cuisine.
Relaxing yet challenging strategic entertainment.

1. Wacky and wild: Innovate designs for a variety of weird monsters with vivid and imaginative animations. Every monster plays differently!
2. Roguelike: Plenty of content and areas to explore with loads of resources to collect. Every step you take is filled with hidden and unexpected danger. Every map is different!
3. Innovative cooking system: Cook any dish with any recipe you can think of! Combine various ingredients and discover better recipes for each dish!
4. Suspenseful concealed plot: With a rich quest system, each dialog you engage in contains hidden clues. Each player will discover their own story in Monster Chef!

What's New

Fixed a few bugs
Optimized game operation efficiency

Monster Chef

Runventure (Games)

Wed, 14 Mar 2018 22:16:39 EDT


Runventure 1.0.2

Device: iOS Universal
Category: Games
Price: Free, Version: 1.0.2 (iTunes)

(image) Description:

JUMP in to the action and EXPLORE mysterious lands in search of TREASURES. Avoid the DANGER, RUN through various locations. JUNGLES, TEMPLES, CASTLES and many other places loaded with deadly traps and hordes of enemies. Use your reflexes to jump over hot lava, or rope swing over piranha pools escape the deadly skeletons and hungry wolves.

Runventure is unique, beautifully designed mobile platformer. The first mobile platformer fully controlled with just one finger - thanks to completely new run-jumping-bar control!

Build the team of experienced exploreres, level them up, complete challenges and unlock precious treasures. Now it’s time for adventure, it’s time for Runventure!

• Mobile platformer redesigned - fully controlled with just one finger
• Beautiful, clear art design by creators of Timberman
• Tons of characters to unlock and level up
• Great levels, obstacles and enemies to beat
• Fully supported on iPhone X

What's New

- better Runventure experience (tons of new obstacles)
- performance improvements & fixes
- brand new intro music


Grow Beets Clicker (Games)

Wed, 14 Mar 2018 21:41:39 EDT

Grow Beets Clicker 2.0 Device: iOS Universal Category: Games Price: Free, Version: 2.0 (iTunes) Description: Are you ready to play Beet Growers? The plant farming game filled with colour, candy and adventure! Meet the Beet Buddies! They are like birds - they hatch from eggs, and each of them is unique.Beet Buddies have a sweet tooth, and that's why they like sweets and candy most of all!Feed the Beet Buddies and watch them evolve and grow.Beet Buddies love to dress up - put some funny clothes on them to create your own beet story!Play the drum and dance with Beet Buddies down in the village!Clear out and crush the clearings with them to plant new plants!The more sugar beets you farm - the more sweets for Beet Buddies!Click and grow kilometers and hectares of beets. There will be houses where your friends - funny Best Buddies - will live!Unlock different Beet Buddy heroes, feed and upgrade them and have the best dream adventure - so that they would grow sugar beets faster and produce more sweets.Resource management is important, so prepare to be engulfed into the best strategy game of 2018.Grow new beet houses at the farm and you will see how the world becomes greener and sweeter, because you plant sugar beets all over the planet! How to Play:Begin the game by tapping on an egg rapidly to hatch your first beet buddy. When it hatches you'll then need to feed it to help it grow! Tap the drum to farm more candy and use this to unlock new types of sweets for your beet buddy and hatch even more beet buddies! When they grow big enough you can put them into the forest and watch the world grow green. Manage the amount of candy you have carefully so you can feed the beet buddies the types of candy they currently want to eat. It's all about strategy but with a casual element to the game. Game features:* The most positive clicker! No destruction - only creation!* Colorful graphics for the best game out in 2018!* Funny character friends that help you farm beets* A lot of upgrades and evolution* Tasks with a tangible reward that will help you make the planet greener* Many casual clothing options for the Beet Buddies. * Over 3,000 different combinations of outfits! Every tap brings you closer to making the entire planet greener! So play the best Beet Farming game of the year!What's NewA new, amazing and wonderful version of the game!In this update you can forget about old quests! All Beet Buddies can now eat sweet food and dress in ridiculous clothes!You can now go to new lands if you grow more Beet Buddies and remove obstacles from their path!Beetroot now grows much faster!Houses are now displayed in the beet forest and you can check to see how many beet buddies are living in them!Finally, new Beet Buddies have also been added, but to get them you have to work hard!Brand new, sparkling awards and boosters:* A second drum to click and grow the beets faster!* An auto clicker to not click at all!* Growth accelerator - So beetroot can begin to grow Itself!* Auto-chef - that will feed your beet buddies by itself so you don't waste money and time manually feeding Beet Buddies - they will always be full!And of course, we completely redesigned the tutorial at the beginning of the game, so that it would be easier for you to understand all the rewards available to you! Grow Beets Clicker [...]

