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Comment on Future Ed Tech and BYOD by Gary S. Stager, Ph.D.

Sat, 06 Oct 2012 08:06:35 +0000

Hi, Thanks for reading my article and for sharing it with others. I really find BYOD to be a boring topic, but had to respond once and for all to the baloney hyping it as a serious issue. I've beeb working in 1:1 settings since 1990. The major innovation has been finding ways to limit what kids are capable of doing with a computer. I hope you read in my article that I am NOT against kids bringing anything to school. I also stated the inevitability of kids bringing their own computer to school. I also have zero problem with schools setting minimum expectations for a computer and asking parents to send their kids with one. Perhaps BYOD isn't a problem for rich kids in rich schools. It is dreadful policy for public schools (even though schools should not be in the business of banning kids from brining anything non-lethal they wish to school.) I hardly think that BYOD is a trend worthy of any serious discussion among educators. AT BEST, it's a plumbing discussion; make your network work, don't make your network perform. Who cares? Even the issue of connectivity could have been avoided if schools did not build overly elaborate networks requiring hundreds of thousands per year in personnel costs. I think you're missing the forest for the trees in the trends you identify (above). Again, the popularity of one brand over another isn't a serious academic topic or within your control. When I get to speak at the conference, I'll tell you what I think are the powerful trends that expand or create learning opportunities for kids:-) HINT: They have little to do with tablets OR the Internet. I would LOVE to see a conference seriously address why so many schools are so recklessly buying so many iPads without the faintest idea of what they will do with them and why the edtech community is, in the words of Seymour Papert, so idea averse? The focus on trends is really just shopping or responding to questionable educational fads consuming schools. The edtech community used to lead educational innovation, not just talk about it. My two cents :-) Gary

Comment on PLN/PLE/PLC Call It What You Want: Essential Elements by Room With A View - PLC/PLE/PLN Info In

Fri, 21 Sep 2012 22:38:13 +0000

[...] an earlier post I wrote that there were three main stages in my PLE/PLN/PLC: information gathering, reflection and [...]

Comment on Technology Integration Matrix by Rob

Tue, 16 Nov 2010 12:37:05 +0000

Yes, unfortunately that's the case with many matrices. It's something to get us thinking at least. Have you found anything that's similar/better?

Comment on Technology Integration Matrix by Madeleine Brookes

Tue, 16 Nov 2010 08:33:16 +0000

We used this matrix at in Shanghai at the Learning 2.010 in the First Steps Cohort. It's good but needs quite a bit of interpretation.

Comment on Blogging Is So 2004 by CogDog’s Not Dead Yet Either | Room With A View

Mon, 03 Nov 2008 14:01:41 +0000

[...] Blogging — Rob @ 10:01 pm and Alan Levine on his CogDog blog comments on the Wired article I wrote about a few days ago. His post makes some good points and even includes a clip from Monty Python. [...]

Comment on Web 2.0…The Machine is Us/ing Us by Room With A View » When Is It Mass Media?

Thu, 01 Mar 2007 12:17:27 +0000

[...] After my last post Web 2.0…The Machine is Us/ing Us I scrolled down to see that since the video was posted to YouTube a month ago, it’s been viewed 1,554,437 times. There have been 3,916 comments posted on YouTube. (That doesn’t included blog posts like this one.) And it’s been “favorited” 16, 583 times. That’s a bunch. When does a video on the web become mass media? When does it reach critical mass? [...]

Comment on Zotero Extension for Firefox by Trevor

Thu, 18 Jan 2007 15:47:39 +0000

Hi Rob, My name is Trevor, I work in outreach with Zotero. I thought I would throw out a few ideas about using Zotero in the classroom. The shared computers issue has a few work arounds. You can install a version of firefox on a thumb drive, and you should be able to install it to a student's documents folder. It is worth noting that in phaze two of the project this will be a moot point, we are currently in the planing stages of the Zotero server system, which will allow all sorts of sharing remote access. But for the time being, if your interested, you can look at some of the work arounds in these links from our forums. I am glad you like the application. Also, we just went live with our word integration aplha. We appreciate your thoughts, please feel free to email me with any questions, ideas, random thoughts etc. you have about Zotero. Yours, trevor

Comment on Drupal, Wikispaces, and Stuff by Rob

Sun, 27 Aug 2006 09:20:30 +0000

Hi Adam, Wikispaces is fitting the bill for those of us that want to communicate with our students and their parents easily and effectively. In the future we want to look at getting everyone using RSS and discussions to further build our community. I know our IT director and admin staff are looking at a broad management system that can tie together content management, communication, records, reporting etc. The timeline for that keeps getting lengthened. When it is fully implemented I'm not sure how Wikispaces will fit into things. In the meantime, the great thing about Wikispaces is that it gives us, as teachers, what we want now and makes it easy to do it. Right now there are three of us using it, two more teachers that want to get started, and several more that are watching with interest. I'll explore the details of your Private Label service. Rob

Comment on Drupal, Wikispaces, and Stuff by Adam Frey

Sat, 26 Aug 2006 18:31:06 +0000

Rob, We're finding that a number of schools have adopted our Private Label Wikispaces service as a "school-wide" system. It looks, feels and behaves just as if it was installed on your own servers and is almost certainly as cost effective as installing and maintaining software on your own. Especially when, as you say, techsupport is stretched thin already. We'd be happy to get your feedback on whether this is a good solution for the kind of thing you have in mind. Like all our services, Private Label is free for the first month so people can try it out easily. Cheers, Adam

Comment on TED Conference by 180738 Blog Verification

Wed, 19 Jul 2006 22:47:47 +0000

180738 Blog Verification... 180738...