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Preview: Do Announcements

Do Announcements

Updated: 2014-01-23T03:24:09.821627+00:00


Do 0.95.1 released


The Do 0.95 release accidentally picked up a dependency on Mono 3.2 after some changes in Mono.Cairo.

The 0.95.1 release re-adds Mono < 3.2 support, using the new APIs only on Mono.Cairo ≥ 3.2

Do 0.95 release


A shiny new Do release, just in time to squeak out before the new year.

Fixes for Mono 3.0, lots and lots of warning fixes, and some general improvements. Go wild!

Do 0.9 - note for packagers and source-builders


One of the build changes in Do 0.9 is that it will, by default, search for the dmcs (.NET 4.0-profile) compiler.

The .NET 4.0 profile and .NET 2.0 profile are not necessarily compatible. The latest do-plugins release (0.8.4) will default to using the gmcs (.NET 2.0) compiler, and will fail to build against Do 0.9.

The solution is to either build both do and do-plugins with dmcs, or both do and do-plugins with gmcs.

Do 0.9 released


The first in a series of Do releases that remove some of the technical limitations of the current code base.

The headline feature of this release is the new DynamicItemSource API. This allows plugins to notify Do when a new item is available, or when old items become unavailable.

The Application item source uses this new API. You are now able to launch freshly-installed applications immediately from Do, rather than having to wait for them to be indexed.

Ths release also contains numerous bug fixes, and switches from the unmaintained NDesk.DBus to dbus-sharp.

Daily builds available


For those who like to Do on the edge, the Do Testers PPA¹ now has daily builds of Do and Do-Plugins available for Natty and Oneiric.

Needless to say, these aren't well tested, but will be interesting for users wanting to try out the latest features/bugfixes.


GNOME Do Released


Quick on the heels of the short-lived 0.8.3, GNOME Do has been released with a couple of extra bugfixes.

The main attraction in the big top is a fix for the "Do sits there eating 100% cpu" bug. In the lesser rings are multiple fixes for crasher bugs, numerous Network-Manager related fixes, and some minor polish. Rumours of flying pink elephants remain unconfirmed.

GNOME Do 0.8.2 released


Ponies for all!

A thoroughly bugfix release, with added Docky polish. Docky now supports extensible "docklets", found in the gnome-do-docklets source package.

Plugin handling has been made more robust - this should be the very last time that updating disables all your plugins!

GNOME Do 0.8.1 Released


Rock Out With Your Clock Out.



Do 0.8 "Rock out with your dock out" released!


Announcing GNOME Do 0.8. With 20 new plugins, faster search, better results, animated themes, and 111 fewer bugs, your desktop's killer app just got killer-er. Oh, and then there's Docky, a whole new way to Do

Do 0.8 Alpha 3 Released!


This includes mainly bug fixes. All current alpha testers are
encouraged to update, and if you aren't currently testing, please join
the fun!

Do 0.8 Alpha 2 Released!


Allows plugins to build on older mono installs, and prevents the DllNotFound exception in Docky.

Do 0.8 Alpha 1 Released!


The first alpha for the 0.8 release, 0.7.95, is now available on launchpad. It may contain traces of tree nuts, egg, and awesome.

Do 0.6 Alpha Released!


Our first alpha for the 0.6.0 release, v0.5.97, is out. Go get it and report those bugs! There are sure to be plenty do to the massive architectural overhaul.

Do 0.5 “The Fighting 0.5″ Released!


It has been 41 days since we released GNOME Do 0.4.2, and today I'm honored to present GNOME Do 0.5: "The Fighting 0.5″. Here are the main improvements and new features, accompanied by plenty of sexy screenshots:

Download it:
Digg it:

Do "The Fighting" Released!

2009-01-17T00:42:59.826252+00:00 is a minor bug-fix release.

There are only a couple of small fixes here: --darkframe has been renamed to --glassframe, and the menu triangle now appears all the time, rather than magically appearing when the mouse approached it.

Do 0.1 "The Fighting 0.1" Released!


Mainly a bug fix release, 0.1 (circa r113) was Do's first stable release.

Welcome to GNOME Do!


GNOME Do allows you to quickly search for many items present in your GNU/Linux desktop and perform useful actions on those items.