My Tamagotchi Forever (Games)

Wed, 14 Mar 2018 16:58:09 EDT

My Tamagotchi Forever 0.4 Device: iOS Universal Category: Games Price: Free, Version: 0.4 (iTunes) Description: Raise your very own Tamagotchi characters, and share your adventures with your friends! Your Tamagotchi character needs your daily care to stay healthy and happy. Keep it well fed, washed, and entertained, then meet other Tamagotchi friends in town for more fun. But don’t forget to put your character to bed!Explore Tamatown in full AR (Augmented Reality), find your hidden friends and collect treasure and bonuses in the first ever AR-enabled Tamagotchi game!Customize your own Tamatown with items you like the most, then find a nice surface around you to place it on, and let's play Hide & Seek! Guide your character around town to look for its friends hiding around corners, within bushes, and even inside buildings. Find them all in the time available to move to the next level. Collect coins and bonus items scattered around town to increase your score and time. Let the search begin!It's been 20 years since the West first fell under the Tamagotchi spell.The phenomenon is now spreading love to a whole new generation of caring fans with its first ever free-to-play mobile game! Take good care of your Tamagotchi characters and watch them grow! Play mini games, make friends, explore Tamatown and customize outfits and the town itself for memorable moments you'll want to share with your friends. Depending on the care you provide and the things you do, they will evolve into different Tamagotchi characters as they grow. And when your they are all grown up, help them choose the best career path, be it scientist, rockstar or detective!FEATURES:- RAISE your Tamagotchi character: make sure you feed, wash, clean up after it and turn the lights out for a good night sleep to stay happy and healthy.- HAVE FUN with your Tamagotchi character: play mini games and explore Tamatown together, making friends with other Tamagotchi characters along the way.- EXPERIENCE AR by playing exhilarating Hide & Seek games with your Tamagotchi friends in your real surroundings!- EVOLVE your Tamagotchi characters from one type to another depending on how you care for them. You never know who they might become next!- COLLECT memorable moments shared with your Tamagotchi characters and the friendly town citizens.- SHARE your favourite moments with your friends.- GATHER coins by playing mini games and levelling-up!- UNLOCK delicious food, cute costumes and colourful items to decorate Tamatown.- COMPARE your progression and Tamagotchi-raising skills with your friends.- TICKLE your Tamagotchi characters - they love it! My Tamagotchi Forever is bursting with delights and surprises waiting for you to discover! PLEASE NOTE: My Tamagotchi Forever is free to download and play, however some game items are available for purchase. If you don’t want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device settings. The AR feature is only available on selected devices supported by ARKit. Check the list of compatible devices by following this link: Having problems? Let us know at PRIVACY POLICY: OF USE:'s New- AR MINIGAME! Play hide and seek together with your Tamagotchi friends in your own environment.- COSTUMES for teens and toddlers. Visit the fashion store and dress up your [...]

Fighting Fantasy Classics (Games)

Wed, 14 Mar 2018 16:55:16 EDT


Fighting Fantasy Classics 1.0

Device: iOS Universal
Category: Games
Price: Free, Version: 1.0 (iTunes)

(image) Description:

Fighting Fantasy gamebooks are epic text-based adventures! Hugely popular in 80s and 90s, Fighting Fantasy Classics brings these old favourites into a digital format, complete with on-screen dice rolls, Adventure and Encounter Sheets, battle mechanics and more!

Play through many of your favourite adventures including:

- Bloodbones
- The Warlock of Firetop Mountain
- The Citadel of Chaos
- City of Thieves
- The Forest of Doom
- Caverns of the Snow Witch
- Island of the Lizard King

With more Fighting Fantasy titles to come in future updates! Traverse the dangerous realm of Allansia! Journey to Firetop Mountain, Darkwood Forest, the Citadel of Chaos, Port Blacksand and more!

Fighting Fantasy Classics

Eko Presents: That Moment When (Entertainment)

Wed, 14 Mar 2018 10:53:02 EDT


Eko Presents: That Moment When 1.5.0

Device: iOS iPhone
Category: Entertainment
Price: Free, Version: 1.5.0 (iTunes)

(image) Description:

Join Kelly and her band of misfit hackers as they transform from pranksters to leaders of the international movement #WarGames and take on the powers that be in this brand new, interactive video series from Eko.

Troll international pop stars. Break into high-security hotel rooms. Make life or death decisions straight from your phone. In #WarGames, your choices shape the story as it unfolds.

Unlike a normal TV show or movie with a fixed plotline, in #WarGames, the show adapts to your choices and viewing patterns in real time.

"Completely innovative and fascinating" - PopSugar
“Interactive TV that works is finally here” - Polygon

On the app:
* Pick a perspective: Decide which character you want to follow in any scene, and get their perspective on the story
* Make big decisions: Key moments are split into different options, and your decision determines the outcome
* Uncover infinite possibilities: Every time you watch the story changes
* Special delivery: New shows and experiments will be added regularly for you to enjoy, sign up to get updates when new shows drop.
* Stream or download for offline viewing, straight from the app

#WarGames is presented by Eko and MGM,
created and directed by Sam Barlow, creator of “Her Story”,
and produced by m ss ng p eces

Eko is the world’s first interactive video platform. Watch #WarGames, then enjoy these other Eko interactive shows:

*That Moment When: Jill's life is a hot mess and it's about to get hot messier. You decide if she keeps her dignity in this interactive comedy. Starring Milana Vayntrub, That Moment When was created by Sandeep Parikh and produced in partnership with Sony.

*Possibilia: Influence a couple’s breakup in this drama from the acclaimed director duo Daniels. Starring Alex Karpovsky and Zoe Jarman.

*Virtual Morality: Find the killer or die trying in this in this interactive social-media murder mystery.

What's New

Bug fixes and a new about Eko page.

Eko Presents: That Moment When

Master of Eternity(MOE) (Games)

Wed, 14 Mar 2018 08:22:09 EDT


Master of Eternity(MOE) 1.4.6

Device: iOS Universal
Category: Games
Price: Free, Version: 1.4.6 (iTunes)

(image) Description:

Enlist now to launch into a universe
full of endless excitement!

Engaging narrative that explores the backstory of every Pixie,
mechanics, equipment, and suits that grow more powerful and complex as you progress,
and SRPG combat that's as simple to learn as it is hard to master!

▣ Immersive turn-based SRPG battles that will make you want to play "just one more turn!"
▣ Bond with a ship full of Pixies through unforgettable adventures!
▣ Awaken Pixies by using a robust Genic Seed system to unlock their full potential!
▣ Test your skills with custom strategies and squads in fierce Alliance simulations!
▣ Jump into special side stories and daily missions for endless entertainment!
▣ Engage in fierce battle with formidable Temple Guardians!
▣ Push your Pixies to the limit in the Battleground!
▣ Join epic PvP battles in games of hide-and-seek unlike anything you've ever seen!

Under our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you must be at least 12 years of age to play or download Master of Eternity.
Having less than 2GB of RAM may prevent your game from running smoothly.

- Official Facebook :

Terms of Service:
Privacy Policy :

Recommended Specifications
Master of Eternity requires at least iOS 9.0 / iPhone 5S or better for smooth gameplay. The game may crash on devices that don't meet these requirements.

※ This app offers in-app purchases. You can disable this feature by adjusting your device settings.

■ App Permissions Information
In order to provide the below services, we are requesting certain permissions.

[Essential Permission]
Camera: Used for taking photos for CS
Photos: Used for uploading in-game screenshots for CS

[Optional Permission]
""Microphone"" allows players to utilize voice chat features.
※ Please note that optional permission does not affect the gameplay.

[Permission Management]
▶ Settings > Privacy > Select the permission

What's New

Bug Fixes

Master of Eternity(MOE)

Twos! (Games)

Tue, 13 Mar 2018 19:28:08 EDT


Twos! 1.0.16

Device: iOS Universal
Category: Games
Price: Free, Version: 1.0.16 (iTunes)

(image) Description:

Twos is a puzzle and strategy game requiring quick thinking and efficient use of powerups to keep your board clear and generate higher matches and swipes.

The goal is to match and swipe your way to the Ultimate Goal. A three way swipe involving the highest number in the game. Can you manage to swipe three 2048 tiles? And if you manage it, can you do it quicker and in less moves then anyone else?

Matching numbers sums them into one and helps clear the board. Once you get three matching numbers in a row you can swipe them, score larger points and generate a powerup to help you manage the board more efficiently. Powerups perform special actions on tiles such as:
- Swap Any Two
- Match Any Two
- Double/Halve A Number and more.

Using these powerups effectively will enable you to generate larger numbers and score larger points. Powerups are also generated by matching higher numbers. If you swipe enough times you also generate additional Swipe Bonuses, which give extra bonuses to aid you.

Twos also supports Leaderboards and Achievements, which further enhance the challenge. Can you beat your friends highest score, or Ultimate Goal time? Challenge them and see.

The question is, can you achieve the Ultimate Goal?

What's New

Restore purchase now functioning correctly.


2 Knights (Games)

Tue, 13 Mar 2018 12:31:37 EDT


2 Knights 1.0

Device: iOS Universal
Category: Games
Price: Free, Version: 1.0 (iTunes)

(image) Description:

Tap to jump and stay alive as long as possible !

2 Knights

Meteor 60 seconds! (Games)

Tue, 13 Mar 2018 12:26:38 EDT


Meteor 60 seconds! 1.1.6

Device: iOS Universal
Category: Games
Price: Free, Version: 1.1.6 (iTunes)

(image) Description:

Meteor 60 seconds! is a simple, fun, comic-like action game that simulates your life if there were a meteor heading towards Earth and you had 60 seconds to live. Do anything you want to do with your last 60 seconds, even if it's illegal! What about planting an apple tree?

Story :

NASA recently stated that a massive meteorite will collide with Earth soon and that Earth will be destroyed!

Surprisingly, we all only have 60 seconds left to live before the earth is destroyed!


What will your choice be...?

Features :

■Simple, fun side-scrolling action game

■Comic-like story

■Multi Ending[/list]

Game by Avocavo

What's New

English Translation Improved / Japanese Translation Improved.

Sorry for wrong grammar and text display bug!

-Bicycle man is no longer dead by kiss.

I will make a more fun&dumb game next time. :)

Thank you.


Meteor 60 seconds!

Cat Tower - Idle RPG (Games)

Tue, 13 Mar 2018 11:42:08 EDT


Cat Tower - Idle RPG 1.0.14

Device: iOS Universal
Category: Games
Price: Free, Version: 1.0.14 (iTunes)

(image) Description:

Collect best items and fight!!!

How far can you reach?

▶ Customize CAT & PET
▶ Stress free play : whenever / wherever
▶ Defeat boss. Huge rewards!!
▶ Find your own mastery tree

▶ Rank on leaderboard.
▶ No internet connection required!
▶ Save your play on cloud

Enjoy! Thank you!/

What's New

Free Gem Added!

Cat Tower - Idle RPG

Wiggle Whale (Games)

Tue, 13 Mar 2018 11:41:38 EDT


Wiggle Whale 1.4

Device: iOS Universal
Category: Games
Price: Free, Version: 1.4 (iTunes)

(image) Description:

A simple, but addictive shooting game: Wiggle Whale! Destroy pirates to gear up. Stack more items and become the ultimate whale. Show who’s boss. Rule the ocean!

Something Cool
◆ Collect items to shoot new patterns
◆ Meet ocean friends that will help you
◆ Collect over 20 unique whales (and others)
◆ Mix ’n Match skins to create your own whale(?)
◆ Rank your score on leaderboard

What's New

More Fun !
Fix Some Bugs

Wiggle Whale

Royal Blade (Games)

Tue, 13 Mar 2018 11:39:38 EDT


Royal Blade 1.0.2

Device: iOS Universal
Category: Games
Price: Free, Version: 1.0.2 (iTunes)

(image) Description:

Everything's falling down!

How long can you last?

◆ Collect SUPER legendary SWORDS !
◆ CUSTOMIZE your hero. 'Kawaii' or 'Hipster'. What's your style?
◆ STRANGE BOSSES are waiting for U.
◆ Explore the exotic world skins.
◆ BE A RANKER on the leaderboard.

111%'s long loved "LunarBlade" has come back with more fun.
It's a simple, but addictive arcade game.

Enjoy! Thanks!

What's New

- Fixed some bugs

Royal Blade

Runestone Keeper Final (Games)

Tue, 13 Mar 2018 05:27:46 EDT

Runestone Keeper Final 1.3 Device: iOS Universal Category: Games Price: Free, Version: 1.3 (iTunes) Description: Runestone KeeperBy BlackfireEDITORS CHOICE - APP OF THE YEAR 2015, Creativity Award, SLIDE DBBEST GAMEPLAY WINNER - 2014 Unity Awards, Greater ChinaFeatured by SteamFeatured by Mac App Store"A great casual roguelite/puzzle experience for those that love games that you can play in short bursts. All the unlockables will keep dragging you back."- Roguelikes (Steam Curators)"Addictive, smart and punishing puzzle/dungeon crawler. Lots to master and unlock but you're always challenged. Improves upon its inspiration, Dungelot."- Original Curators Group (Steam Curators)"An absolutely addictive puzzler, having that sublime 'one more turn!' feeling. And before you know it, hours has passed by."- Nefer (Gamer)"You can eat pizza with one hand and play this video game with the other. It's good."- Megerz (Gamer)Runestone Keeper is a challenging roguelike to roguelite dungeon crawler that blends classic role playing elements and turn-based combat strategy. Dive into the dungeon roguelite-ness and begin your very own epic adventure! Grab your rucksack, sharpen those dusty swords, step into the dark chamber and fight for glory!== Features ==Randomly Generated Dungeon Elements – Almost everything is generated differently each time you start a new 'run' to ensure a unique experience! Prefix and Suffix Based Equipment – Loot comes with random yet rare prefixes and suffixes. Combat, collect and combine for an ultimate killer suit! Diverse Monster Mixes - Tread lightly, or be ganged upon by monsters with complementary abilities that might drive you crazy. Items, Traps, Devices and Events - Opportunities for a favorable turn even at the most desperate moment. Choose wisely and use unwelcoming surroundings to your advantage! Heroes and Goddesses – Create your hero’s attributes build! Sacrifice to receive your mighty God’s blessing (and later betray him to check out his fury)! Modes and Leaderboards - Multiple modes to choose from. Check yourself among all the dungeon adventurers in a global ranking system.A Challenging Experience - Prepare to have a tragic (not to mention permanent) death.Follow us on Twitter @runestonekeeper=== Major Update ===Introducing new heroes Morte and Dellamorey.Morte from the graveyard and Dellamorey who works in the graveyard has now joined Runestone Keeper as the latest heroes, along with varies antiques and items digged from the graveyard! = New items =BombDeals ATK equivalent damage to all monstersSoul Lantern+ (Soul * 5) ExperienceMagiclust Worm+ (Magic * 10) LifeBlack Fire BladeDeals memory loss to one monster and lose its skillsStrange box monsterTransforms two other items into soulGoblin in bottleSummons a goblin which attacks virulently another monsterPocket watchKills one elite monsterMedusa's skullPetrifies all monsters on the screenGravedigger's shovelDigs a squareForsaken SkullReduces 50% attack power of all monsters = New skills =RevengeUndertake next attack but returns double damage to the attacking monsterPiercing windRemoves the shield of 1-5 random monsters on the screenProphetLoc[...]

Cobalt Dungeon (Games)

Tue, 13 Mar 2018 05:27:45 EDT


Cobalt Dungeon 2.0.3

Device: iOS iPhone
Category: Games
Price: Free, Version: 2.0.3 (iTunes)

(image) Description:

Welcome to Cobalt Dungeon! This is a turn-based Puzzle Roguelike game, so you can play at whatever speed you're most comfortable with. As you descend to each floor in the dungeon you will encounter harder and harder monsters to fight. Along the way you'll find shops where you can save your progress and upgrade your character, bosses which you'll need to defeat, and a whole lotta procedurally-generated levels to beat. Can you make it to the 21st floor?

The game features tutorial rooms to introduce you to gameplay, a campaign with three difficulty settings, and interesting challenge levels to beat. When you die - and certainly you will - the next incarnation of the dungeon will be different than the last time.

Cobalt Dungeon

Hopper (bounce bounce bounce) (Games)

Tue, 13 Mar 2018 00:12:08 EDT


Hopper (bounce bounce bounce) 1.01

Device: iOS Universal
Category: Games
Price: Free, Version: 1.01 (iTunes)

(image) Description:

Experience the challenge and immersive platforming of Hopper as you blaze your way through 40+ hand-crafted levels across 4 unique worlds:

>Cloud Castle
>Neon Techno

Each world has it’s own style and it’s own challenges for you to master and overcome!

As you hop and roll through the levels, collect as many rings as you can and keep an eye out for the highly valuable and rare gems. You can find Rubies in Blockworld, Emeralds in Clocktower, and Sapphires in Cloud Castle! Use all of the loot you gather to unlock exciting new skins. The rarest balls are waiting to be unlocked:

> Fairy Ball: She is more alive than the rest and moves with grace
> Lotus Ball: A pointy, metallic abomination
> Goo Ball: A gooey and oddly charming ball
> Pumpking: A scheming jack-o-lantern

And plenty more! But it’ll take real skill and patience to unlock these!

Each level has a leaderboard where the best of the best are recognized.
The closer you hit to the center of blocks, the higher your score. Hit them right in the
Center and you get a multiplier bonus! If you hit multiple blocks in a row right in the center,
You’ll get even bigger streaks and crazy high scores!

Happy Hopping!

Check out the global leaderboards here:

What's New

Graphic fix

Hopper (bounce bounce bounce)

Teenage Crush Love Story Games (Games)

Mon, 12 Mar 2018 13:34:38 EDT


Teenage Crush Love Story Games 1.0

Device: iOS Universal
Category: Games
Price: Free, Version: 1.0 (iTunes)

(image) Description:

Hello, teenagers! Are you ready for an awesome love story adventure? Are you looking for high school games with high school love storyline? Are you willing to help an attractive heroine win the heart of the boy she likes? Download the brand new game Teenage Crush Love Story Games and create your own love story with the most attractive characters, excellent visuals, and tricky choices. This interactive story presents you with a deciding choice – once you choose your own path, there's no turning back!

- BECOME A HEROINE: Be the leading actress of your own story.
- DRESS FOR SUCCESS: Dress up your character in the latest fashion.
- FIGHT FOR LOVE: Don't let the one guy you care about get away.
- NOURISH A FRIENDSHIP: Help your BFF get out of trouble.
- DEFEAT YOUR ENEMIES: Prove to yourself that you're stronger than them.
- CHOOSE WISELY: Make choices which change the storyline.

- SUPPORTED LANGUAGES: English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Russian, Italian, Polish, Turkish, Slovak, Serbian and Arabic.

*** Make your own story with your first crush! Have fun! ***

Get ready for an unforgettable love adventure in the summer before college! Find your high school love in the summer camp and feel the butterflies in your stomach. Dress up to be the most beautiful girl at the party and let the school romance begin. If you're looking for episode games for teenage girls, this will be one crazy love journey which will help you create your own love story. The new college year is about to begin, so will you find your first love this summer? High school story games are waiting for a real girly girl and our latest game Teenage Crush Love Story Games offers you the visuals like you've never seen before.

Teenage Crush Love Story Games

Sushi Tycoon - Idle Game (Games)

Mon, 12 Mar 2018 13:26:38 EDT


Sushi Tycoon - Idle Game 1.0

Device: iOS Universal
Category: Games
Price: Free, Version: 1.0 (iTunes)

(image) Description:

Kanpai! Welcome, sushi lovers all over the world, to Sushi Tycoon Clicker! World's best sushi simulator!

Have you always dreamed of owning a Sushi Restaurant with Michelin 3-star or 5-star? Dreamed about being a sushi chef or a sushi master? Forming your own sushi restaurant chain all over the world in New York, Paris, London and more?

The most exciting sushi themed-game is now on your iPhone, iPod, and iPad. Download it for free!

Your quest for a multinational sushi restaurant business will start by clicking on the your first Sushi Restaurant! Be prepared for an endless hours of fun and sushi-tertainment! You've got to keep clicking until you can afford to expand your sushi restaurant and take on a sushi home delivery service, Sushi Go!

The game is very simple. Your customers are hungrier for more sushis. You've got to make as many sushis as possible. The faster you tap the more you make. Expand and serve Sake to your customers. If people wants Green Tea, expand sushi business again by offering them tea. Start selling sushi cart or bento boxes. Learn how to make more sushis and be the best sushi chef at the Sushi Chef School. The overrated Salmon is what customers like, make your own Salmon farm. Tired of going to the fish market early, established your own Fish Market and be assured you'll get the best Bluefin Tuna ever.

As soon as you have enough money, you can start hiring employees and purchase upgrades to make even more sushis or double your profit.

Sushi Tycoon is an addicting free to play idle game. Become a Sushi Master! Banzai!

Sushi Tycoon - Idle Game

Keep Combo (Games)

Mon, 12 Mar 2018 13:24:07 EDT


Keep Combo 1.0

Device: iOS Universal
Category: Games
Price: Free, Version: 1.0 (iTunes)

(image) Description:

In the year of 2009, A Jump game let mobile phone casual games be popular. Ten yeas past, though hip an hop games seem to be out of date, I still have a fondness for hip and hop games. With this specil affection, I make a game, KEEP COMBO, to pay my respects to all casual games which had touched my heart, also to pay my respects to the palyers and gameplatforms at that time.
KEEP COMBP is available for free download. If you love hip and hop games, like me, download KEEP COMBO and jump.
KEEP COMBO is a easy game, you don’t need to master any complex skills, just remember to keep combo.
Hope you will like KEEP COMBO.

Keep Combo

To The UltraViolet (Games)

Mon, 12 Mar 2018 05:46:37 EDT


To The UltraViolet 1.45

Device: iOS Universal
Category: Games
Price: Free, Version: 1.45 (iTunes)

(image) Description:

You're Ultra, a little violet square lost in all the colors.
Your goal is to reach the UltraViolet color by passing through 70 unique levels, in one go.

Be careful of the nine dangerous enemy types along the way, each offering a unique challenge!


- 70 levels

- 9 kinds of enemies

- throw bombs
----- you can throw 2 bombs simultaneously
----- you can throw a bomb by pressing on the B button
----- you can shoot in the bomb by pressing on the B button when you're close to the bomb
----- you can shoot the bomb upward if you're close to the bomb and press UP button

- multiple mechanisms to jump :
----- normal jump
----- long jump (just keep on jump button)
----- double jump
----- micro jump when launching bomb

- Bonus objects
----- Fire from top
----- Fire in 4 directions
----- Lives
----- Mega bomb
----- Colors : you need to collect 7 different colors to get a life and all ennemies will be killed. You have an indicator on the upper right of the screen
----- Permanent lives : You will start the game with 3 lives. You will find multiple lives on your way !

- Map
----- Spades
----- Teleporters

What's New

Fix menus

To The UltraViolet

Schemata (Games)

Mon, 12 Mar 2018 05:38:38 EDT


Schemata 1.0

Device: iOS Universal
Category: Games
Price: Free, Version: 1.0 (iTunes)

(image) Description:

Schemata is a fast-paced puzzle game based on digital logic diagrams. Race through logic circuits while organically learning how they work. The game is free with ads and has a $2 option to disable them. No other micro-transactions are in the game.


Idle Gangsters (Games)

Mon, 12 Mar 2018 04:31:39 EDT


Idle Gangsters 1.0

Device: iOS Universal
Category: Games
Price: Free, Version: 1.0 (iTunes)

(image) Description:

Rise through the ranks of the mafia in this fun, addictive idle incremental match-3 game.

Start out as a low life punk and work your way up through the mafia ranks to Godfather using every manner of lie, trick and scheme possible.
Muscle in on cities, launder goods, build up illegal rackets and generate cash, gaining the respect of your fellow mafians and rising through the ranks of the mafia. Hire bosses, kit them out, order hits, bribe cops, fight off rival gangs and the feds and much more.

- Launder loot for the mob using Match-3 generating large amounts of cash and respect
- Buy into 20 idle rackets to earn cash without lifting a finger
- Free upgrades for all idle rackets
- Smash your way through 10 ranks of the mafia from Punk to Godfather unlocking exciting new content
- Muscle in on and take over 10 different cities from Brooklyn to Las Vegas
- Hire upgradeable city bosses to increase cash flow, reduce racket costs, generate cash offline and use perks
- Equip bosses with up to 16 perks to idle boost city rackets and match-3 laundering
- 20 match-3 loot laundering boosts / hazards
- 10 global powerups which affect time and cash flow
- Unlimited missions for big cash boosts
- Unlimited special missions for huge cash boosts which take place across 10 unique minigames
- Extra 5 daily bonus minigames which generate cash, respect and diamonds
- Stats tracking, over 150 individually tracked stats
- Around 300 achievements to earn
- Facebook connect with invites, gifting and leaderboards
- Cloud save game backup and restore

Idle Gangsters